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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!

Nail polish (a.k.a. Chanel) – I feel like there isn’t really another class of product out there that can’t be done just as well (if not better!) at the mid-high price point, where as Chanel still occasionally puts out a stunner of a polish that (for the most part) will never get a 100% dupe.

Face powders because I’m very picky about ingredients, and eyeshadow palettes because they are a good value if you like many of the colors.

*Foundations – SO hard to find a good shade match and a formula that doesn’t have alcohol or fragrance
*Powders – something finely milled and sheer/translucent, doesn’t settle into fine lines. I was splurging on HE powders, but ironically my fave is the $ 6 ELF Illuminating Palette, which I use as a setting and finishing powder in winter

One??? I’m pretty naughty in at least a few beauty product zones!
1. A great perfume that just screams “me”.
2. Skincare (especially firming, anti-aging)
3. Eyeshadow palette(s), certain ones that are absolutely perfect are just so worth it!

Eye shadow, especially if it’s a palette. Anything cream or tubed or potted or just plain ole in the pan, it’s my favorite make up product.

My biggest splurge was on the Koh Gen Do Aqua foundation and hopefully that’ll be the only biggest splurge I’ll do haha at least for a while. Mine is mostly skincare items but the foundation was my most recent splurge 😛

I’ll pay more if I find it really makes a difference in how I look or feel. Or, if it’s a brush or other tool, I’ll splurge if it does its job beautifully and is a joy to use. So my main splurges are Hourglass finishing powders, Tom Ford lipsticks, and brushes from Make Up For Ever, Hourglass, and Wayne Goss.

Lipstick! Finding one that doesn’t dry out my lips can be a bit difficult but when I do find a formula that works for me I want to buy one in every colour. Guerlain is a prime example, I have close to thirty of their lipsticks, if not more! It’s a bit embarrassing having so many but I make sure and rotate what I use all the time. I just love lipstick an inordinate amount but I’d say that it’s the product that makes the biggest difference to how I look. Being so pale I need something on my lips to make me look alive. That’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking to it!

Next would be liquid foundation. Again, finding a colour or formula that works for me is a pain because most brands don’t have a colour pale enough for me. I went through a phase of hunting down some that were light enough but I didn’t really succeed in finding one in a formula that worked for me. Typical! Now I buy the lightest colour in a formula I love, and there seems to be a lot of them these days. I want them all! Anyway, in the morning I’ll pick the foundation I want to wear, then with my colour mixers (white and lavender), liquid illuminators (pearl, pale cool pink and pale pink-gold) and my Cover FX Custom Cover Drops in N10 I mix my perfect foundation! I do think this every morning, rather than mixing a lot in one go, simply because I want something different every day. It used to feel like a chore but now I quite like it! So I’d recommend mixing to anyone having problems finding their perfect foundation. There’s no need to settle with a foundation that isn’t quite right for you and mixing doesn’t take long, I promise! And there isn’t any reason you couldn’t mix a lot in one go, I just prefer not to. ?

Eye shadow palettes. I love them for so many reasons. They are usually a *much* better value per pan than singles, I love how they look with all of the beautiful colors lined up together, and a good splurge means you are going to get some smooth, buttery shadows that area joy to apply.

There is an exception to this, though – LE Guerlain Meteorites! The crazy thing is that while I really do like wearing them, it’s really the packaging and the aesthetics of the product itself that really gets me. I just love having them and looking at them on my vanity, sometimes I will pop them open and sniff just because :). They are a worthy splurge because they just make me so happy!

100 times yes about the Metorites! Love the smell, love the way they look, and love to use them as a finishing powder. Totally splurge-worthy!

Skin care. I use Lancôme Genefique serum and Renergie day moisturizer. With both of those combined, plus a good microdermabrasion (I use Acure), I sometimes forget to put on foundation because my skin is so smooth right after using those products lol. I still buy the good stuff when it comes to color cosmetics, but if you have a smooth canvas to start with, it’s pretty easy from there. 🙂

I spend the most on skincare. In terms of makeup, I’ll spend most on foundation, face primer, and concealer.

I will probably never shell out big for mascara since I always seem to have a free mini lying around, and nothing beats Covergirl mascaras are so good.

I’m with you on mascara… It’s probably the last thing I’ll ever splurge on, unless I decide to get contacts and start having problems with irritation. Not only have I found a drugstore brand that is almost my HG (except for the fact that it smudges and runs more easily than I’d like, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s why NYX and Anastasia have waterproof top coats), but at this point, I probably have 3-5 unopened mascaras that I’ve acquired either on sale or included with something else, so I’m set for a good while.

I wish I can live off sample mascaras! I have straight lashes and must use a waterproof mascara to keep the curl. I mainly buy drugstore mascaras but would love to splurge on some high end ones, but can’t seem to justify it since it often needs to be replaced…

Eyeshadow- I like an eyeshadow that is pigmented but blends easily. Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford are some of the best and they are pretty pricey but so worth it.

New, unique or LE products that get solid reviews/swatches. If I had to narrow to one type of product, it would be blush/highlighters.

I’m likely to splurge on pretty much all types of makeup products. But drugstore foundations shades are really hard for me to find a match, so I tend to always splurge on my base. I also prefer the packaging of higher end foundations since I feel they dispense easier and are just prettier to look at ?

Technically, at this point, *anything* is a “splurge”, LOL! Given the amount of makeup I have, even a $1.00 nail polish is more than I need… That said, although I can control myself when it comes to most products, and there are certain products I almost refuse to look for outside of the drug store (eyeliner, mascara, lip products, nail products), I have to check out every contour product, although my stash of those products is bordering on obscene… I have been pretty good at retraining myself, though, and have officially put myself on a no-buy for lip & contour products.

Foundation, whether liquid or powder. I am over 50, and the right base really makes all the difference. I am not helped by my pale olive skin which tans easily in the summer. It makes getting a colour match difficult. I have to have different shades to mix throughout the year.

Don’t even have to think about this one… My splurge is eyeshadow palettes. In fact, it’s become such a problem that I am finally at the point where it’s getting difficult to use them all….so I’m doing a palette-a week challenge of sorts for a while to make sure they’re all getting the love they deserve. Large palettes (UD Vice palettes and larger) get an extra week, anything with 6 shadows or fewer shares a week with another small palette, and I will use only the designated palette all week. The exception: any palette bright enough that work appropriate looks (even by my lax standards) are impossible without outside help, like UD Electric, can be used with neutral palettes.

That’s a really great idea! I will have to try that. I just depotted a bunch of my smaller ones that I didn’t find myself using much and condensed them into one double-sided z-palette. I think it helped. except now I look at the freed up space in my drawer and think “Hey, there’s room for more palettes!” XD

Same here, I am addicted to eyeshadow palettes. I need to buy storage containers just to store them since I’ve run out of room. And I still feel the urge to buy Vice 4…

1) Skincare, because if I find something that works great for me, I’m willing to spend more. So many skincare items seem to be all hype and minimal results. 2) Foundations and concealers, because it’s hard to find something that matches my skintone, and my undertone, and doesn’t oxidize. 3) Eyeshadow, because I have oily lids and products like to crease on me. Drug store shadows are getting better, but I still consider most of them pretty awful. I’d rather go mid-range or lower high end for a good formula with decent pigmentation. 4) Anything with a unique color or finish. If I have to pay a little more to get a shade and/or finish I can’t any where else, I will. 5) Fragrance. I don’t buy a lot, but if I find something I really love and will wear a lot, AND that my hubby isn’t allergic to, I’ll splurge once in awhile.

My favorite things to splurge on are, anti aging and firming skincare, foundation and lipsticks. I love Charlotte Tilbury magic foundation, wonder glow primer and her lipsticks. I am also in love with Tom Ford lipsticks. In fact, I just pre ordered 2 of his new lipsticks and his bronzer, blush, highlighter combo. I think I need cosmetic rehab!

most likely I would splurge on eye shadow pallets or pans…. high pigmented stuff calls to my heart or a brand I love…they just know a way to a girls heart.

Mascara. I have puny lashes so I buy Dior mascaras and have been completely satisfied. Two to three coats and a primer needed but at least I’ve got lashes.

Grudgingly foundation and eye shadow. Having a flawless base that has medium to full buildable coverage that stays matte all day that doesn’t transfer is a must. My eyes are my best feature so I love playing with colors and trying new looks, and most colors last for a very long time. So it’s worth spending more to get your moneys worth.

Foundations (liquid/powder)

Even we could find dupe in foundations but I still prefer to the high-end ones, for a couple years now I haven’t been using drugstore brands and I don’t find myself coming back to them for awhile.
With eyeshadows, high-end brands seem to last longer, very fine milled and more pigmented.

Same on the highlighters end. My biggest splurge as of late was the Burberry Runway Palette in No. 02 Nude Gold. Soooo gorgeous and an amazing design on the surface. Overall, I’d say I’m also more likely to splurge on a powder-based product as opposed to a cream or liquid as then it will last longer. Though the exception to that is fragrance (Jo Malone ain’t cheap!) but I get a lot of use over a lot of time from their colognes. I also think if something is limited edition I’m more likely to splurge due to the ticking clock hovering over that product, as I did with two of the Jo Malone Herb Garden colognes (and the Burberry palette).

Perfume, when I find something unique that wears well on me, recently I picked up Tocca Stella and I love, love it. and eye shadows and highlighters in unique colors. Most everything else I can find reasonably priced and that perform well.

To be honest there are very few categories of beauty I’m not willing to splurge on if the product is really great and/or makes me happy (I wish for and more than or, of course). I guess my only exception would be skincare-I feel like I can get the skincare I need mostly from a mixture of Neutrogena, Lancôme (which I can buy on zulily for a discounted price, and I only buy my cleanser and toner from them), rosehip/jojoba oil and free samples. Most of the time I don’t pay full price for the makeup I own-I heavily shop from zulily, hautelook, rue la la, sales and clearance, etc. That being said, I think most people would consider my makeup purchases to be splurges because I have a lot of makeup (I don’t NEED more) and I never shop drugstore makeup. I’m lucky enough to be able to afford high end makeup, but even with that if I liked drugstore makeup I’d buy it. I just really don’t.

It would have to be eye shadow palettes…. I just can’t help myself.
I am really good with foundations (now only use one at a time), blushes, mascara etc. but not eye shadow palettes.

Eyeshadow palettes, I love them. I have not even swatches some of them. But I just love them. Some times when I have time I like to open them all , and I even talk to them! I say hello my lovelys. Weird I know.

I splurge on face skincare products, Cleansers, Toners, Serums, Moisturizers………I feel to get the most out of your makeup you need to first start with a smooth “canvas”

Fragrance- I love Chanel’s COCO (the original one) and Jo Malone scents, which I love to mix!
Makeup- Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream, a true multitasked

Skin Care- Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum

Foundation – difficult to match skin tone. Sensitive skin and live in FL, so need sunscreen. No luck using foundation on sunscreen, almost always rolls off.

Skin care…that to me is worth the splurge, provided it is something that will benefit the appearance, comfort and texture of my skin. And if it has any sun protection, all the better.

Any face product– foundation, concealer, powder. It’s so hard to find color matches for me, so when i do, i buy like 3 at a time to hoard.

Skin care– I’m getting older, (29) and people still think I’m fresh out of high school half the time, so I guess it’s working. LOL.

Highlighter or foundation. I have rough-textured, thin skin from acne problems and products so I NEED a highlight that isn’t going to highlight the texture around my eyes. Same with foundation for the rest of my face – I feel like every foundation I’ve tried from the drugstore enhances the poor texture of my face.

I am on a no splurge spell right now… Buying only what i really need. Till last year… I used to really splurge on lipsticks and concealers. Now i mostly splurge on skin care items( which i know i will finish up)

Once my current highlighter is used up, I really want to splurge on Hourglass’s highlighter and finishing powder. Other things I can impulsively splurge on are usually lipsticks or lots of eyeshadows/pigments, I love being able to change shades in my make-up and have lots of different looks!

What type of beauty product DON’T I splurge on lol?? But I’m mostly a sucker for anything that’s really beautifully packaged, and/or really super soft and silky when swatched. Like the Gucci bronzer ♥ ♥ ♥

Eyeshadow palettes. I really love nice classy ones. I am obsessed with Natasha Denona Eyeshadows. I have bought 2 of the 5 shadow palettes. I haven’t gone as far as buying the 28 palette ones though.

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