What types of beauty products are you purchasing less of?

I’m being more mindful of lip products in general, given that there are some who are wearing it less (or not at all) based on the current environment–and I’m already full-up on lip products anyway, so it’s not like I really have the space to do so anyway.

— Christine


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Kira Avatar

I’m doing my best to use up lip products and not buying new ones. I find my taste in lip colors has changed over time, so I want to use up a lot more of what I own before the lip products expire. I’ve been good so far, but there are some extremely tempting sales! I decluttered eyeshadow that had changed in texture recently, and I’d also like to use up more of my remaining favorite shades before they aren’t useable.

For a lot of other products, I’ve been using up my travel sizes and duplicates/back ups of types of products. I’m more conscious now of the space things take up in my home, so I’d like to not store back-ups that I won’t need for over a month or two.

Michou Avatar

Same here. I’ve been completely avoiding foundations and lip products (except good balms I can wear all this time at home) but I’m always masked outdoors and don’t go out much anyway…. plus I have an entire 10 drawer rolling cabinet full of lip products I need to get through. 😛

Nicole D Avatar

For me, a drastic change as I’m buying less makeup, all types of products combined under this category. No makeup purchases since March until Lisa Eldridge’s recent launch. Definitely more purchases of skincare and haircare products. I am fortunate to be able to work from home since March, and what a difference vs going to the office every day. I did not wear much makeup during this time, except some minimal makeup during the virtual meetings/mediations, and my skin is in a better condition. My job is stressful enough as it is, but working remotely, certainly diminished the level of stress, at least for me. Curious enough, I work a higher number of hours from home, but I can take breaks and go outside in the backyard, to breathe fresh air, and relax outside. I can go out for a run in the morning or at lunch time. So, this might be a factor well. I’ve realized that by working remotely from home, I’m less stressed, and it also gives me a sense of comfort and has a calming effect. I miss certain aspects of being around colleagues, but if the opportunity is offered in the future at my firm, I would definitely choose to work from home two-three days per week.

Genevieve Avatar

I think Nicole, when this pandemic is over, the way the workforce operates will be vastly different. Already in Australia the Govt and industry leaders are talking about having more people work at home or be given the choice to.
My eldest son is working from home with us – and he does not miss at all the daily commute through loads of traffic every morning. He would like to work 2-3 days a week from home and a few days in the office, for all the reasons you’ve stated above. He does miss face to face with his colleagues, but a couple of days a week at work would solve that issue.
I hope you get a choice Nicole to work from home.

Nicole D Avatar

I think that too, Genevieve. Same here in Canada. At my firm, the same situation. In the beginning, there was some reluctance from the corporate managers (mostly related to being in control, or rather feeling like loosing control over the employees). As the months passed, and seeing that the employees can be as efficient (if not more) when working from home, as when doing it from an office, we started to see a shift. My colleagues expressed their wish to continue working from home, partially or permanent, even after this pandemic is over. I totally agree with you, the commute is a huge factor. When I was staying late at the office, leaving after 7pm, I was at home by 8:30 – 8:45pm. You have no time left in the day. Time flies, and life goes by without even noticing it. Being in the comfort of our homes, surrounded by familiar things, is more important than we thought, I guess. I, for one, came to appreciate it, more than I could have ever imagined 🙂

janine Avatar

2things highlighters and lip products

I held off on highlighters for a long time but had a Chanel buying spell for highlighters. I don’t regret they are gorgeous. I had my eye on the Dior Rose palette which in all honesty I most likely have shades that look very similar on my skin. And the ND New Nude highlighter. I’m gonna try to check this one out in person to see if it’s that special. But since in store swatches are out I don’t know.

I put lip products on in the am by the time I get to work it’s gone. Which is good I wear a mask -12-20 hrs except for the few minutes I eat at work. Also I have soooo much!! I’d love to try the new ND NUDE lipsticks I haven’t tried the formula I love a light nude. But I prolly have a dupe around.

I moved my collection into a spare bedroom and really I have enough makeup for several lifetimes.

So much fun to buy A new release.

Celesta Avatar

Definitely lip products (though they’re one of my favorite things), and foundation/powder/concealer. I only have a few foundations, most are lighter coverage or BB creams. I don’t use powder all that much. I have only ever found a couple of concealers that I really love, and I’m trying to finish those up before purchasing more… I don’t use a ton of concealer on the day to day, so they always last me a long time. Mostly, I’m just trying to use up what I have in those areas.

Arena Avatar

I am in a strange place where I work with people and I need to also look “nice” for video calls, all within the same day. So I would say I am using less *new, untried* items in general and sticking with Holy Grail products that are tried and true. I don’t have the time, energy or resources to dink around with experiments. I need products that work as hard as I do.

AJ Avatar

Everything! I’ve barely been purchasing makeup this year, and when I have bought things, it’s because they were half-off. I purchase skincare and hygiene as it runs out, but I’ve also been looking for less expensive replacements, so my beauty spending is waaaaaaay down this year. I don’t know if I’ll even make Sephora VIB for next year.

Linda Avatar

Lip products and highlighters. Because I have to wear a mask at work now, I don’t really bother with lipstick anymore because it just makes a mess. As for highlighters, I have a ton of them thanks to my Ipsy subscription plus a few of my own purchases, and I find I’ve been using the same one daily for nearly 6 months and haven’t even made a dent it it. I should have enough highlighters to last me the rest of my natural life plus some.

kjh Avatar

If anyone wishes to know why so many brands are targeting the younger and ‘waaay younger’ consumer, read the answers here. With m/u fans who have been at it a while, stashes are pretty (read ‘overly’) complete and fatigue sets in periodically. As the purchasing wanes, cos need new blood. I’m refraining from saying You Vampires! Like many to most here, I’m vastly overstashed, have concentrated on s/c, and many days have wondered why, about quantities of product that I seldom use.

Moxie Avatar

Lip balm. I have so much and it just seems wasteful to buy things when you have so much to use already, so I’ve cut way back.

Plus my last few purchases were just incredibly disappointing so I’m sticking with things I know I like – which I already have backups of.

Ana Maria Avatar

Lipstick, off course. At this point I just try to wear what I already have opened during the work week (when I wear makeup just to switch to work from home mode).

Surprisingly, I also use very rarely eye liners, both pencils and liquids.

Nancy T Avatar

Due to the plague, way less lip products. Basically because we need to wear masks for our own safety and well-being, I’ve only been using either a MAC Lipglass, because those stick like glue, or a dry-down liquid lipstick.
I’ve also cut very far back on all my other color cosmetics, too. This is due to so many factors; a move that was more costly than expected, having very limited space to add more (although this BR is larger than my last one!), and a very hefty veterinary bill because my beloved Maine Coon Cat mix has feline squamous cell oral cancer, which is 100% fatal. 2020 has been harsh y’all!

Robin Hawkins Avatar

Just before Covid,I had begun buying lipgloss because I was tired of matte lips. Now that I wear masks in public,I see new colors etc all the time,but I ill never get to use them. I have too many already

xamyx Avatar

In general, new releases… I’ve spent the better part of this year pretty much tracking down items on my “wishlist”. Granted, I have picked up a handful, but overall, the vast majority have been long DCd/LE products that I missed out on. At this point, the only thing I’m even interested in is whatever Melt Cosmetics may have planned for Holiday 2020, if anything…

Eyeshadow palettes have been few & far between, but I’m not 100% sure if that’s just because nothing spectacular has been released this year, or I’m simply burned out… I actually came upon the UD Stoned Vibes collection, and as beautiful as it is, I couldn’t be bothered to buy anything…

I have picked up quite a few face & complexion products, probably because being stuck at home seemed like a good time to try new products since noone would see me…

Genevieve Avatar

I am purchasing a lot less eyeshadow palettes – this year I have only purchased two (the PMG Mini Sublime and ND’s Glam) as I have so many to use and to pick from. I am still fairly/definitely interested in CT’s Green Lights quad, but as I have Chanel’s Tisse D’ Automne, it’s hard to justify. Generally, though I am purchasing a lot less makeup overall, but focusing more on skin and haircare products.
However that does not stop me being interested…..

Arena Avatar

Your comment (all our comments, really) made me think: here is an entire community who dearly loves makeup. Genuinely. To the makeup companies: Please honor our passion.

This week’s Beauty News (YT) had an excellent summary.

Mary Avatar

I love lipsticks and even if I don’t leave the house, I put it on because it makes me happy,
Like other commentators I have a ton of stash and really don’t need to add to it.
I have enjoyed however revisiting some of my makeup and playing with new combinations.

With the upcoming Sephora sale I’ll probably restock my skin care and repurchase my regulars.

Reina Avatar

I have so many lipsticks but recently bought 2 from Armani as Christine swatched them and they looked so beautiful. Silenzio and Venetian red. And bought the new Dior glow in gold. I got them as I was given a 20% discount for friends and family in the Sephora store. Also got some Lisa Eldridge lipsticks for me and my daughter. Doubt I will buy anything now at the Sephora sale. Generally checking and wearing all that I hv. Trying hard to finish them though I wear a mask daily. Trying to look nice for myself.

Z Avatar

Eyeshadow palettes. That’s been a goal of mine for a few years now. Once I sat down to see what I had and what was being released every week (at the time, literally, colourpop was on a crazy roll) I decided to not purchase anything without a color story I would use 95% of or had a formula that wasn’t really good. It helped a lot to keep me from purchasing as much as what caught my eye. And the few palettes that did come in to my collection were high quality with colors I use almost all of. The only one I can think of is that horrible pink in the Sultry palette.

I haven’t stopped collecting lipstick. Even around my house I wear lip products every day. My lips are dry as hell and balms aren’t always enough. Gloss, tho, gloss was made to last so I’ve been reaching for it a lot. My fancy PMG lipsticks are getting a whirl too.

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