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Celesta Avatar

Skincare/prep, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, finish eyeshadow on lower lash line, bronzer/contour, highlight, blush, setting mist, eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, highlight the inner corner of my eyes, powder my nose. Then I eat breakfast on the way to work and don’t apply my lip color until I get into work.

Rachel R. Avatar

Most of the time: Lip balm, eye and face primers, foundation, concealer (if needed), setting powder, brow powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, contour, blush, highlighter, and lip color.

If I’m using eyeshadow with heavy fallout or staining: Lip balm, then eye primer, then heavy powder around the eyes, then eyeshadow. I clean off the powder and eyeshadow fallout. Then face primer, foundation, concealer (if needed), setting powder, brow powder, eyeliner, mascara, contour, blush, highlighter, and lip color.

Veronica Avatar

Foundation, concealer, powder, eye shadow primer, eye shadows, eye liner, brows, more concealer on undereyes, contour or bronzer, blush, highlighter, powder to buff it all in, Fix+ spray, mascara, lip liner and lipstick.

Lydia Avatar

Pretty much 100% of the time- undereye brightened (Becca!), foundation, concealer around the nose/where I need it, powder, blush, highlight, eyes, lips last.
If I’m using loose eyeshadows or experimenting with something new, I’ll do my eyes first, but I prefer to have my base on beforehand so I’ll have a better idea of how the eyes will look with the whole. Lips are always last because I match the tone to whatever I’ve got on my eyes!

Seraphine Avatar

Brows, eyeshadow primer (unless I’m using LM Caviar Sticks), eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, foundation, concealer, setting powder, powder blush, powder highlighter (rarely), and lip color. If I am wearing cream cheek color, I put it on before the setting powder.

Claudia Avatar

Eye shadow
*Foundation or BB cream
Setting powder
*=if i’m doing a full face of makeup

Lauren Avatar

Top tight line, eye shadow followed by top mascara and mini wing liner if going that route, primer, foundation, peach under eye corrector mixed with lighter concealer (weird, but with trial and error found it is best for my heavy dark circles), cream blush if going that route, set under eyes or entire lightly entire face if going powder blush route, bronzer, highlight (if wanted), powder blush, blend and then add more of one of the face powders if needed. Then I’ll finish up my lower lash line with liner/shadow/mascara or any combination of those. I finish up with usually a tinted balm, liner/lipstick, or liner/gloss. My brows can happen at any point during the application process after foundation is on because I don’t get fancy… I just use a micro pencil and fill in and brush through and call it a day.

Kitty Avatar

Skincare (applied after eyebrows so I don’t get any on brows before product applied)
Eyelid primer
Eye socket corrector
Mascara, if using
Primer on face
Loose powder
Pencil corrector on facial areas
Concealer – under eyes and then on rest of face
Foundation in areas needed, if used

Ana Maria Avatar

Face primer, concealer, foundation, eye primer, pressed setting powder, cheek color (contour before bronzer or blush if I use multiple), illuminating powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, brow pencil, brow gel, mascara, lipstick

rachel c Avatar

Lip balm, primer, mascara, [eyeshadow/liner IF I know I’m using something with a particular amount of fallout- otherwise I do this later] foundation, concealer, brows, some sort of setting or soft-focus powder, shadow/liner if I’m not using something messy, blush/bronzer/highlighter if I feel like it, lip colour.
I can usually manage to do eyeshadow without fallout ruining my base, but I cannot for the life of me put on mascara without getting it all over my eyelids.

Gilad Avatar

This is so interesting to me – everyone seems to put on mascara after shadows. I have to do mascara first because there’s always wiping up to do on & below the lid. I’m pretty careful, am more than experienced!, and it doesn’t matter the formula. I do have long, thick lashes….maybe that’s it? Or is there a secret application technique I’ve just never tried? I’d love to hear from anyone – how do you keep mascara from getting on your skin?

rachel c Avatar

Heh, we commented close to the same time and I have the same issue. I think I’ve managed to apply mascara without getting it all over maybe….5 times (?!?!?) in my entire makeup wearing life. I’ve given up on being neat. I’ve also found that if I can really get my mascara right in the base of my lashes then there is no need to tightline. So if I’m already messy, why not just get it all done at once? LOL

Lesley Avatar

Eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, base products (primer, color corrector, foundation), concealer, blush, setting and finishing powder, eyebrows. If I use one of those light reflection highlighter click pens, I do that last.

Deborah S. Avatar

Hello to everyone on the blog!! I have been off grid for about 3 weeks and have missed so much here on the blog and in my YT videos. Now I have to play a little catch up!

Order of makeup application: Sunscreen (allow to set), primer, facial mist, foundation, concealer, powder around my nose and forehead, blush, another spritz of facial mist mostly in winter, highlighter, eye shadow primer, brows, eyeshadow, liner if I am wearing any, mascara, lip liner if wearing and lipstick. I finish with my Meteorites and another facial mist.

Carmen Avatar

Moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer (some concealer goes pre-foundation if I’m covering a zit or something), eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, brows, highlighter, bronzer and blush if I’m using them that day, and then lipstick.

Katrina Avatar

Lips are always first. Once I’ve applied my chosen color of the day, then I can move forward. Eye shadow, liner, mascara, brows, foundation, blush, and the final touch – UD All Nighter setting spray.

ellie Avatar

Moisturizer, primer (if I am using it that day, depends on my skin), lip balm, foundation, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadows, eyeliner, mascara, brow product (if I’m using it that day, usually I just run a spoolie through and skip product), undereye concealer, blush, highlighter, setting (powder or spray depends on the look I am going for), lipstick.

Dianne Avatar

– Foundation (+ cream bronzer/contour if I’m using any)
– Undereye concealer + remaining foundation on top
– Eye primer/base
– Powders (mattifying powder for T-zone and more forgiving ones for the rest of face; set eyeshadow primer in this step also)
– Eyebrow
– Powder Bronzer
– Eyeshadow
– Eyeliners
– Lip Prep
– Blush
– Lip liner + Lip color
– Finishing Powder
– Highlighter

Christina Cruz Avatar

Lip balm
Primer (face)
Eyeshadow primer
Setting Spray

* will omit depending on look that I’m going for

Nikki Avatar

Lip balm, eye/face primers if I need them for that look, contour (usually just in the hollows of my cheeks), concealer, foundation, powder if needed (I use Fenty Pro Filt’r Soft Matte foundation and it’s self-setting, so I usually only need to spot-powder the occasional troublesome zit), blush, highlighter if I’m using it (sometimes I use highlighting blush or use a highlighter as blush, which combines the two steps-Fenty Killawatt Ruby Richez works especially well for the highlighter-as-blush thing), eyeliner if I’m using it, eyeshadows (sometimes including a shadow used as liner), mascara, lipstick, gloss if I’m using it.

Chrissy303 Avatar

Skin care/lip balm/sunscreen (at this point misting any foundation brushes and beauty blenders with face mist)
Primer if needed (depending on foundation)
Eyelash primer
Concealer if needed
Baking/mattifying powder concentrating on t-zone
Face mist if needed
Eye primer or paint pot or cream shadow
Contour (if doing full beat/usually for weekend or summer)
Blush or bronzer
Highlighter if liquid or cream

…..go finish my coffee and check the forecast while I “bake”

Brush away extra powder (baking powder or eyeshadow fall out)
Finish powder and powder highlighter if not using jelly or cream formula
Finish spray (UD or similar: I’m experimenting with the Nyx one ATM)
Brush teeth!
Lipstick plus or minus gloss

Missy Avatar

I used to always do my complexion first, only last year did I start doing my eyes first (eye primer, shadow, liner and mascara) and I like it better that way. Then I do my brows, complexion, blush, bronzer, highlight, lip products. I don’t always wear bronzer and/or highlight, but I always have a little blush on.

Bonnie Avatar

Eye Primer. Eyeshadow, Liquid liner on top. Primer. Foundation. Brow color and gel. Lipliner. Brow highlight. Concealer. Cream Blush. Contour. Powder. Bronzer. Blush. Cream/liquid/gel highlight. Powder highlight. Bottom liner/shadows. Lip color. Setting Spray. Lash Primer. Mascara. That’s just about every day. Very rarely, I then would do lashes.

I have repeatedly found that if I spray my face after mascara, I get black smudges.

DVa Avatar

Skin care
Colour corrector in inner and outer corners of eyes (If needed) with either Charlotte Tilbury Magic Vanish in light or UD Naked Skin pink
Cream countour (If using cream)
Liquid highlighter (90% of time CT Hollywood Flawless Filter)
Bake/setting powder (generally Huda in Pound Cake)
Base or transition eye shadow to set
Contour/Bronzer powder formulas (I alternate at least 6 brands)
Spray mist (usually Glamglow or Glow Recipe Watermelon mist)
Bite Agave Lip Mask
Eye shadow
Liner (if using)
Finishing Powder-buff into skin with large soft brush and blend
Setting Spray (Urban Decay All Nighter)
Eyelash primer (Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer)
Lip: Liner is using/gloss/lipstick

Jane Avatar

Most often:
1.) Skin serum (optional) then cream
2.) Primer
3.) This step can vary: sometimes undereye corrector before foundation and sometimes the reverse, but usually the corrector.
4.) Depending on step 3, foundation
5.) Concealer
6.) Eyebrows
7.) This step can vary: sometimes eye shadow base (and often not, as I use my foundation as the base depending on the eye shadow)
8.) If I remember, setting powder under the eye (due to possible eye shadow fallout, but I often forget and have to be extra careful during application)
9.) Eye shadow!!!! Yeah, my favorite moment (all variations, from 2 to 5 shadows) and if I remember mascara (before or after I just do it if I remember LOL!)
10.) For cleanup (after brushing, wiping, depends on the fallout, and to again brighten the eye), corrector and concealer
11.) Depends: sometimes I contour with cream products put on my blush (if cream) then setting powder, (if I didn’t earlier under the eye) and then face, but not much around the the outer perimeter of my face (drying). If no cream blush ou contour then…
12.) Powder blush and bronzer for my contouring
13.) Lip product (varies, not routine here as to type).
14.) Last coat of mascara (of if I forgot earlier, one coat).

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