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The other day, I was just thinking about how I wish there were more Rouge Gs to choose from!

I’d also love to see NARS come out with bolder, more unique Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner colours.

Now that would sure be cool! Even though I can’t afford a $50 lipstick because I blow all my $$$’s on eyeshadow palettes and skincare ( clothing, too! ), but it would still be fun to see what Guerlain came up with!
For me, it would probably be Hourglass expanding their range into more olive, tan and deep skintone friendly shades. Their foundations, Ambient Lighting powders and blush shades definitely.

So true! Last spring I was too pale for the lightest color in most brands. Now I have a little tan so I’m too dark for the fair and light colors but too light for medium colors. So frustrating!

I love LancΓ΄me’s [Tient Idole Ultra] foundation line. Although they have a large foundation color range (compared to most companies), the line still needs more tweaking. The darker end of their foundation spectrum needs to be expanded: between 430 – 560. We predominately yellow undertoned, dark skin individuals get no love. ? + β™₯ = ?. We have to settle for warm shades that are a smidge off or just a bit too warm. I can’t speak on behalf of the red/cool and the neutral undertoned community.

I would love to wear their foundation during the fall/winter months, but there isn’t a shade that would match me. ?

I really love the formula of those so it would be great to have some more available! Maybe some deeper tones (Mood Exposure is my favorite) and some darker ones like a deep red or an even deeper plum would be great for darker skintones. I’m super pale and they seem to really be catered to the ghost-faced types like me instead of my beautiful darker sisters (and brothers, I’m not gonna box makeup into a gender category!)

All foundations. I’ve started using sunscreen regularly and got bumped out of the nc-15 area. Can’t try so many great formulas because there’s no match. Will be purchasing a white mixer soon.

Whilst there are 40+ NARS Audacious lipsticks, I would love to see more cool toned shades in the collection (especially the nudes)~ as I love the formula but I have not the whitest teeth and a cooler complexion

I second that and I expand that request of ALL lipsticks and shadow palettes, too, actually. Everything is always warm and however pretty they may be in the tube (or in the pan), they don’t look good on everyone! How many warm nudes and golds can we have, people?

I also would love more cooler tones in NARS and other brands, as well. Nothing wrong with warms but they are tough to cool down. I rarely find “perfect” colors so often have to layer two or more. I find it’s a lot harder to cool down a warm than warm up a cool. Hope that makes sense. πŸ˜‰

For sure it would be Lise Watier’s 24 Hours Glam eyeshadow pencils. They are amazing but the shade range is pretty limited and all are pretty reflective. More shades and a choice of finishes would be bliss.

I think that most companies could benefit from expanding their foundation color range. There are a few brands/lines that have a decent variety–MUFE, MAC, Urban Decay– but I think for the most part it’s hard to find very fair shades (or even neutral fair shades; most have overwhelmingly pink or peach undertones). And there never seem to be many options for darker skin tones.

I wholeheartedly agree MissJae1908!!! When they get to the deeper end of the spectrum for most foundations they all turn red. Finding my bestie a color that worked was a chore for this exact reason.

I’d love to see BB creams expand their shade ranges and refine their shades in general. I hate seeing college-aged girls in badly matched, orangey BB creams.

I wish Revlon’s balm stains had a few neutral offerings. Revlon is my favorite formula among that type of product, and goodness knows I own most of the shades anyway, but there’s not a lot of subtlety to be found in that range. Maybe it’s the nature of the formulation? Neutrogena’s pencil in Rich Raisin is an almost-perfect contender, but there are one or two missteps in the formula, IMO.

I need (NEED LOL) the major eye shadow brands (UD, MUFE) to get it together and put out some legit cool-toned offerings. Most people have cool undertones! These brands are putting out a bunch of warm products and then wondering why people don’t love them.

It’s because whenever they come out with cool tones, you hear everyone complaining about how they *wish* the colors were “warmer” and “bronzier”. See: Naked 2, which everyone seems to hate for no reason at all πŸ™ If I had a nickel for every time I heard “This is a nice palette, I guess, but I wish they’d included some warm tones, I just love golden, coppery shades!” I mean, that’s great that you love copper so much, but we’re talking about a cool palette now – can’t you put that aside for a moment?

Sorry, I went on a rant.

First of all, Ray, this is not in response to your comment and no disrespect is intended. I’m commenting on what VT had to say.

I hear ya, VT. I’ve often wondered why people can’t accept a product for what it is and get over it if it doesn’t suit them personally. Whenever I hear someone lament that something is too sheer, too opaque, too matte, too dewey, too cool, too warm, I just think, “Ugh! Not every product was designed with you in mind! There are millions of women who will be looking at this product and they certainly don’t all resemble you in looks or in taste. Can’t they have something beautiful, too?”

Yes, I agree. Especially with the warm toned palettes, there are so many of them, so if there is maybe one that is just barely neutral (not even really “cool toned”), there is an outcry about it, but for those who don’t like this colour combination, there are plenty of alternatives πŸ™‚

The other way round it is much harder to find the right things – because brands actually listen to the majority (seems to be the majority) and produce most items with warm toned people in mind πŸ˜€ For example in many MAC LEs, when there are three blushes, usually two of them are leaning warm.

So please don’t talk brands out of the one rare as a rainbow-coloured unicorn cloudy rainy day cold palette they offer once every five years.

Plus when there is a cool palette, or cool-ish palette, often it is not evven good, like now the new MAC Mauve palette for the holidays :/

Yes, exactly! They’re always so bad! And don’t even get me started on blush; I have like, one color – the one cool, barbie pink every brand does. That’s it. I would love a blush palette so much, or one of those lipstick sets brands come out with for the holidays, but I can never get anything, because without fail, it’s three coral/peach/warm rose blushes and a dark, warm bronzer and warm reds, nudes/browns or orange lipsticks. It’s sad.

I cannot wait to see Jeffree Star expand his makeup line even more than it is now. I just got his newest two shades yesterday Masochist (a berry toned fuchsia) and Dominatrix (deep chocolate brown) and both of them are perfection even on my nc45 skin tone. They apply evenly, their formula is creamy and smooth, they dry down nicely, and they don’t stain at all. I wore both shades for a while and neither dried out my lips at all even without applying any balm that day. It’s hard not to love all of that. πŸ™‚

IT Cosmetics needs a shade between porcelain & neutral medium. If you order “light” in the Bye Bye Undereye Concealer you get sent a “neutral medium”, but the fair or porcelain is too white.

I was just thinking a couple days ago that I wish Dior would make their fall cream blush permanent, the DiorBlush Cheek Stick, and make more shades! I think it’s a great formula but it’s LE and there are only 3 shades available.

All foundations, BB creams, concealers, etc. Finding a foundation light and neutral enough for me is difficult. Finding a concealer one to two shades lighter is nigh impossible. The other end of the spectrum, the very dark shades, need expanding. More undertones need to be represented.

All mascaras. I think even brand and type should have a black, a brown, a navy, a blackended purple, and a burgundy.

Tarte eyeshadows and Too Faced eyeshadows. Both need to stop repeating shades so often. Tarte needs to do something besides browns.

This is an awesome question! My answer is: Becca! While I appreciate how this brand coordinates its liquid illuminators with its poured and pressed formulas, I do wish there were more shades available, and I’d also just generally like to see their brand’s range expanded at least a little. Maybe some color-correcting liquid illuminators (a peach, a lavender, etc.) and more eyeshadow shades, for example. Their eyeshadow formula is pretty solid, but the shade variety is so startlingly limited! Ok, rant over! πŸ™‚

Christine – are you in Morgan Hill? Tripping since I was born and raised in Gilroy and I saw Morgan Hill at the bottom of my email ❀️❀️

I am a huge Bobbi Brown fan and I wish her palettes had more colors. I stopped buying her palettes because I felt like I was buying the same colors over and over again… Just different packaging.

More pale (with pink undertones) and deep shades of foundations – especially from the “drugstore” range of foundations to make them more affordable for everyone.
Again the drugstore range – coloured mascaras of different hues. Generally there is a choice between black, black and black/brown.

Um, mascara? It’s fine as long as you like black. Or maybe brown. Why are there only ever blues and greens (and pretty tepid ones at that…) released as limited editions? OK, I’m looking at you MAC Zoom Lash…

I want more fair foundation shades. Many foundations are too dark/warm for me. I love MUFE powder foundation (too dark), EL DoubleWear Foundation (discontinued lightest shade….only sold in Europe now for more than double $$), Clinique Foundation/concealer too dark πŸ™

I’d like to see more colors of Fresh Lip Balm in the cream finish. I know they have a lot overall but I love them so I’d like more πŸ™‚

Super pale or super dark foundations and I’d also like to see more skincare ingredients in color products.

I wish Ulta had a more complete Catrice line. Their German site is unreal for selection. And everyone ought to have more mascara shades than black. Some have> 4 blacks and not even 1 brown. Some days with neutral looks, I long for a light to med. taupe mascara.

Probably not helping πŸ™‚ but I have access to Catrice and don’t think they are all that good or extraordinary. Their foundation and lipsticks are ok, but the rest is nothing special (and getting more expensive every year). Since you mention Ulta I guess you are in the US; I would think most other drugstore brands (Maybelline, L’Oreal, Milani, Revlon? and similar) basically offer the same. Of course it is an individual opinion πŸ™‚ but I really don’t think Catrice has anything that you could not get elsewhere at a similar price point.

I’m in total agreement. Why on earth don’t they come up with more colors of Rouge G lipsticks? What are they waiting for? Women use up far more in lipstick than they do with eye shadow or anything else really. What other makeup item is re-applied so many times a day? I hope they come up with some cool colors soon. There are lots of reds and oranges and dark purply reds but I need something like a cool pink purple rose, like lips only better.

I know this is old-school but I’d like to see more shades in LipSense by SeneGence. Although in the last year I’ve purchased nearly every long-lasting lipstick mentioned here, nothing compares to LipSense for staying power.

I would love to see more shades of Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Cremes. The formula is so fantastic but the color range is pretty tame. I would love to see more colors on either end of the spectrum as there isn’t really anything orange-y or anything that’s a true purple.

Revlon Colorstay Balm Stains!

I have a huge lipstick collection that I wear to most places, but I work at a food truck part time, and the most useful thing in the crazy heat are those balm stains, but most of the ones I own lean pink. I’d definitely love to see some more interesting colors in that formula.

I wish the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation would go the way of Chanel and Guerlain’s foundations and actually include three separate lines for the different undertones within their range. The original .0 numbers are all absolutely perfect for me and most women I know, but the .75 and the .5 numbers have completely different undertones and are very peachy pink! It makes it so confusing – personally, I’d like to see them separated into a Pink/Peach range for people with those undertones, and then have the in-between shades actually be different shades in the same line! So that would be an expanded range, but also a separation of shades that don’t fit.

I’d also like to see the Rouge G line include more browned/nuanced shades, since a lot of the shades are really clear and bright. Oh, and I’d love to see the Armani Acqua Collection Eyes to Kill eyeshadows added to the permanent range – that’d be an expansion of the line in a very welcome area, bronzes, metallics, molten metals!

IT Cosmetics and Armani cosmetics. They both need expansions on their deeper shades. Not all WOC have red undertones. IT Cosmetics needs deeper shades beyond “Rich”. If they work with plastic surgeons in Brazil this should be possible by now.

I’ve been very happy with Bare Minerals for the last almost decade. It was my recent frustration with their lip products, or lack of, that sent me on a quest. Still love Buxom Full-On Lip Stick, but not much happening. They keep making new, in my opinion, inferior products instead of focusing on that great existing one! I then discovered Bite Beauty. My favorite product there is Matte CrΓ¨me Crayon. Such a beautiful product, but not nearly enough color choices. Tried some others I wouldn’t bother mentioning but then came across my newest friend ColourPop. After 5 orders I am pretty happy with my lip choices, favorite product Matte Lippie Stix. OF COURSE my #1 favorite color of theirs, SQUEEZE was Limited Edition and now the collection it came in is officially discontinued. They have similar colors and some that mix into a close shade. I have them all but sometimes you just want that one great shade in your bag for quick easy touch ups. So right now I’m yearning for CPC to make Squeeze a regular single permanent item. Not likely, but that is my answer. πŸ˜‰

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