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The bathroom for everything that’s in constant use or being in my rotation at that time. My bedroom for everything else, including some things I really don’t use anymore. And roughly half of my nail polish are in a desk drawer in my living room, the other half take up residence in a sneaker box on my bathroom sink vanity.

EDIT: Today, I just put ALL my cosmetics, except nail polish, in my bedroom! Thank you, Amanda, for waking me up to the potential dangers of storing makeup in the same room where I shower.?

Ugh, I wish I had a dedicated room! Maybe when the kids move out…. I usually do mine in the bathroom, sometimes my bedroom. Very occasionally, at the desk while I watch a YouTube tutorial. All of these scenarios involve schlepping my makeup since most of it is kept atop a dresser in my walk-closet.

I’ve a lucky setup with a spacious and beautiful bathroom with lovely lighting. I worry about sitting too much through the day, so I’ve set myself up so as to stand while I do makeup. (The number of minutes per week, if I were to count, would be strikingly high!) I used to use a nice vanity table in my bedroom, but as I’m the mother of a young child, I like being more in the centre of the house. I’m really happy with how all of these things work.

My makeup collection is split up between my bedroom, my office and my purse. For the most part, all of my eye, face and cheek makeup stays in my bedroom, while most of my lip products live in my purse and in a desk drawer in my office.

i have all of my stuff in my bedroom. I have a little vanity (an IKEA PC table) and two drawers for my least used makeup. It’s not the best way of organizing my makeup but I haven’t enough space for other solutions.

I have a walk-in closet in my bathroom so I keep my makeup in there in my big pink Sephora train case lol. I wish I had a room just for my makeup! 😛

I can’t wait to have a spare bedroom that I can set up as a “beauty room” with the “YouTube makeup guru standard” IKEA Malm dressing table and Alex dressers, so that I may have dedicated makeup storage and organization. It’s not happening in our tiny one bedroom apartment right now, so I have my makeup sorted by type into gallon zip locks, and stored in small black IKEA Samla bins in my bedroom. I’m in the process of getting acrylic organizers for my go to products that I can display on my dresser.

I change an unused bedroom on second floor for all of my beauty related on the right side and walk-in closet on the left side of the room. they’re big enough to not feel cram and have a large windows for the natural light.

Not: cellar, attic, two bedrooms, kitchen.
Yes: one bedroom, hall, minimal in bathroom upstairs. Living room overflow. dining room table is covered with stash & unusable.
This is bec. I basically live downstairs now, due to cost. The stash used to be in one bedroom w/ minimum in the upstairs hall and
transported to the bathroom. Who wants to put it on there, when the upper floor is 50 degrees?

I keep my lipstick and backup products in my room and the rest in my living room near my couch in an organizer and a small basket (that is where I do my makeup). I live alone and don’t usually have company over besides family and it is off to the side so it is a not a big deal. One day I will hopefully have a room and a nice vanity where I can do my makeup, until then I make due with what I have.

I keep my makeup at my vanity in my bedroom and in a drawer unit right next to it. Several years ago I had it in a half bath (when my collection was about 1/20 of what it is today) but it got to be too messy and cluttered. I’ve never kept my makeup in a bathroom with a shower because the moisture in the air from the steam can cause bacteria to grow and I was not about that life!

Amanda, after reading that part in your post about moisture and bacteria growing in the bathroom where one showers; I am moving my stash TODAY! I am going to use my fairly unused, except by me, dining room into my new makeup area. More comfortable too, because the chair/table height difference is more optimal than my toilet seat/ sink vanity!

On a lovely vintage wood vanity in the corner of our bedroom. With both natural sunlight and lamps! Overflow goes in a small three tier cart by the vanity.

Everybody is welcome to help me with this! I’m currently working on a room and I would love some inside tips on the best places to shop for what and any secrets that make it easier and less costly! I have my eye on some things. Still shopping. Doing research. Vanity. Big desk. Many drawers. Organizers. Lighting. Shelves. Tips and tricks? Its my first makeup only room! I will be able to sit and do makeup! With good light! ??

I am very fortunate to have a small alcove next to our master bathroom where there is a built in vanity with drawers and mirror. It does not have enough storage though for all my brushes, eye shadows and blushes. These live in a cabinet in another bathroom. I tend to rotate things in and out of that cabinet when I remember to shop my stash.

I have a makeup/craft room in a spare bedroom across from our main bathroom. The house was built in 1966, so the bathrooms and bedrooms are small. At least there are four bedrooms, though!

Right now my collection is in my bathroom. As that is where I apply my makeup most often. Pretty soon though I will be purchasing a set of Alex drawers and those will be in my bedroom. I still will apply everything in the bathroom though.

I wish I had a better set up with a nice vanity, but with 3 small kids space in our home is at a premium. I could most likely find a corner to put a vanity in but it would be at risk of twin 2 year olds always getting into my collection. I’m not willing to risk it.

my bedroom, I have a little corner where I set up a make-shift vanity. It’s the top of a 5 drawer alex unit, so I have access to my collection and a small area to apply it in!

I keep it in my bedroom in a drawer chest. Currently it is taking up about 2 drawers worth of space. Except I do also have a small drawer in my bathroom for everyday essentials that I can quickly wear on busy mornings.

I have a small vanity that I fixed up and keep in front of a window in my bedroom. I love having the makeup in a beautiful display but I also love the natural lighting that I get. Not to mention my makeup isn’t exposed to excess moisture because of the bathroom and therefore has a little bit longer shelf life!

The spare bedroom, aka the mess room. Our house is really small and doesn’t have much storage space, so the spare bedroom is where everything goes…

For now it’s a mix of my bedroom and living room. But I’m converting my office into a makeup work room. Scripts and pretties together 😛 The bedroom and living room have the best lighting and so often my makeup is packed into stage kits but alas too much bedroom space is being sacrificed and the dedicated work space doesn’t get enough love. Just have to fix the shades up to allow more light in and add some of my excess film lighting gear to clear that up. Lots of cupboard and drawer space there. Very fortunate for that opportunity!

I have an Ikea Alex drawer in my guestroom closet which holds most of my makeup. Then I have some Muji drawers on my vanity in my bedroom that I store my everyday and ‘weekly basket’ makeup items in.

I have a home office (i.e., spare bedroom) where I do my regular work-related stuff. It’s a pretty big space with a lot of good light, so I use half of it for all my makeup storage and vanity space. Hoping I don’t outgrow it too fast!

Since my children have grown and flown away, we have extra rooms. I use the smallest bedroom as a dedicated makeup and hair room. The room has four windows facing south and west so it’s very sunny during the day.

With a small kid in tow, I cant keep my pretty bottles on display. They are either locked in my dressing cabinet or in my bathroom ( high up where his hands wont reach). I have to unlock and lock my cabinets everyday morning … But then its worth it.

I am also lucky enough to have a dedicated “Makeup Room.”
When I was living alone, I purposefully would look for 2 bedroom places, so I could have one!
And now I have a very understanding & generous partner whom I live with, that gets that I need to have extra space for my “collection.”
I have a built in closet that is the perfect place to keep all my foundations & complexion products (in the cool & the dark to keep them good for longer…. Like mushrooms!) and am still working on gathering the necessary furniture (sets of drawers & bookcases) to display & store the rest of my stuff.
When I’m done, it will be a work of art!

Train cases. I have a HUGE rolling train case, plus a smaller (but still large) rolling train case, and then my “everyday” train case. I use my “everyday” train case for my daily makeup. About once a month, I swap out things (like blushes and eye palettes) so that I use everything in my collection.

bathroom and its mine all mine…so I can fill it to the ceiling and nobody cares….It is a small room and I have it decorated rather cute making it very girly..I could actually put a little chintz covered chair and read, drink tea/coffee/wine and I would have my mancave….or lady cave..

Majority of my makeup fits in my vanity in my bedroom and I have a spinning lipstick tower that sits on top of my dresser. It’s actually a computer desk that I turned into a vanity. I just added a mirror and lights. I didn’t want to get the Alex drawers from Ikea that everyone else has because I’d be tempted to buy more makeup. LOL.

I have my own makeup room devoted completely to makeup that is pink and full of inspirational quotes. It’s my favorite room in the house. When I have kids, they get the guest room bc the makeup room will stay!!! ?

On my vanity table in the bedroom. Not the best lighting though, but I got a mirror with light from Ikea and it works fine. I love sitting at my table, even if lately my 2 year old girl is trying to copy me and wants to sit and use my makeup while I’m using it. #momslife

My vanity is set up in my living room, all my makeup is housed there, but not visible by looking at it – it’s kind of part of an antique ‘display’.

I keep my makeup in a seated rustic style vanity in my bedroom near a window so I can also use natural sun light . I sit in my vanity and start pulling out loads of cosmetics and take my sweet time . I also keep jewlry and hair products in the drawers

I purchase a superb Art Deco dressing table last year and it is in my bedroom with all my make up. I love it and enjoy sitting at it every day

We have a spare bedroom that is also my art studio; in it is a huge, old, steel drafting table that becomes my vanity every morning.

I don’t have much stash. Everything is in a makeup bag in a drawer in my bathroom. I don’t think moisture from the shower gets in there.

I am thrilled that our new house has an extra bedroom that we were able to transform it into a powder/vanity room.I have a large mirror with beautiful lighting (finally) where I can see the look I am creating. I have a large closet with shelves for all my makeup,lotions and hair products. My vanity table I put my makeup brushes and cremes in there to keep it at a cool temperature. It has been an adventure decorating and finding just the right pieces to make this room complete. Only problem is when my granddaughters come over they run right to this room to play with the makeup. Of course they are turning into makeup queens like their grandma.

I have a vanity with overhead and side storage in our bedroom. The shelves above are perfect for my eyeshadow palettes. Then I have a large acrylic organiser on a table next to me with the rest of my daily cosmetics. Next to that is an 8 drawer Malm from ikea which contains my back ups and stash to shop from. My husband has 2 drawers and a bedside cabinet for his things. Bless him!

My bedroom has a smallish alcove where I keep my bins of makeup. The makeup is divided up by the part of the face it goes on, with a smallish bin which holds my current top shelf items.

My husband picked out a room in our home and painted it hot pink, put in wood flooring and told me that was my room! Awesome guy, my own makeup wonderland!

I keep everything in my bedroom in my cobbled together vanity area. I’m very lucky though, because in a couple of weeks my husband is buying me an IKEA setup and my father in law is building me a Hollywood mirror to top it off, creating my dream setup to replace the old one.

My vanity is located in the section of the master bath with the shower and spa. I have silicone containers in each drawer to absorb any moisture that would harm my makeup. It’s a large, well-ventilated room (2 fans) with a vaulted ceiling so the room never becomes steamy.

I keep skincare products in the bathroom along with foundations, correctors/concealers, eye liners, mascara, cream shadows in stick form, lip pencils, lipticks and glosses, makeup removers and some brushes. I keep the rest in a series of baskets and plastic storage containers in an armoire in the bedroom. My plan is to move more makeup items out of the batroom and into the bedroom as I already bring palettes, blush, highlighters, finishing products and higher quality brushes into the bathroom where I put my makeup on.

I can’t leave anything out on top of a surface where our curious feline can and will get at it. As a kitten, he would sweep anything off the top of a surfacehe was interested in. Today, he’s as likely to plop down and knock things off a surface to get your attention (could be your cup of coffee!) or knock it off as he bounds around the place. So a room before a vanity for sure!

My bathroom, bedroom, my purse…basically everywhere. FYI I do not shower in the bathroom that has my makeup. I do that in another bathroom. No worries about temps creating bacterial growth on my makeup!

I keep mine in my bedroom, though I don’t have a whole lot in the first place, so it all fits in some small drawers on top of a table. That said, I don’t have a vanity, so while I keep my make-up in my room, I do my make-up in the bathroom next door.

I keep my makeup in several train cases, the 2 traincases that hold the products that I wear often are in my vintage credenza in the living room (I like applying my face while watching/listening to TV) and the other 2 makeup cases are in my bedroom.

I know that this was not part of the question but I want to share my pet peeve, Why? because I get disgusted when I see this in someone else’s home. I keep absolutely no beauty products in the bathroom because I feel it’s unhygenic and might pick up bad smells from the things that go on in a bathroom. Ewww, how about if someone decides to rummage through your makeup before they wash their hands!!!

That’s a girl’s dream!! Well I have my stash in a couple of IKEA Alex drawers in my office. However, what I use every day or what I have in rotation is in a drawer of the bathroom closet. It saves me time every day because I do my makeup in the bathroom, I have even installed special lights last year (courtesy of mr. Polyglot).

I know this is super weird, but I keep all my makeup in our kitchen 😀 That is also where I do my makeup, since it has the best light. My husband and I both do shift work (opposite shifts) so I wouldn’t be able to do my makeup in the bedroom when he is sleeping.

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