What question would you like to see asked here?

The best questions are ones that are more open-ended, spark discussion, and require more than a few words to answer! When it comes to anything in the line of “What’s your favorite ___ (examples: eyeshadow, palette, etc.),” I save those for our recommendation request posts 🙂 I look forward to seeing (and answering!) your ideas! Thank you!

— Christine


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Seraphine Avatar

I loooove the questions. They’re fun to answer and it’s great to communicate with other members. Here are a few to consider.

How do you handle negative comments from people about your makeup?

What was your most embarrassing makeup moment?

Share your best or worst in-store makeover story.

How old were you when you first started wearing makeup and what makeup did you wear?

If you were only allowed to have three lipsticks for the rest of your life, which ones would you choose? Be specific.

Which two specific lipsticks do you like to mix to create a unique shade?

Denise Avatar

Excellent questions. My #1 question is “how do you handle negative comments from people about your makeup”? Thanks Seraphine.

Pearl Avatar

What do you think the next makeup trend will/would be and why?

3 best eye [insert product here] and why?

What do you think of Instagram makeup?

Who would you consider a leading or prominent makeup company and why?

What do you think of how the makeup industry has evolved (or devolved) because of social media?

Do you think social media is effective for a new(er) brand introduction/awareness/viability? Why or why not?

How involved should an owner(s) of a company be with their customer base via social media?

Do you have a comfort zone with makeup?

Why do you wear makeup?

First memory of wearing makeup/first significant memory of makeup?

Temptalia Asks You is one of my favorite features on the site!

Nancy T Avatar

I’m going to need a 2nd mug of coffee to come up with some….
In the meantime, I do have:
1.) What are your thoughts about the neverending flood of limited edition collections that seem to be coming at consumers at harder and faster pace than years past?
2.) How do you feel about brands deciding to reformulate popular existing products? And why do you feel this way?
3.) Which recent trends are you excited for? Please elaborate!

AB Avatar

Any current beauty projects? (such as, in search of the perfect (fill in the blank), revamping storage, trying out new colors/product types)

Last make up item panned and did you repurchase?

Most noteworthy beauty trends of say the last 2-3 years, and what’s for the best and what not so much.

Gilad Avatar

1) What’s your favorite beauty or skincare ‘hack’ – ways you use/mix products to create something new?

2) What’s an image of beauty you have that you try to replicate with your makeup? Is it based on a particular famous person (or a blend), an era or location? eg. elongated Marilyn Monroe eyes. 70’s Southern California golden glow. Hippie hair. etc.

3) How do you do your makeup (and hair) when you’re going for “sexy”? authoritative? etc. (choose a variety of possible goals for which you deploy a certain physical presentation. )

3) What’s a look that you love that just doesn’t work on you?

Deborah S. Avatar

Please feel free to rewrite any of the questions if there is a better way to ask the question, Christine!!

1. How would you describe your eye shape and what shadow placement do you feel most complements that shape?

2. Are there any makeup brands that you pretty much purchase each release or something from each release just because it is “that” brand?

3. How do you organize your makeup? By brand, shades, collections, other?

4. How do you determine/coordinate your makeup? Such as what lipstick you will wear with what eye shadows and blusher? Do you mix undertones in makeup or remain a purist? Cool shades with warm shades, etc.?

5. Do you use face masks and if so, what are your favorite masks and for what problem are you using the mask? Have they been effective in treating the problem?

6. How long do you wait after completing your skin care and sunscreen before you apply your makeup? If you don’t wait, do you find that your makeup is affected?

7. Have you ever applied all your makeup and hated it enough to remove and reapply? Would you if it didn’t turn out the way you envisioned?

8. What was the last product that you wanted badly enough that you were willing to work hard to get it? What did you have to do to get it? Was it worth it?

9. Most of us have collections of makeup. How do you make sure that you are using older makeup that you purchased?

10. Do you budget for your makeup/skin care purchases? Do you always follow that budget? When and what did you purchase that made you break your budget? Was it worth it?

11. When travelling, how do you determine what makeup to take with you and how much?

sagc Avatar

Am I the only one who doesn’t “get” red and orange eyeshadows? They all make me look as if I have terrible allergies or have been on a crying jag?

Nikki Avatar

They just don’t work for some people-some because of issues with their coloring and some because the red/orange shadows just bring out all the blood vessels in their eyes (which sounds like your problem). I look pretty good in red eyeshadows (example: Malice from the Kat Von D 10th Anniversary palette), but I don’t think orange would work as well for me because of my cool coloring.

Mariella Avatar

Not at all; I’m another one who looks ill, like I’m having an allergic reaction or just plain weird if I wear those orange or red toned colours on my eyes. It’s why I’m so happy with my recent Lise Watier 5-pan purchase because it’s so very cool toned.

Bonnie Avatar

I agree with you on the red. Orange and yellow are my two favorites to wear with my coloring (I’m medium/deep, overall golden – hair, skin, eyes). But red is another story, probably my least favorite shadow color.

Mariella Avatar

I wish I could think of some good ideas to contribute (from time to time, I do but can’t think of any of them now) but so many of the questions contributed by others are really excellent. Oh, I thought of one and it may have been asked before but I’ll post it here again:

What 3 brands that you cannot get in your country would you like to have access to?

Yumiko Awae Avatar

My mom suffers from astigmatism and has trouble applying eye makeup as she can’t see without her glasses. Are there any makeup mirrors or tricks that she can use to overcome seeing double while applying eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow?

Genevieve Avatar

What makeup brands have recently disappointed you and why

Where do you look for inspiration and ideas for your makeup?

How has your makeup look evolved?

For Survey says:
Favourite eye/lip combination
Best Cleanser/serum/moisturiser
Most loved eyeshadow palette

Phoebe Avatar

What was your first ever go-to makeup look, whether you started wearing makeup in your teens or later in life?

What makeup products do you find you barely, if at all, use?

What is your ideal eye look for going out or occasions?

What do you think about people commenting on others makeup in public, whether positive or negative?

Cheryl Stanton Avatar

Best eyeliner that stays on the waterline, really stays. A lip liner pencil that isnt too dry and doesn’t wear off too fast.

Mags Avatar

Have you ever considered going Cruelty Free and why/why not?

Who are your other favorite beauty influencers? Other blogs, YouTube, etc. and why?

What is your dream makeup collaboration look like?

Do you plan your makeup look around your clothes or vice versa? Why?

Maude Schiltz Avatar

How do you store your double-ended brushes?

All my brushes are stored upright in bead-filled containers and are easy to reach for… except for my double-ended ones, which I tend to never use because they need to be lying down separately so I forget about them.
Ideas, please!

Susan Avatar

My question is similar to one from Deborah S. – I’m curious to know if how long people reading this blog keep (and use) powder products like eye shadows, blush, and pencil eye liner and lipstick. Does anyone actually adhere to the industry recommended timing?

Bonnie Avatar

Ha…I want to answer almost every question I read from you guys.

I would love to see discussion on a certain subject, WITHOUT animosity or defensiveness. On this and every other format I see that discusses makeup, there’s always someone that says they can’t wear something (often glitter) because they are too old. Then there are always posters after that feel the need to announce their age and tell you that they do it.

What are your feelings on whether or not certain looks are age-appropriate? Do you think age-appropriateness is a real thing in 2018, or do you feel it’s more of any “anything goes?” Or somewhere in between?

Sara Avatar

What tips do you have for someone doing their own wedding day makeup? How can I make it last and are there any tricks for making it look awesome in wedding photos?

Nikki Avatar

I use a lot of flavored lip balms and am curious to see if anyone else has and what flavors they’d recommend. That would probably be better suited for a Survey Says or recommendation request, though. As far as a more open-ended question-hmm… If you got on your favorite game/contest show, what makeup would you wear to look and feel your best on TV? I’m curious about this because I tried out for Jeopardy! a few years ago-made it into the contestant pool, but never got called onto the show. I’d like to try again sometime and see if I could actually make it on.

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