What question would you like to see asked?

What question would you like to see asked here? I need ideas! The best questions are open-ended, discussion questions, less “what’s your favorite ___” kind of questions — those are used in other posts, like Hit List and Survey Says! 🙂

Thank you for the ideas! I look forward to using your questions 🙂

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Deb Avatar

What brands are you currently most excited about? Not only would it be fun to see what people are excited about right now, it would also give you ideas of brands people would like to see reviewed.

Polly Avatar

I always worry that my suggestions will have already been asked, but here we go!

– Has anyone ever judged you for your Makeup? i.e- The amount you have?
– How did you learn to apply makeup? Self taught, Youtube, older relatives?
– What are your makeup horror stories? Stuff you thought was really cool at the time but now cringe at?
– What makeup look/tip would you love to be able to do but have never quite mastered?
– What look do you love on others that you can’t pull off yourself?
– What is your best ‘out there’ look that you love?
– Do others ask you to do their makeup?
– What discontinued item would you most like to see bought back?
– What inspires your makeup? Celebrities? Current trends? Tutorials? Other?
– What makeup item has been your biggest regret?
– What makeup item was your most pleasant surprise?
– What is the most overrated make up item?
– And the most underrated?
– If you had to guess, what Makeup brand have you spent the most on over the years?
– What makeup brand do you always skip but you’re not sure why?

Hope some of these help Christine! 🙂

Christine Avatar

LOL, don’t worry about it, Polly! There are definitely repeats over the year — there are 2,725 “Temptalia Asks You” posts — and my motto is long as we don’t repeat TOO closely together, it’s all good. We have new people joining the community all the time, and answers can change over the years, so I think it’s all good to repeat some questions here and there 😀

Sometimes when I’ve already sat here for ten minutes with a blank stare, I go back to the beginning and see what has been asked to see if there’s a good repeater question or a question that can jump off of a previous one!

Thank you so much for all these Qs!!

Susan Avatar

I am also approaching 50 and I am finding my biggest issue is how dry my skin has become, and I am sensitive to octisalate, which is in most every sunscreen, which has made coming up with the right combo of moisturizer/sunscreen/tinted moisturizer a challenge. With regards to makeup, I love to try new things and stay current, but I try to adapt trends to what I feel is appropriate not only for my age, but my work environment. For example, instead of teal eye shadow, I might just use a teal eye liner.

Kimmy Avatar

I don’t know if you this kind of question here but I’d love to see peoples thoughts on how they like to see a product reviewed and what answers/points they’re looking for. 🙂 Another more makeup related question…preferences for applying lip products – do you prefer a traditional bullet or are you a fan of the new liquid lipstick craze? 🙂

Rachel R. Avatar

You’re welcome. Actually, literally “everything” doesn’t oxidize on me, there are a few foundation brands I do fine with. It’s so hard to find a shade match for me, if I need to use primer to make something I spent $$$ on to work, I do it.

BareMinerals, Everyday Minerals, Bobbi Brown, e.l.f. and the newTarte foundcealer work fine on me without primer. Maybe one of those would work for you, if you don’t end up liking the primer.

Karen Avatar

– As “cosmetics junkies.” we all have A LOT of makeup and we know we can never use it all. What strategies do you have to overcome feeling overwhelmed by your makeup? (Hope that makes sense!)

ale Avatar

if one makeupartist could do your makeup for your wedding (or other major event of your choice) who would it be?
what brand did you love in the past but hate now and viceversa.

JCarbonel Avatar

How do you transition your makeup from winter to spring?

What’s the best way to apply cream highlighters or blushes when you still want to powder your face to extend the wear of your makeup?

Nikki Avatar

Who would you like to see do a MAC collaboration? What would it look like?
What decades inspire or influence your makeup looks? How?
Do you enjoy avant-garde or runway makeup, or are you more interested in things that are wearable and flattering?
Is makeup political for you? How?
Do you take “breaks” from makeup? Why, or why not?
Describe your perfect red lipstick.
What HG lip color, blush, and eyeshadows are you still looking for?
Who from your childhood influences your makeup style today?
Are you enjoying the 90s inspired makeup? If so, how do you wear the 90s trend? Do you hope certin things come back, or that certain ones stay out of style?
Are you as interested in skincare or perfume as you are makeup?

Emi Avatar

What are your thoughts on limited edition collections? Do you prefer that brands only have permanent products, have a few limited edition products a year, or have lots of limited edition products?

Which matters more – price per ounce, or price per item? (this might be a better poll than discussion question)

Do you avoid certain ingredients in makeup and/or skincare? Which ones, and why?

Do you pay attention to makeup trends?

Lulle Avatar

– How and when did you start using makeup? What’s the story behind your makeup debut?
– When you see pictures of you from when you first started using makeup, how does your makeup look? What advice would you give yourself and what would you change, seeing your look with the experience you now have?
– How do you choose your skincare products?
– Are you seeing signs of aging, and what do you do to prevent or correct it?
– Do you think that skincare brand’s claims are usually honest, or do you believe that they exaggerate for marketing reasons? Are there brands that you trust more than others?
– Was it easy for you to find out what colors look best on you and what colors are unflattering?
– Do you prefer your products (makeup or skincare) scented or unscented? Why? Which scents do you prefer and which ones do you hate?
– Where do you find information about beauty products? Do you rely on magazines (print or online) for information?

That’s about what I can think of right now 🙂

Summer Avatar

Here are mine!

-Do you prefer products that are animal-friendly? I.e. ‘Leaping Bunny certified’ or known cruelty-free items?
-Do you find yourself repurchasing certain brands because of the packaging? If so, which ones?
-What has been your biggest make-up let down so far this year? An exclusive collection? A brand?
-Where do you source most of your tutorials (YouTube or other websites? Friends/family?)
-What scents are you most drawn to?
-When make-up is scented, which do you prefer and why? Vanilla, flowers, none?
-Do you apply make-up daily? If not, why not? If yes, do you find that when you don’t apply it – you feel differently?
-How has make-up changed your life?
-Do you remember your first make-up purchase? If so, tell us about it!
-In a perfect world, what outrageous make-up trend would you embrace? (example: major winged-eyeliner, bright nail polishes, heavy contouring)

Thanks for letting us know you value our input!

Rachel R. Avatar

What are your favorite tweezers?

What are your most and least favorite drug store brand and why?

Have you tried any of the home laser hair removal machines? Would you?

What brand do you think has changed the most over the years?

Do you have a makeup “guru?” Who is it and why?

Susan Avatar

Try Bobbi Brown for neutral cream eyeshadows that aren’t shimmery, her line offers Long Wear Cream Shadows in several matte/very low shimmer colors that last all day.

judyo Avatar

i just ordered 100% Pure’s Caffeine eye cream, which i have heard helps under-eye puffiness and bags. i have tried many products for this, including the ever-popular Preparation H. Nothing seems to help –the bags still hang around.

My question is: has anyone had success in getting rid of bags with a topical product? If so, please share.


judyo Avatar

one more thought: we have cable shows for purchasing (i.e. QVC, HSN); for home renovation (too many to name); for cooking (again, a plethora) —would you watch a cable/tv show dedicated to makeup (24/7, including tips, applications, products, etc.)—-i have wondered why nobody has done this yet. and i am sure it is coming….

Cas Avatar

What does it take to consider a deal ‘too good to let go’?

Have you ever boycotted a beauty brand?

Are you willing to try a beauty brand you’ve never heard of?

Would you rather buy straight from a beauty company or through a larger retailer (ie. Sephora, nordstroms, ulta, etc.)?

gabriela quintanilla Avatar

I read your blog almost everyday!
beautifull web site… I do enjoy it.
But tell me… I m living in Argentina. Sephora, for instance, doesnt deliver to Argentina. Do you know where can I buy to access to that gorgeous articles like OCC , black dhalia metal lipstick, anastasia water proof for brows and so on?
My questions to discuss:
how to make up fine lips to prevent paiting teeth?
prefered make up to women who work 12 hours?
what do you take with yourself to give a touch to your make up at work?
is there a “good practice makeup” for women at 50 ?


Mariella Avatar

Wow, I’m really enjoying reading some of these suggestions. Mine are pretty boring but they’re things that float around in my head from time to time….
What LE product would you like to see made permanent (or repromoted)?
What makeup lines would you love to have access to where you live?

Gabriel Avatar

Do you buy backups of favorite products? Do you do anything to help them store while you still have an open product you’re using? (For example, backup liquid foundation so it doesn’t dry)

Vanessa Avatar

I’m not sure if anyone has asked but, “Do you have any unconventional/not well known makeup tips & tricks you’d like to share?”

For example, even though It’s popular on Pinterest, an unconventional trick for combating an oily t-zone is to apply Milk of Magnesia. A tip I have for preventing eyeliner from getting in the crease is to use an eye shadow primer first. I have super oily eyelids that crease/smudge every eyeliner, no matter if it cost $1 or $25. I tried wearing it with only primer and it works! Obviously if it prevents eye shadow from creasing, it’d do the same for eyeliner, but it seems there are many who haven’t realized this, hence the tip. I’d love to read a tip for keeping foundation/concealer from rubbing onto clothing!

Another question: “Are you a makeup snob? Do you automatically start thinking negatively of a drugstore brand/product before even trying it?

Also, it’s more of an idea than a question, but it would be kind of fun to try products without knowing anything but it’s purpose & color, that way our opinions would be completely unbiased.

Cathy Avatar

I’d like to know how everyone freshens their look after an 8-hour day without removing all of their makeup and starting over 🙂

GG Avatar


What products/looks did you swear you’d NEVER use and then ended up totally rocking/becoming addicted to?
What imaginary beauty product do you wish really existed?
Do you gravitate towards a specific bygone makeup “era” or are you happiest following only the newest current trends? And/or how do you like to mix the two?

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