What order do you usually apply your makeup in?

I usually start with eyeshadow and work from crease to lid to brow bone, then fill in brows, apply eyeliner, and finish with mascara. After that, I apply base/complexion products. If I’m not testing, then I’d actually set lightly and then apply highlighter/blush/bronzer (unless they were cream-based)–I sometimes start with blush first but regularly will opt for a highlighting blush first and then use a blush or bronzer to define. I’ll set again with translucent powder and/or setting spray.

— Christine
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1) Cleanse, prep/prime my face
2) Eye primer/eyeshadow
3) Base/concealer
4) Finish eyeshadow (lower lash line)
5) Bronzer/blush/highlight
6) Set face with powder/mist
7) Eyebrows
8) Eyeliner/mascara

Primer, foundation, concealer, powder.
Eye shadow, eye liner, brows
Contour, blush, highlight (if using that day), buff with powder
Fix+ spray
Lip liner and lipstick

1. Eyeshadow primer all over upper and lower lids
2. Face primer
3. Green color corrector, if needed, for redness on my nose and cheeks.
4. Peachy-yellow undereye concealer set with Besame Brightening French Vanilla Face Powder, if needed, for dark undereye circles.
5. Foundation
6. Translucent setting powder
7. Conceal any blemishes with concealer that matches my skin tone, and set it with whatever powder is left on the brush from when I powdered my face.
8. Contouring: Under my cheekbones, very lightly around my chin, and my nose. I have a pretty short forehead, so I don’t tend to use contour there. I think it looks weird when I do.
9. Eyeshadows (**If shadows can stain and/or have a lot of fallout, I put on eyeshadow primer, then powder heavily under my eyes to catch fallout, do my eyeshadow, clean up, and then apply face primer and proceed with the rest of my face in the order listed here.)
10. Bronzer, on the rare occasions I wear it.
11. Blush
12. Highlighter(s)
13. Setting spray
14. Eyeliner (pencil, gel, liquid or some combination), black eyeliner pencil in the upper waterline, and then maybe a pencil liner in the lower waterline.
15. First coat of mascara
16. Lipstick, gloss, or tinted balm
17. Lipliner, if I’m using it that day
18. Second coat of mascara

Step 0 (very rarely) concealer under eyes and bbcream in specific areas of the face (i.e in the chin and around the mouth, where I have a slightly darker halo)
Step1 eye primer
Step 2 eyeshadow (first crease and above crease, then lid)
Step3 eyeliner
Step4 mascara
Step5 (not always) ligth contour with powder under checkbones
Step6 fard
Step7 highlighter
Step 8 lipsticks

On full face days (which I definitely don’t do all the time)
1. Eyes: Lid primer, Liner (all), Eyeshadow (except lower lash line)
2. Face Base: Undereye Peach Corrector, Foundation, Concealer, Set under eye with powder
3. Eyes: Lower lash line shadow, Mascara
4. Face: Bronzer, Highlight/Blush (I interchange these steps depending on how I want it to look), set anywhere other powders haven’t touched (ie: forehead, chin, nose)
5. Brows
6. Lips
7. Setting spray if I feel fancy
* Throughout the day if I feel super dry I’ll use a hydrating mist to refresh

Base – foundation or skin tint
Cheeks – bronzer, highlight, blush, powder (optional)
Eyes – brows, shadow, mascara
Lips – balm or gloss or tinted lip oil

Foundation or BB cream, eye primer, browbone shade, brows, transition shade, crease shadow(s), lid shadow(s), upper lashline tightline, other eye liners, mascara, concealer, setting/finishing powders, contour or bronzer, blush, highlighter, lip liner, lipstick and/or lipgloss, setting spray.

Eyeshadow (lid to brow), eyeliner, undereye and face primer, mascara, color corrector, foundation, concealer, brows, blush and/or bronzer, setting powder under my eyes, finishing powder, pencil on inner water line, lip gloss or balm. I do primers before mascara so that they have a minute to set. Inner waterline is last because I generally forget to do it.

1. Moisturizer
2. Brow pencil
3. Tightline upper lash line (sometimes)
4. Eyeshadow primer
5. Eyeshadow
6. Eyeliner on bottom lash line
7. Mascara
8 Foundation
9. Concealer
10. Setting powder
11. Blush
12. Highlighter (sometimes)
13. Bronzer (sometimes)
14. Lipliner (rarely)
15. Lipstick
16. Setting spray (sometimes)

*Face primer, let sit at least 1-2 minutes
*Concealer, just under my eyes (my generic dark circles are my main issue), let it dry for a minute or so (it makes it more tacky and helps with coverage and blending)
*Foundation, just 3 small dots on my forehead and cheeks, I than apply all with my fingers; because concealer tackles my main problem, I use only a tiny amount
*Eye primer
*Face powder, I set everything in (including eye primer) with a dust of powder, focusing on the areas I crease the most (under eye, mouth lines)
*Contour, blush, bronzer, not all in the same day, depends on my look
*(Optional) Illuminating powder
*(Optional) Eye liner, either pencil or liquid
*Brow pencil
*Brow gel

On my minimal make-up days I do my base, skip the eyeshadow, apply the same contour or bronzer in my crease to define the eyes, only use a tinted brow gel, use a lip balm

Skincare and sunscreen first. Allow to set for 20 minutes while I do my hair.
1. Spray with either Fix Plus or Pixie Milky Mist.
2. Prime face and eye lids. Concealer for spot concealing and the deepest part of my tear troughs.
3. Foundation followed by more concealer.
4. Powder only where I need to add powder products so only the tops of my cheeks.
5. Blush, highlighter, some days I will contour and bronze but not often.
6. Eye brows followed by eye shadow. Lower lash line if I do anything there. I then add two or three mascara’s.
7. Finishing powder and Fix Plus to set everything.
8. Wax lip liner followed by coloured lip liner and then lipstick.

1) Eyeshadow base, eyeliner, shadow – complete eye geometry.
2) Clean up any fallout from eye makeup, tone skin.
3) Prep skin with serum, SPF, mattifier.
4) Foundation or CC, blended and blotted.
5) Powder to set face makeup.
6) Powder blush, eyebrow pencil, mascara.
MHO the sequence is as important as, if not more important than, the products. The makeup needs to be properly set good throughout the day (and into night), while also treating and protecting your skin. You don’t need the most expensive products, just carefully chosen ones.

Oops. I caught my typos a moment too late, I meant IMHO, and Makeup needs to be properly set TO LOOK good throughout the day. Sorry.

1. Mascara
2. Eyeshadow primer
3. Eyeliner — bottom lash line then top
4. Eyeshadow – lid, crease, then to brow, then blend
5. Foundation
6. Blush
7. highlighter
8. Curl lashes
9. More mascara
10. Lipstick (which is quite rare for me )

Face: Foundation, concealer eye primer, set with powder

Cheeks: bronzer, highlight, blush

Eyes: transition, crease, v if I’m doing that, lid, topper, tight lining or water lining if I’m doing that

Face Buff: Guerlain Meteorites Perles


Lips: Liner if I’m using, lipstick or a balm or gloss.

Pearl, which Meteorites do you find suits your skin tone best? We have similar coloring, and I’ve been wondering what shade would work best for me. Thanks!

Great! Thanks so much for letting me know. One of these days I’m going to try them. I didn’t use to understand what the hype was about, but I think I’m starting to get it. Wouldn’t want to splurge on the wrong color though!

1. Prime my lids with 2 primers and set with powder (oily lids)
2. Tightline my upper waterline
3. Apply eyeshadow to upper lids
4. Clean up any fallout with a makeup wipe
5. Apply face primer
6. Apply foundation
7. Apply Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Hollywood Filter to cheek bones, top of nose at the bridge and Cupid’s bow. Since I’m combo oily I don’t use any shiny products on my forehead.
8. Set pores, Tzone and chin with loose powder
9. Highlight
10. Contour
11. Bronze
12. Blush
13. Buff face with brightening and blurring powders
14. Brows
15. Apply liner and shadow to lower lash line/lid
16. Mascara
17. Setting spray
18. Lipstick

The order in which I apply my makeup is as follows:
Daily moisturiser with sunscreen – either SPF 50 for summer or SPF 20 for winter
Primer (not wearing it at the moment)
Eye brow pencil
Setting powder

(1.) Eye and face primers if I’m using them
1. Cheek contour
2. Concealer
3. Foundation
(4.) Powder if needed for stubborn zits
4. Blush
5. Highlighter if I’m using it
6. Bronzer if I’m using it
7. Eyeliner if I’m using it
8. Eyeshadow(s)
9. Mascara
10. Lip products) (sometimes tinted lip balm, but usually lipstick or gloss with clear lip balm underneath)
11. Setting spray if it’s hot and I’m worried about sweating it off

1) Concealer/ Foundation, setting powder
2) Blush
3) Highlighter
4) Brows (Pencil, then gel)
5) Eye primer
6) Eyeshadow ( crease, lid, browbone, inner corner)
7) Eyeliner ( or pencil)
8) Mascara
9) Lipgloss

Recently I’ve started sort of backward (for me) and with all cream products and LOVE the flawless results:
1. cream contour (cheekbones, nose, jaw) and some contour/bronzing on upper forehead and jaw/neck.
2. concealer and spread it where I want it with a soft brush but don’t blend.
3. foundation/cc with a sponge and use it to blend everything together.
4. liquid highlight (almost always CT Hollywood Flawless Filter) on T-zone and cheekbones and re blend again. At this point my skin looks luminous and so flawless–and it’s so easy!
5. cream blush with fat end of the sponge/or if I’m going to use powder, I set my under-eyes, sides of nose and around mouth at this point. I set after using cream if I remember.
6. Powder bronzer if need be.
7. powder blush if using
8. Set with a luminous powder, barely touching the liquid highlighted area in a buffing motion.
9. spray with water mist.
10. Finish with eyes (these days just some bronzer in the crease), powder highlight (cheeks, nose, inner eye), eyebrow brush and set, spray final mist.
11. Mascara and lip

I usually start with eyeshadow and liner and finish with blush and then lipstick but whatever happens in between changes from day to day. I generally eschew foundation or even CC cream and most of the time, I don’t do anything with my brows but, as I say, that can change on a daily basis and depending on my mood and how much time I have and what I’ll be doing/where I’ll be going on any given day.

I think I must be the only person on earth who does eyes last~
1) Skin care routine
2) All the primers, lids, face, and under eye
3) Lips
4) Cheeks
5) Brows
7) Tight line
8) Shadow
9) Upper lid liner
10) Armani concealer to clean up anything under the eyes ~ magnificent product
11) Mascara
12) Setting spray
Each step has multiple components

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