What type of product do you wish was out on the market that you have yet to find?

What type of product do you wish was out on the market that you have yet to find? Share!

An ultra-hydrating, long-wearing, intensely pigmented, matte lipstick. Because I feel like half of them promise all those things but never come close. Although, an anti-aging cream that really reversed lines and signs of aging would be quite the find.

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Eye shadows and eye liners that never fade, crease, melt, smudge or fall out ! For anti-aging, I highly recommend trying Paula’s Choice retinols. I just turned 46, and have been using for years. They eliminated all the crepey skin on my eyelids, really diminished the fine lines and crow’s feet, and firmed up the skin on the rest of my face.

A foundation that is transfer proof and water proof and is sheer to medium coverage for oily skin. Don’t get me wrong, I love my full coverage ELDW, but some days I want a more natural look to just spot conceal. It’s impossible to find something sheer yet transfer resistant. These serum foundations just don’t stay on me.

Something that would really and truly firm and lift aging neck and jowl regions! Heck, even something to firm and lift it ALL if possible or if needed. Late middle-age, loss of estrogen and yo-yo weight changes have begun to hit, I know I ought to be feeling blessed because I barely have any lines on my face, but still!

Another great thing would be if SOMEBODY out there would create that lipstick you described above! It’s a necessity living in a very dry, hot climate, but thus far, does NOT exist.

Nancy, Eslor Collegen Firming Day Cream really works well for firming. It’s pretty spendy for a jar, but a jar lasts a few months. I have the same thing going on related to age and varying weight, and it did wonders for me.

Thanks Rachel! I haven’t seen that brand before, but it sounds like it could firm up my “turkey” neck. I can’t stand those weird stringy up and down lines that have recently begun showing up!

You’re welcome. For me, it’s the jowls. They were really hanging loose for a while, there. It happened to my mom, too, when she got to middle age, and it’s not a flattering look on us round-faced women.

An eye cream that actually does improve dark circles. A zit zapper that would erase all inflammation and redness overnight. And a foundation that would self adapt to match your skin tone perfectly! Oh and a split end repairing hair treatment that would actually do what it claims – without superglue if possible.

i just remembered another thing!

a lip-cheek combo stick that works for both… i’ve seen a few ones but they don’t perform well in BOTH, if it’s a good product for a cream blush… it doesn’t work on the lips bc it’s too drying and viceversa. so that would be good.

Haircare for true combination hair! I have very long hair with oily roots and dry, brittle ends. It’s starting to feel ridiculous to use two kinds of shampoo and three kinds of conditioner whenever I wash it.

A buttery smooth contour powder, in taupe for me. Most are a touch to dry for my liking and I find that eyeshadows in general behave so much kinder to my Keratosis Pilaris flare ups on my face so I’d love to see that formula in a larger form.

I think my Dr Jart Premium BB cream does improve my skin texture and brightness, and it has a high spf. The downside is that it comes in only 2 colors.

An ultra-hydrating moisturizer that dealt with Rosacea. Even medication doesn’t help 100% of the time, and I always see moisturizers like “reduces redness” and I’m like “lol we’ll see.”

Bonus points if it makes pores smaller.

Ooh same! I’ve never actually found a treatment that really does tone down my redness, so I end up having to pack on coverage even when my skin is clear and breakout free πŸ™

For what it’s worth, I’ve found that skincare products which claim to reduce redness do the exact opposite for me. I’ve had better luck using gentle formulations made for my underlying skin type (dry combination). The La Roche-Posay TolΓ©riane line is a godsend.

Not a moisturizer, goods under or alone. La Roche Posey Rosiliac works great for me in the redness stage. Have to see the deem if I reach the breakout stage.
Works overnight usually for me.

A full coverage foundation that included moisturizer and primer with anti-aging properties, no SPF, and didn’t cause breakouts. The BB and CC creams out there just don’t have good coverage.

In response to your comment, I would mention that the serum I use, Boots Intense Advanced, is the ONLY serum permitted to make anti-aging, anti-wrinkle claims in the UK. I use it and can attest – it does work. (And it’s not super expensive!) As for creams, for me, I find that the Trish McEvoy Vitamin C Cream also works. I’ve noticed an improvement in my skin texture, firmness, and softness since I added it at night. The McEvoy Retinol Eye Cream is also a winner in my book. This trio makes my almost-50-skin look like I’m in my 20s. Seriously.

I’m still looking for a “blackened green” eyeshadow that doesn’t have a ton of glitter. I keep swatching UD Zodiac but, again, it’s very sparkly. Every time I find a shade online that I like, when I try to purchase it, it’s no longer available. Any recs?

Chanel just brought out a dark, dark green. I’ve forgotten the name — probably because it’s French. It’s in the Fall collection, I think. I’ve been thinking about getting it myself. It’s in the Stylo Yeux Waterproof line. If you use Nordstrom on line, use the chat line to ask which one is that dark green. It’s not readily apparent from just looking at it. Also, UT Mallory 1712 (I think that’s it, but just type in Mallory and it will come up) featured it in a recent video — within the last two months anyway.

Makeup Geek is launching matte eyeshadows in fall and a preview I saw somewhere (or maybe it was a description?) said there would be a dark green. I have no other information about that, but I’m definitely holding out for it! I also have looked.

The one and only blackened green I have that doesn’t have any glitter is Ulta Glamazon. Not sure whether it’s still available though.

A beauty sponge that is soft, bouncy, but holds up to washing! I feel you can find the first two qualities in the major brand name sponges right now, but they tend to break down in a few weeks after daily washing from foundation application.

If you’re using a Beauty Blender, try washing it with African Black Soap. It’s a shea butter bar and contains no sulfates. You can get it at Target. It’s not expensive at all. I also use it for my natural hair brushes. Does a great job!

I’ve been using the Real Techniques sponge for a while now and it looks as new! I wash it everyday with dish washing liquid, and it gets it clean and stain free.

Highlighting liquid that can go on before foundation and the rest of the face makeup, liquid / cream / powders and still *actually* show.

A medium-coverage foundation that really really really matched my skin.

Mascara in a chestnut brown color. I’m sure it exists, but I haven’t found one… Every brown mascara I’ve tried is dark brown. I’ve been on the lookout since high school, I’ve always thought that a red-brown mascara would look good/natural with my red hair.

YSL makes a burgundy mascara, which is nice with red hair.

I still mourn the Max Factor auburn one that was around in the 90s. I bought it by accident once and fell in love. Naturally, it was discontinued…

Can I just get a sunscreen that doesn’t have to be reapplied every 2 hours…? Everything else that has been mentioned can pretty much be achieved, even if it means mixing products, but a long-wearing sunscreen simply hasn’t been invented…

P20 is one sunscreen that can be applied once a day, there are others as well, here in the UK we have Boots Soltan Once. Do a search and I’m sure you’ll find other brands that do them ☺.

Something I saw on a youtuber’s video is using multiple physical sunscreen products in your facial makeup routine (like a moisturizer underneath with spf, foundation with spf, powder with spf) and with physical sunscreen it works as long as it’s there, so since it’s makeup you can kind of gauge how safe you are based on the deterioration of your makeup. If it’s a physical sunscreen.

Could be a good combination strategy with the long wearing sunscreen recommended by Claire for the body (just because I can’t imagine it’s soothing for the face!).

I plan on trying the physical sunscreen face next summer and will be checking out that P20 product – never heard of it before!

Try the Nars liquid concealer. I’m very pale with purple dark undereye circles and it works wonderfully well to cover them using just a small amount.

A sunscreen for oily skin that doesn’t make me breakout, high shine lipglosses that don’t feather and a drugstore foundation that doesn’t oxidize on me.

I have oily skin, and several people here suggested Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch for me. It worked out really well for me.

Neutrogena also has one called Clear Face that claims to be “breakout free,” but I haven’t tried it.

Anything “anti-aging” that actually anti-ages short of plastic surgery. Nothing really does that is non-invasive. Vit C and Sunblock I think are the closest we have thus far.
That lipstick would be great too!

A mascara that truly coats each of my lashes, no clumping, even when you have dense lashes.

Something to add shine that does not weigh down fine hair (John Frieda used to have a Sheer Blonde product, think it was called spotlight. Now discontinued).

Something that can hold my fine, slippery hair without weighing it down. And adds shine.

Hydrating, medium-to-full coverage foundation in a wide variety of shades. Some kind of skincare product that actually reduces redness. A truly creaseless and moisturizing under-eye concealer.

I like both your ideas, Christine.

I’d also like: Purple and dark blue pigmenst that always come out pigmented and not patchy. A skin or face product or primer that eliminated oily skin all day long. Eyeshadow primer that keeps cream shadows from creasing. Eyeliner pencils that stayed on the waterline all day long.

Yeah, I’d settle for a waterline primer pencil. If you use a beige kohl pencil, you have to wait forever for the dry down, and concealer primer is the same. Might get a UD big ozone pencil & try it.

i just remembered another thing!

a lip-cheek combo stick that works for both… i’ve seen a few ones but they don’t perform well in BOTH, if it’s a good product for a cream blush… it doesn’t work on the lips bc it’s too drying and viceversa. so that would be good.

I agree! I’d also like to see some better serum foundations. I think cosmetics have their limits but I’d like to see an all in one product that really covers dark circles in my shade.

An eye cream that really does sort out those irritating lines under my eyes (not crows feet, which they all focus on) and a concealer which doesn’t crease in them. I’ve tried all sorts from liquid to cream to those solid stick ones and they All. Flipping. Crease!

I recently tested a vial of Caudalie’s Premier Cru the Elixer oil. You put a few drops at night and in the morning and spread over your face. It’s supposed to lighten bruised under eyes, reverse lines, wrinkles, clear spots, brighten skin and cause collagen to start building to firm your skin. I did a ten day test and the very few eye creases I had went away and my bruising faded and I glowed. I can’t afford it. It’s a 99 bucks for the oil. I will find a,way. It smells like roses and wood. I have a sample version of the cream. Not so impressive.

A eye shadow that acts like petrol with colour changing ways but not reflect red! And MIRRORED nail varnish, like actual mirrors … beautiful <3

A shampoo that deals with coloured hair with oily roots would be a winner. Lots of us live in hot, humid climates in summer and have tinted hair. Most shampoos and conditioners just leave my hair limp. That would be a big bonus for me.

A hydrating but transferproof liquid matte lipstick would be a dream! Also this is a bit more far fetched but I would definitely buy foundation that magically adapts to your skintone. And a zit zapper that actually worked overnight would be nice, I’ve been prescribed a bunch of zit zappers but none of them work as fast as I’d like.

I wish I could find a concealer/corrector that doesn’t crease at all and that fully covers dark circles! I would be in Heaven! Also, maybe a liner for my waterline that doesn’t bleed.

Oh and I also agree with a previous post about something to mend split ends that truly works! Also, an eye cream that truly rids dark circles/fine lines and improves texture! I am 30 and have these bumps where my under eye area meets my cheek. It isn’t wrinkles, but these little tiny cluster of small bumps, and concealer just sinks in and looks awful! I’m currently using Retin A at night, but if anyone knows anything else that might help, please let me know!

An undereye concealer that:
– actually covers dark circles, without needing to be caked on
– has hydrating skincare properties
– has an SPF of 30 or more
– doesn’t migrate or crease
– fragrance free
– doesn’t aggravate my allergies

So not a big ask, then… πŸ˜‰

Nobody has mentioned dark circles? An awesome, lightweight undereye brightener or concealor that would eliminate puffiness, the “groove” you get under your eye could be minimized, and dark circles be banished. Long lasting, no creasing and such (So far I have failed to find this one).

Hydrating yet touchproof matte lipstick for me, too!
I would also like a product that would even out my skintone (a cream that would do it gradually and from inside, not a foundation). Also an eye cream that would do the same to my dark circles.
Concealer that would stay on my nose even after blowing it in a tissue.
Instant zit and cystic acne remover.
A hair product that would prevent my hair from sweating in the summer (and a face product that would do the same with my face)… I am extremely sweaty.
A product that would dry my long, wet hair after a shower in 2 minutes.
A glitter nail polish that was easy to remove (and also one that had really dense glitter).

Oh, some others:

-make-up remover that was not oily and removed every bit of my makeup (I might try that makeup eraser towel… Bioderma did not work that great for me, it was ok)
-a shampoo that dealth with oily hair, a flaky scalp AND thinning hair at the same time

I really wish someone out there who still has a little of the GUERLAIN GEMS ROUGE G LIPSTICK that so many of you say is wonderful would mail a sample of it (they say “a dime-sized amount”) to Scott Catto at Three Custom Color Specialists. Then those of us who want it (ME!!!! for instance) could order a custom made match from them. Their web address is http://www.threecustom.com and their mailing address is:
P O BOX 983
TOLL FREE: 888-262-7714

A skincare product that helped with genetic dark undereye circles, and a miracle in a jar for those of us who like me suffer from both seb dermatitis and rosacea. Although a super hydrating matte lipstick would be amazing, too!

Handcreams with sunscreen! so hard to find!
an eyeshadow palette with JUST crease colors
concealer that actually covers my under eye bags
more primer sprays!
more variations of bronzers for fair skin

Unchippable nail polish!! I lead a busy lifestyle, and although I absolutely hate chipped nail polish, I don’t have the time to do regular manicures (once a fortnight if I’m lucky).

More of the traditional, flat matte lipstick on the market. These new matte lipsticks on the market don’t cut it for me. I would also like to see more cream eye shadows because they can be a nice
complement with matte eye shadow in doing a great smoky eye as well as a lovely contrast on texture. For fragrances, I want to see more of the traditional rose fragrance which is powdery and more floral, i.e. Les Creations de Monsieur Dior Forever and Ever by Dior, Elisabethan Rose by Penhaligon’s of London, Rose Absolue by Annick Goutal, and Rose 4 Reines by L’Occitane. I don’t care for the new rose fragrances which tend to lean on the spicy and earthy side.

A concealer/eye cream combo that actually camouflages dark circles, but also completely reduces bags. Every cream I try only helps the appearance of circles and does nothing for my puffy under eye area. Also, ditto to your intense Matte/Moisturizing lippy Christine.

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