What product do you want but need to be talked out of?

If you haven’t stopped by /r/makeuprehab, you might not be as well-acquainted with the idea of a “TMO’ or a “Talk Me Out” (see their FAQ), which is where there’s a product you want but is making you hesitate for one reason or another. The way this should work is for people to list a product they want to be talked out of and then others jump in and help talk them out of buying the item! 🙂 Here’s an example:

Talk Me Out of… Tarte Toasted Palette — it’s a bunch of warm neutrals, nothing we haven’t seen before, and I know I have 400 iterations of it released in the last year alone! (Well, this would work on someone that isn’t buying to review,
but hopefully, that illustrates the concept!)

Talk Me Out of: [item]
Why you’re hesitating: [your reasoning]

— Christine


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AG Avatar

The Prism palette. It looks different and nice but I paid for Subculture and I am unable to use it. Probably my fault as I am not a pro but still, not in the mood t0 stash more palettes that I won’t be able to use.

Christine Avatar

Do you have any similar shades in your stash that are Prism like that maybe you could use with Subculture (since you already have it!) and just use Subculture more sparingly (e.g. one or two shades from it rather than only the palette), where it might be easier to use Subculture if it’s only a shade at a time?

Jennifer Avatar

Talk me out of: Tom Ford Lipstick
Why: I don’t “need” a TF lipstick. I’ve never bought one though. I can’t decide which one I want and they are pricy. But, I still want one! ?

Rita Avatar

I have two and other then the packaging they’re not worth it vs any other brand. Bite Beauty’s lipsticks for example are more moisturizing and last longer, in fact, most bullet lipsticks that I have are longer lasting and much cheaper.

This isn’t really a tmo but: if you really want one you could try and get a mini when sephora has it as a gwp (though it’s usually a $35 not $25 limit).

Katie Avatar

I have 2 but they’re similar … Huda Beauty Desert Heat Palette and Natasha Denona Lila Palette. Both are “sitting” in my Sephora cart. I have so many eyeshadow palettes, I will never use all of them before I die. Both are pricey, especially Natasha’s. If I dig hard enough, I could probably find similar colors in the makeup I already have. Yet, I can’t make myself remove either Palette from my cart! Help!

Christine Avatar

Try going through each palette and mentally circling the shades you’re most drawn to – how many are they? How about shades you’d never use? How many? Think about whether you’re someone who prefers to use a palette all on its own or do you mix palettes? The Lila is harder to use as a standalone palette if you like variation in finish!

jel888 Avatar

Concur with Christine on the do you really need and are drawn to the color in the palettes (and that based on thinking about what you have and what colors work for you). I didn’t do that , got the Huda Desert Dusk (because I just wanted so to try a Huda eyeshadow palette), and was quite disappointed. I would have preferred save that money for another palette (especially since what I’d like is even more expensive.

Rita Avatar

What I do when I buy palettes is:

divide the dollar amount vs shadows (five pan palette for $60 = 5/$60 = $12 a shade)

Decide if the quality for each individual shade is worth it, if not recalculate the $/shadow (four A’s and a C = 4/$60 = $15 a shade)

Then see how many of the remaining shades are a) something I would wear and b) unique in my collection.

Recalculate because of that medium brown that is no different then the other three I already own, 3/$60 equals $20 a eyeshadow!

Another thing to consider is how much money you want to spend on average per use, per pruduct. like spending fifty bucks on a lipstick and wearing it ten times costs $5 a use, which for me personally is too much. Though if I hate the way something looks and can’t return it I don’t make myself wear it over the vanity full of things I do like.

Dawn Molero Avatar

Talk me out of: a new Chanel red lipstick in those nice red cases they are doing for holiday.

I’m hesitating: I do wear red but not very often and I already have 4 good ones that are flattering….but it’s Chanel red.

Seraphine Avatar

This is a very good strategy. I’ve been wanting a Pat McGrath red and a Chanel red…just because. But I already own several great reds and not a lot of occasions to wear them. I almost ordered the Pat McGrath, but I spent a few nights trying on all the reds I already own and successfully talked myself out of buying it!

jel888 Avatar

Definitely won’t get a red. But I’d be tempted if there’s a NYX Fortune Cookie lipstick color in Pat or Chanel’s line, argh. I know, that probably doesn’t help, huh?

Christine Avatar

It’s not a very cohesive palette, so it’s not going to be as versatile as another palette (with a similar # of shades) – and at the price of ND, you might be able to build your own palette or pick up a few singles to recreate the look and feel of Lila looks for less than the Lila palette!

Erica Avatar

Her shadows are nothing special anyway
They aren’t deserving of the absorbent prices and have no quality better than MAC which is not bad but not worth… what is she charging $65 to $80? Psst who is Natasha Denona anyway? Never heard of her until Trendmood started hyping her.

Erica Avatar

I think I missed the boat now that I’ve bought the NYX Fire Palette, Colourpop Yes Please palette, MAC Gold Bag w Whisper of Gilt,ABH Prism Palette and the Jaclyn Hill Palette all in the name of “Christmas” lol I’m actually pretty good *usually* of talking myself out of unnecessary over hyped products. Don’t need KVD Saints and Sinners, Fenty anything, Too Faced latest launches, NARS and UD anything. Nope not gonna buy no matter how much these brands are talked up

Erica Avatar

Tbh I’ve been wearing the Prism palette all week. I haven’t worn it much.

I have used the two yellow shades, which are the colors I bought the palette for and really liked them. Also I got it off the NYX site and used a 25% off code so it was worth it for me

Pearl Avatar

Too late – All of the MAC Snow Ball items I just bought. I didn’t need them but I love the packaging and am brand loyal.

Things I haven’t bought yet but I am arguing wiith myself over:

Any of the Pat McGrath – the lipsticks look gorgeous especially the eyeshadow palettes but I don’t think I’d wear anything other than the neutral colors. I also like a cohesive looking collection, and I feel like if I just bought one thing, I’d have to buy all the things. I know this and yet still I want to get a few things.

Tom Ford lipsticks – I have too many other brand lipsticks that I am trying to work through so they don’t spoil. Maybe once I run through a couple of things and actually in need of a certain color, I can consider them. I’m trying to justify that I could just get some of the minis, but I know I shouldn’t and yet still I want them.

The Holiday Guerlain Meteorites – I don’t need it. I have the last couple of years plus a steady supply of their regular Meteorites and I went on eBay and found a few others that I like as well. The only reason I would be getting this would be for the packaging. And yet still I want.

Pearl Avatar

YAY! I find I don’t use the other special editions on the daily anyway. I love the way they look so they are nice for a vanity adornment, but my daily staple is just the regular Meteorites anyway.

Marie Avatar

All of the Viseart and Natasha Denona palettes. They’re so expensive!!! And especially bc I already own all the same colors— It’s just 12 more shades of brown eyeshadow!!!

But yeah. I tried them in the store and now I have the palettes in my shopping cart. And I take it out. And I read the reviews. And then I put them back in. And put. And in.

Denise Avatar

I have three of the $80 palettes (Neutral and Dark Mattes, and Paris Nudes), all purchased at discounted prices of ~$60 each. They’re great eyeshadows, but I almost never use the Dark Mattes or Paris Nudes. And yet, I still need talking out of the insanely expensive Pro palette. Help!

Christine Avatar

Hey Cady!

I gave my replies on both of these in other places in the thread so you can search for those, but in general when talking about new palettes… here are things I’d ask or consider:

1.) How many shades would you use (realistically! not once maybe someday!) in the palette?
2.) How many shades do you have great dupes for already?
3.) How important is cohesion? Do you see multiple looks jumping out at you when you look at the palette?

jel888 Avatar

I’d like to hope that this would happen for these palettes too, because they’re the only ones I’m eyeing, especially Subversive. I have tried talking myself out today even since the name turns me off, like the Lust series, but it isn’t working. Boo hoo!

Christine Avatar

Check out the price per ounce of each first – see how much more (or less) expensive one is over the other. If you rarely use glitter adhesive, paying less period (even if more per ounce!) is better since you’re unlikely to finish the tube and as a liquid/cream product, it’s more likely to go bad over time vs. a powder product!

Mariella Avatar

What a FUN topic!!!!

Talk me out of the new, LE Dior highlighter (I forget what it’s called but it’s the one you just featured a few days back).
Why I’m hesitating – I so don’t need it. I have the LE Glowing Gardens one from a few years ago and have barely touched it and I have several dupes of the Holiday/LE one shown here. It’s also pricey and I’d feel differently if I didn’t have similar products already. But it’s so beautiful that I feel myself drawn to it.

Mariella Avatar

I don’t think I’d use it more – it’s just that it’s so pretty and I have such low will-power! I do use the Glowing Gardens one – it’s not like I regret buying it – but most days, for work, I don’t use a highlighter at all so Glowing Gardens gets trotted out for special occasions – a dinner date or drinks with friends. I should use it more because I really do love it but highlighters just aren’t part of my daytime makeup. But it’s that low willpower/magpie thing!

Anne Avatar

Why not start applying the Glowing Gardens very strategically with a light hand (fan brush) for day? When I do, I don’t find it a problem at all. And, I’m the last person who wants to look like a daytime glitter ball! This is such a gorgeous highlighter; please don’t save it for just evening!!!

Leila Avatar

Just think of how long it would take you to finish Glowing Gardens, then how many beautiful highlighters will get released in that time. There’s bound to be something you’d want badly in the future, hardly a season goes by without a new release that makes your heart beat faster, am I right?

Well, thinking of future releases I haven’t seen yet is definitely reigning me in lately. Also, thinking back to other items I felt the same way about in the past and comparing how I feel about them todayl. Tames the magpie somewhat.

Nicole D Avatar

Mariella, as Christine mentioned, there’s always another highlighter of high quality around the corner. Me, personally, I’m waiting for the Chanel one with the lion design embossed in the highlighter itself (it’s gorgeous); its release is scheduled for the beginning of the next year.

Ginny Avatar

I usually find the thrill of a product like that fades pretty quickly. In a few months you’ll probably be like why did I buy that, I have so many highlighters…

Kayla K Avatar

Zelda, I feel you. I have the Morphe 35F palette which has dupes for at least half of the Heavy Metals palette (the warm neutrals side) and then some. Basically it has every bronze, gold, or cranberry metallic warm neutral you could ever want. And I have Vice and Spectrum palettes, as well as some quads & singles, that cover the brights side. I’m sure I’m duped out. But the appeal is still there. It’s a pretty, well-done palette with a great score (thanks, Christine ?) BUT do we REALLY NEED to spend the money just because of that when we ALREADY HAVE dupes? Nah. We don’t. I agree with Christine. Pull out your dupes and wear them. See if you love your dupes more than the appeal of this palette, or at least find them sufficient. See if you even want to wear your dupes all that much, maybe metallics aren’t as fun as you remembered. Keep in mind that you probably can’t use this palette on its own unless you like all shimmer on the eyes, you’ll need to pull mattes from somewhere else for a cohesive look. Unless you’re already the type of person who rifles through multiple palettes or whatever to create looks, it could just be an added hassle. I’d wait it out. Resist temptation. Besides, they’ll end up discounting it in January or February like they usually do with the holiday palettes. If it’s still speaking to you then, you can grab it for $35 instead. But I don’t think you’ll need to.

kjh Avatar

For an individual who is our prime source for new realease info, it’s so refreshing to see that you are not an enabler. I’m finding it easier daily to talk myself out of lots of product, and that’s a great thing. Using your features and reviews, it can be quite easy to get things you want, and eliminate things you don’t need, due to duping. The FOMO thing is what to get over. If you don’t pull the trigger NOW, you will be eternally disappointed. At times, true. Patience can be its own reward, as well. Just scored a d/c’d Poppy (lipstick queen) Rust sinner that I hesitated on, from QVC at full price. After window shopping at Ulta, cruised the Rack, and found one for 1/3 msrp, quite the difference from QVC. Jussi had mangled it. I REALLY wanted a replacement, and there was one, with no box/label. After minor ado, score! Picked up a Rust Saint as well. They are gone. I loved them. It was a deal. They are personal favorite fall shades, and I have been a Poppy fan since her first collection, at age 18., 20-25 year’s ago. That is how delighted we should feel about our makeup purchases: not guilty about overspending, or getting things that do not suit us, because they are available, hyped, LE, and look good on our chosen YouTuber. Looks as if the current iPad iOS update doesn’t do reddit, at least from your link. Been there, good service.

kjh Avatar

Lots! Many things aren’t iPad friendly. I think I tried reddit per se, and no clicks worked, so I think it isn’t an iPad/ Temptalia issue. The older iOSs worked fine w/reddit. Also: Willpower and executive functions are up to us. You are here to guide us to the possibilities. The winnowing is up to us.

Rachel Avatar

Talk me out of: Too Faced Clover Palette
Why I’m hesitating:
1. Expensive
2. I already own a bunch of similar colors
3. I don’t like the Too Faced company
But! The palette is sooooo cute and themed after a dog, which I’m obsessed with. Please talk me out of buying it! 🙁

AJ Avatar

You made some pretty good arguments right there in your post. What if you took the same amount of money you would spend on the palette and donated it to a local dog rescue, or bought some other, more useful, dog-themed item where the proceeds go to a rescue group?

kjh Avatar

Or to Best Friends, where tf is donating. They are doing Harvey dogs. There is a super post from a rescuer, who is Canadian, and helping out US dogs, on Muse/this palette. Yesterday or today. Or the petfinder foundation. Or locally, esp to a high kill shelter, or my fave, puppy mill mother rescues.

Seraphine Avatar

These are all great answers. I’ve had the same feeling about the Clover palette as Rachel, especially because of the Best Friends donation. Too Faced is so inconsistent, so I’m waiting for the review. And directly supporting Beat Friends is a better way to go, anyway.

Nancy T Avatar

Because I AM going to get the ND Lila Palette come hell or high water, I’m not even going to say that one!

However, as much as I was lusting after JP Saharan ll, I am not happy with how their company has treated you and other vloggers and bloggers. ATM, I have told myself that I can get ND Aeris instead…but Aeris is far more expensive. So I am in the midst of an internal tug of war over Juvia’s Place Saharan ll vs. Natasha Denona Aeris! What is it about gleamy aquas with warm neutrals that’s literally GRABBING at me? Hellllllp! ?

Christine Avatar

They posted a photo of the Nubian palette that was mine (I took it) on their Instagram without credit/asking for permission. I messaged them via Instagram asking for them to remove it. I waited until the next morning, and I saw they had posted two more photos on their Instagram (so they “at work” and active) but no response to my message, so I filed a copyright claim via Instagram’s DMCA form. Instagram took down the image a day or so after that. After I got the notification from Instagram that the photo was removed, I went to check Juvia’s Place’s Instagram account, just to be sure, and I found out that I had been blocked.

I tweeted out that I had been blocked (it’s far too common that brands take photos and don’t credit, so that’s more annoying than a total black mark – blocking me for protecting my work is a different story!), and I got an email from Juvia’s Place shortly after. I explained to them that my issue was with the act of blocking. They said they had not heard of me (why I include that is that somehow being a “nobody” seemed like justification for doing what they did, not that I am in disbelief they aren’t aware of my site) and always credit their creators, and they said they found the image from another Instagram (but note, they did not credit that Instagram account in their post either… there was no credit at all).

They apologized to me, they unblocked me, and then after perusing Temptalia some, they refunded me for my last order (~$20ish) unprompted. I did feel like they did what they could to “make it right” (at best, they could have posted an apology on Instagram itself), but ultimately, I was expecting to look to the future and see how they behaved going forward more than anything, hoping that they would learn and grow from the experience. It does, unfortunately, appear that they are very quick to block anything they deem an “attack,” which is anything that isn’t positive, as I’ve heard from several readers who were blocked after referencing the whole debacle. I have already told them that blocking people sends a very different message (an attempt to silence vs. being apologetic).

I have heard from various readers and non-readers alike that they have had issues like getting used palettes, not getting palettes (and having to threaten BBB complaints to get refunds), etc. to a loud enough degree that it can’t be just a few one-off bad experiences. I had heard these earlier on when they started out, but the complaints seemed to die down so I figured it was growing pains and they had improved their customer service when I decided to purchase their palettes from HauteLook. And just to be transparent, I have purchased from them directly three times this year and had no issues.

Genevieve Avatar

Thank you for explaining the issue – but really, that’s not following good business practice at all. And if the brand thinks it can cover things up, they are forgetting the maxim – Truth is the Daughter of Time.

Rachel R. Avatar

I had heard about this on another group. Apparently they did this to at least one other blogger in addition to yourself. I have trouble believing they hadn’t heard of either of you, especially Temptalia (99% when I google anything makeup related, Temptalia pops up in the top 5, if not the #1, results). And as you said, even if you were a “nobody,” that’s not excuse for using uncredited pictures.

I personally have had no problems with them or their products, but this makes me not want to buy from them any more until I see a prolonged period of them doing right.

xamyx Avatar

Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora palette… I just picked up Moonchild on a whim (I managed to talk myself out of it upon release) when I was placing an order on Sephora already, and impulsively bought it. While I don’t regret Moonchild one bit, as I *love* & can actually wear all 6 shades, there are only 2 in Aurora I *really* want, and 1 I don’t think I’ll even wear… Besides, I’ve gone completely overboard on highlighters over the past 3 months…

Rita Avatar

TMO Pat McGrath Major Red.

Why I want it: I wear red lipstick probably second most, after mauvey pink mlbb’s, and the only proper satin red that I’ve had for three years just went off, and whIle I have three other reds, my lips have been pretty dry lately, and they’re all none-moisturizing to somewhat-drying. the formula sounds amazing, and it’s a really classic colour that I’d wear year-round but especially during the holiday season. I really wanted one of the brands palettes but they’re out of my price range, so buying a lipstick will (somewhat) solace my disappointment. Also, I love how heavy most high end lipsticks are, there’s just something incredibly satisfying about a really luxe lipstick.

Why I shouldn’t get it, I have three ther red lipsticks (UD’s old bad blood, Mac’s Russian red, and Besame’s red velvet) for when my lips aren’t too dry and 9/16 of my other colors are quite hydrating.

Rita Avatar

I didn’t realize it was permanent. My lips are usually fine during the summer, but drier during winter which is annoying since I prefer to wear my bolder colors then.

I do appreciate your enabling, and now I feel (somewhat) justified getting it 😉 though I’ll probably wait for the sephora sale.

Are the lipsticks heavier then say Besame’s packaging? Because I much prefer a slight heft to my lipsticks. Thanks.

L.E. Avatar

TMO Pat Macgrath lipstick Major Red. Why I want it: it’s such a stunning red! And you gave it such a good review! Why I’m hesitating: it’s too pricey for me, I’ve already spent quite a lot on makeup in the past month, and I have more than 20 red lipsticks!

L.E. Avatar

Yes, you’re right, no need to give in to the impulse to buy it now, I can wait a few months, finish a few of my existing lipsticks and if I still feel the urge, and I can spare the extra cash, I can get it.

L.E. Avatar

I do have so many dupes for it, it’s just that I seem to have this real weakness for red lipsticks. And I want to try different formulas and finishes, so I probably have several dupes, but I’d like to try this new formula, and a more high end lipstick. It’s silly of me, I know, because they’re all red lipsticks at the end of the day, anyway.

Genevieve Avatar

No, it’s not silly because I feel the same about coppery shades – just love different nuances and finishes (except for matte).
It’s just that one time I bought myself a Chanel lipstick as a treat and it lasted 3 weeks because it broke. And I couldn’t get a refund…….I learnt a little lesson there.

L.E. Avatar

Ouch! Three weeks! Yeah I’d be pretty upset if that happened too. I’ve never tried buying such expensive high end makeup before, so it would be as a treat for sure, but then you’re right that it would be highly upsetting for it to break or get misplaced because then you’ve lost the money and the expensive makeup. Thanks for the advice, definitely making me think this through more!

Andrea Avatar

If this helps I’m also really interested in the Pat McGrath lipsticks since they (mostly) got an A Plus.
However I’m not going to give into temptation because ColourPop has As in lip products, which is not much of a difference really. And they are only $6 each instead of $38!

I could get 6 good quality lipsticks (for different occasions/moods and what not) for 1 good quality lipstick…Seems like a better deal to me.

L.E. Avatar

Thank you very much for the advice! You’re definitely right about that, in fact that’s usually my philosophy. The only reason I wanted to get this one is that I’ve never purchased an expensive, high end lipstick (my limit is usually in the MAC price range, and usually when on sale) and I was wondering if they’re any different and would I like one as a treat. But realistically, at this point it is above my budget for lipstick, and since it’s permanent anyway, I have more time to think about it, and maybe the urge will pass and I won’t get it after all ?

Christie Avatar

Mine isn’t a makeup product, but rather the Dyson Supersonic. I keep putting it into my Sephora cart and taking it out. My hairdresser uses it and raves about it. I’ve been planning since May to buy it in November with the 20% off but I know, when the time comes, I’ll chicken out again b/c “Christmas is coming” and/or I could put the money towards a sunny vacay… Oooooo I want that hair dryer so badly though! Why?!?!?!

Christine Avatar

All the raves, probably!

If you already have a pretty good hair dryer, the incremental improvements may not b worth the price point! What do you currently have / are you unhappy with it? Has your hair dresser used it on you or only on herself?

Christie Avatar

It IS all the raves! And I love the look of it. And I love that it’s a faster dry time (it seems). The salon I go to uses them – the stylists all love them. At that price, though, I would need it to last me a lifetime. I’ve never had anything more expensive than a conair, never contemplated a Drybar or T3 b/c I thought that price point was outrageous, but somehow I’m willing to spend MORE on a Dyson. I trust the name/technology, I suppose, among everything else I mentioned. And then I think “400 (after 20% off) on a hairdryer?!?! Am I crazy?!?!” Ha! Maybe the fact that I’d NEVER be able tell my husband what I paid for it is a sign! ; )

Katie Avatar

It’s excludes from all the codes at Ulta, but has been available on the Sephora VIB/Rouge Dale Codes that only come up a couple of times a year. November usually means 20% off for Rouges, so that would be the time to buy it, but it’s still so expensive!

Jade Avatar

I need to be talked out of: Laura Mercier’s Eye Art Artist’s Palette, Nars’ Montparnasse, Viseart’s Amethyst. I’m 47 yrs old with brown eyes, brown hair, light to medium skintone. I have hooded eyes and I would like a plum or purple eyeshadow. Hopefully matte eyeshadow. I would like to do a simple eyeshadow look, just the lid and crease.

Katie Avatar

Of the three, I would suggest Viseart Amethyst (which I really love), but if you are only wanting one to two purple/plum shades, it seems like you would be better off buying singles.

Anita Law Avatar

The Subculture palette. Given how polarising the reviews are, and how all positive reviews tend to come with some pretty hefty negatives I hate that I love the colour scheme so much and still want it in spite of all the negative reviews ☹️

Seraphine Avatar

I still have to tell myself “NO!” when I see the Subculture palette. I talk myself out of it at the store by trying to blend some of the shades on the back of my hand and seeing how difficult it is to work with them. That stops me from purchasing it every time.

Genevieve Avatar

That’s a great idea – Talk Me Out Of……
At the moment, none of the eyeshadow palettes appeal to me because nearly all of the shades are based on reds/oranges and pinks that I don’t wear. So I am lucky, in that respect.

The only one I have talked myself out of is last year’s Estee Lauder/Victoria Beckhams 6 pan eyeshadow palette – I had too many similar shades in my repetoire and it was so expensive.

Seraphine Avatar

Talk me out of: Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette

Why: Because I have so many palettes already. Because I have dupes of many of the shades In that palette. Because I shouldn’t spend the money. Because out of all the shades, there’s really only one that I desperately want (Immaculate). And despite all of these good reasons, I still can’t help being on the verge of buying it. Please talk me out of it!!!

Seraphine Avatar

I do really like most of the shades, don’t get me wrong. The whole palette is beautiful, but that one shade is especially gorgeous. As far as having room, I have a lucite storage thing that stacks my regular size palettes on individual shelves, but KVD S&S is a palette I’d want to display on my makeup table because the packaging is so awesome.

Seraphine Avatar

It is very similar, but it would cost $10 + $2 shipping just for the one shade. On Sephora’s site I can get the whole KVD palette for $55 + tax using the VIB discount I currently have.

Instead of being talked out of it, I find myself defending my urge to buy it. Lol!!! I don’t think this is how TMO is supposed to work.

My biggest problem is that I’ve been spending way too much money on makeup in the past year and I really need to stop running up my credit cards.

thirteenthirteen Avatar

Oh man, I know this palette logic so well but think about what you’re saying – you’re defending the idea of spending $55 because you want a specific color rather than spend $12 for that single color – because with the extra $43 you’ll get a bunch of stuff you don’t even particularly want.

Seraphine Avatar

Lol!!!! Well said!

But there are many shades in this palette that are different from anything I own, that I might use, too. It’s a great palette. I just put it in my Sephora cart, then removed it, then put it back in, then logged out of the app to stop myself. It’s just a freakin’ eyeshadow palette…how does this become such an obsession?

Meredith Ryter Avatar

I returned the kat von d palette it was too big and I have way better shadows than that for $62. It was hard to get color combos for me when other palettes blend like magic and the color combos are easy to see. Just my opinion this is not worth it..

Seraphine Avatar

It does seem like an odd combination of shades. I usually like palettes that are more obvious, like Modern Renaissance, Naked3, and KVD’s original Shade & Light palette. So reading about how it didn’t work for someone is super helpful for me. Thanks!

Lulu Avatar

Bought the Dyson when it first released. Best dryer ever. But… I just had my stylist cut my hair to allow me to go with my natural texture. Air dry only! And it looks better and current. Anyone considering a Dyson should think about how the blown-out polished look is not particularly stylish now.

Silvia Avatar

Makeup! & Shoes! Did I already mentioned my mind works like Dorothy’s ? just went to TJ Max and end it up with two pairs of cutest floral booties! And some minor makeup purchases which although cheap I don’t need. Found a couple of mermaid brushes, now how can anyone in the right state of mind be able to pass on such cute stuff? Lol! Fell in love with the Physicians Formula mermaid ones and found them under some other brand. So cute! Got one gold for myself and a turquoise for my daughter and a small Nyx Warm Paris something palette when I had just purchased two similar between Nyx and Courpop colors. ??‍♀️

Zahra Avatar

YouTube has mixed reviews..in that situation I normally go by what your review says hence not buying it..
But the colour combination and some matte shadows in the palette are just stunning and the dupes don’t necessarily do justice I don’t think…

Karen C-D Avatar

Talk Me Out of: Lanvin Eclat D’Arpege perfume and MAC Velvet Teddy lipstick
Why you’re hesitating: I don’t wear scents too often and I still have 2 Jo Malone perfumes to finish, but I want a new clean/light/fresh scent so bad! As for Velvet Teddy, I have too much MAC lipstick for my own good and haven’t finished Mehr and Twig yet which I think are more or less in the same color family, but Velvet Teddy is still calling my name! Help!

Christine Avatar

Maybe make a little pact with yourself that you have to finish Mehr or Twig before getting Velvet Teddy? Or maybe finish one halfway if you have lots of lipstick 😉

Do you have any browner lipsticks or liners? You could also try mixing a bit of brown with Mehr or Twig!

Seraphine Avatar

I have all three of those MAC shades and although they’re all pretty, it really isn’t necessary to own all three at the same time. Try to use up either Twig or Mehr before buying Velvet Teddy. It’s definitely what I should have done.

If you really, really can’t fight the urge, Macy’s (and other stores) sells Velvet Teddy in a $10 mini size.

But it’s a much better idea to use up your MACs and save them up for their buy-back program than to own so many that you’ll never use any of them up.

Alecto Avatar

Great subject! Glad you’re making this permanent.

I’m not on the verge of buying anything right now. I have a few things that I desperately desire, but I don’t want to be talked out of them (two of them are plum lipsticks, which I have none of, so no dupes … which is bizarre because the colors that always *ALWAYS* stop me dead in my tracks are plums, but I don’t own any!).

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be back in the future to get an intervention, but for now, I’m good. 🙂

Dominique Avatar

I actually ordered the Tarte Toasted palette as soon as it launched even though I told myself the whole time I had been seeing sneak peeks I don’t need it.I decided when it arrived to give it to my sister for her birthday.I know she will love it and get a lot more use out of it

Andrea Avatar

My general advice for any highend product:

Normally I have a look at small indie brands to see if I can find a cheaper dupe of a highend product (or dupes if it’s for several colours in a palette). Some indie brands such as Shiro Cosmetics do $1 (US) samples that are very generous and give you a good idea on how the product works for you but the full sizes aren’t overpriced either. You are not sacraficing quality either, trust me 🙂
If the idea of loose powder is unappealing, there are small brands that do press powders or you can press them yourself.

Ali Avatar

I have a lot of TMOs. Particularly right now: I don’t need cle de peau’s holiday palette that only comes in a bigger set, their Makeup Coffret: https://www.cledepeaubeaute.com/makeup-coffret/0729238138704.html?cgid=limited-edition-holiday-collection. The colors are great but $195… that’s halfway to that self-cleaning kitty litter box I want. I could fly halfway round the country on that much money. But it’s soooooo preeeeetty. And i could re-use it for more other colors right? uuuugh. miauo

Zoe Avatar

Nice shoutout to my new favorite sub!
I think I need to be talked out of Glossier’s stuff. It seems like their stuff is just rebranded products that are already out there, but something about them is really appealing.

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