What style of makeup would you like to see make a comeback?

I’m sure part of it is that I live a lot of my life online and within the online beauty community, but I really just like the modern era where I feel like there is so much more freedom in what people wear (in makeup but also in clothing) – there is just a lot more room for individuality and tweaks. Because of that, I feel like you could pretty much wear another era of makeup and get away with it now so nobody has to wait for a comeback!

— Christine
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I agree, there’s never been a better make up time than right now because everyone’s just so much more educated, and makeup artist tips are so mainstream now, like Wayne Goss recently put a video out about how makeup artists don’t have many secrets left.

But I still think 10 years from now we’ll all be joking about and cringing at some of today’s hot looks. It’s just the way humanity is 🙂

Yes, Christine, I believe that things fashion wise, at least, are in that sweet spot. Whether one favors liquid very matte lips, glossy, sparkley, or even a nontraditional shade, such as blue or gray, pinup makeup, 90’s grunge, 80’s brights and metallics, just about EVERYTHING old is new again. And then some! Right now, makeup is exciting and very fun!

The fresh beauty look. Light to medium coverage base, a natural flush on the cheeks, no contouring, brightening shades on the eyes, natural subtly enhanced brows and lips in a satin or soft glossy finish.
I’m a bit tired of the uber-full coverage foundation, falsies to take out the trash, and highlighter overdose look that is so popular on social media. It’s beautiful, but not for everyday wear!

Ha! You just described my everyday look. I may occasionally amp up the eyes for a version of smokey for me, but probably not by most people’s definition. The style you describe is just where I feel most comfortable. Contouring, lashes, overlined lips have just never appealed to me.

I agree! What you’re describing is one of the main 70s looks. (Not the disco look, obviously.) I didn’t know it at the time, because I was young and just starting to wear makeup, but it’s a great look that has stood the test of time.

20’s eye makeup! Where darker color is placed towards the inner 1/4 of the lid and shaped in a slant ” \ “. So gorgeous and glamorous. I love downturned or “sad” eyes.

If you just google 20’s makeup you’ll see what I’m talking about.

My makeup depends a lot on my mood, so the style changes from day to day, I don’t wait for anything to come back into fashion anymore. I’ve learned my lesson. For a while, I wasn’t wearing red brown lipsticks because it was suppose to look “dated”, even though it’s the most flattering color for me. When it came back into fashion, and I started wearing it again, I kicked myself for not wearing it for so long.

If the 80’s look came back, I’d love to see how people will coordinate colourful eyeshadow, bright lips, and bold blush, while adding a modern twist to it.

Long live the freedom of this era. Look like Cleopatra, Grace Kelly, or make your eyebrows pink. If makes you feel amazing and confident and personally expressive then do it. It’s all about finding the expression that allows you to be who you are, enhanced. Classic or green-lipped, it is all about the true you.

Mmm… That’s a tough one. I don’t feel comfortable with some of nowadays makeup trends, like IG eyebrows, so I suppose I would like more “natural looking ” eyebrows to make a comeback. I mean, groomed, of course, but not so harsh… But of course. On the other hand, when you see magazine pics and advertisements it is rare to find the same sort of exaggerated brows.

I find it ironic that you say “…there is just a lot more room for individuality…” because to me so many women and girls online looks sadly the same — large Instagram brows, heavy black ‘cat eye’ liner that may or (more likely) may not flatter, foundation so thick it looks plastic, painfully obvious and unnecessary contouring.

I’m not talking about you personally, and that’s partly why I like your site. But, come ON! It’s a mooing herd of sameness. Of course, any era can be like this; however, I am waiting with bated breath for a much more natural look to come back in, like the early 1970s. I want to see freckles, not inch-deep spackle foundation. I want to see natural brows, not huge black monsters. I want to look at women and see them, not their makeup. Off my soapbox now. 😉

Maybe it’s time to follow some new faces! 🙂 It could just be based on who I follow as I have a good, eclectic mix of faces in my feeds, but I also thought about what I see in real life and across the community.

Very good points! A lot of what I see is what the various makeup companies promote, so of course they are pushing the “more is more” look.

And I do realize that every generation/decade/era has its fads. Also agree with you that almost anything **can** be worn now, yet I hate to see so many young girls going after the very heavy (almost drag queen) look. It’s so aging. I want to tell them, “Enjoy your beautiful fresh skin while you can, and show it off! Time enough when you’re old like me to wear foundation to cover age spots.” lol

I love to see anyone rocking a personal style that works for them! Confidence and creativity, no matter how simple or colorful are timeless.

Personally, I love glossy lips. I’m happy to see shinny glossy lips. I’d also like to see 80s/90s flawless matte skin; not so much sparkly/ shinny highlighting.

Maybe it’s due to my age, and when I began really wearing makeup, but I would love to see the “spirit” of the 80s come back. Many say there is more “freedom” nowadays, but I don’t personally see it. Even the comments in this very post-several come off as very judgemental (and many of those same people have made similar comments in previous posts…). Back in the early 80s, it seemed people (even guys!) wore makeup because they *wanted* to, not to “flatter” or “enhance” their features in a “natural” way. Sure, some did, and others wore nothing at all, but it wasn’t uncommon to see those from a corporate environment to stay-at-home-moms running errands completely decked out. Then, there was punk, goth, post-punk, new wave, etc…, where makeup was an essential.

Then the 90s came, along with the likes of Bobbi Brown & Kevyn Aucoin, who decided “natural” was a better choice, and the lemmings followed… It wasn’t just makeup, but fashion, music, film & TV trends/formulas shifted, as well. There was also a huge sociopolitical shift, which often influences trends, but that’s a whole different discussion.

Another “game-changer* was YouTube & other social media outlets, where individuals could display their skills. This then lead to others creating their own outlets, but instead of creating their own identity, they follow the established “formula” of the established “gurus”. (Yes, there is a subset of talented, unique individials, but most of that pool hasn’t had the success of the “clones”.)

I apologize if my posts in this thread and others come across as “judgmental.” I hate the stereotype of the “Hey, you darn kids, get off my lawn!” old person yet find myself falling into it. Yikes.

I’ve read that most people yearn for the days of their youth, be it their high school or college or new professional years. The styles of those times make us feel younger and more energetic. So yeah, you want the spirit of the ’80s and I want the spirit and look of the early-mid ’70s. Seems like too many girls try to copy the “gurus” and “clones” you mentioned, without thinking if they actually like the looks or if they’re flattering. And I just hate to see a beautiful 20-year-old wearing so much makeup that she looks closer to 40.

Again, sorry if I have sounded judgmental. Peace.

Susan, when I read both of your posts neither come across as judgmental. You stated an observation and your opinion, but I felt you were very respectful. Just my opinion.

Thank you so much Shari. I could have stated my opinions better and less negatively. The post above by Lulle said what I meant but she said it much more positively. Thanks! 😀

I miss the more hands-on approach of the 90s and the preceding years. A while ago I read a Cindy Crawford interview and in it she said when she started as a model in 1984 she was doing her own makeup. The only people who could get an MUA to do it were top models. It was refreshing to see people doing less, and doing it on their own.

I think someone else mentioned that Instagram makeup is popular now, but it’s a lot to wear. I think makeup is so technical now it’s gotten less fun. Everything has to be so perfect. I remember when Courtney Love had smudged lipstick in 1992, but nowadays you get laughed at on social media for having less than perfect makeup.

The one thing I do like about makeup today is the wide variety of products and the new technology. When I was 13 in 1998 I had to buy CoverGirl pressed powder in Classic Beige because they didn’t sell anything that was golden enough for me. I walked around at school with a beige face. 😛

I really like the makeup looks right now which could be natural or dramatic. Also, if you wanted to replicate the 20’s, 30’s 50’s or 70’s go ahead everything goes but we have learned a lot since then so you would still be able to combine the knowledge and improvements of makeup today to achieve an even better look from other eras.

I have a lot of respect for Alicia Keys. She has pretty much quit wearing makeup and I would like to get to that level of freedom. What a special lady she is.

These comments are making me want to get on my soap box 😛

I love makeup. I’v been wearing it almost daily for 8 years. And i’m going to cosmetology college to become a makeup artist. So i’m surrounding my CARRIER and LIFE around makeup. Obviously I like makeup!!

But I HATE makeup culture. Women are not taken seriously unless we are wearing “natural”/”no makeup, makeup” And if we wear bright fun colours, we are mocked and made to feel awkward.

I also personally dislike instagram makeup culture. I love heavy makeup. I wear a full face every day. And I have an instagram account FOR my makeup experiments/looks.

But, I HATE the whole “Don’t come at me unless your eye shadow is blended” thing. Like everyone starts somewhere with makeup. And makeup is an art form. therefor, needs LOTS and LOTS of practice!! We shouldn’t be SHAMING people who make “mistakes” with their makeup.

I personally have had panic attacks because my eye liner was uneven or my eye shadow wasn’t blending as nicely, and I was worried about the people at school, or at sephora/mac judging me.

We should all be supporting each other regardless of where we are at on our makeup journey!!

(Also to answer Christine’s question, I’m a HUGE fan of early 2000’s makeup. The glitter!!! the sine!!! I love it!!)

I tend to find makeup “styles” limiting because they don’t all suit everyone. I think it is more important to wear what suits you and what you like…regardless of styles.

I follow different bloggers and instagrammers and the diversity is brilliant. I feel as if a lot is possible make-up (and clothing) wise online, which is very refreshing! BUT. In real life that online world is hardly noticeable, at least where I live. Most people still look “casual” and doing your crazy thing with make-up is kind of frowned upon, because most of the girls only wear eyeliner/mascara/lipgloss. So when I wear a noticeable eye or lip colour some people look at me with a weird eye..

There’s almost no trend of days gone by that doesn’t have some merit or way to adapt to now, if one is so inclined. Off top of head , like 70’s lame, shiny — highlighters, sparkly eyeliners, high shimmer lips of today remind me of then but don’t throw me backwards to that time. We have the option to use any, all or other anymore, and almost nothing is really wrong, and it’s a great freedom and creative space these days. Great fun.

My attitude has always been wear what you want, when you want. That includes having the freedom not to wear any makeup. I love so many looks from so many eras, I couldn’t pick just one.

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