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My skin is for the most part pretty alright however since I have such pale skin (MAC NC15), my dark circles stick out even more. I’ve been struggling with these dark circles for a long time. Makeup covers them up for a while, but usually not fully. 🙁

Acne for me, too!  I’ve come to the conclusion that it’ll probably never fully resolve because I just produce oil constantly.  I can extract blackheads on my nose and in a few hours they’ll be back.  I am grateful thought that I have gotten inflammatory breakouts under cotnrol.  Retin-A is the key.  I also have a clarisonic although that alone hasn’t affected my acne.  I incorporate salicylic and lactic acid into my skincare and sometimes use benzoyl peroxide, sulfur masks and tea tree oil.  Recently i started using the AcneFree sensitive skin regimen and I highly recommend it.  It has proven, non-irritating ingredients that have really started to clear my pores.

Fortunately, I’ve never had more than the occasional pimple, nor have I ever had to contend with either severely oily or dry skin, but I’ve always had larger pores. I just use a very lightweight foundation which doesn’t necessarily minimize my pores, but it also doesn’t accentuate them. On special occasions, or if I feel like going “all-out” with my makeup, I will use a primer. I also avoid shimmer or glitter on my face on a day-to-day basis, limiting it only to my eyes. I have found since using Jojoba oil in lieu of moisturizer has reduced the appearance of my pores, and the texture of my skin is alot smoother. I also suffer from minor bouts of psoriasis primarily on my elbows & knees, but a sulfur or tar cream usually clear those up. I do have a patch on my knee that I’ve had for several years now that constantly flares up, and hasn’t fully gone away. I’ve tried pretty much *everything*, but if anyone else has any other ideas, please let me know.

THE FLAKIES!!!! I just want them to go the fuck away!
My skin will look like it has no flakes then I will put on foundation, and ack, flakes are there.

 @xamyx  @Miss I haven’t. Thank you for the suggestion! I am currently using an oil based primer serum, though, which I believe includes jojoba. It helps with the makeup application to add additional moisture and smooth any remaining flakes. So far, so good with it!

Holy I see the F word! That’s surprising on Temptalia haha! Use a mild glycolic acid treatment once a day at nighttime, or every other night. That stuff will drastically reduce the amount of dry, flaky skin. I did a 4-part series on hydroxy acids on FutureDerm, so see if that can help you. I include product recs in part 4. 🙂

I’m not sure what to call it, but I have these small bumps on my cheek that aren’t going away regardless of what I do to them. They’re flesh-colored, or slightly pink, and they’re not pimples, and if I touch them I can’t really feel them. But I have these small spots and I can’t figure out what to do with them. I’m using a prescription anti-acne gel, and maybe it just hasn’t kicked in yet? It’s just frustrating, because *I* notice it all the time and I want clear skin!

 @blueraccoon The bumps you describe sound like milia. They are tiny little cysts in the skin that develop with keratin is trapped under the top layer of skin. Milia will often go away on their own, but it really takes a long time. Don’t try to pop or remove them at home–they will leave a scar for sure. You should see your doctor or dermatologist who will recommend one or more of the following treatments:
-Piercing and removal of the cysts with a comedone extractor.
-Topical retinoid cream
-Acid peels or microdermabrasion sessions.
Hope that helps!

 @Jeditrx Thanks for the info! The anti-acne gel I’m using at the moment isn’t a retinoid but I do have one of those, so maybe I’ll switch creams for a bit and see if I notice a change. I think I’m due to see my dermatologist anyway so I’ll talk to him about it, too.

Shine. (Does anybody know a good product…?) 
I’ve already resolved my severe acne through my skin care routine of Clarisonic 2x a day + Precleanse, Dermalogica Toner, Vanishing Cream Moisturiser. and Daily Microfoliant once per day. I LOVE my skin care routine. I don’t break out any more if I stick to it, and my skin feels comfortable and soft.
I know a lot of people scream “No! Using the Clarisonic every day is too much!”, but I haven’t had a single averse reaction or increase in any of my problems since I started. I really have only seen substantial improvements. I didn’t “purge” or suffer any irritation (And my skin is EXTREMELY prone to getting irritated by overcleansing) and my skin doesn’t feel dried out or overworked in the slightest. In fact, if I use it less, it feels less soothed and less comfortable because I start breaking out again!
That said, I don’t necessarily believe its the same for everyone – if it does feel too much for you I’d understand that! 

 @Alison Cole The only solution to my melting face of shine is to just blot all day. I found that carrying brown napkins (coffee shops) seems to tame the issue. Other than that, no primers, creams or rice powder helps in the long term.

Oilyness… it’s one of the hardest things to resolve for me, since where I live it’s really hot and dry I sweat lime crazy and the horrible oil appears 🙁 my make up doesn’t last much… Haven’t found anything that doesn’t melt or control my oil quite well

I struggled with acne growing up and recently (a few months ago) it came back out of the blue. I started using Epiduo and it cleared my face up in less than week. My face is much, much better now. Love this stuff! Plus, the adapalene in it will help prevent wrinkles

Hey I found a seller on eBay by the name ravens2011 that is using your pictures on the Mac Heavenly Creature Collections

I still deal with inherently uneven exfoliation and very sticky sebum, which of course both contribute to clogged pores and dry, flaky skin. Retinol and hydroxy acids products have helped immensely. Still, I wish I could try a prescription retinoid like tretinoin or adalapene. My skin is quite tolerant of retinoids (I began with 1.5% retinol and had no negative reaction), so I’m wondering how much better prescription-strength ones can improve my skin.

Hyperpigmentation! I’ve tried lightening creams, laser treatment, chem peels, all the works but nothing can get rid of them. Concealer will be my best friend forever.

i agree about acne…….:( i’m gonna try BHA and i’m afraid birth control to control the sebum too(even tho some said it will be even worse when i stop…guess i never will :/ it’s sad)..been having problems since 11, maybe a few blackheads even since 10. i just turned 18 and had enough. the worst part is that it’s not only on my face 🙁 i have a lot of marks too cause i just can’t leave them alone.
and also this peeling skin thing, idk what it is for sure tho i suspect seborrheic dermatitis, even tho there are lil tiny skin peels, not exactly those described for it…and no yellow stuff or anything. i’ll go to the derm very soon but i don’t even trust derms that much anymore, most of them just tell you to use whatever cleanser and cream(‘dermatocosmetic’=lies…vichy being the worst…there’s alcohol in their normateint foundation, lol).
even if i got all the papers to go for free, i still am ‘supposed’ to BRIBE THEM or else they do nothing……. I hate Romania

@artemis It sounds like it may also be psoriasis. You can start with a topical ointment that contains sulfur or coal tar to see if it helps. It won’t worsen the affected area, and it’ll save you a trip to the dermatologist. There are also alot of “homemade” remedies that are chemical free, if you want to try some of those. Just do a search on psoriasis & homemade recipes. HTH

also, i saw you have been reviewing some creams…. be very careful because a lot of creams that are for normal to dry skin got pore clogging ingredients. like that ole one..it has soybean oil :/ a LOT of people react from that

Oily skin. I haven’t found anything effective yet  🙁
I tried milk of magnesia, primers … nothing works for me for over half an hour.

Redness problems due to a medical treatment. I dont’ try to conceal it much, I have a Clinique BB cream which I use sometimes, I avoid blue based blushes or if I do use them I am careful ( light makeup on the cheeks ). I also use Bio floral waters to soothe my skin and I use a moisturizing mask once a week. I never go sunbathing !

I had severe acne for ten years, so definitely that. I’m in control of it now after doing a round of Accutane and totally changing my diet, but dang. Did a number on my self-esteem 🙁

It’s acne for me too. I have used (and still use) some products that work great at fighting acne and helping heal the breakouts faster, but I can never seem to be 100% acne free.

I started to get acne for the first time about a year ago (well into adulthood).  It did take a while to get under control.  I use Differen in the evening and DUAC gel in the morning.  It seems to be working, my acne has cleared up and I rarely get breakouts.  Kristine, ask your doctor about Duac.  

undereye bags and stretch marks. i’ve started using strivectin-sd products for both issues, but it’s only been about a week so it’ll be a while before i know if they are effective.

Shine, definitely. I might get maybe an hour or two of shine-free makeup if I’m using all mattifying products (primer, foundation and powder)..otherwise I’m shiny within 20-30 minutes. I won’t cake on a lot of makeup or heavy products because I hate the way they look and feel, but with any normal combination of products (matte or not), I can’t get my skin under control lol

Eczema.  It gives me reddish bumps all over my face.  It’s really annoying because my skin is otherwise not bad.  But the bumpiness.  I’ve never had a smooth face 🙁

 @Joni I have it too.. I get a hormone creme from my doctor, a cheap one, and it removes it over a few days 🙂 

 @Joni eczema is definitely the biggest problem I’ve ever had. And different things have worked at different times. The flaking is persistent, no amount of exfoliation can help it sometimes. And then moisturisers work inconsistently so the cracked skin which will turn flaky can’t even get a chance to heal. On top of that, my skin breaks out so I need to deal with zits as well. But then, it gets better. And then worse. At the moment, Rosken skin repair for sensitive skin is working for me. Cetaphil has its days too. But I find being in a humid area helps a lot.

I’m the same, acne is my toughest concern. The only thing I’ve found that works is being on the pill (since I have hormonal acne) and using generic Benzaclin. Before I started using a treatment that targets my hormones, anything I used would be a very short fix, and then my acne would flare up again. 

You should look into getting a prescription for minocycline from your doctor. I tried everything, for years, from prescription gels to prestige products, with no luck in stopping my acne completely. I tried minocycline, and my acne was completely gone within 8 weeks. It kills all the bacteria and nastiness from the inside. I stopped taking it over 6 months ago, and have had a total of TWO tiny pimples since then (both hormone related and no where near the size and tenacity of my previous breakouts). I recommended it to my sister who has an even bigger acne problem than I did, and her skin is really clearing up (she’s been on it for about 5 weeks). My doctor says it’s the most effective, long-term solution available.

Rosacea.  Although the dermatologist said it’s “mild,” I hate that my face is sometimes red when I come out of the shower.  Or that certain types of shampoo will leave red welts on my face.  Or if I get stressed out or really hot my face burns and itches.  The redness is well-controlled with Rx Finacea once a day, and Dermadoctor’s “Calm, Cool, & Corrected” anti-redness cream twice a day. It’s the only OTC face cream that works for me and it’s $85 :(. Belive me, I’ve tried many.  I also use Clinique anti-redness primer in SPF 15 underneath my makeup and in the summer I use Clinique Super City Block SPF 40 in addition to that. Most people aren’t even aware I have it (I always wear makeup outside of the house) but I used to have skin like porcelain up until 4-5 years ago when this all started.

Acnee and very very oily skin. I took acutane (medication for acnee) when I was 16, felt like Touthankamon for 4 months (acutane is a medication that make you skin and lips VERY dry and make your skin ultra sensitive to sunlight). Then my skin was good, with a few acnee scaring (acutane can promote acnee scaring so you have to be very careful not use exfoliator or not having facials during and shortly after the treatment). Then, I had to take acutane AGAIN age 20 because I was within the 1% that the medication do not work on the first time. Felt like a mummy again for 4 months and now my skin haven’t been as good in a long time! The issue I am still left with is acnee scaring but since I started to use Origins skincare, it is very less noticeable 🙂

Large pores! I have acne too, but you can do something against it with medicine. Large pores are mainly genetical and even if you get fruit acid peelings at the doctors etc., the skins builds up the same way again 2-3 months later. And neurodermatitis, some remedies, but not curable.

Redness on the nose and cheeks, and since I’m an NC10 I really yearn to have clear milky skin, but the redness never goes away. A lot of broken capillaries are visible, and it’s probably the only reason why I use foundation (which doesn’t make my skin much more even either). I have some days when it’s alright, but mostly if I’m warm or stressed I get really flushed 🙁  and I did try green primers, anti-redness creams but nothing, it’s been like this since puberty 

I have SUPER DRY skin. It is in a giant patch on my forehead and under my eye areas. I use a very thick moisturizing cream every night and day (basically 24 hrs) but nothing is keeping the flaking and dehydration at bay. I’m gonna try Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment w/ Avocado for my eyes but I really really really need an intense moisturizer for my forehead. Any ideas at all for me to try? I will go to Dermalogica if I have too but I’d like to start with some things that are cheaper. Please help!!
Btw, I deal with mild acne and sensitive skin as well.

 @MissBeaunique Cetaphil lotion might work? I’ve found that Rosken skin repair for sensitive skin works as well, but I put on one layer after showering and then a second layer before SPF/makeup. Alternatively, I have also tried virgin coconut oil. I put a couple of drops in my hands, let it sink in and then wash it off in the shower. Since there weren’t any other chemicals in it, it didn’t aggravate my super sensitive skin when even water made it sting. Just a few non-high end alternatives for you to check out. =)

 @MissBeaunique someone recommended embryolisse to me and she puts it on as a mask almost at night.

For me it’s uneven skintone… My cheeks are lighter than my forehead & the centre of my face and it’s virtually impossible to change the colour of my skin. Rahhhhhhhh. Anyway, thank god for makeup.

For me, it’s dark spots from acne. I use to have occasional minor breakouts but ever since I began birth control pills I hardly ever breakout. I used cliniques dark spot corrector and thought it was ok. I’ve started to use the dark spot corrector from philosophy and I feel that it’s working better than cliniques. My dark spots have reduced significantly. I just ordered a new product from sephora-boscia’s white mask I hope that’ll help reduce my dark spots a little more.

My eczema makes my skin more sensitive to certain weather and foods. When I get a bad reaction I have rashes/ hives on my face that won’t got away for days, even with topical steroids.

Dry skin.  Even in the summer, I’ll go through periods where I get dry patches on my lips and cheeks, though they’re usually well controlled with a good moisturizer.  I have started to develop allergies in the past few years, which can manifest as hives or red patches on my skin.  Usually, it’ll fade within an hour or so, but it can be exceptionally annoying when it breaks out on my face.

Redness. Everything I tried hasn’t worked to reduce redness in the slightest bit.
Also dehydration. My skin is intolerant to silicone (it gave me cystic acne), and I can’t find an affordable gentle oil-free silicone-free moisturizer that won’t accentuate my redness.

You might want to check out LUSH Cosmetic Lad – it helped a lot with my redness!  It’s silicone-free and has a lot of aloe in it, which I think is what helped my skin so much.  And it provides a good amount of moisture, too 🙂

I have some pigmentation spots from the sun (too young to know the importance of proper sun protection) that aren’t really going away. They don’t really bother me (they never have), though I’d love to get rid of them at some point. Just started trying some brightening serum and so on though. Hopefully something will work, and I swear I’ll wear sunscreen all the time now!

I’ve gotten the breakouts and acne under control more or less at this point in my life, so the biggest frustration would be these damn white bumps on my actual lip line. The coloured portion of my lip at the very top. They’re not milia and they’re not pimples/acne; they’re painless white … something…. maybe Fordyce Spots (?).  Perhaps something built up within an oil gland? They’re not really visible unless I really stretch my lips or look in a magnifying mirror, but it drives my OCD self crazy. Nothing seems to make them go away — not exfoliation, not glycolic stuff, def. not squeezing. I don’t want to go to the dermatologist for it as I doubt they’d really be able to do anything but it frustrates me to no end.  
      I’ve also got Keratosis Pilaris which is a hereditary, supposedly incurable skin condition where bumps appear on the upper arms & thighs. “Chicken skin” is one nickname. It stems from keratin (a protein) building up in the follicular plugs or something to that effect. I’ve tried various prescription topical stuff but they’re very expensive and haven’t really done much, esp. long term. I’ve tried exfoliation, astringent things, moisturizing creams, limiting shaving…. nothing. The KP frustrates me to no end, esp. the ones on my thighs and in summer when it’s so hot that minimal clothing is best. I look at the smooth legs of women in ads and just feel depressed sometimes. I guess I should count myself lucky I don’t have it on the face, which can definitely happen to some people, because then it would look like acne and, as I said, KP never actually goes away. :'(

@Kafka I also suffer from kp. I only have it on my arms thought. I started using a lotion from lush called dream cream. I put it on at night(when I’m not lazy) and in the morning my bumps look and feel a lot smoother. You might want to give it a try on your legs. U have also tried numerous things and nothing seems effective. The dream cream is the only thing I have found to date that calms it a little.

@Maribel – Thank you. When you say “calms it a little,”  are you talking about redness? Does the Dream Cream shrink the size at all? One or two of the ones on my upper thighs are almost more like tiny cysts. Either way, I will look into it next time I’m in a Dillard’s or Macy’s.  I’m using Evoclin (clindamycin phosphate) foam right now but it’s effectiveness is average, at best. Plus, it’s bloody expensive! Seriously, it retails for about $300 without insurance & over $100 with!! It’s a small bottle too. Ugh. Having another option that is cheaper would be great, even if there is no permanent solution. I really appreciate the tip and suggestion! 🙂

 @Kafka  @Maribel You should try out the KP Duty line from Dermadoctor. It is a scrub and a moisturizer, both designed to work together to treat, minimize, and help prevent KP. You can get it at Sephora. My sister has used it for years, and it’s really helped her KP on her arms.

 @Kafka Omg this sounds like what i have! i thought it was just ‘dry’ skin, but i’ve never gotten it checked out. NOTHING works to bring the bumps down…now i know why 🙁 I have it on both my arms and legs.

 @MIRIANV  I suspect a lot more people have it than they realise because, unfortunately, it’s pretty common. 🙁  Mine just showed up about 5 years ago and it’s a pain in the tush. Perhaps some of the suggestions I’ve gotten in this thread will help you too. Trust me, it will never go away on its own. (Not that it actually ever goes away completely but it can become much less.)

 @Kafka I think KP is what I have, too. I have bumps on my upper arms and all over on my legs. The lower leg bumps are the worst for me because the hair gets trapped, so after shaving they turn red, and then once the redness calms, they will look dark because the hair is still somewhat trapped. Shaving irritates the bumps so fucking much. :/
My mom remember noticing them when I was 5. She said we were at the pool, and she asked if I was cold because I had bumps on my legs, and I said no. She told me from that day on they never went away. We asked the doctor about it when I was kid, and I remember him giving me a long name that I never remembered because he basically told me it was normal, but a skin condition, and that it would never go away. 
I remember hating it so much that one time in my early teens I tried to scrape all the bumps off my legs. It’s hard for me to go out with my legs not covered.

 @Kafka I have KP on the backs of my upper arms. Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Gel (salicylic acid) has been the only thing that’s worked for me.

Not really a skin problem but… born with dark circles under my eyes.  Can’t fix it, and gave up trying.  Otherwise… mild rosacea and eczema.  

Sebaceous plugs. Across my nose and chin.
I am extremely lucky with my skin. I very rarely get blemishes and my skin is not overly oily or dry, so I don’t have reason to complain.
The sebaceous plugs aren’t particularly visible to anyone further than a few inches away from my face, but they are something that I can never get rid of completely.  If I don’t keep on top of cleansing and moisturising they become dry and more raised but I have no idea what else to do to control them.
Any advice??

Acne, especially Hormonal Acne, and dark spots from healed spots! Helped: Clarisonic Mia, cleansing balms, REN clarifying clay cleanser plus REN resurfacing concentrate, DIY masks.

Rosacea can be managed but never goes away. I also have those little spider veins on my face and I will have lifetime maintenance on those.

scarring and dark circles! lactic acid peels have been amazing for scarring, and for the dark circles i cover them up with bobbi brown corrector.

I had some acne on my back and when I tanned it left me with a spot or two that turned white and are tan around the edges. I have psoriasis so my dr. Recommends I tan (before I found out my skin never touched the sun…so I’m kind of sad).i hope they can do something about it (I’ll be 25 this year and I use so MANY anti-aging products- thank the lord I work at sephora so I sample it up!!!!) but that is my skin concern as of right now. I also have deep stretch marks from a big growth spurt when I was little, but I call those my tiger stripes. I’m ok with them.

Oily forehead and dry lips. I have tried every single lip balm in the market and nothing helps. As for the forehead it is kinda manageable but i still shine like a discoball after a while.

For deep pores- DERMAdoctor makes a product called “picture porefect that I really like. (sephora sells it and you can return anything even afters it’s been used, even if the product is almost empty- save receipts!) I see a dermatologist for acne and my mom paid a pretty penny for severe melasma spots at the dermatologist but it worked wonders. Not to bust out Temptalia’s ideas on the issues, just trying to help ya homie!!!

Acne scarring. My acne isn’t too terrible, but the scars last forever and make me look like I have more breakouts than I actually do.

Oily skin. I have used a oil control moisturizer, oil control primer, milk of magnesia, and mattifying setting powder. Nothing help for more than a few hours.

 @Alyssamerrick I have oily skin too and as you are I tried everything to dry my skin. But I learned from hard learned and paid (lol) experience that drying skin is never an option. In fact it makes the skin looking worst! But I found a good solution which keeps my skin matte during day. First of all I recommend you to use a good moisturizer only at night. Never use a drying agent/product at night. You can use Biotherm Aquasource or Clinique Moisture Surge Thirst Relief gel cream. As mentioned before never ever try to dry your skin at night. During nighttime, your skin can moisture itself and it doesn’t matter have oily you wake up in the morning you can always wash your face and lose that oily 🙂 Also, you should never use a toner containing alcohol in anyway. Since I stopped using my alcoholic toner and started to use a alcohol free toner (I can recommend Clarins for this matter) my skin is much more better! For the day time you can use a midly drying agent (I am using Vichy Normaderm Triple Action Hydra Cream) and for oily looking skin you can use Sephora’s blotting papers to suck the oily out of your skin and it doesn’t remove makeup only oil, yay!! 🙂 I hope things get better for you!

Thankfully I never had many problems with my face. However my scalp is a completely different issue. When I am stressed I develop Seborrheic dermatitis and I have lots of itchy scales and hair loss. Although I have found an efficient treatment I wish I could prevent it altogether. 
And I wish I knew how to get rid of blackheads. My skin lately has been normal to dry and I still have lots of them on my nose and forehead(I am blaming my fringe for those).

These teeny little bumps that are like mini pimples without the redness on my chin. I’ve had them for months now and I’ve tried so many products to get rid of then and none work!

 @TMBJessxox  If they’re white, it could be milia. Google it and see if the description or photos seem like what you have. If they’re not white, perhaps it’s some sort of sebaceous plug where the hair follicle gets plugged up by keratin (a protein)?  Either way, it sounds frustrating. If nothing you’ve done has helped, then perhaps you can have a dermatologist look at it?

Rosacea on my cheeks and forehead… I have SUPER sensitive skin, and almost everything makes me break out into dry red patchy welts. I’ve tried expensive cleansers and lotions, but cetaphil and Cerave are the only ones products that don’t irritate my skin…. Kind of a bummer since I love trying new products! I also have a hard time finding sunscreen or foundation that works for my angry skin. 

Pores and white heads are killing me!!!! I can cover up pores but all those covering stuff usually includes silicone as primer or seconder ingredient which makes pores even larger (what a dilemma!!) on the long run! Also I don’t know what causes my white heads and I have no idea how to get rid of them, btw if anyone has a good solution about whiteheads please send me some!!!!

As a 37 year old female, I still have cystic acne breakouts-taking antibiotics that can kill anthrax! It does work with a regime that includes retin a cream or gel, however recently in peri-menopause, all of my estrogen is gone, and now I have crepe-y skin under eyes and around mouth that I have never experienced before, along with oily skin. I am still learning how to deal with it. For the crepeiness (sp?), I have been using Loreal Age Perfect Golden Balm, working like a charm- so long as it doesn’t migrate to my forehead-I’ll get a breakout! Scaring from the cystic acne is also troublesome, as it has left scarring on my cheeks, making it difficult to wear blushes 🙁  If anyone has any other solutions, I would love to hear them!!!

My skin is quite good but I do battle with things that anyone my age would:  wrinkles and a few areas of hyperpigmentation.  The skin care lines I’ve done the best with are not super ridiculously expensive either:  Thalgo.  I was introduced to Thalgo at my spa years ago after using a quite expensive department store brand, Sisley. I am currently using the Hyaluronic line in Thalgo and I must say their products rival the far more expensive Sisley on my skin anyway.  I also use a resurfacer by Lancome (strangely enough because I’m normally not a fan at all) called Visionnaire which is gentle enough to even use around the eye area.  It helps to refine my skin and reduce pore visibility, etc.  I use this every other night as my skin is too sensitive to use daily.  This is a great alternative for people who find retin products too harsh for their skin.. that would be me.  
Best thing you can do for your skin is to drink plenty of water. Lack of proper hydration shows up so quickly on your face.  And, equally important, remove your darn make-up and put on face cream before you go to bed no matter what… even if you are looking at yourself in the mirror with one eye while the whole room moves, okay!  Alcohol is terrible for your skin, so don’t drink like a fish, okay!  End of mom style lecture..

Acne. I am 26 now and I still have it. Most drugstore products use 1-2 percent salicylic acid which doesn’t work to prevent my breakouts and makes my skin red and dry. I recently tried a new toner from Neutrogena that contains glycolic acid and a small amount of salicylic acid and it seems to be keeping my skin more calm

Acne and scarring. I’ve always had blemish-prone skin, but in the last year or so, it’s gone a little crazy – and you can see the results in the scars on my skin. I’ve been using clindamycin gel lately (prescribed) to keep new breakouts down, and am waiting for a dermatologist appointment to get here to see if there’s something effective for the scarring.

Acne and large, dilated pores : and the worst thing is I really take care of my skin, like religiously …

large dialated pores combined with dry and sesitive skin!!! I am not even impressed with the effects acid peels give me, but because of my sesitive skin, my derm forbid me to use stronger stuff 🙁

My most annoying issue is large pores.  Some days they appear larger than others, but I haven’t found anything to shrink their appearance so I’ve learned to live with them! I also have an issue with breakouts created by chemical sunscreen.  I wish I could wear it, but it just causes my face to look like I have hives!  I am taking any suggestions if anyone has any!  

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