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i’ve fallen in love with a few products very recently and anything else prior to that… well, i THOUGHT it was love :p

those products are: by candlelight & petticoat MSF (my first MSF’s… i know…) and my sleek eyeshadow palettes!

i can’t stop playing around with them my sleek palettes and i always smile whenever i see the MSFs applied on my face. i also may or may not get giddy whenever i look at my MSFs. *sigh*

Urban Decay Eyeshadows were the first non-drugstore items I ever purchased. I bought Midnight Cowgirl and Shattered at the same time and back then it was the craziest thing I ever did, makeup-wise. Ha!

No one ever taught me about makeup (my mom had- and still has- a perfect complexion and so never wore ANYTHING), so if you look through photos of me through the years you can see my progression in experimenting with makeup. First the UD shadows, then I developed an obsession with Smashbox, trying out different mascaras and on to MAC pigments and lipstick. Probably not unlike yourself and your readers, it only took one product to snowball into makeup obsession!

probably the japanese makeup products my friend bought for my birthday. i have no idea what the brand is, but i still keep them because i love the packaging!

Coty Air Spun Face Powder. It was a fixture in my house growing up and I use it still. I can no longer find the unscented powder because it can smell very old lady. Still, it keeps you matte.

Make Up Forever’s HD Microfinishing powder. Although MAC’s eyeshadow were the first non drug store make up item I have ever purchased, I had never spend more the $15 on a single make item before MUFE!

The first product I fell in love with was this mini makeup kit from ELF. It was when I first started getting into makeup. I love ELF products, I have lots of stuff from their studio line, and their brushes are my go-to brushes. Plus you can’t beat the proce.

Many moons ago, when I was just a young high school girl, I got this brownish pinkish lipstick from Revlon. I loved it! I remember it was in this green tube. I kept it for 20 years afterwards even when it was finished! I only threw it out the other day. That is when my love for make-up started. 🙂

Call me crazy, but it was timeBalm. Yep, as in… concealer.

I’ve always been obsessed with the concept of a flawless (but light; very light!) base, and it was my first high-end purchase ever. It’s been ages, and I still love it just as much : ) That’s not to say that I haven’t found other, more interesting things to love along the way, but it was definitely my first!

An Avon Eyeshadow called Iced Mocha – they still sell it but they have changed the colour!

I used to wear this every single day!

It was a grape flavored lip balm in a tube; I think it was heart shaped. I didn’t want to run out though so I rarely let myself use it… Which seems silly! I think I still do that with my most coveted products!!!

I think the first one I ever really, really fell in love with was my Urban Decay Ammo Palette that came with a full sized UDPP. Every single day I would come up with a new combo from it, and I still haven’t used up that UDPP! I love it!

I always admired Guerlain Meteorites and Dior quads. My dream was to have a Dior display in my bedroom with all the beautiful make up even if I couldn’t use all of them :-). My favourites were the eyeshadows. It was like 15 years ago when I fell in love with high end make up. Back then we only had a few department stores in Budapest that kept luxury brands. I could only afford Max Factor products as I was in high school.

I used to pour some on the back of my hand, rub it and then watch it changing color…my favourite color of the bunch was bambi!!!!

It was a body scrub from Bath and Bodyworks. I think it had loofah bits in it and smelled of sea spray or sea foam. I can still remember what the packaging looked like as well *sigh* memories.

the first beauty product i fell in love with was the Moonbathe collection by MAC. i bought almost everything from that collection and after that i never went back to being a tomboy.

Benefit’s “Realness of Concealness” kit was my first “high-end” purchase. Because of it, I found two long time staples in my makeup collection – Boi-ing concealer & Lemon-Aid color corrector. I’ve recently moved on to a new concealer, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be buying Lemon-Aid forever (or at least until it becomes discontinued…let’s hope not)!

MAC Twig is the first lipstick I ever bought way back in the day, even MAC was available here in the Philippines. I loved the pinkish brown shade, the pigmentation, the fact that it does not bleed and the taste, sort of a milky vanilla. And guess what? I still love Twig and consider it my HG lipstick.

Viva Glam V. Since I bought it, I’ve been having trouble using my other lipsticks…it’s just one of those things I can’t do without!!

Well I think the very first product I fell in love with was my mum’s amazing golden brown lipstick that I used to try on when I was little. 🙂 I still remember its scent and it was so pretty! 🙂

In recent years I’ve mainly fallen in love with pretty powders like MSFs, Guerlain’s voyage powders and Meteorites, Chantecaille’s LE powders and palettes, etc. I’m a real magpie, love pretty stuff. 🙂

MAC eyeshadows…. I want to say my first experience was when my mom took me to the MAC store and they let me build a palette… I remember getting shroom, amber lights, fiction, and I want to say embark… it was a brown color…

To this day I have a love for amber lights… and I am trying to get my hands on fiction….

The Diorshow Mascara ! I was in 10th grade when I used it,
After bad experiences with maybelline mascaras!! ( Made my lashes fall out like crazy)
This one worked very well !! since then this mascara is always in my makeup bag !

I bought a Hard Candy eyeshadow palette. I can’t remember the name but it had really pretty purples and a sparkly black shadow liner – loved it!

Yeah I got a mention! one was the urban decay palette with four eyeshadows, a blush and four lipsticks/glosses. Of course the powder got into the lipstick after a while, but I remember not using the eyeshadows for everyday to ‘keep’ them for good wear ’cause they were the only nice ones i had!

Also after my first proper job between 1st and 2nd year in college, I went and bought one of the dior collectible limited edition palettes. It had two brushes which were in pink metallic casing and i absolutely loved them!

I’d say probably the YSL’s mascara volume effet faux cils. After many mascaras tests, I finally found THE one which work so fine on my lashes & really give them the faux lashes effect! I use it for 3 years or so. You in the United States are lucky because the mascara’s price is cheaper than here in France. But it doesn’t really matter as long as this mascara is still my favorite. Plus, the packaging is awesome! (I first felt in love with the packaging actually).
But I’m still looking for a good & cheap mascara. I think my next test will be one of the Revlon’s ones. I like the US brands 😉

lipsticks, lipsticks and more lipsticks :)! i love lipsticks in every colour, especially the ones from MAC. next i want to try one from YSL.

i would have to go back to high school and think of what products i used all the time! 🙂 i was SO in love with cover girl’s perfect point plus eyeliner in “black onyx.” i wore it daily and love love loved it!

i actually STILL keep one in my backpack at all times so i have it with me, but nowadays it’s a goodluck charm (i can’t think of the last time i actually used it).

The first beauty product I really fell in love with (not just like, love) is the Dior quint in Night Butterfly. Not only did the buttery texture take my breath away, the purple-themed colors flatter my brown eyes so much I’ve literally been stopped by strangers to tell me my eyes look amazing in them. To this day, it remains my Holy Grail e/s combo.

The first beauty product I ever fell in love with was a frosty purple Maybelline lipstick. This was in Middle School mind you and I thought it was just the coolest colour ever. Oh how very wrong I was.

YSL touch eclat! I was fourteen, my mom bought it for herself and I tried it out and was amazed. back in the middle of the 90s most concealers were pretty dry and think and made the darkness under my eyes only look worse,and foundation was not an option as i had porcelain skin and like i said i was was 14 (too young for foundation IMO). the touch eclat is still one of the best beauty product ever made and i love it the same like years ago. I know many ppl don’t like it, but it works wonders on me, especially since I like to skip foundation.

A golden clam-shaped palette I had when I was very little. Mostly played with it though :P. I think the first product I really fell in love with and actually using was a colourful dior-palette.

Mac eyeshadows!! I still remember the day I saw the rainbow of colors at their counter…it was love at first sight.

Concealer I think it was
Kaboodle brand or like bonne bell
I don’t know It was the first concealer
I ever discovered and to
Discover I could hide red cheeks

Probably my Barry M Lip Paint in Peachy Pink. I’d really liked other products before it, but that lipstick has my heart. LOL!

Maybelline Trio eye shadows back in 1978 LOL I had to get everyone. Boy did I get in trouble with my mom. LOL

First I fell in love with was MAC eyeshadows. My first one was Electra, it was about 12 years ago. Well I wore it one HOT day visiting NYC, I was sweating and literally wiping my face the entire day. TBH I don’t even know why I bothered with makeup that day since it all melted off. Anyways, I got home and the only makeup remaining was the Electra. I couldn’t believe it. I know not all MAC shadows perform like that, but I have loved MAC shadows since then 🙂

The first makeup product I fell in love with was UDPP… I had a hard time with eyeshadows because they would always crease ..so I would never wear makeup because of it
When I found out about UDPP I was interested to try it … My makeup addiction began from that day ..

This question brought back such memories! My “first love” was Estee Lauder Speckled Pure Color eyeshadow in Green Fantasy. This is back about ten years ago when the EL Pure Color e/s were in those little cubes, which I thought were adorable. I still have it, actually!

The first beauty product I fell in love with was MAC’s vanilla and melon pigments. They were the first products I ever bought from MAC and I still use them all of the time.

Mac eyeshadows changed my eyeshadow standards which few other brands can rival to this day. Yes it’s love. Urban Decay Primer Potions in Sin and Eden are friends with benefits. Lol.

For me, it was my grandmother’s lipsticks.

When she died, I was 9 years old and I kept her two lipsticks. My mom eventually made me toss them years later. I don’t know the brand, but to this day, I remember what they looked like and their smell.

The first was the one she used all the time: a frosty beige pink in a worn silver tube with a black band in the middle.

The second was for special occasions: a bright red lipstick in a gold fluted tube with a large rhinestone on the top of the cap, surrounded by smaller stones.

To this day, I’m still drawn to that frosty pinky-beige color – even though it looks awful on me! It’s just about the memory.

Benefit Hoola bronzer! I prefer Smashbox bronzer now but back in high school I found Hoola and was obsessed. A bronzer that wasn’t sparkly and orange was like unearthing hidden treasure.

All that glitters MAC eyeshadow is a very close second. And something I use all the time to this day.

Sorry but mine is a 2-fer combo Victoria Secret lipstick in Fushia with their lip gloss pot Baby Doll over it. I bought literally 5 of each when i was 19 for the day that they were both discontinued, which sadly they are now.

I think the first product I really fell in love with was MUFEs Fuchsia star powder. At that point, I had a LOT of UD makeup, some MAC makeup…. but that lush, wet looking NEON PINK just captivated me! Still does. I’m sad I can only wear it on weekends, when I remember, because it stains my lids for 2 days afterwards!

Christine, i love benefit showoffs!–if u mix with a little bit of black pigment, it’ll change to a gorgeous blue e/s–love

OOOH fun question! Mine was an e/s duo from Lancome that I purchased in probably 1989 or so. It was a salmony pink color and a reddish brown, both matte, of course, being 1989. That was back in the day when we used a med colored shade all the way from the lashes to the brow, LOL!! That medium pink as a highlight!! When I went to repurchase it was of course discontinued. I was so happy when I started working for Px in 1994 and I duped it with 2 of their colors from the red family. Short story long, huh? 😉

Urban Decay used to make these over the top glitter lip glosses. They were called lip gunk and they had names like “litter” and “big bang.” every one has a different flavor.

I remember those! I had a little set that was named after different celebrities. Jessica Simpson was new on the scene and there was a pale pink named after her.

My true love was this Victorias Lipstick, my HG MLBB shade, which was discontinued. Then about a year ago I remember buying benefit velvet eyeshadows, and that changed my life. I honestly much prefer them to any shadow I own, including UD, Lancome, MUFE, MAC, and Smashbox.

The first beauty product I fell in love with was black eyeliner and an lipliner by Rialto (now gone) in the color Nutmeg. These were staples for me in my early teens. I never went anywhere without wearing these. And as a 14-15 year old I actually wore them well! People would always comment on how nice the color was on me and that I actually wore makeup that suited my age. When the Rialto line was discontinued it forced me to start looking at other cosmetic brands and my obsession slowly grew from there.

Probably either MAC’s Family Silver mineralize eyeshadow duo or Partial to Pink Creemsheen lipglass. I was a MAC addict from then on! =)

Also, it’s worth it to note that the lipstick that converted me from lipglosses was Ever Hip from this year’s Liberty of London collection! Love it!

Mascara! I never wore any makeup except for eyeliner in the beginning of high school. Then my friend introduced me to mascara and it change me forever! It totally gives a lift to your face and eyes and I would never leave the house without it!
My favorite are Covergirl’s LashBlast (orange one), Maybelline’s Full’n’Soft, and Loreal’s Voluminous.

It’s a bit sad that I’d never “fallen in love with” any makeup product until I met Chanel Glossimers and then, a few weeks later, Chanel’s Enigma quad. All previous sensations about makeup pale in comparison to how much I adore these products.

I got this sparkly face powder from Hot Topic maybe over ten years ago. A little bit went a long way and I used it as a highlighter. I still have it, actually, although I obviously don’t use it anymore. I’m better it would have expired in over 10 years. 😉

clinque lip gloss in airkiss when i was 14!!! back then it was in a little pot and came with a lip brush, so pretty!

The first beauty product . . . MAC Luster lipsticks and the color range! Then it was the MAC MSFN because I love mineral products but not the fact that every time I opened the container you could see the large puff of dust everywhere and I mean everywhere!

Dior eyeshadow quint in Mystic Jade – the dark brown shade with green iridescence totally stole my heart…

I think it would have to be black eyeliner. my first one was those double ended NYC ones with black on one side and color on the other. i couldnt believe what a difference it made! then i discovered mac smoulder and used that everyday for maybe 4 years or so. its been the only beauty product ive ever used up and repurchased. it smudged like crazy though so i switched to engraved (ick), zero (not dark enough), MUFE black aqua eyes (not dark enough) then feline (don’t get the hype) and now milani liquif’eye. i really like the milani, though i did find the remnants of a long forgotten smoulder in my stash the other day. i used it and loved the darkness but it really smudges like crazy!

lancome eyeshadows! My mother has always had a great makeup stash, so I would sneak into her bathroom and look at all the bright colored eyeshadows (mid ’90’s) and lipsticks she owned. I had clinique and borghese (they use to sell it in department stores I think) but I thought lancome was the tops!

ooo, I still have my show offs! Curtain Call, Miss Moon, High Roller and Powder Puff 🙂

The first Sephora product I went crazy for was CARGO R.E.M. Route 66 (turquoise and purple cream shadow). I have never seen anything else like it 🙁

Hmmm can’t remember. I guess MAC eyeshadows because when i first started wearing makeup (when i was about 20…) MAc was what I started with. I LOVED the freshwater eyeshadow. And then at all the malls here the kiosks sell Mica Bella, i LOVED those too. I live in a big city but there was NOTHING here when i first moved (no sephora and ulta) and I was making $19/hr so i spent my money on a few MAC and Mica Bella (because its a pigment and pigments last forever). Man if they had a sephora back then (just 3 years ago) I would have spent all my money there for better quality eyeshadows. Mica Bella is too overpriced. I always made them give me a discount

The first Beauty product i feel in love with was Revlon Foundation – A little pump action one. That along with Dior Maraca and Dior Capture Totale Moisturiser were my first beauty loves, and I still use all 3!

I think it was a blue pot of Ponds’ creme with a gold colored lid…
I used to sneak around my mom’s vanity table and I can still remember the smell of it. I thought it was very ladylike :).

And I remember getting two Estée Lauder lipsticks from a friend. She got them from a friend too but she said the colors were too strong for her. I can’t remember the names but they were bright orange and bright red and they came in a very luxe looking gold tube.
Mind you… I was thirteen back then.
No need to say the colors looked horrible and hoochy on me LOL.

i’ve fallen in love with my first mac blush (melba) and my first mac eyeshadow (print) that i bought!!
from then on i’m a big mac fan and i’ve got a lot of their products!!

Clinique eyeshadow in Copper Penny – it was my first “fancy” eyeshadow and I’ve gone thru 3 or 4.

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