What types of products have you reached maximum saturation on?

Everything. Seriously, even categories I don’t test often, I probably have enough to get me through a few years of use!

— Christine
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Oh yeah, everything. Hence the low buy this year, lol.
I was recently low on primers, but found a couple of good deals, so I should be good on those as well!

I would say everything also, even though I really only have one powder, 1 spot concealer, one undereye concealer, and 2 foundations that I use at different times for different purposes. In other words I basically have one type of base product for for each specific purpose, and by my definition that’s saturation.

For color products … I’m also going to say everything, but in this case, it’s because I’m overflowing with them, especially eyeshadow and lipstick.

My answer would also be “everything” (unless some company finally comes out with a truly amazing under -eye concealer.

CHRISTINE – a question I keep meaning to ask (not related to this thread) – you have done quite a few of those features where you break down a larger palette into “quads” that work together. Is there some easy way to find them? I always end up looking and looking and sometimes finding what I’m looking for but usually, it’s “needle in a haystack” time!

Thanks, Christine. What I’m wondering, though, is how to find them by using the various tabs or links listed under “blog” at the top of the page. Are they somewhere in “weekly features”? (and if so, where? ) or in “beauty tips” (and, again, where?) I’m just curious as to how to navigate through the site to find them. I hope my question makes sense…

Any non-base product. E.g. eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, and lip products. Maybe bronzer but I don’t need variation in my bronzers a ton. I have like 60 lip products it’s insane. I want to use up a couple of minis this year and cut it down.

Pretty much everything. I took a serious look at my makeup stash over the holidays and realized I really only need to buy restocks in the future for products I actually use up or which expire: lipstick, mascara, liquid foundation, and so on. I have enough powder eye shadow, in palettes and otherwise, for three lifetimes, also blushes and many other things. I’m done wasting money looking for “the next big thing.”

As far as products shown on blogs and vlogs: highlighters. Seriously, how many does one person need? They may look different in the pan but they all end up looking basically the same (shiny, duh!) when worn.

LOL, faster to note what I’m not saturated on. I’m only looking for an HG blush and soon something to replace my Estee Lauder Naked Truth lipstick.

Otherwise, I have all I ‘need’ including HGs in: eyeshadow, mascara, highlighter, eyeliners (though MJ highliners are my kryptonite so I might acquire a few more just because), foundation, brow pencils, concealers, powders, primers.

Pretty much everything. I have every shade of lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, and highlighter that I could possibly need. And the products that I never stray from, like my foundation and eyeshadow primer…well, I have backups of them.

On second thought, there is one product I can actually run out of within the next month: eyebrow pencil. But other than that, I have no real excuse to buy anymore makeup for the rest of the year!

Everything except mascaras, eyeliner, and foundation. After finding my holy grail in these products I have been intentional in only purchasing the products that I love when I run now. Now that my favorite eyeliner is discontinued I have to be on the market again. πŸ™

I have a very small collection. So my too many probably isn’t in the same league w/ many of the readers here. But I have too many blushes. I won’t buy another unless . . . (fill in the blank), lol. They are my weakness for sure. I want a particular Dior and Chanel, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Can I live without them? Obviously, yes. But, it’s nice to have a wish list.

Otherwise, I don’t want a darn thing. At the rate the industry cranks out warm shades and overpriced skincare, I’m not in danger of buying a darn thing any time soon. Just repurchase my favs and try some samples.

I was saturated years ago w/ a humongous collection that I had to completely declutter — never again will I jump on that hamster wheel.

Lipstick. Lip gloss. Eyeshadow palettes and singles. Even blush and highlighters, truthfully. Yet, I went and placed a CP order yesterday for that purple palette and a couple other eye products. What the heck is the matter with me, I already have a mother-lode of purple eyeshadow palettes! πŸ™ƒ

Hmm… it would have to be warm eyeshadow palletes, bronzers, lip stuff (from pencils to lipglosses and lipsticks) and highlights. For bronzers and highlights I cant say that I have a lot but I can usually find a warm brown color and a shimmery/ irridescent flesh tone in allmost any eyeshadow pallete I own so I end up using eyeshadow for anything I need for the face.

I was going to say lipsticks at first, but really it’s just darker lipsticks (dark reds and browns). I went through a phase where they were my favorite colors, but that phase had long past lol.

I’d also add fragrance to this. There’s still some scents that I would like to try out, but I would like to get through a few that I currently have first.

I went through a big fragrance phase last year and went a bit crazy with my perfume buying. There were several that I felt I absolutely “needed” to have, but now I never wear them.

Same, I’ve come to realize that I fall out of that initial “honeymoon” phase with fragrances after a while. After I finish up some of what I have, I’ll stick to rollerballs and deluxe samples…full sizes are really not for me.

Lipstick and highlighters. I’ve been trying to only replace what I’ve used up but there is just something about lipstick and highlighters…

I guess for me it depends on whether you are going with the literal definition of over saturated or whether you are saying you have enough that you wouldn’t buy anymore. Truthfully, I am probably over saturated in most categories but based on what I think is over saturated I can only say, single eye shadows. If it weren’t for my low buy, I would still be purchasing anything else that came along that took my fancy. If I am ready to buy more of something then I don’t think I feel over saturated. Also, even though I feel like I have enough single shadows, I am still looking at the Sydney Grace shadows so maybe not even that category!!

This is more specific than a type of formula, but I have way too many purple shadows and plum lip products. They just always catch my eye and I like they way they look on me, especially purple shadow. And yet here I am anxiously awaiting my ColourPop It’s My Pleasure palette.

Everything except mascara and primer, because I have not found any mascara or primer that is not tested on animals or sold in China and which I like as much as the products I don’t want to buy any longer.

I try to buy sample/travel sizes because they still last me months and months, and then I get the joy of buying another. Right now I need a new primer or two (one for my travel bag and one for home), and a contour shade that is more dull, with less orange, no shimmer – I like that just under my cheekbones and the edge of my face and often use eyeshadow, but I’d like a cream. I haven’t bought a new eye shadow palette in forever, and so I’d like to buy one or two of those this year, but I sure don’t need one. And a cream blush. Soon I’ll need another two mascaras, but I’m not there yet.

Everything, including the inundation of self-proclaimed “amazing must-have” yet poor quality “affordable” colabs. Every palette has been overdone. Highlighters are as common as fast food, and the speed at which products and the full court press to pressure you into buying is perverted. Aggressive selling tactics is nothing more than greedy propaganda. Worse yet is the entitlement and immaturity of SOME influencers with 1M+++++ viewers who couldn’t care less about the impact they’re having on young, underage, impressionable followers who live to emulate these YouTubers.

Highlighters. I have about 2 Ikea drawers full and I always want more. There’s no way I can even get through the stash I have now considering I can use only a little each day.

Definitely eyeshadow palettes , quads and quints. I have stacks of them and I really don’t need or want any more.
I should say lipsticks too – but I can never say no to a good, inexpensive lipstick.

Lip products, eyeshadow, and highlighters, in that order.

Part of my issue with lip products is I can’t resist trying things to find the holy grail, but at the end of the day I just don’t wear bright or saturated colors and end up using the same two or three lip balms and the same two or three lip gloss/oil with a hint of color because I can’t be hassled to reapply a more saturated color during the day. So I’ll use them once or twice and then they just sit.

And I’m full up on any eyeshadow in the brown/bronze/taupe/copper range.

And I have a hard time resisting highlighters because yay pretty glowy things, but I’m going to try to be better and see reviews first because I just can’t do glitterbombs any more. I will say that my “need” for more highlighters has definitely lessened after discovering Too Faced Diamond Fire.

I have 10 or 11 highlighters.. I will need the rest of my life to finish them all, so yeah, highlighters fist of all.

It’s pretty crowded with blushes too, so I make myself ignore the category altogether, when I’m at the store or see good deals online.

Lipsticks, but who can resist a great new one.

For the rest, I do have everything I need for sure (otherwise I’d be online or in the store right away πŸ™‚ ), but I would not mind a just ONE more eyeshadow palette (looking at you, Born to Run), Smashbox Moisturizing Primer and Dior Backstage foundation.

I have enough of everything. I am trying hard to reduce the size of my mascara, eyeliners, eyeshadow primer, lotions, perfumes, foundation and powder bc I don’t switch up these products too much and they do go bad faster than other products


I have too many, more than I could use in a lifetime and more and more keep coming. New packing and lumping together of different hues in palette form catches my attention, until I realize, thanks to your dupes, I have them all, often several times over.

I’m seeing a big push on setting and finishing powders right now too. I don’t find a big difference in most of the setting powders that I’ve tried (too many), but finishing powders, those can be fun.

Eyeshadow and lip colors. I’m rather austere with mascara and eyeliner, I don’t do brow products (I fill in with a dark brown eyeshadow). I don’t keep extra foundation or concealer on hand, although I have a couple of different powders that I’m working on. I have only started playing with highlighters, I only have two colors. But eyeshadow and lip colors, I have those in spades.

Eyeshadows, particularly palettes. Boo hoo! And then lipsticks (because for someone who isn’t much of a lipstick user, I have soooo many).

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