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Going to a professional hair colorist experienced in doing intricate, nonconventional hair color and getting oil-slick effect highlights put in my hair! With mostly deep teal, plum, purple and bronze.

It does, doesn’t it, Tammy? I’ve been playing with the idea for many months, but I’ve heard that it’s very expensive and difficult to maintain, so it may have to stay as my own personal fantasy beauty treatment.

I’m looking into trying micro blading! It looks so nice and I’m happy it lasts longer than tinting. Kind of interested to see what it will do to the sales of brow products though

Same here. I almost booked a facial a few weeks ago but I’m kind of iffy on how good the spas in my rural area are, even though I know several people who recommend them.

Maybe dermabrasion. I’ve been suffering from adult acne for the past year or so and I have shallow scars that I’d like to get rid of, or at least soften.

My 46 yo skin is still holding up pretty well with retinols/vitamin C creams, but at some point, I think I might try a professional laser treatment, and I haven’t ruled out botox too, although I’m kind of freaked out by needles But as they say, never say never

Oh and yes, also want to try a professional peel, but for now, the at-home ones are working just fine. Will try to hold out as long as possible, as the professional procedures are pricey and there’s always the risk of side-effects. But I don’t want to do anything too drastic, still want to look like me

I’m giving myself Botox 2 months before I turn 50 as a gift. I want time for it to settle and for me to get used to it before that big birthday.

Not really “soon,” but once I have a career that affords me a comfortable level of disposable income, I’d definitely get my bikini area lasered and maybe my legs and armpits waxed (since I don’t hate having hair in those places sometimes). This seemingly surprises most people, but I’ve never gotten so much as a salon manicure, haircut, or dye! Growing up lower-middle class, paying someone else to do those kinds of things always seemed like a completely unnecessary luxury. I definitely understand the appeal now, but still don’t think it’s worth it for me.

I would love to have laser hair removal on my chin. I hate tweezering but its the only thing that works.
Also the skin on my chin has sagged. I like that lifted. Not sure what exact procedure that would be.

My teenage son had to have six facial lazer treatments for a skin condition. It’s nothing to be afraid of but a three day weekend is a good idea. I thought lazer would be what I would be doing this year when I treated myself to my first dermatology visit (my 50th birthday) but was pleasantly surprised when only peels were recommended.

Ipl laser treatment for redness in my facial area. I would like to not spend so much time in the morning putting on my base makeup. Also electrolysis for hair removal in areas like my underarms and legs. Because waxing/ shaving are a pain in the butt!

Miroblading too but i don’t know , i have not the most full eyebrows but it’s fine, and i love to draw it each day !!!

I had to look up microblading, but that looks pretty cool! I’m mostly into regular, “at-home” beauty, though- doubt I would ever do it and I don’t have any procedures on my wishlist. I think I would be most likely to pursue laser hair removal, but it’s so expensive I’ll stick with waxing.

I’ve been wanting to try botox and fillers. I had an appointment to do botox but found out I’m pregnant so that will just have to wait.

Either lasers or microdermabrasion for some hyperpignmentation. I’m trying other methods to reduce it currently, but if that doesn’t work, I’ll leave it to my dermatologist!

A good European facial that I haven’t found yet here in Montreal. I used to have European facials in my country of origin (Europe) and if correctly done, by a professional, using the right techniques and products, your face looks amazing.
Laser in the bikini and underarm areas. I had laser on my legs and it was the best investment.
And chemical peeling.

Dermastamping, I wouldn’t be opposed to a hint of filler or botox either. It’s just not budget friendly luckily for me, I’m only just starting to age in my late 30’s and I still look pretty young. I’d like to keep it that way. I’m not one to try to look ridiculously younger just less tired is my main goal. Stress and illness are starting to take their toll.

Lasers. Even though Accutane is finally kicking my adult cystic acne to the curb, I have lots of permanent indented acne scars. If it were just shallow scars and hyperpigmentation I’d invest in some strong MUAC peels and call it good; but if I’m risking my liver/kidneys, joints, and mental health to get rid of this acne, I’d like to get rid of these stupid scars too!

Me too! I want to try a filler for my very deep “11” marks between my brows! I just turned 56 and my skin is in pretty decent shape (I take care of it and spend LOTS on expensive skincare products, eek!). BUT, those “11” marks don’t go away for ANYTHING. It’s gonna take a filler. I’d do it today if I could afford it! Not afraid of doing it at all (I had Botox once before….long b4 I ever really needed it LOL), but I just have to afford it first.

The “angry 11.” 🙂 Botox does fix that right up without looking rigid and weird, IMO. 🙂

So many of my young colleagues (in their 30s) get Botox without thinking twice. I was shocked at how many and how matter of fact it was (good for them!). For women in our 50s, Botox is often filled with baggage. It shouldn’t be. It’s just another way to take care of yourself. But it is expensive and it does take upkeep if you want to keep the look.

I got micro blading done and it has been the best 350 dollars I spent . It gets lighter and I still have to fill them myself with brow fillers but it does save me a lot of time . N now I’m not scared my eyebrows erasing when I’m swimming or sweating .

I got shingles a few urs ago really really bad. I have weakened immune system from fighting and surviving Cancer treatments and bone marrow transplant. 13 half yrs now I have beaten it 5-6times. Lost count NHL treatable not curable. They say. They came down the left side of my scalp and into my forehead, eye, nose sides of face. So bad it turned black and was hard like a mask. I have scaring now like I got burnt on my forehead. Perm loss some eyebrow and lashes. Anything to help that my hooded eyes, and get false teeth. Side effects of steroids used for my treatment causes my joints and teeth to deteriate. Both hips replaced and partial right shoulder. Also hair is getting thinner and falling out more than ever. Only loss it once. For transplant. My chemo doesn’t cause me to lose it or usually thin. I’m in remission since April of this yr and haven’t had to do anymore treatment. Lucky it’s slow growing and chemo I get stops it everytime. YEAH??? maybe I could get a new body. I’m a little short too only 5′ and get contacts. Lashes grow wrong and rub my eye the cornea. Makes that died blurry and wear bifocals. But SUPER happy to be alive and I’m a Happy person. Have got to raise my 3 boys. Baby is 16. Attitude helps a lot.

Have to pluck out some eye lashes because I can feel them and feels like u have something in ur eye. Early greying makes them hard to see and find. Been coloring for many yrs. Thanks Hereditary. I’m only late 40s. That’s all I want. Lol. Def getting teeth done. Hopefully in the Fall. Very expensive no Ins.

I don’t know you, but I read your story and I can feel you are a real fighter and you will get through this!!! Your best beauty treatments will always be your great attitude and that inner strength and the peace you show in your words. Your kids are so lucky to have a mom like you. One day at a time girl ??????❤️

I’ve done about 5 rounds of IPL, light fractional resurfacing, 3 micro laser peels, and am finishing up a third round of laser Genesis next week. I’ve also done many at home peels purchased from Makeup Artist’s Choice. I’m 52, and I get hit on by men in their late 20’s and up. Believe me, it’s not about bragging myself up, but man, I do feel good about how I look. And I haven’t broken the bank either, I’ve used lots of Groupons Living Socials, and been given other deals from those same deems and spas. I’ve been a sunscreen queen since my 20’s too, so I’m sure it’s a combination of all of the above. I highly recommend all this stuff, and whatever else feels right to YOU to stay looking and feeling like the best version of yourself. I haven’t done anything with needles – no Botox or fillers. I don’t do physically abrasive things either, like microdermabrasion. I’m prone to redness and hyper pigmentation, so no scratchy stuff. I also regularly use Retin a and Tazorac, too. It sounds like I make a business of this, but mind you it’s been over a period of the last 12 years or so. Anyway – probably the only other thing I might do later is some hard core laser resurfacing, if I feel like I need it.

I’ve thought about microblading, and have heard the best doctors for it are in NY. I have been having microneedling done once a month for the past year. It’s made an amazing difference in the texture of my skin, helping with old acne scars and reducing pore size. It helps break down scar tissue and increase collagen production. I opted for more treatments rather than super aggressive treatments and there is no recovery time; basically like a bad sunburn for a day.

Omigod, I never heard of microblading, just looked it up thanks to you and it sounds like the perfect solution to my ever-worsening missing-brows problem! I’m going to look for a practitioner in my area. Thank you!

I had my eyebrows microbladed at the beginning of the year. I was tired of shaping and filling in my light and sparse brows everyday for years. This service finally became available at a few places close to home, and I did a lot of research before I picked one. I also got a great deal on it, and have been very happy overall.

The person I’ve seen did a wonderful job, they came out looking natural, perfect shading and she shapes them to suit your face. I’m also finding there’s more upkeep needed as they are prone to having some pigment come out or fade. For example, sleeping on a specific side can make some pigment wear off faster on one side over the other. To maintain, I’ll probably need to get touch ups every few months, but for me, it’s so much easier. I have had my brows tinted as well by the same person who does the microblading for extra brow “pop”, but mainly I just fill in any small gaps with a few strokes of brow powder and it blends perfectly and looks great, and so much faster and easier than what I did otherwise. As long as you don’t mind the maintenance or still filling in little spots, I would recommend it. What I like also is if you decide not to keep it up, it fades over time and will still look more natural during the process, unlike actually tattooing your eyebrows, where the tattoo pigment can turn other colors and look funny.

I also had a smoothbeam laser procedure at my dermatologist’s office. I still have super oily skin that breaks out occasionally in my 40’s, and developed little annoying bumps that don’t go away called sebaceous hyperplasia around my face, and nothing else really gets rid of them. They apply numbing cream half an hour before, but the laser zaps still stung with little rubber band snap pricks where they treated. My face looked broken out for a few days after, but now those spots are gone and cleared and I’m really happy with the results.

I’m interested in looking into some other similar anti-aging treatments, but botox/needles or anything leaving my face red and raw just makes me uncomfortable.

I have found that the pigment can fade in spots due different things. The side I mostly sleep on has lost a little more pigment then the other side. I do also shade mine in with a few strokes of brow powder and have also had them tinted on top by the same person who did the microblading. but it’s still so much easier and convenient than what I was doing everyday. I plan to get touch ups every few months, but

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