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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

I’m a sucker for lip products and blush mostly though I’ve cut down buying either. More specifically, I’m a sucker for MAC lipsticks and have at least 100. They come out with so many and they tweak things enough to keep me interested and justifying a new one. Other brands bore me to tears w their shade selection yet I’m always interested in something MAC has produced!

Me too, with the MAC lipsticks! They’re a major portion of my collection and I keep finding new ones to buy. Although I don’t need another shade like this, my sights are currently set on the new Soar lipstick, set to come out this month. Soar is my favorite lip pencil, so of course I must have the matching lipstick!

Me too!! I love Soar Lip Liner and the one of a few things on my wish list is the Soar lipstick. Do I need it? No. Esp given I have Faux, Twig, Mehr, Midimauve…

The thing that’s limiting my MAC lipstick collection (except my good self control and my personal lifestyle inclined more for minimalist and using up my products) is that few lip colors look good on me. πŸ˜€
I love the power of a lipstick, but somehow only MAC lipsticks (only Matte and Satin formula, I don’t like the other finishes) get this `passion` out of me. I love going to the store and swathing lipsticks, trying them on my lips.
But unfortunately (or fortunately for my budget), I don’t have the complexion that suits many lipstick colors. πŸ™ I have to try a lot to find a good match, sometimes even the most subtle shift in tone can make a color look bad on me. There are so many colors I love straight from the bullet (or swatched on temptalia πŸ˜€ ), but don’t suit me.

Lipstick is my Achilles heel. There are no shades needed in my triple-digit collection, but I still struggle to keep myself from buying more!

See, anywhere else, having lipsticks in the triple digits would be thought of as insane, while here at Temptalia, I’m sure Erica and I aren’t the only ones nodding our heads and muttering “I know just what you mean….”

Yep, we’re members of the Triple Digit Lipstick Club, but that’s “okay” here amongst others of the “TDLC”! Never imagined that I’d become a member, yet here I am. ???

I have thought I might be more than a bit mad, having so many lipsticks (and glosses), I’m so happy to see I’m not alone in having a three digit lipstick collection. I just added to it buying Chinese New Year lipsticks from Guerlaine and Givenchy. I daren’t even count my lipsticks, I do know I have a lot more than 160, I have two rotating lipstick towers with 84 slots each and am thinking of adding one more, though I’m not sure they are the best way to display them.
So, yes, lipsticks and other lip products.
I also have a lot, a lot of nail polishes.

Fenty lipstick, red blush, and anything my mom could’ve worn in the late 90s that I don’t actually want but sparks nostalgia.

A hot pink blush or lippie (not a fuchsia, magenta or red — hot pink!). When I scan the counters of a brick and mortar, that color is like a beacon and I instantly lock on: It says, ‘Come hither. You’re going to want me.’ I know I’m being silly, but you should see how fast I dive into the tester! (Btw, this is a color I rarely ever find, even in clothing. But when I do and it’s a good product, buying it is a no-brainer for me.)

Oh yes, I should have mentioned eyeshadow palettes – even though I have slowed down my purchase of them in the past couple of years – mainly because the shades were far too warm for me.
I have lots of them and I totally get your dilemma Christina!

It’s my weakness too πŸ˜‰ I’ve decided to buy less and to shop my stash πŸ˜‰ But I love blushes and highlighters too πŸ˜‰ Oh and I love brushes too πŸ˜‰ I’m weak…

If we’re talking “types”, well, no question that it’s eyeshadows! Traditional, “crayon-y”, cream, cream-to-powder, loose, as singles or in palettes – EYESHADOW. I have developed a marked weakness for highlighters over the past few years, especially those from Dior (I have really excellent ones from other companies too – Becca, UD and even uber-affordable WnW, Milani, etc.) – but for some reason that I can’t even fathom, Dior highlighters just make me go weak at the knees…and in the wallet.

I have a soft spot for anything Chanel (makeup related). Followed by lipsticks and blushes, in general. I think I’m almost over my blush addiction. Still working on the lipsticks though.

Nothing wrong with falling in love with a Chanel product. I have a select few that I have collected over the years, and I still adore and wear them all. (I even have some really old glosses and lipsticks, but they perform as well now as when I bought them. Fine by me. Good buys, I say.)

I resisted Chanel for some time but then I purchased the Bronzer Soleil Tan and I’m in love and struggling to not buy their whole line! Their Le Volum mascara is another favorite πŸ™‚

I am a collector, too, when it comes to Chanel. I buy every year one or two beauty items from them. I’ve always loved this brand and I will always do. There’s something so elegant about the design and a timeless beauty when it comes to their products. I can’t explain why I’ve always been so drawn to Chanel.

If it’s a beautiful purple eyeshadow palette, luscious red or plummy lipstick, an “alive” nude lipstick, or perfect luminous coral or rosy natural blush, then I’m in trouble!

What I have noticed about my personal “kryptonite” is that it seems to be color cosmetic products that review well and that I know will look great with my coloring and don’t require too much effort to get them to work.
Anti-aging skincare geared towards somewhat sensitive, breakout and eczema prone, combination skin also makes deep dents in my wallet, too!

If I want to buy myself an inexpensive treat, lipstick always fits the bill. So I do find it hard to resist lipsticks in my favourite shades, especially when they are on sale.
I have a lot of lipsticks – but that doesn’t stop me purchasing more. However, on the plus side, I don’t go into spending lots of money on them and I always check out a great shade here in the dupes section.

My number one has to be eyeshadows. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a palette or a single. I have to stop myself from purchasing when a new palette or shade comes out. I’m all set when it comes to matte neutrals but I seem to always be on the lookout for that perfect bronzey color with a cool undertone. Or that perfect shade of purple. I’m also obsessed with brushes. I have more than a hundred brushes but I keep getting more!

Finishing powders. I love them and the more the merrier, I say. I am always finding new ones to try. After that it is lipstick and facial mists. I am in the club that subscribes to triple digit lipsticks is not enough because I always buy more. I also love face mists and use them a lot. I always come back to MAC Fix + but there are many others I love.

Eyeshadow palettes and shimmery highlighters – I am a total sucker for both.

And I have well over 300 lipsticks already, but I love a good blush as well… and I one point I had over 30 different purple eyeliners… so, um, everything? πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

BRUSHES!!! I am a brush whore and will do ANYTHING for brushes. πŸ˜›

So. hard. to. resist.

The only thing that saves me is I must see and feel them in person. Every time I buy online I am disappointed and end up returning, which means I am safe so long as I stay away from them while I am in a store.

Hakuhodo has a private showroom in Torrance, California and I went there once. Spent too much money and can’t stop thinking about how to convince my husband that I need to go again because I need more brushes. πŸ˜‰

Rebecca thanks for saying that about Hakuhodo brushes! Had no idea they were in the city I live in. Going to go there this week. I am so excited… Thanks again

You are welcome and I am excited for you!

Oh, oh, oh, maybe we could get Christine to fly out here for a day and we could all go together?! Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

Happy shopping!

Three words: mass – scare – uh. I have to see if the next one is as good as people say. I keep one in every possible wallet, purse, tote bag, etc. Next is any eyeshadow that is either somewhat peach or somewhat gold. Need those too.

Doing very well resisting this year. But still have far too much everything. Well into the triple digits of l/s, despite tossing 42 last w/e. If I find a formula I like, I usually get it in every suitable color. Nars Audacious, Nars blush, UD liners. Newer MUFE liners. Stila smudgesticks. Zoeva liners. Might even have more liners than lipstick. MAC liners. Smashbox liners. U liners. S liners. Got 2 melt liner cases, supposed to store ? 96 each? Well, they don’t, and I still have massive overflow. Total hO for colored mascara: the new CP ones are the only thing i’ve gotten this year. No S. No U. No Nordie’s. Then, there’s a palette problem. Of course there is. Good thing there’s no man in my life!

Lip balm … I have so much lip balm (though to be fair, I use it constantly — I paused in typing this to put more on). I definitely have too much of everything, but even when I can completely, successfully talk myself out of color products (and I do that all the time) I’ll cave to lip balm. My one saving grace is that my lip balm moments of weakness are almost always “in person,” so if I avoid leaving the house, I can minimize the damage. :-/

Lipsticks…there are so many pretty shades to choose from. Also, I feel like lipsticks transform my look more than any other type of makeup, so I like the idea of having some variety to choose from for different moods. That being said, I’ve been good at sticking to my no-buy on lipsticks while I finish up some that I’ve had for a while.

I used to also be easily tempted by eyeshadow and fragrance, but I rarely wear eyeshadow these days, and I stick to one fragrance at a time now instead of switching it up frequently.

My downfall is any mauve lipstick. Dark or light, I must have at least 20 variations of the same color. It’s the one color that always seems to look good on me. In second place are purple-themed eyeshadow palettes. πŸ™‚

Lipsticks without doubt!
Recently I have managed to cut down a bit because I have become more choosy about what I really like and more aware of what really suits me.
I have a soft spot for Urban Decay comfort matte lipsticks.
Being in a “mature” age I have to pay a lot of attention to the texture of lipstick, which shouldnt be too creamy or too dry as often matte lipsticks tend to be, these comfort matte are the perfect balance .
I own Tilt and Hitch Hike which I adore .
(I have a medium warm complexion and auburn hair)
I am very tempted to buy Temper for the spring!!!
Could you recommend some other brand with similar characteristics?
.I live in Italy and cannot find all the Brands but I can always shop online.
Anyway … lipsticks are definately my favourite make up products, I cant start a day without a lipstick!

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