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I am dying for a good purple palette. Preferably cool toned or half and half. With purple being the COTY I can’t believe we haven’t seen any! (And I don’t just mean a palette with a single purple tossed in.)

This! Why have all brands besides Butter London completely ignored the color of the year? I was so happy when I heard it was blue-toned purple, I thought we’d have some amazing palette releases… and nothing. Maybe for fall?

Omg!! I was going to comment instantly but decided to read. I prefer cool and that Mercier Artist Palette is. The best every day for me. Even it’s (technically) ‘warm’ row is cool and they all go together well for numerous looks. Love it and the magneting compact is nice as well.

Lime Crime Venus III, and Jaclyn Hill’s vault coming out next week has a purple palette in there.

Butter London had to do Ultra Violet – they have the Pantone cosmetics rights now.

Ultra matte lips, neon eyes, heavy contouring, glitter….basically anything that WON’T tempt me!!! I really need to stop spending so much on makeup for awhile.

But I do love the idea of a jewel-tone trend, but not until October…for my wallet’s sake.

Jewel – toned everything would be great! I think I’d be ready for skin to return to normal. No more strobing, just normal, luminous or radiant skin but not other earthly type stuff.

I’m a fan of purple, and sometimes it’s not the most pigmented. Also, more foundation mixers to customize your shade. I would also love mixers that with a few drops make foundations more like skincare or add a high level of spf. I would also like to see skincare companies utilize the technology that’s available to them and put out better products. Like stop loading acne products with alcohol people; it burns and irritates the skin!

I so, soooo second Alisha! Everything! Especially in skin care.
I’d like to add bring back green beautiful shades also. Meantime I’m not letting go of my favorite so far Comfort Zone/WetnWild i find so beautiful I got a backup! Rose golds, coppers, bronze, berry or cranberry shades I love too.

Yes so much to the jewel-toned everything. And also rich, autumn-y tones. Especially for eyeshadows in both of these ranges – and not ones so dark they just all look the same on the eye, but good, rich colors.

That and foundations ranges having a good selection (though that should just be a thing without being a trend 😝). With sensible naming/numbering systems so I can actually tell what undertones each shade has. Okay this might’ve gone a bit off topic.

I am a broken record but a good cool toned palette would be nice with a selection of cool toned shades not just grey, purple and white. I love green so would love some green shades and cool/cooler toned browns to pair with the green. I love your idea of a jewel toned palette, Christine. I am a “winter” for any of you that remember that period of time in our makeup/beauty history!! Jewel tones are good for winter’s.
As I continue my foray into Asian beauty and find more and more of their makeup infused with good skin care ingredients, I am loving that trend.
I would love to see a completely white/beige foundation that you could add pigment to that would make your perfect foundation shade. I say white/beige because I would imagine that starting with a white base for some people would require just too much pigment to get to their perfect shade. I know we have Cover FX but adding anything to a foundation that is already a shade does slightly change the formula. Also, regardless of the number of pigments there are still large gaps in the shades available. I am all for creating a very basic neutral formula in a couple of different finishes and then have a million shades of pigment that were reasonably priced (so if you needed a couple to get to your perfect shade you could afford to buy them) and then just let every one mix their own shades. I know there are a lot of people who don’t want to mix their own foundation shades but there are plenty of foundation for them to choose from. Most people with unusual skin tones have had to become adept at mixing shades to get their perfect color but it is very expensive to do using the current products available.

From what’s offered on the market, you’d be tempted to think that all American beauty consumers have golden complexions and can never own too many brown eyeshadows. Sheesh.

A few things:

1. I know most people aren’t as picky about colors as I am, but I would love releases (for all women of all skin tones) that are designed to complement your personal “colors.” By that I mean, I’m a “true winter.” I stick to colors in clothing that enhance that and don’t really wear anything else. If I could easily find palettes, blushes (!), and lipsticks that complement, I’d have fun with that. Even advice on how to mix-and-match a brand’s offering to complement one’s personal color scheme would be fun.

2. When there are new releases, I wish the brands would provide more tutorials suggesting how to use it. Sometimes there are none. The Nars x Erdem launch is a perfect example. Gorgeous products that can leave you flummoxed on how to use. Little help from Nars online. Same with face powder enhancers. I often don’t know WTH.

3. I wish the release trend would just calm down. There are only so many colors out there. They’ve all been done to death. It’s exhausting. Quality suffers, and there is so little new under the sun.

PS — I know some of the above are not trends, but more common practices I wish would become the norm. Frustrating.

I really want more mid-century modern, vintage, and retro-futuristic stuff. Everything from universal, modernized pinup looks (red lips and rosy cheeks for ALL skin tones!) to space age pops of fun, opaque solids.

’50s naval chic, ’60s moon shot excitement… yes, please.

Remember that Tarte Icy Betch April Fools palette? Yeah, that! A few indie brands have taken the concept and put together bundles, but I would love to see a mainstream B&M accessible brand that has consistently great quality put this together and make that palette happen! Funny thing is, I don’t even look so hot in icy grays and blues, but I would still appreciate seeing something remarkably different from the same ol’ same ol’ orange, red, gold combos! So, “yes” to a cooler trend!

A few things:
-More drugstore brands release some awesome, good quality makeup brushes;
-More build-your-own palette systems (both high-end and drugstore); and,
-Greens and olives eyeshadow palettes!

I would love for a polished look to come back. I am tired of nude but don’t like wild colors like all the crazy gray, blue and green lips, etc. Pretty pinks and peaches. Flattering colors that make you look pretty. That is what I miss, PRETTY!!!!!!!

Pinks and peaches anywhere near my eyes are the exact opposite of pretty! I am actually suuuuuper over all the red-based eyeshadow colors. You can’t swing a cat in a makeup aisle without hitting peaches.

Like you Christine (and I think quite a few others that follow your site), I really go for jewel-toned colors, but I would love them to be duo chrome and jewel-toned. I’m quite excited about NYX’s latest duo chrome and halo products, but everything still is very fairy, mermaid, and unicorn oriented, and I’d like eyeshadows and lip products that color shift, but in jewel tones.

Another trend I’d like to see is a duo chrome or halo neon-like effect (would be breakthrough!). I know that neon light-up lipstick is trending a bit (though I question it’s safety), but I’d like a safe, eco-friendly version of this with sparkle and color-shifts.

I’d love to see the market make quality makeup again, so tired of the misses and all the releases that are subpar. Go back to once a yr releases that are good. Yesterday’s question and the answers show that so many of the brands are lacking

“Jewel-toned everything” would sum up the 1980s. Not a great look, really, even on young women.
I’d just like to see cool-toned eyeshadow palettes.

I’d like to see more neutral rosy toned lip products, everything’s so nude and brown-based these days, and the “pinks” are too bright (like hot pink) or too blue-based IMO.

I’m a big fan of natural skin/ makeup. So natural/ satin finish skin, gentler highlights, and dewy creamy lips.

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