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Katherine T. Avatar

*Brown red lipsticks
*Anything with gold shimmer – highlighters, shadows, lipsticks, glosses, blushes
*Anything purple – lipsticks, glosses, blushes, shadows

Eriu Avatar

Nancy, my own list is pretty much identical to yours. For me, the main difference is a mauve lip…any variation, as long as it’s mauve (my color obsession that I never outgrew from my teens!). But eyeshadow palettes and singles (especially indie, at least lately) and nail polish, my downfalls are yours.

Shana Avatar

Unusural/duochrome/iridescent eyeshadows
Purple eyeshadows
Pink/coral with golden iridescence
Intense pinks and purples

Coral lipsticks

Holographic nail polish (Those are the most beautiful things for nails. Rainbow colors, it’s having all the colors of the spectrum in one bottle. Why big brands don’t make them and sell them in drugstores ? They never make a permanent collection of holos. Why ?)
Duochrome nail polish

Erica Avatar

Revlon, Essie, Sinful Colors and Hard Candy all sell duo chrome nail polishes and have for decades. Actually they have set the trend that higher end have followed so…

Donya Avatar

I froth over the duochrome polishes by ILNP. I have yet to order any. I wish I could see them and swatch in real life. I seem to keep buying chrome, duochrome, metallic and microglitter in purples and pink. How many do I need? I had to buy tiny ball bearings to drop into the cheaper ones.

Bonnie Avatar

L’Oreal had one in a limited edition collection based on 50 shades of Gray. I bought the whole 10 piece collection but this one holographic was sold out everywhere. I hunted and hunted, kept trying our job lot store, where limited editions can frequently be found for a couple of bucks. On Ebay they wanted around 50 bucks! I finally got one for 25 on Ebay, almost 5x the store price, but yes, it was worth it!

Lisa Avatar

Foundation. From new formulas to old classics that somehow get mentioned or talked about lately.

Lipsticks. Coral, sheer washes that are mmlb, ok who are we kidding. I try to have one of each variety if it peaks my interest.

One wash eyeshadows. Eg: Mac all that glitters, Chanel illusion d’ombre emerveille, etc.

Asian brands waterproof mascaras. Somehow if I find a good one they’re really the best out there. Often the wand is a better size and they often have fibers that really bump up my teeny lashes.

Gillian Avatar

Oh man, there’s a lot!

– A good, hydrating lipstick (oh my god I have too many lipsticks).

– A long-wearing foundation that’s pale enough for me, whether it’s liquid or powder.

– Shimmery/sparkly lip gloss (I’m like a moth to a flame!).

– A good, pale highlighter.

– A good quality, pale gold eyeshadow.

– Really shimmery blushes (I can’t get enough of these, the more shimmery the better).

There are more but that’s just off the top of my head. ?

Tammy Avatar

Colorful products! I love strong color. If the product is associated with a look I want to recreate, it’s very hard not to buy it. Also I struggle to resist products that get an A rating or recommendation on this blog.

Marieke Avatar

Last winter I bought way too many berry lipsticks. I just cleared out my make-up collection and gave 5 away.. I still have matte, creamy, glossy, cooltoned, warmtoned, darker, lighter ones… We’ll see how many I will actually wear next winter!

Mariella Avatar

No question – my biggest weakness is eyeshadow…almost any colour (save for reds, bright or deep pinks and oranges), any texture from matte to high shine. I have a bit of a weakness for powder highlighters and liquid illuminators but that is a bit easier to control since there’s sort of a limit to the colour range.

Astrild Avatar

it depends on the moment. Right know, I’m all about bronzers. Six months ago, I was no interested at all but I was crazy about lipsticks. Tomorrow, who knows… Ok, thinking about it, fuchsia lipsticks are probably my most constant weakness.

MissJae1908 Avatar

Highlighters, Mauve/Plummy/Nude lipsticks, blending brushes, rose gold/coral shimmery eye shadows and sheet masks. I am literally on a mission to try every brand of sheet mask on the planet! #Obsessed

Linda Avatar

I really love blush. I feel like I actually own enough in my modest collection right now because I want to actually hit pan on one of them someday… so to satisfy my cravings I watch blush collection/declutter/swatching videos on Youtube or I Google Image search swatches. I know it sounds weird, but it somehow satisfies my “can’t resist” because I’m still experiencing the products in some way. Guess they call that “living vicariously” lol.

Nigerian Girl Avatar

Definitely lipstick. Red is my preferred colour, though I’m currently going through a brown and coral phase. Keep up the great work, Christine. You’ve got lots of fans in Nigeria.

Nikki Avatar

Pinky purple lipstick. I have at least 5 that are so very similar in color but everytime I want to buy a new lipstick I keep picking the same color. LOL my daughter let me know I need to stop.

thirteen Avatar

The two things I dream of most are

* the perfect berry lipstick for my skin tone
* the perfect buttery light gold eyeshadow that makes me look like I’m glowing

I’m not sure if either of these things actually exist but apparently I will keep buying stuff until I’m positive.

Nicole Avatar

-Orange-red lipstick. I think I have about six and I won’t let myself buy any more. I’m just so drawn to that shade.

-Blushes. Any blushes, apparently. High end, drugstore, indie, all shades welcome. I have so many it’s ridiculous.

Vanessa Avatar

Neutral eyeshadow palettes,(large palettes, quints, quads singles), mauve pink lipsticks, bronze eyeliners and mascara (I’lluviendo try all kinds)

Nika99 Avatar

Most of Urban Decay’s product line.Nars Dual-Intensity eyeshadows.Shimmery or metallic highlighters.Metallic lipsticks and lip glosses.Tom Ford Cream Shadows for Eyes.Nude lipsticks and glosses.Skincare.All these new concealers(Too Faced born this way,Kat Von D,Tarte Shape Tape,ect.) I feel the need to compare and contrast all of them to find the best one!

AB Avatar

Shimmer lipglosses; warm-toned neutral eyeshadows and liners (especially in the caramel/camel/copper/’peanut butter’ ranges); pinky-peach lipsticks (shimmer and sheer especially) and blushes. Also now I’m getting into warm plums for eyeshadows and liners.

Hildegard Avatar

Nail polish and lipstick. I’m far more likely to buy lipstick and/or nail polish on a whim than any other makeup product. For everything else I’ll read reviews, look up swatches, make sure I don’t have dupes and so on, but if I see a sparkly nail polish or a pigmented lipstick my restraint usually goes out of the window :/

Arantxa Avatar

Powder highlighters (includes products that can also be used as a highlighter!), lipsticks from MAC (I have a few shades that look good on me and tend to buy a lot that is similar. I also use them as a guidance to find the right shades from other brands and I just simply love them) and anything that says “rose gold”!

Lea Avatar

Lipsticks and glosses in a grey-mauvey/pink – been my go to color for years my perfect iteration always gets discontinued by Armani. There are a lot of close options, but never the exact tone I want. Recently I’ve been on an eyeshadow kick oddly enough, but I think that has eased up with my discovery (and purchase of 30) Inglot shadows. I’m well covered now and have more than my usual grey/taupe shimmer default.

Jill Avatar

Pretty highlighters and blushes, especially with light golden pink/peach tones, and rose gold hued cosmetics, especially eyeshadow. Sometimes pretty packaging gets me to, but I have to really like the product and find it useful for me to go after it, I don’t need it sitting around just to look decorative.

Hanna Avatar

Lipstick. For awhile I bought everything I thought was pretty. Now I have way too many similar colors (dark reds, berries and cool nudes) and am only looking for more unusual colors to round out my collection.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Eyeshadow, lippies, eyeliner, many cheek products. I also love brushes and applicators. I’m getting better at not ever even going into the stores but online shopping is still a problem for me.

MacKenzie Avatar

Eyeshadow palettes are my number (especially warm ones and fun colors!) red lipsticks, and recently highlighters (the ones from ColourPop are bomb)

Connie Avatar

Lipsticks for sure. I always want to try anything new coming out even though I don’t branch out a whole lot colorwise. I am often intrigued by foundations too but now that my skin is better I hardly wear face makeup

Bon Bon Avatar

LIPSTICK and MASCARA! I order about three lipsticks a week still trying to find the perfect one. Can’t go any day without mascara. I also love a shimmer blush and highlighter. I have every highlighter Becca makes. Powder, cream and wand.

Jenny G Avatar

Makeup palettes! Contour, highlight, blush and eyeshadow palettes (but I go to nude eyeshadows), mini / travel size kits and something to change my makeup rotine like a new brush or product that is different

SMITA Avatar

perfumes, bath and body care products, palettes except lipstick palettes, skincare but for hair care, I use my Avon shampoo and conditioner and coconut oil. I use some high-end products in that category like LP texturizing spray and Deva Curl hair cream but cheap Tresseme hairspray!:)

Katherine T. Avatar

Cat, what are your favorite lilac blushes? And burgundy red eye liners? I’m eyeing that new Chanel stylo in Eros (medium burgundy red), and if I can’t find a dupe, I might be out $33 (eeek!!!)

Cat Avatar

Hi, Katherine! My favorite lilac blushes are MJ Shameless in Outspoken (no longer available online but may be in store) and ColourPop’s Rain. I also like Clinique’s Pansy Pop (leans more pink than the rest of these), Etude House Dreaming Swan #4, and La Femme Blush On Rouge in Blossom (satin finish). The MJ and CP look really dark in the pan but blend out beautifully.

Burgundy (leaning red) eyeliners are far more rare! The two I use most are EL Double Wear #12 Burgundy Suede and Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk. I did not know about the one from Chanel but now I’m eyeing it! LOL

I’d love to hear your list of favorites for both!

Katherine T. Avatar

For lilac purple blushes, I love Clinique Pansy Pop and CP Rain too! And I also like Lorac Buildable Blush in Ultraviolet. And if they lean pink, I use a cream base underneath (MAC Chris Chang Sock It To Xu) to make them look more purple. I googled MJ Outspoken and it looks gorgeous, too bad it’s hard to find now. Thanks for the recs on the burgundy red eye liner! I don’t have any right now, wasn’t into that color before, but getting into it now. Looks like I missed the boat on Pomegranate Punk but EL Burgundy Suede is still around, will check that out. I’m also eyeing Colour Pop Best O, which is a reddish brown. But Chanel Eros looks stunning! So far, I’ve only seen 3 swatches online, and it looks like a burgundy purple red, think it will be very hard to dupe. The Stylos are ridiculously expensive for the tiniest amount of product, but Chanel has a knack for cranking out the most unique, hard to resist colors, and they last even on my super oily lids. But if you do find a dupe, let me know, and will do same for you. Otherwise, resistance will be futile!

Cat Avatar

I will eventually get the Lorac Ultraviolet! I have been in Ulta twice since it was released and have forgotten about it both times. 🙁

I have Best O and, on me, it is identical to Scott from TheBalm as well as the EL Burgundy Suede — except the EL has fine, multi-tonal shimmers. The Pomegranate Punk is still available on Amazon (I purchased my back-up there) if you’re interested.

In the swatches I’ve seen of the Chanel Eros, sometimes it looks purple, sometimes it looks like a dark berry. The two liners I have that are closest to the swatches I’ve seen are MJ Jazz(Berry) and the Sephora Jumbo Liner in Purple (<<–online swatches of this do it absolutely NO justice!). I use a firm, angled brush with the Sephora Jumbo Liner because… well, it's Jumbo and I want to apply it right up against my lower lashline!

Red-based burgundy liners are VERY difficult to find and, even when you do, they can often look more brown than burgundy. That's why I like using shadows as liners when I want a true, red-leaning burgundy. KVD Raw Power is AMAZING as a liner! So are MAC Deep Damson and ABH Sangria. People with oily lids often use Duraline from Inglot (available from Beautylish and Macy's) to transform shadows into liners and they say it lasts all day. Here's a blog about Duraline if you're interested:


Sorry for being so long-winded. I use makeup as a distraction — and I need to be distracted right now!

Katherine T. Avatar

Cat, wow thanks so much for the awesome info! CP Rain and Lorac Ultraviolet are similar, but I prefer Lorac’s formula, as it’s much smoother. Good to know CP Best O, EL Burgundy Suede, and the Balm Scott are similar in color, will save me money. I googled MJ Jazzberry, looks gorgeous, it’s going on my buy list for next Sephora sale! I have ABH Sangria and Modern Renaissance, never thought of using the shadows as eyeliners because I didn’t think they would hold up on my oily lids, but that Duraline sounds like it might work, great tip. I sure prefer the convenience of a burgundy eye liner but since those are so scarce, that could be the next best option, will check it out. I found a Temptalia reader (Shelley) who has Chanel Eros, and she confirms that it’s a warm burgundy red with slight sheen (not a purple or berry as some online swatches show), and she said it’s amazing and unique. In our search, I’m not sure if we will find a true dupe for Eros, we may find many other beautiful colors along the way ! Thanks again for all the great ideas and hope everything is ok

Deborah Avatar

Lipsticks in red and berry shades, I just can’t resist!
Eye Shadow in green and purple. Still haven’t found a holy grail green shadow.

RMW (Rose) Avatar

It’s not one particular Cosmetic, sadly. Lol. OH BOY! It’s the whole store….Ulta, Sephora…and God Bless my husband if we pass by a cosmetic counter or the Makeup section at a store!! … My twin sister has the same thing except for the purse departments. My husband is the same way with the tool departments!! We’re dangerous! Lol. ??

Karen Avatar

Eyeshadow palettes; rosy-nude blushes; bronze, platinum and pewter cream eyeshadow sticks and pots; highlighter (liquid, cream AND powder, from inner glow to seen from space) and face palettes that get great reviews!

Peta Avatar

Matte Red lipstick
KVD palettes
Sunday Riley, Dr Dennis Gross , Kate Sommerville and Indeed labs skin care.
Mac single eye shadows
Probably easier to say what I do resist
Lip gloss
Heavy foundations
Dark or red based eyebrow products coloured mascara (makes my eyes water)

Luna Sea Avatar

Highlighters, especially gold ones! I probably have 15-20 gold highlighters. I promised myself I will not buy anymore because these will all expire before I use them, but I really want another glow kit lol! Also, purple lipsticks! I literally have about 50 purple lipsticks! It is an obsession, but I have been doing well in not buying any more.

Bonnie Avatar

First, all the new collections, new season and/or limited editions. I may not like them all, but I have to check it out. My heart beats faster, and if a store doesn’t have them, I get so disappointed.

For the regular stuff…lipstick is my biggest weakness – any purple or pale or nude, I must have them all. Browns and pinks – I will look them over and see how I feel. I think I like the cooler colors better even though my skin is on the warmer side. I like the contrast, and the cool colors make the teeth look whiter and the tan look darker.

Don’t think I ever leave a store without a nail polish. I really like, again, when there are new collections. Essie is great at feeding my nail color obsession with new shades. I especially can’t resist whites and browns. Used to feel this way about gray, but I think I finally got my fill.

Never met an orange or yellow eye shadow I didn’t want, especially if it’s in a creamy pencil. For that matter, any creamy eye pencil, shadow or liner, I want every color available.

Silvia Avatar

Oh! All of them tough choices. To narrow down eyeshadows in fun bright colors, or pinkish toned as the WnW I recently found at Wallmart similar to Rose/Cover Girl is beautiful! The nudes also have beautiful gold tones. Lipsticks in coral, reds, berries, peach. And lately all the beautiful light high liters. Hmmm….eyeliners in just about every color except black found it too harsh on my pale skin. A good matching light foundation.

Brittney Avatar

Mostly eyeshadows especially palettes. Although lipstick is a close second. I have a lot of eyeliner, blush, and mascara but right now am making myself not buy anymore of those until I use more of what I have. But I can’t resist most eyeshadow especially if it’s slightly different than what I have and lipstick is still so new to me I’m having a hard time resisting buying what catches my eye lol

Brenda Lee Avatar

Like most of you there are multiple products that are totally my jam. Cool/neutral red, berry, bright/dark pink lipsticks. I purchased 4 of the UD Gwen Stefani lipsticks LOL! Anything NARS especially the blushes – I currently have 6. Eyeshadow palettes that have a good mix of finishes and colors. Rose Gold anything – had to get the Tarte limited edition eyeliner. UD 24/7 eyeliners – so many fun colors. Mini or deluxe size mascaras – I never buy full size anymore because I find that after using the deluxe size I’m usually disappointed with the full.

Nikki J. Avatar

Foundation and lip gloss. When it comes to foundation, I like to test out the longevity and coverage, and I’m often willing to try something more natural looking. When it comes to lip gloss, I’m constantly trying new brands, looking for the perfect formula that feels good on the lips, has opacity, and decent longevity.

Shara Avatar

I can’t resist a great kit….also anything from Skinn Cosmetics or Cailyn Cosmetics. I will also buy anything where hyaluronic acid is at the top of the ingredients list.

Mo Merrell Avatar

LIPSTICK!!! I can’t resist them. Expensive, inexpensive…doesn’t matter I will most likely leave a store that sell cosmetics with a lipstick.

Liz Avatar

Let’s see…
– Pinky-peach nudes lippies.
– Anything with a metallic sheen.
– Eyeliners in the colors teal, purple or royal blue.
– Anything iridescent!
– Any type of highlighter! Powder, creme, liquid.. yes please!

Silvia Avatar

Tough call! All of it pretty much! ?
Lately I have collected tons of eyeshadows singles as well as small easy to carry palettes. Blushes! Peachy and rose colored my favorite purchased Corallina and Luminoso from Milani’s baked blushes and all the others this pale skin can play with but I blend them all with my kabuki brush. Rosa D’Oro, Berry Amore, meant to get Dolce Pink but ended up with a high voltage Delizioso gorgeous pink color and Bella Rosa have not tried yet. And many others. Lipsticks in every color except a few nude which don’t do a thing for me being a ghost. Or too dark either. Found Bare It All and Just Peachy very pretty from WetnWild but actually but prefer a vivid color. Eyeshadows I have covered the nudes but enjoy instead a punch of color. Love! Love! Mermaid colors also in eyeliners for Summer especially aqua blues, greens, purples! Rosy golds drive me nuts. Love them and fall for them. I like to play and have fun with a variety of colors but when choosing foundation I choose carefully a good match then and good for the skin. I have my heart set on Moondust next!

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