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If I’m priming the face, I prime first, then I work on the eyes. I like to do eyes first, so I can clean-up any fall out without worrying about foundation. After the eyes, then I apply foundation, concealer (if I use it), contour (if do it), blush, highlight, setting powder, and lips at the very end.

— Christine

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liquid foundation, concealer, light powder to set, powder blush, eyebrows, curl lashes, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, touch up any smudges/fall out, lipstick
(seems way faster when I list it like that. I wish it would go that quickly when I’m running late, lol)

If I know there won’t be any fallout from the eyeshadows, I do my foundation first but if I’m not sure, I do foundation afterwards. If I want to sport a bold lipstick, I do my cheeks last. I find it easier to gauge how much blush I actually need when I already have that bold lipstick on!

1) moisturizer
2) primer
3) foundation
4) concealer
5) blush, bronzer and or highlighter
6) powder
7) brows
8) e/s
9) tightline
10) mascara
11) lips

I always do face first, then eyes and lastly lips. On days/evenings where I am going to have e/s fallout, I do eyes first, then face and lastly lips.

I’ve never really experienced too much fall out from eyeshadows (maybe because I’ve always used a flat brush, and only blended in one direction?), so I’ve become accustomed to first laying the foundation. If I’m using liquid or creme foundation, then it’s SPF, foundation, then concealer. If I’m using a TM or powder foundation, then it’s concealer first.

Eyebrows are next, then primer/base, shadow, liner & mascara, followed by any blush, bronzer, etc. Next is powder, and finally lips. Sometimes, I’ll also apply blush, etc over the powder, if I need more intensity.

I moisturize everything first. I like to moisturize my lips ahead of time because I like the product to sink in a bit, so there is not so much slip on my lips (unless I need that extra slippage) when I’m applying other lip products. If I’m doing very little on the eyes then I will go straight into foundation/concealer/powder (base makeup), but I usually do eyes first. When doing my eyes, I apply a primer (UDPP or NARS’) and a base (which is most often times MAC Painterly) then I tightline my upper lash line. I move on to eyeshadow next, which I don’t really follow any precise order with that. I line, curl, and add mascara then I move on to the face. Oh, if I’m using a lip primer, this is where I’ll prime my lips! If I’m using a liquid or cream base then I do concealer last, but if I use powder then I do concealer first. I usually use liquid, so I do that then I apply concealer on face where I need extra coverage then I conceal under the eyes. After I do that, I set with powder. If I want bronzer and contour then I will bronze then contour. After that I add blush then finish with highlight if I want to add that. I usually finish the face by misting it with Fix+. I do lips and then finish with brows. If at the very end of all this I decide I want falsies then I will add falsies. I also do my hair after makeup, so I will do my hair then if I need to go over the falsies band with liner that’s when I’d do that.

I don’t normally do eyes or brows, so it usually goes 1) primer if I’m using it; 2) foundation, TM, BB cream, whatever I’m using that day; 3) blush; 4) highlight if I’m attempting one; 5) mascara; 6) lips; 7) powder. Sometimes I powder before I do my lips, but usually it’s the last thing. When I do attempt eyeshadow I usually do it after foundation but before blush.

(also, totally not related but could use input from folks: my esthetician is getting married in a couple weeks, and I want to give her a wedding present, but I have no idea what kind of budget is appropriate or what kind of gift. I don’t know if she’s registered anywhere; I don’t really even know her last name. But I feel like I need to give her some kind of gift.)

I’m not so sure you need to buy her a gift. When I got married, I really had no use for the random gifts I got. How about just a nice card?

Personally, I default to the vicinity of $50 for wedding gifts that aren’t close family. It’s not a large enough amount to seem excessive or off-putting, but it’s enough to exhibit appreciation for the expensive they’re putting out to invite and host you.

I would go with a gift card, between $25-50, depending on how long you’ve had a relationship. It’s a nice token of appreciation, but it’s not too personal (however, if you have an exceptionally close relationship, the amount can go to the higher end). Or, a nice picture frame might be nice, as there will likely be alot of photos taken between shower, wedding, honeymoon, etc. Dinner for 2 can be a nice option, as well, if she has a favorite restaurant, or perhaps a pair of movie tickets?

If I’m doing eye makeup that is especially likely to fall down on the cheeks, I’ll do the face makeup after the eyes. Most of the time, though:
Eye primer (and face primer, if I’m using any)
Eye shadow
Eye liner
Lips (if lips are bold, I may do cheeks last)

moisturizer, concealer, foundation, bronzer, blush, highlighter, eyeshadow, liner, mascara, brows, lip pencil, lipstick

I moisturize and prime first. I will try to fill in my brow (my eyebrows are pretty thick. There’s just a small gap that I fill in in one brow) afterward if I remember. I at least try to fill in my brow before I apply foundation so the clear mascara I use to set it with has time to dry before I powder (if it’s still wet when I powder, it will dry cakey around where I put it). It depends on what I do next, sometimes I will apply foundation after that or sometimes I will do my eyes. It just depends on the eye look or the mood I’m in. Anyway, if I do my eyes first I will prime, apply the shadow(s), eyeliner, then mascara. For my face I will put on foundation, powder, contour, blush, highlight. Usually when I am done with the eyes, I will apply lip balm, then apply my face products (everything after the foundation). I do this so the lip balm can soak into the skin for a little bit before I apply lip color. I will apply lip color either before or after I apply my makeup setting spray, then I’m done.

Oops, forgot to say that I will use concealer after my foundation. I hardely use concealer anymore so that’s why I forgot! But if I do use it, then that’s when I would.

I completely do my eyes first, then I apply a cheek stain (slightly heavy because it’s under my medium coverage foundation)then I do my foundation and finally lipstick.

– moisturize (moisturizer and lip balm)
– prime (face and eyes)
– eyes (shadow and liner only)
– foundation
– powder
– curl + mascara [I do it after so I don’t get powder on the tops my lashes]
– blush
– luminizer / highlighter
– lipstick or lipgloss

I basically work from top to bottom and always do the eyes first. I can use more moisturizer to clean up the fallout and then I put on foundation.

I have a setting spray, but I don’t use it.

I’m new to eye makeup and I’ve come to the realization that eye makeup definitely has to be done before face makeup.

I apply SPF moisturiser (Aveeno Positively Radiant SPF30), right down my neck and on top of my ears. I also apply a proper sunscreen on my shoulders and chest if I’m going to be exposing that skin at all (Invisible Zinc). I wait about 10 minutes, then I start on my makeup.

Then primer(NYX Studio Perfect), with a MAC190 style brush (though mine is a Kryolan dupe).

Foundation (MAC Studio Fix Fluid) with MAC 187, sometimes I apply it damp, depends how I feel!

Eye primer (Benefit Stay Don’t Stray) on my under eye area, and eyelid. This is quite light reflecting on my dark circles.

Concealer (MAC Select Moisturecover) on my undereyes and dotted as needed around the face. I blend with my fingers mostly for this step.

Then I set with powder (MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural) with a large powder brush, by pressing into the skin. If I dust instead I find my foundation doesn’t last as well as when I press.

Now I do whichever feature I want to focus on. If that’s eyes, I do eyes, if it’s lips, I do lips, and sometimes it’s cheeks, so I do cheeks!

I always do my eyebrows AFTER my eye makeup, I should try doing them before.

If I’m doing my makeup for a night out, I usually do a heavier eye, so I do my eyes first, then my face. It bothers me doing it like this though, haha!

I tilt my head when applying my eyeshadow so I usually don’t get fall out. If I do, it can be easily wiped away with a brush! But otherwise, my order:
Moisturizer, Primers, Concealer, Foundation, Powder, Contour, Highlight, Nose contour, Eye primer, Eyebrows, Cheeks, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Lips, Setting Spray, Mascara and then lashes at the end.

If I do know ahead of time that my eye makeup will involve a lot of glitter though, I’ll do eyes first before anything.

Pretty much the same order Christine has described. If I’m wearing mineral powder foundation, though, my concealer goes on first rather than after.

I think I have a weird way of doing my makeup.

Moisturize face
Apply eyshadow primer
Conceal eyelid (with mac painterly)
Apply eyeshadow to upper part of eye
Apply eyeliner
Curl lashes
Clean up under eye
Apply under eye concealer
Set under eye concealer (benefit powderflage <3)
Apply eyeshadow along lower lashline
Apply mascara
Apply foundation
Fill in brows
Contour cheekbones
Apply blush
Highlight cheekbones
Conceal blemishes (if I have any)
Apply lip product

A lot of the time I will take a break between doing my eyes and putting on foundation to blow dry my hair, lol.

primer first, foundation, setting powder. then i prime my eyes and do my blush/bronzer while the primer sets. then i do my eyes. after all is done i put on some meteorites and then lipstick 🙂

I’m trying to break my current habit of doing my face before my eyes, since it’s problematic when there’s fallout, but I like to build from the bottom up. Usually, I’ll flip the order if I’m doing a heavy eye, but my general routine is:

1. Moisturizer (currently Bare Escentuals Advanced Protection SPF 20, but I’ll switch it to a bare moisturizer with a high SPF sunscreen if I’m going to be outside a lot)
2. Depending on what my skin is like from allergies or breakout, I’ll either use a tinted moisturizer or foundation. I learn toward the former in most situations, though. I set with Too Faced Translucent setting powder, though I’ll occasionally
3. I dedicate a whole step to highlighting my eyes. Mine are hooded and deep set, and I inherited dark circles from my mother, so they tend to look dark and even bruised if I haven’t slept well. Usually, I use Bobbi Brown corrector/concealer on the bottom and Maybelline or L’Oreal concealer around the rest of the eye. I’ll set with any powder available, but most commonly I use a drug store one that has a touch of color.
4. Eyeshadow/eyeliner. Brows if I’m currently sporting a darker hair shade. When I’m closer to my natural coloring, I don’t really need it, but if I add some black or red, they need filled in to balance the face.
5. I’m going to put a lip shade on, I’ll usually put a balm like Jack Black on so that it has time to absorb while I do the rest of my face. (Exfoliation, if necessary, was done before I started.)
6. Bronzer, blush, and highlighter.
7. Lips. If it’s a light shade, I just swatch it on. If it’s a very bold or unique color, then I’ll use Urban Decay Ozone around the mother, Urban Decay Lip Primer on the mouth, a lip liner in either a nude or close shade, and I’ll generally just apply straight from the tube. If it’s something that requires a very sharp line (vampy shades, etc.), I’ll use a lip brush.

Wow I´m impressed at all this elaborate answers! You all are so devoted! Contrary to everyone else up until now, the first thing I do is my lips which is also by far the most important and unavoidable part of my makeup. I first exfoliate my lips and then as I make sure they are in good condition, I shape my lips by lip lining them with my lip liner of choice making sure I line them perfectly, then I apply my lipstick of choice which is either a bold or medium toned shade (never light or nude) going over my lip liner aswell filling the lips and making sure the liner disappears blended with the lip color almost completely. After that I will use concelear which I always have to use thanks to my hereditary dark circles, I´ts basically the same shade as my skin so I simply blend it making sure it looks even and covers the dark circles. Then I will go over my eyelashes about three times with mascara on average, making sure they look polished, are well defined, and are not clumped. Finally I apply my blush of choice…and I´m done. I don´t use foundation or powder, I don´t do my brows, and very rarely will I use eyeshadow,only if I´m going to an important event and even then I sometimes won´t use it either, as for eyeliner…I don´t know how to use it and find it a hazard to do 🙂 .

Concealer, if I’m using
Setting powder

That is my general routine, sometimes it is switched up depending on what I want or my mood but usually that is the order I do my makeup in.

foundation, concealer, eyes – shadows, liners, mascara-, setting powder, eyebrows -pencil, gel-, contour, blush, highlith, lips!

Primer, foundation, concealer, setting spray, loose powder, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush, lipgloss.

Usually foundation, concealer, eyes & brows (to let the face stuff sink in before powder), setting powder, contour, blush, lips.

But, if I’m doing cream blush it goes after concealer, before eyes. And if the eyes are particularly prone to fallout, I do them first (if I remember, I often forget).

For my everday work look (in which I’m not applying highlights/contours/dramatic eyes) it goes: moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, brows, eyes, mascara, blush, lips.

Moisturize, prime, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, concealer, bronzer, blush, highlight, setting powder, eyelashes (curling & mascara) & then lips 🙂

Wash (then exfoliate if I’m doing it that day), toner/astringent, serum, moisturizer, primer, eye primer, eye shadow, liner (then mascara if i’m applying it that day), foundation, contouring, blush, setting powder, lip gloss 🙂

I moisturize, prime face, foundation, concealer (if needed), powder, blush, highlight, prime eyes, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, put in my contacts and do my eye shadow, liner, mascara and lipstick. I wish I could do my eyes first but don’t think I can do my foundation with my contacts on, it would probably be a disaster and if I put my contacts in last, I would probably mess up my eyes… such a dilemma!

moisturizer, then I prime if I’m going out, foundation, concealer, cheeks (bronzer+blush, eyes and finally lips and powder if I feel like I need it. Also if I’m going out for the night, or going somewhere where I can’t retouch much I spray some kind of setting spray.

Exactly what you said Christine minus primer. I started doing my eyes first about a month ago and it helped a lot. I don’t have to fight with fall-out from eyeshadow and then wiping away foundation. I usually end up doing my lips in the car at a stop light on my way to work.

1. Eye primer
2. Eye base
3. Eyeshadow
4. Eyeliner
5. Mascara
6. Face and undereye primer
7. Foundation
8. Undereye concealer and face concealer
9. Undereye setting powder and face setting powder
10. Bronzer
11. Lower lashline eyeliner and mascara
12. Highlighter
13. Blush
15. Eyebrows
16. Anastasia lash genius waterproof topcoat for lashes
17. Fix+ or UD all nighter
18. Lips

Priming the face with a primer and my lip with a lip balm.
I’ve been doing eyeshadow first lastly as well so it make clean up better.
Then mascara.
Then fill in my brows (but i skip this step alot of the time unless I’m wearing a wig.)
I apply my under eye peach correct first then a flesh tone concealer over that.
I apply foundation and set with a powder.
The I add contour, blush (if I go with a blush) and then highlight
My lips at the very end.

1) Eyeshadow base and eye makeup (eyeshadow, liner, glitter, etc.)
2) Foundation
3) Concealer, if needed
4) Brows
4) Blush
6) Mascara
7) Lips

Don’t use facial primer, haven’t found one that makes any difference, and almost never powder. I love the dewy look and my dry skin doesn’t handle powder well.

(1) Skin treatment as base – I have oily, acne prone skin
(2) Eye cream
(3) BB cream (or primer then foundation)
(4) Eyelid primer
(5) Eyeshadow. If I’m using a shadow prone to fallout I’ll hold a tissue under my eyes
(6) Undereye concealer. Spot concealer if necessary
(7) Powder
(8) Blush
(9) Eyebrows (I just use a clear gel to keep them orderly)
(10) Eyeliner
(11) Curl Eyelashes/Mascara

Curl my eyelashes, clear mascara, eyeshadow, concealer under my eyes, eyeliner, mascara, concealer and cover stick on blemishes, foundation, finishing powder, and blush.

– Sunblock & lip balm
– Eye makeup
– Foundation
– Creme bronzer or contour/highlight
– (if in creme form) blush
– Loose powder
– Lips
– Powder blush (I like to check out how my lips are looking before applying final blush)

1 – Moisturizer (Dermalogica’s Active Moist)
[after this, I do my hair, apply deodorant, etc. to give the lotion time to sink in]
2 – Eye primer and Face primer (NARS Smudgeproof and MUFE HD in green)
[I get dressed after this to give the products time to sink in/set]
3 – Under eye concealer (Amazing Cosmetics’ Amazing Concealer followed by Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind Eye Brightener)
4 – Eyeshadow (a Bobbi Brown peach if I’m wearing glasses, as it just evens out the tone of my eyelids, or the UD Naked palette if I’m wearing contacts)
5 – Eyeliner on top lash (UD Zero or MUFE 1L)
6 – Mascara – ALWAYS last when I do my eyes. After shadow means I won’t get fallout on my lashes after they’ve been painted, and after liner means any mistakes on the lash line are usually not noticeable (L’Oreal Telescopic on top lashes, followed by a layer of L’Oreal Voluminous carbon black on top and bottom lashes)
7 – Foundation, applied with fingers, as I find this is the way that I can get the most natural, even coverage (Estee Lauder Double Wear)
8 – Setting powder (Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder)
9 – Bronzer – I apply this after setting powder as I find the color is dulled if it goes underneath. (NARS Laguna)
10 – Blush (NARS Orgasm daily, sometimes theBalm Cabana Boy or NARS Dolce Vita if I want something with a little more pop)

Long read – bored at work 🙂 xo

Oh, and Fresh’s Sugar Lip Balm to top it all off! Wearing color on my lips during the day makes me personally feel ‘overdone.’ 🙂

After skin prep follows:
1st – Face: tinted moisturizer or BB creme; concealer; highlight with lighter shade creme stick; setting powder
2nd – Eyes: color correct; primer; shadow; liner; curl lashes; mascara; eyebrows
3rd – Lips: 90% of the time it’s a liptint or stain
4th – Cheeks: Blush; sometimes contour depending on the look but not usually.
Last – Setting spray

I do my entire face, then eyebrows, then eye makeup, and lastly lips. I do my makeup in this order because my complexion is what I’m most self conscious about, followed by my eyebrows. If I’m short on time, a quick coat of mascara and tinted lip balm are fine with me as long as my skin looks good and my eyebrows are decent.

subject to faffing if i have fallout prone shadows. brackets are optional steps:

eye primer.
(liquid highlight.)
setting powder.
(powder highlight.)
(exfoliate lips/apply lip balm.)

if i do apply primer then that is first but i only do foundation or primer on special occasions so for everyday:
eye primer /base
curl lashes
bronzer which i usually dont use
lip balm
if i use a lipgloss but i rarley ever use a lipstick

1. monistat chaffing relief cream as primer its actually as good as the smashbox photo finish and so much cheaper- i know sound weird but its great!
2. mufe hd foundation
3. mac select cover concealer
4. maybelline 24 hr concealer on blemishes
5. mac msfn
6. mac mineralize blush in dainty is my everyday but sometimes use the mac lady blush cream blush if i want a dewy or softer look
7. lips eos lipbalm
8. nyx lip thing im not sure that they sell it anymore but its a pot and the color is called ookie dookie artichokie
9. nyx lipgloss in beige
10. mac vintage selection paint pot
11. covergirl shimmering sands eyeshadows
12. lancome black coffee eyelienr
13. tarte gifed mascara or maybelline plush lash is my fav from drugstore
14. bronzer milk chocolate from too faced

1. Primers
2. Uncer eye concealers
3. eyeshadows
4. eyeliner
5. curling lashes
6. mascara
7. foundation
8. contour
9. blush / highlighter
10. setting / finishing powder
11. lips

I’ve tried to do eyes first, I even tried to alternate steps, but unless I’m doing something super dark/glittery I prefer doing my face first. There’s just something easier to it. :I Here’s my usual order:
1. Primer under eyes/face
2. BB Cream or liquid foundation
3. Concealer
4. Set under-eye area and oiler areas with silica powder
5. Cream Blush (if I own one similar to the powder I’m using)
6. Powder all over face to set
7. Powder blush
8. Bronzer
9. Highllighter
10. Fix + all over face
11. Eyeshadow Primer
12. Eyeshadow Base/Cream Shadow
13. Eyeshadows part 1 (upper part of eye)
14. Eyeliner
15. Eyeshadows part 2 (lower part of eye and inner corner highlight)
16. Mascara
17. Lip balm
18. Lipstick (optional)
19. Lip gloss (optional)
20. Falsies (optional)
@. @ Sounds complicated. Takes me about 40-45 min.

1. skin prep – prescription acne treatment, depuffing eye gel or eye cream, murad de-mattifying moisturizer spf 15, smashbox dark spot corrector primer, porefessional pore minimizer over nose;
2. smashbox studio skin spf 10 foundation
3. garnier skin renew dark circle eye roller
4. physicians formula mineral wear air brushing compact powder spf 30 or physicians formula healthy skin compact powder spf 50, UNLESS going out to evening event, then will use MAC blotting powder compact or MAC Studio Fix powder foundation compact
5. eye brows
6. eye shadows
7. curl eye lashes
8. put eye lash primer on lower lashes
9. apply lancome hypnose star or CG clump crusher mascara on upper lashes
10. apply waterproof mascara on lower lashes and upper outer corner lashes
11. lipstick
12. maybe light dusting of HD loose powder over T-zone

• Apply Milk of Magnesia (with finger!), 4-5 drops usually enough for a whole face.
• Primer.
• Foundation — if I’m wearing any, if not, I skip this step.
• Conceal my dark circle (and acne marks when I have one, damn you PMS!).
• If I’m not in hurry, liquid highlighter. If not, skip this.
• Cheek tint — if I’m wearing powder blush (which rarely happens), I skip this step.
• Lip stain. My lips are very prone to chapped, I prefer lip stain over lipstick because when I’m using lip stain (after my lip stain sets), I can put my lip balm as many as I want. Plus, it’s kissable! 😀
• Eye primer. I prefer UDPP Sin because I rarely wearing eyeshadow, the glow from UDPP Sin is all that I need.
• Eyeliner.
• Powder.
• When I need a little ‘oomph’, I use sculpt & highlighting powder. But I rarely do this, though…
• Put mascara to my lashes & apply the remaining product in the wand to the brow.
• Lip balm.

1. Moisturize – I start early to allow it to soak in for at least 15 minutes. If I’m short on time, I allow it to soak in for 5 minutes.
2. Prime face – same as moisturizer when it comes to soaking in
(I’ve noticed that the longer I allow my moisturizer and primer to absorb, the longer my makeup lasts and looks fresh.)
3. Eye shadow primer – allow to dry for 2 minutes
4. Eye shadow – apply shadow and liner, then clean up any fall out or errors
5. Foundation – apply one layer, then add a bit more to areas that need extra coverage
6. Powder – apply translucent powder to cheeks only (to avoid oil from absorbing and removing my blush)
7. Blush – apply directly on top of translucent powder
8. Brows – fill in lightly with powder
9. Lips – apply pigmented gloss to my liking

All done! 🙂

95 percent of the time I do my eyebrows/eyes first. I do love a wickedly arched eyebrow…
Next I apply moisturizer-careful to exclude my eyebrow area.. It causes my eyebrow work to melt down sooner than I would like – I have oily skin btw..

Next, Neutralize, conceal,foundation/light contouring,powder lipstick but mainly lip gloss/lip balm.

To obtain a “natural/neutral” look takes me over 1 hour I spend a good 30 minutes on my eyes and 40 minutes on my face blending like crazy.

Aye dios… I am trying to get quicker with it…

Primer, concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, eyelid primer, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip product.
If I know I’m going to use an eyeshadow with fallout I’ll start with eyes, but concealing my acne is usually my biggest concern so I start with that.

Milk of magnesia (for my extremely oily skin), Urban Decay De-Slick, under eye concealer, face primer, foundation, concealer, eye primer, eye makeup, mascara (and mascara primer – my oily skin makes mascaras transfer a lot without a primer), Urban Decay De-Slick, eyebrows, setting powder, more mascara contour, blush, highlight, and more mascara. You can never have too much mascara! And depending on if I look powdery, I may spray Mac Fix+ to set it all nicely.

I like putting my foundation on first and using cues (clean under eye shields) to catch the fall out from my eye shadow and mascara. You apply cues with a drop of water, and then just peel it off leaving your foundation in place, so no clean-up is needed.

1. Face primer- currently loving Benefit Porefessional
2. Eyebrows
3. Foundation (rotating between Bare Minerals and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse depending on desired coverage)
4. Concealer
5. Powder on t-zone
6. Eyeshadow
7. Mascara
8. Blush (alternate between powder blush or cheek stain- current favorite is Benefit’s BeneTint)
9. Highlighter
10. Bronzer

Depending on whether or not I wear bronzer and highlighter, or how elaborate I go on the eye makeup, this routine usually takes me about 15 minutes!

Moisturize, boots no7 or Cetaphil. Then bb cream, Skinfood the peach one. Foundation makes me break out so I switched back to bb cream (used Korean brands for about ten years!). Then powder to set, MAC mineralized skin finish in medium. Prime my eyes with Mac paint pot. Gets lazy and don’t add eyeshadow. Use brown eyeshadow for my brows. Use the same matte brown eyeshadow and contour my big fat nose so that it will look smaller. Tight line using gel liner and then use the gel liner to line upper line. Pat some eyeshadow on liner and or smudge the line, again I may get lazy and not smudge. Curl lashes and apply mascara. Do I contour my face with bare mineral’s warmth or did my laziness kick in again? Add lip balm or lip stain.

Usually if I have to wear my war paint in full gear. I would do my eyes first. Then the face and neck. Then lips last. But most if the time I am so lazy I just wear moisturizer, sunscreen, big dark sunglasses (my secret weapon), and red lips. People can’t tell I really look like crap if I don’t take off the glasses!

1. Apply primers- face (smashbox) and eye (laura mercier in wheat)
2. Apply lip balm
3. Apply eye makeup
4. Apply concealer under eye (Benefit erase paste)
5. Foundation (Clinique Perfectly Real)
6. Line eyes (Loreal Linear Intense)
7. Apply concealer on face
8. Powder
9. Curl Lashes and apply mascara (Mame mascara from Mexico- the best)
10. Bronzer (Tarte Park Ave. Princess)
11. Blush (usually Tarte Exposed)

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