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My favorite tip that I can think of is to use squares of craft felt to remove nail polish, rather than cotton balls. It’s amazing! I can take off all 10 fingers of a creme polish with one fairly small square, and there’s less leftover fuzz. 

 one of the gurus I watch on youtube did something similar to this with gliter polish only she saturated the square then placed it on her finger and then placed some foil around it, once she slide it off the glitter was pretty much all off. She said it was great for removal of those super glittery polishes..I have never tried it myself though, afterwards she followed up with washing and moisturizing because it can dry out your fingers/skin.

 They sell felt pads covered in nail polish remover @ Rite Aid. There like 25 cents a pack. Never thought of buying my own felt and doing the same thing. lol thanks for the helpful tip.

Using a cream shadow to fill in my brows! The texture and grip of the cream allows my hairs to have some form of direction and hold; like a brow wax/gel. Then the color isn’t too pigmented, unlike a gel liner, but still gives consistently. It doesn’t look as dry as a regular powder. All those combined, a cream shadow gives me the most perfect, naturally-shaped brow; a true multi-purpose item! I have very sparse brows, in case anyone was wondering.

@John 3D I’m do that too, kinda! I use the smashbox cream liner ( the only product I ever liked by them… And it’s discontinued..) to fill in the outer part of my brows.. I use a pencil for the first portion! 🙂

 @Stephanietps  @John
Haha, why must brands discontinue our favorite products?! Lol! My cream shadow, the Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Ash is also discontinued. 🙁 I’ve searched everywhere (swatched probably 50+ different cream shadows, brow waxes, cream and gel liners, and I haven’t found anything that’s similar! The closest is the Maybelline Color Tattoo Shadow in Tough as Taupe, which is actually a tad too grey/ashy for my liking.
But yeah, I had the Smashbox Cream Liner down on my list of alternatives to check out, but when I got to the store, the reps told me (and I later confirmed) that the full size cream liners have been DISCONTINUED! They’re only available in those palettes that have like 10 different colors. So I didn’t even try that product because I wouldn’t buy an entire palette for a single color.
Have you found any dupes or replacements for your brow filler? And what color are your brows?
Oh, I also use a pencil too (after filling my brows in) to give them a bit more shape, symmetry, and extra oomph in super sparse areas. I use the MAC Brow (Automatic) Pencil in Spiked. In case you were curious, MAC actually has one of the cheapest brow pencils on the market, considering price/oz! It’s cheaper than or at least on par with most drugstore ones! Not to mention that after you’re done with a pencil, you can Back to MAC it.
I’d love to hear your comments Stephanietps!

 @John 3D
 I’ll have to find a matte brown creme shadow. I never thought to do this before, but after reading this and thinking about it, it really is a great alternative. thansk for the quick tip !

Although, I’ve never tried this myself… I’ve seen a couple people curl their eyelashes with a spoon~!! I’m not sure how it works, but it does work~!! It gives them the most beautiful curl~!! I wish I could figure out the logistics of it, so that I could make it work for me. 🙂

If you heat the spoon up with a blast from your blow dryer it works beautifully!  I usually do this after I’ve applied false eyelashes instead of using my curler because the curler can stick and detach the falsies.

@Elle I use it everyday, eyelash curlers freak me out! I just rub the spoon against my pants or something to warm it up and then take the spoon (upside down) and place it on top of the eyelashes and then press and rub the eyelashes against the spoon. I like because it also gives a soft curl instead of a sharp angle in the eyelashes.

I think mine is using a flat blending brush for my eyeshadow, it gives it such a more blended and warm, pretty finish and it looks really natural!

I use mac pen eyeliner as a brush for applying gel eyeliner. So much better than the brush.
But is gel eyeliner supposed to be used in the waterline?
Please somebody answer if its safe.

I’ve read that some, but not all, are waterline safe. Wayne Goss (gossmakeupartist on YouTube) has a video called “Quick Makeup Tip – Gel Eyeliner” and he says that Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, and Makeup Atelier Paris gel eyeliners are waterline safe 

Using an small angled brush to apply eyeliner from a pencil so I don’t have to sharpen my eyeliners every time I want a sharp, thin line

Most of my accidental makeup tips come from being in a rush and/or getting frustrated that something isn’t working:  I’ve got two:  If I’m having trouble blending my under-eye concealer, I just take a minuscule dab of eye cream and use a a small brush to buff it into the area….smooths the whole thing right out!  Secondly, sometimes, I don’t have time to let my sunscreen/moisturizer set, then prime and let my primer set and then let my foundation set.  I usually end up placing a small dab of each product in my hands, mixing them and applying all at once with my fingers.  Works just as well and takes half the time!

I LOVE my MAC pigments, but refuse to haul full-size jars around.  I have had some issues with the lids on the 4.5g jars coming loose as they barely screw on.  I came across some empty paint pots in the dollar store…think of the paint-by-number kits where they’re attached in a row…and they are awesome to take tiny amounts of pigments on the go…no product leaks out at all!!
Also, I’m somewhat clumsy, and if I’m going to drop something (again) I’d rather it not be a full jar of pigment!!  

When doing eye makeup (such as a smokey eye) and I want to achieve a crisp straight line, I dip a cotton swab in eye makeup remover and swipe upward towards my temple. It give such a clean cut line, with out all the hard work! ;]

when you use blush, make sure it’s two finger widths from your nose on both cheeks. it balances the face.

As I was getting ready before a concert, I made the mistake of getting dressed before doing my makeup first. I ended up with powder all over my black shirt, and even managed to get a spot of liquid foundation on there, as well. I really didn’t wamt to change my clothes, and I remembered a trick I learned about getting deodorant marks off of clothing-take an old pair of pantyhose and rub the spot. I tried this on the makeup on my clothes, and it took *everything* off, including the liquid foundation. I’ve been using this trick for several years now, even for spots of makeup around the collar from makeup rubbing off.

 @xamyx Wow, what a useful tip! That’s one I’m definitely going to try because I wear a lot of black and often end up with those silly deodorant marks, even though it’s technically not supposed to leave any traces. Thank you!

@Kafka I almost exclusively wear black, and with the warmer months coming up, I’m sure to be using this alot. Again, it also helps if you have to change tops and get a bit of foundation on the fabric (which happens to me quite a bit).

 Pantyhose ? I didn’t know that. You should also dry dryer sheets ! I always take them out of the dryer and leave them in my closet, they are perfect for getting rid of deodorant marks aswell and gives them a second time use.

@YesiGutierrez I never thought about *used* dryer sheets. I heard about the dryer sheet thing, and tried it with a new one, and made it worse. However, new dryer sheets do work for combatting fly-aways in your hair.

I don’t think it’s unconventional, but if I’m being really attentive about my eye makeup, I’ll use tape to make my cat eyes perfect with strong edge lines! I find it works better than the lotioned q-tip trick. I know I’m not the only one who does this, picked it up from youtube 🙂
Also, living where it’s so hot during the summer, if a beauty product (like lipstick or eye pencils) gets mushy, I stick it in the fridge for a few minutes to save it! I try to keep all my makeup products pretty cool.

Don’t laugh but I make a “salad” for my hair sometimes.  I mix together an egg yolk, a whole avocado, olive oil or argon oil, honey and some apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, smear it on my hair, put on a cheap shower cap, leave it for about 30 minutes, then wash/shampoo off.  It makes my hair really, REALLY shiny, as well as making it much thicker and super soft. The trick is to make sure no-one is around to see the horror because, honestly, you will never hear the end of it! (I learnt that the hard way with my ex…..)  I also sometimes use pure honey as a moisturizing mask or as a treatment for my hands before giving myself a manicure.  Sometimes, but more rarely, I’ll mix it with sugar or salt to make a scrub. I’ve heard you can mix it with crushed aspirin to combat acne and some friends of mine use it to combat razor bumps. (Of course, those are the same friends who also use yoghurt to cure yeast infections which, frankly, is really pushing it for me, no matter how much they swear by it!)

 @Kafka Though it might sound a bit weird, the yogurt thing is spot on.  Your body has a natural balance of bacteria and yeast down there…adding the active culture in the yogurt should get the yeast to yield.  I’ve never had the misfortune of needing to do it, but I’d honestly probably try that before I’d opt for OTC ointment/treatment.

 @Quinctia  Oh, it makes perfect sense, I agree. But think how messy and gooey and….  (shudder).  I don’t know, something about a yoghurt covered tampon gives me the willies.  And, what if the thick yoghurt starts dripping or oozing out??!!  Dear God, the visuals, the visuals…. make it stop!  😉  LOL.  

 @Kafka You may never want to EAT Greek yogurt again after I say this, but Greek yogurt is very thick and creamy. 😉  Haha!  Shouldn’t be any messier than an ointment.
And nowhere near as messy as hair salad! 😀

@Kafka I’m quite curious about how the yogurt helps with razor bumps. As for the other, I’ve heard that for women prone to yeast infections, just eating yogurt regularly helps in keeping them at bay.

 @xamyx  @Kafka  Xamyx, it’s honey that supposedly works for razor bumps, ingrown hairs and shaving problems. It’s very moisturizing which is why it’s used in so many masks or skin treatments but also, anti-bacterial I think(?). Anyway, supposedly, there seem to be a few different ways to go about it: 1) one is to just use honey all over your legs or the affected areas, leave on about 10-15 minutes (I think), then rinse; 2) use the honey-crushed aspirin mix that some people use for acne; 3) use honey, leave on, rinse, and then splash on apple cider vinegar (it has astringent values); or 4) use honey and apple cider vinegar together and at the same time. I’ve never tried it but have been meaning to as I’m tired of using my Vanish PFB roller which is expensive and doesn’t seem to do much.  Honey is a really great, inexpensive and quick face mask, so I figure the stories about it fixing irritation/red shaving bumps/ingrown hairs on the legs/bikini area must be true.  🙂 

The most unconventional trick I’ve ever stumbled upon  is using milk of magnesia as a face primer, it is AMAZING for super oily skin. I apply it with a cotton disk, let it dry, then continue with concealer, powder, etc. It’s mattifying properties as borderline magical.

Not too crazy or anything, but I’ll use an eyeshadow for cheek highlights, or use a pink shadow in the centre of my lips on top of my lippies, makes me look all pouty !

The most unconventional trick I’ve ever stumbled upon  is using milk of magnesia as a face primer, it is AMAZING for super oily skin. I apply it with a cotton disk, let it dry, then continue with concealer, powder, etc. Its mattifying properties are borderline magical.

I us olive oil is great for cleaning makeup brushes.  I don’t use it on all of my brushes.  I use it to remove makeup from my foundation brush, lip brush, and eyeliner brush.  The olive oil helps remove the waterproof makeup.  After  I use the oive oil, I wash the brushes with baby shampoo.  
Also Monistat Chaf Gel makes a good and inexpensive foundation primer.  

I second the anti chafing gel as primer! Though if you’re sensitive to silicone products you might want to steer clear.

I use the business card trick to apply mascara.  I always have trouble applying mascara without getting it on my upper lid especially when I have eyeshadow on.  So I always use this trick.  It makes my lashes longer than ever and I love doing it. 

 @Kafka Hi, Kafka! While you’re putting on mascara, you place a business card behind the lashes, so when applying mascara it transfers to the card, not the skin/on the freshly applied makeup! 🙂

Clear mascara for brow gel is probably pretty common, but the other day I was staring at my L’Oreal mascara that had a second end with a bronzey brown color that was supposed to highlight your mascara.  Never felt it was effective at that, but it looked good in my brows.  Not an everyday look, but cool for going out in the evening! 🙂

Monistat anti-chafing powder gel as a makeup primer is my godsend! It’s $5 and basically has all the same ingredients as smashbox’s primer, except I feel it works WAY better. I like to have the best of the best in my makeup box so I bought the Hourglass primer recently, and I ended up returning it because I didn’t like it as well as the monistat gel. Also, I work in heels so I rub it on my feet before a shift–no blisters, ever!
Once time I was wearing these enormous feathered fake lashes that I felt were kinda droopy, but they didnt fit in my lash curler. I waved a flame from a lighter over wooden chopsticks for a few seconds  and pushed the lashes up with them to create a curl and it worked! I was really surprised at that one, haha. I think I got that tip from Michelle Phan.
Also from Michelle Phan-deep cleaning makeup brushes with a mixture of antibacterial dish soap and extra virgin olive oil. I’ll never go back to store-bought cleaner! So much more effective!

 @Dorna  Wow, what a good anti-chafing idea for heels!!  I have two pairs of shoes and one pair of super high heeled sandals that absolutely kill my feet (blister city, all over!) but are just too sexy or pretty to give away. I’ll definitely use your trick next time I wear them. Thank you!

using kitchen roll as an oversized blot paper it absorbs the excess oils and makes your foundation last longer

I wet my lashes sometimes before putting ion mascara. for some reason it really works, especially if you don’t have a curler or want to lay off for a while.

I use wet wipes when cleaning my brushes with MAC solution, you use less and it’s easy and effective clean up.

Concealer outlining the lower eyebrows using a liner brush to make brows look more clean! 🙂

I got this tip from a Japanese magazine. I use lip balm to erase mistakes in my eye makeup, and it totally works! So good especially when mascara runs.

I used to have very fragile nails that would break easily, my mom told me to let them grow as much as I could and burn the very tips with a lighter (just a little bit) then you should file them until the burnt area is gone… don’t know how or why it works but it does.

Also, just thought I should advice you to make sure you are not wearing any kind of polish, I’ve never tried it but I would guess nail polish can be flamable…

I watched a Drag Queen tutorial on YouTube and he put a TON of powder under his eyes before using eyeshadow – it catches the fallout and seriously sets your under eye makeup.  I use this with all of my bridal makeup now.

I use the foiling method when removing glitter nail polish. Soak a cotton round in nail polish remover, press it against your nail, and wrap the whole thing in a piece of foil. This way, the remover doesn’t evaporate and really sinks into the polish, making it a breeze to remove. I usually let the remover sit for 5 minutes on each nail, and when I unwrap the foil, the glitter polish literally slides off with no scrubbing involved. It’s awesome.

Brush loose powder over lashes before mascara to fatten them up.
Always apply lip color before blush;if you do the opposite,you’ll have to adjust the blush as you won’t have enough on.
Use baby wipes to remove makeup or quick clean brushes.
Use Argan,Olive,Jojoba etc. oils to cheaply and gently remove eye makeup.
Use Castor oil to increase growth of lashes/brows.
Use a click pen type of concealer to draw an arch over each brow,then blend upward to give a lifted look to eyes.
Honey is both a natural humectant and antiseptic,so a mask of it will kill bacteria and hydrate.

One that I learned from an article that really works is putting pepper on a wound to stop bleeding. This is gross, but when I have a popped pimple that won’t stop bleeding I put some pepper on it and it actually stops it! Pepper is also antibacterial so it also disinfects it which is a great bonus!

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