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What question would you like to see asked?

I’m taking suggestions! ๐Ÿ™‚ Questions for “Temptalia Asks You” should be open-ended questions that typically require more than simple “yes/no” responses.

— Christine


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Deborah S. Avatar

1. What specific skin care issues have you had and what products have helped and what hasn’t? In what way did they work?
2. How do you organize your makeup? Not the actual boxes, etc. but by color, brand, product within brands, etc.
3. What makeup product would you like to see produced and which brand do you think would best create that pro
4. Any tips or tricks to save a makeup look when things just aren’t meshing and you can’t start over?
5. What would be the minimum makeup you would go out of the house with?
6. What do you think are the next big and upcoming trends in beauty?
7. What are your Holy Grail makeup products in each category, ie. primer, foundation, concealer, etc. and why are they Holy Grail to you?
8. What are your Holy Grail skin care items as of right now and in what order do you apply them? Why are they Holy Grail to you?
9. How would you describe your makeup style? Are you daring, cosmopolitan, wild, traditional, all about the glitter or does it change with situation, etc. How does this style manifest itself in your makeup purchases?

Christine B Avatar

As someone who struggles with choosing lipstick colours I would like to ask;
a) what are you favorite formulations of lipstick
b) what is your favorite shade and
c) how do you choose the right lipstick for you?

I look for cool blue-toned reds and peachy nudes, but I have no idea why they work or how this relates to my undertones etc. I would love to be more experimental, but some experiments have failed spectacularly (there doesn’t seem to be a single pink shade good on me…)!

Anne Avatar

I have a quick rule of thumb that someone taught me: You know you have the best shade of lipstick on when you can look at yourself in the mirror and your eyes naturally travel upward from your mouth to your eyes, and remain on your eyes.

Whether it be the right color of clothing or a shade of lipstick, you will always look your best when your eyes naturally want to gravitate upwards from the either the clothing or the mouth to the your eyes. If your eyes keep bouncing downward to look at the clothing color or the mouth, it’s not the ‘best’ shade for you. The rest is up to personal preferences. It’s only a rule of thumb. Color reflects light, and we’re all snow flakes.

Mariella Avatar

Christine, I can’t think of anything new to ask but if you are running out of questions, why not ask again some of those you’ve asked in the past (say, a year or 2 back, or even more)? There are posters here who weren’t here a few years ago and also, most of us change over time so even if it’s a question that we answered way back, our responses will likely have changed, and speaking for myself, at my age, I’ll probably have forgotten about it even if I did answer it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Anne Avatar

What’s the last makeup technique or tip you discovered that you’d like to share? (I have one for those with hooded and semi-hooded eyes that almost eliminates any transfer of eyeshadow from the lid up onto the crease. I’m not sure if my question is stated to capture that kind of information, so feel free to reword it. )

What was your last makeup application fail, and why didn’t you like it?

What’s the last beauty tip(s) you learned that you wished you had known about a long, long time ago?

What’s your favorite ‘look’ that you admire on others, but can’t or won’t wear yourself?

Do you use any mixing mediums or products or tools to customize your makeup? If so, what are they and how do you use them?

If you had one criticism you’d like to share with a particular brand(s), what’s the brand and explain your criticism.

Anne Avatar

Sure thing. I was trying to figure out how to wear a shimmery eyeshadow on my lid without it transferring into my crease so easily because my eyes have become partly hooded by age. Although my skin is dry, my eyelids can get oily, so I always use a primer and let it thoroughly dry. I shopped my stash for some cream eyeshadow bases that were creamy enough not to dry too quickly and also have real staying power once they did. I found that I had an old smashbox one that I love and several LM caviar sticks; they ended up working the best for me. I do one eye at a time. I apply the cream shadow and before it dries, I pat the shimmery shadow on top of it, carefully pressing it into the creamy eyeshadow. I keep looking down until I’m confident that the cream eyeshadow has dried (maybe a minute or two). Still looking down, I take a cotton pad and gently press it onto the shimmery shadow, being careful to use a clean spot on the cotton pad for each press. Eventually the cotton pad doesn’t pick up any more of the shimmery shadow. What’s left is the shimmery shadow that’s literally ‘stuck’ onto the cream eyeshadow base.

I had to experiment with different cream eyeshadow bases and shimmery eyeshadow powders to figure out which combinations I liked best and worked best, but this drastically reduces the amount of transfer onto the transition color, which for me, is always a matte. The fun part is making new colors from combining the two products. Oh, and any crepeyness sometimes caused by wearing the cream eyeshadow alone is eliminated by the layer of shimmering eyeshadow over it. I hope it works out for you, too.

Lyse Davitt Avatar

Are certain products meant to be “rubbed” into your skin as you would a moisturizer? I’m thinking of primers and BB/CC creams.

Thank you.

Matilda Avatar

Here are a few – –

1. How many lipsticks did you have in your lipstick collection when you were happiest with its size?

2. What lip and eye colors make you look younger? older?

3. On turning 50/60, what changes have you made to your color selections in makeup?

4. What lipstick were you wearing when you last got a compliment on it, or on how you looked in general?

5. Which defunct cosmetics company do you want to see come back?

6. Do you ever have dreams involving your makeup collection? Describe the latest.

Marie-Estelle Avatar

How do you prevent fall-out during the application and wear of “glitter bomb” eyeshadow?

Is there any colour makeup which you feel is under represented and that you would like to see more often on the shelves?

What is your favourite brush for thighlining?

What is you current go-to look?

How did your involvement in the makeup/beauty community evolved since you started wearing makeup?

Which beauty trend would you like to see for the next season?

Mary Avatar

What is the best way to sharpen an eye or lip pencil? I have such a problem with these that I purposely don’t use them. When I have tried to sharpen them, it seems like so much of the product gets stuck in the sharpener and that I have to re-sharpen before every use. It just takes up so much time that I just have said forget it! But I hate missing out on all the really great colors in these products.

Nancy T Avatar

Oh goodness, my brain is melting, so I’m afraid I don’t have much to offer! But here goes!

1.) What special tricks do you do to “weatherproof” your makeup?
2.) Which trend that has recently come out has captured your attention? Or love?
3.) What are your thoughts on franchise/movie based makeup collections?
4.) What trend would you love to see NEXT spring/ summer 2018?
5.) How do you feel cosmetic companies could best address gaps within their foundation shade range to become inclusive to all depths and undertones of skin?

Lory Avatar

I would love to know when did you start your anti aging routine and if you feel it has helped or do you know think you should have started earlier. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Miska Avatar

Brushes…synthetic vs natural and why?

Do you ever feel taken advantage of by the ever increasing prices of cosmetics/perfume exc? With so many affordable quality DS dupes, I have trouble reasoning paying for packaging/a brand name. Especially if the product is poor.

American vs Asian sunscreen…is it me or are Asian sunscreens waaaay ahead of the game?

Makeup or skin care…what do you invest more in?

Top 5 beauty items you cannot live without?

Favorite beauty trend/era/fad?

Facial exfoliation…chemical or physical?

Best beauty advice/trick thats stuck with you and why?

And thats all I can think of on the spot. Feel free to re word any of the above questions to “read better”…just kinda put down thoughts quickly.

Reehana Shah Avatar

Yes to Asian sunscreen!!! Why is sunscreen here SO thick and greasy and just gross?? The only decent one I’ve found so far is Pixi’s sun serum but even that I have to order online because iso far I haven’t seen it at Target.

Miska Avatar

Hi Reehana Shah,
I’m currently using Missha All Around Safe Block Sebum Zero Sun SPF 50+/PA+++. It’s in a light blue squeeze tube. I’m fair skinned so there’s no white cast but it does even out my redness so I believe it may show up on tan/darker skin tones maybe? It plays well under my makeup (no pilling!) and I find it keeps my oil production down. It’s also sweat proof, which I need. It burns if sweat runs into your eyes. It will set after about ten minutes and mattify my face. This one I ordered from the site Sokoglam in the US. Please be VERY CAREFUL when ordering out of the US. There are many fakes out there and many times the bottles are in Japanese or another language which I personally cannot read. Go through reputable sellers only and read the reviews. I have 5 other sunscreens on the way to try out. Hoping to find my HG *fingers crossed*! I had to venture out on to Amazon to order out of the US. I did alot of reading and research so hopefully they work out. I’ll have to check out that Pixi one.

maria Avatar

Would anyone if they could for a reasonable price or for free take makeup lessons from a pro and if so what is it that you think you need improvement on?
Do you wear makeup to change the way you look or enhance it and if it is to change the way you look what is it that you feel the need to change?
Do you find that you wear more makeup as you get older or you wore more when you were younger and why?
What is more important if you if you had to chose just one thing that you were allowed to do (make believe) would it be skin care or makeup?

Genevieve Avatar

Here are my questions to ask our beauty community:

1. How has your eye shadow preferences changed over the past 5 -10 years?
2. Which eye shadow palettes have been worth the money?
3. Which eye shadow shades and lip combinations do you favour?
4. How have new skincare advances helped you?
5. Which beauty products have made the most difference to your makeup?
6. What beauty trend would you like to see less of?

Rob Avatar

Great question ideas everyone !

1. Do you purchase products from TV home
Shopping channels ?
2. Do you buy a lot of things that you received samples of ?
3. What discontinued product do you still miss ?
4. If you never purchased another product., how long would your stash last you ?
5. Are there any brands you will not purchase from ?
6. What products were highly rated and loved by many that just did NOT work for you ?
7. What products have been so over hyped ?
What companies way over hype their launches?
8. Do you feel you spend too much on beauty
Products ?
9. What is your biggest beauty concern ? How much would you pay for a product that solved it ?
10. What products have you consistently used for a long long time ?

Kathryn Avatar

Christine a question I think of every time I read your reviews – with all the countless eye shadows & other makeup you would have how do you remember what you do have & how do you use them all before their expiry date?

bibi Avatar

Best eyeshadow palette for a beginner?

Best brush set for a beginner?

Best budget eyeshadow palette?

Best all-around eyeshadow palette? (Most versatile and can be used for a variety of different looks)

Best anti-aging eye cream?

Best concealer for undereye circles, bags, or fine lines?

Best eyeshadow palette for glamour looks?

Zoe Avatar

1. What is your process for balancing or using different colors in one look? (e.g., monochrome look, red lips with metallics, cool tones eyes with warm blush)
2. What are your go-to makeup combinations? (e.g., lipstick and gloss together, or a sparkly eye with neon blush)
3. How do you correct mistakes during makeup application?
4. How do you decide what to declutter, throw out, or give away?
5. Do you store makeup in the fridge?
6. Do you limit yourself with “no-buys” for certain releases or when budgeting?
7. What is the best method you have found to travel with a lip brush? (e.g., plastic bag)
8. Where do you apply your makeup?
9. What kind of mirror do you use to apply makeup?
10. What advice do you usually give your friends concerning makeup?
11. Do you compliment others on their makeup?
12. Do you match your makeup to your outfit?
13. What factors do you consider when selecting your makeup for the day?
14. What is your most troublesome feature when doing your makeup?
15. What is the feature you like to play up when doing your makeup?
16. For sun exposure, do you wear a moisturizer with spf, a tinted moisturizer with spf, sunscreen, foundation with spf, or some other combination?
17. What brands are you loyal to> Are you even loyal to a brand?
18. If you could have control over a makeup brand, which one would you choose, and what decisions would you make?
19. Has advertising made an impact on what makeup you buy?
20. Where do you get your makeup inspiration from?

Lindsay_MK Avatar

1) What’s a good gift (or gifts) for someone who loves makeup, that’s neither impersonal (like a gift card) or TOO personal/specific? Include something from 2-3 price ranges – inexpensive/DS, mid-range, and luxury/HE.

2) how did you learn to apply makeup?

3) have you ever gotten flack from a partner or friends/family about the money and time you spend on makeup or the size of your stash?

4) how do you feel about fragrance in makeup and skincare?

Alison Avatar

What beauty rules do you like to break?

Which products have you loved the longest? Have they stood the test of time?

What makeup would you love to try if it was more acceptable?

Is there a product you never thought you’d like that you now love?

Who are your biggest makeup influences?

What are some of your favourite beauty blogs other than Temptalia?

What makeup would you love to wear for a costume or Halloween look?

Do you follow makeup tutorials or just watch? Why?

Do you have a favourite makeup campaign or promotional photo?

Is there a look you love on other people but not yourself?

Is there a product you love you didn’t expect to?

Ever changed your mind about a product?

Has a product ever “grown on you”?

Do you read makeup books?

If you could re-do your stash over, how would it be different?

Is there a beauty trick you use?

Would you buy makeup as a gift?

Do you have a cohesive style or a range of looks?

Who are your makeup inspirations?

Do you see makeup as a form of self-expression?

Have you ever had your makeup done by someone else? What did you think?

What has taught you the most about makeup?

Are there things you wish you saw on beauty blogs more?

Why do you visit Beauty Blogs? For tips, to look at makeup, to research what to buy?

Tammy B Avatar

1. What is your favorite contouring palette? Tell us why you like it and how you use it.

2. What is your favorite self tan product? Tell us why you like it and how you use it.

3. What is your favorite NEW eyeshadow palette? Tell us why you like it.

4. What product have you recently purchased that impressed you? Tell us what makes it impressive.

5. What product have you recently purchased that didn’t impress you? Tell us why it was disappointing.

6. What blush/highlight combination(s) you’re currently loving?

7. What lip combination(s) are you currently loving?

8. What eyeshadow combinations are you currently loving?

9. Have you bought any new make up brushes this year that have really impressed you? Tell us why you love them.

10. If you could only have one foundation for the rest of the year, which one would you choose and why?

11. If you could only have one setting powder, which would you choose and why?

12. What is your favorite face moisturizer and why?

13. What is your favorite skin care line and why?

14. What skincare products do you use on your face every morning, in what order do you apply them, and why have you chosen them?

15. What skin care products do you apply at night, in what order do you apply them, and why have you chosen them?

16. What is the next product on your wish list that you are most excited to purchase? Why do you want it?

17. If your birthday was this month and you were given $300 for a beauty haul, what would you buy?

18. What make up brushes are on your wish list?

19. What single product or technique is making the most difference in your beauty routine right now?

20. When you are going to an event where you want to look your best, such as a wedding or party, what products do you reach for?

21. If you could give someone a gift of the best essential eyeshadow brushes, and cost were not an issue, what brushes would be in that gift?

22. If you could give someone a gift of the best essential face brushes and cost were not an issue, what brushes would be in that gift?

23. If you could give someone a gift of make up essentials (foundation, concealer, setting powder, contour, blush, eyeshadow palette, mascara, brows, etc) and cost were not an issue, what would be in that gift?

Tammy Avatar

I have more questions:

1. What is your method to create glowing skin?

2. When you go to a cosmetics store such as Sephora or Ulta, what are the first products you usually gravitate towards and why?

3. If you are going to make an impulse buy, what type of product usually ends up being purchased and why?

4. Do you plan all your purchases, buy impulsively, or is it a combination of both? Do you think your impulse buys or planned purchases end up being most pleasing?

5. What was your last impulse buy and what are your thoughts on the product you purchased?

6. What was your last planned purchase and what are your thoughts on the product you purchased?

7. If you could buy one beauty item for someone special, who would you buy it for and what would it be?

8. Do you like to layer fragrances, or layer fragrances with scented body creams, and if so, what are your favorite fragrance combinations?

9. What is your favorite fragrance of all time and why do you love it?

10. What is a new fragrance discovery and why are you loving it?

11. Have you ever given beauty products as a gift for Secret Santa or holiday office parties, and if so, what did you give and how did the recipient react to the gift?

12. What beauty products are on your list for the next beauty sale? What beauty sales/events are on your radar?

13. If you could give someone a gift of five essential lipsticks, what lipsticks would be in that gift? (Give targeted skin tone of recipient)

14. If you could give someone the gift of five essential blushes, what blushes would be in that gift? (Give the targeted skin tone of the recipient)

15. What make up are you wearing today? Give your thoughts on the products you are wearing.

16. What make up are you planning to wear tomorrow? (Or the next time you wear make up.)

17. What new products are you trying out this week and what are your first impressions?

18. Do you have any new products that are waiting to be tried? If so, what are they and when will you try them?

19. What products from your stash are currently in rotation? Have you revisited any previously loved products?

20. What eye shadow colors are you currently gravitating towards and why?

21. What lip colors are you currently gravitating towards and why?

22. What cheek colors are you currently gravitating towards and why?

Lucinda Callaway Avatar

Wow, Christina, Temptalia followers came up with a ton of fabulous questions! I’m impressed.

I’d love to see a question about “What do you love/have about shopping Sephora (either online or in store)?”
Do hope that’s not a conflict of interest!

Erica Avatar

I’d like to see a top 5 series for the readers to take part in. Top five palettes, top 5 lipsticks, top 5 matte shadows, top 5 shimmers, top 5 summer blush etc. The possibilities would be endless and it would be neat to see how people answered since we all have various likes etc.

Nichele Avatar

1. If you have a large collection, how do you justify it to your significant other (given the expense and the amount of space it takes up)?
2. Have you ever worked in the beauty industry? What did you love? What did you hate? What insider tips would you want customers/consumers to know?
3. How do you feel about beauty subscription boxes?
4. Is there a certain type of product that you love and find yourself buying, but know you rarely ever use it?

Leigh Avatar

Here’s one I always love to hear discussion of and you can get multiple questions out of it: Out of all of the ____ brands what do you think are their biggest strengths and weaknesses? Each category can be addressed in turn; it could be different price categories or it could be organic brands or CF or brands not usually sold here in the US! Would love to hear what fellow readers think as we have a very insightful bunch here.

Courtney Avatar

– What lip color do you feel most confident in?
– What is the most expensive makeup item you’ve ever purchased? Was it worth it?
– What is the cheapest makeup product that you regularly use?
– What is the most expensive makeup brush you own?
– What is the cheapest makeup brush you regularly use?
– Would you rather have your lashes be long or full? Favorite mascara to achieve this?
– What was the first eyeshadow palette you owned?

Sorry if you’ve asked any of these questions before!

AB Avatar

So many great questions already submitted. At risk I’m repeating any, though I’ve looked through all:
– What brand is the most responsive to customer comments?
– What are you wearing right now?
– How does your make up style line up to your fragrance style? Or jewelry preferences?
– From what brand are you most comfortable to risk to buying review/swatch unseen?
– Has anyone asked you do their make up for them? How did it go?
– How has some particular era of fashion or society ever inspired a makeup look?
– What did you use for your last night out look?

Lulle Avatar

– What is one makeup technique you like using although most people consider it a mistake?
– What is one currently popular makeup technique that you consider a mistake?
– What is one current trend or technique you wish would go away?
– What makeup product or technique do you keep using although it is now considered old school/not trending?
– Does social media influence your makeup style, application or purchases and how?
– Whatever your current age is, do you see yourself wearing makeup as you grow older, and do you anticipate your style to change?
– How often do you return makeup or skincare products, and why?
– How do you feel about collaborations between cosmetics brands and influencers (Youtubers or bloggers)?
– What is your favorite source of honest information about makeup products: blogs, Youtube, Instagram, consumer reviews, discussion boards?
– What do you think will be the main makeup trends in 2018?

Reehana Shah Avatar

What product have you never strayed from since you started using it?
What finicky/difficult/subpar product do you still use despite the hassle? I.E. lipstick that doesn’t last, or foundation that doesn’t match but you make it work?

Seraphine Avatar

How do you deal with MAC (or other brand) salespeople from two different stores who give you two different foundation matches?

What is your nail polish routine…which base coat, how many polish coats, which top coat, how long between coats, etc.?

How much makeup do you wear to work and do the other women wear as much or as little as you do?

Favorite MAC lipstick finish (matte, satin, lustre, creme sheen, frost, etc.) and why?

If your friend showed up with a very bad makeup blunder, would you say something? Why or why not?

What do you do makeup-wise now that your in your 50s that’s different from when you were in your 20s?

What is your guilty pleasure big splurge makeup item that you love and will buy again?

What is the worst makeup item you ever bought? How about the weirdest?

What is the best dupe, in your opinion

Embarrassing makeup looks of your personal past?

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