What makeup look would you wear to a job interview?

What makeup look would you wear to a job interview? Share!

I would go for a “no makeup” makeup look, unless it was at a more creative, more beauty-related post, then stronger makeup would make sense (e.g. if you were interviewing at a MAC store!). I would fill in brows, wear foundation but keep it light, dusting of powder, satin blush, rosy brown lip, a little mascara. I think you can get away with more interesting makeup choices when you’re working somewhere (but it depends on your company’s policy), whereas an interview is probably the time to play it safe.

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Fairly neutral but polished. Light foundation, powder, natural shade of blush, brown eyeshadows, brown eyeliner, black mascara, lightly fill in brows, and a MLBB or pinkish-brown lipstick and liner.

I tend to go with very low-key makeup…except for my lipstick. I always end up wearing red lipstick somehow. I guess a possible employer oughta get a warning as to what my taste is like anyway.

I would go for your trust foundation that give you enough coverage but still look natural,Nars Sheer Glow and Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation are work out so well on my combination skin.for all colours makeup,choose it on natural side and matte.

I’m a color girl, but for interviews, I have always kept the makeup (nails and hair) more conservative. I’ve worked in very conservative offices my entire working career. Still use “full face” but keep the eyes more neutral – not nude necessarily but no dark or bold shades and no black liner. Lips kept with a rose toned lipstick or moisturizing, not shiny, gloss. In my current office the shade you use for nail color matters too. Nails must be kept with an acceptable conservative shade like nude or pink. I can remember times when “something was said” when a girl wore coral or red on her nails…and watch out if you picked another color; that would be cause to be brought in to your supervisor’s office for a chat!

Brows filled in, UD Perversion, CC+ cream sheered out with a damp beauty blender, undereye concealer, powder on cheeks and undereye to set CC+ cream, I would bronze with Clinique Nude Pop blush, followed up with Urban Decay Indecent blush and a dab of highlight only on the top of the cheekbones (as compared to the all-over glow that I usually go for), and a thick heavy lip balm or neutral MLBB shade, as I quite like the color of my natural lips.

imho, the best interview makeup 1) shows that you’ve got your shit together well enough that you had time to put makeup on in the morning, and 2) makes you look like someone your interviewer would be happy to introduce to her clients, boss, parents, and/or significant other. Depending on your field, that can be a wide range of people you need to please.

For me doing legal interviews, it was very, very minimal and conservative. Curled eyelashes and mascara (to get open eyes without needing to lay on the mascara too thick), tightlining, concealer as necessary (the illusion of perfect skin is my armor!) and mattifying setting powder, light coral blush (Tarte Blissful), MLBB lipstick (Guerlain Gabrielle).

I would leave it simple. Just a little bit of powder, a simple eyelook with just a black liner on my lid and a nude lip, not too glossy. That’s it. I don’t want the interviewer to see that I am too dramatic πŸ˜€

Just concealer (maybe foundation), mascara, blush, maybe a little inner corner highlight otherwise I might look dead.

Pretty much what Christine said. I recently transitioned to office work and I actually bought lipsticks for the occasion. I got Bobbi Brown Pink Mauve and Plum Rose, the former especially being the epitome of a work lipstick. I felt like a professional lady straight out of a 90s courtroom drama. haha. I had a very short pixie cut when I applied for my job and I think I may have thrown on some very small wings of black liquid liner–they say people view women as more professional and capable in some understated but not completely invisible makeup and I think having short hair makes it even more important to some people to have some obvious signs that you put time into how you look and are performing femininity or whatever, sexist though that is.

Weird how that works huh, even if you prefer short hair women often have to “make up for it” by demonstrating extra femininity… Social expectations/ discrepancies between men & women are definitely noticeable.

Right? That’s how I got sexually harassed on a handful of occasions! So I firmly kept it my way and if they dug my skills, I’d let it slip. That feminine look pretty thing is a double edged sword!

I hate that! I’ve heard so many men automatically dismiss girls wearing makeup, saying “oh they’re just silly and vain,” and then turn around and make fun of girls wearing no makeup for being ugly or sloppy! Meanwhile the guys all look like they haven’t showered in a week and no one says anything.

Sorry for the late reply, but you totally nailed it with the feeling of needing to “make up” for having short hair. That is exactly what it feels like, great insight! πŸ™‚

I’ve never actually been to a formal interview! But I imagine I would wear about the same makeup I wear to work now: natural-looking foundation, correcter & concealer, bit of blush, strong (but not clumpy) mascara, and probably a nude-ish lip, like Charlotte Tilbury’s lip liner in Pillow Talk.

Neutral but polished. It’s a good time to use brightening nudes, shades and products that make you look awake and energetic but very natural.
For me it would be a light foundation and shine controlling powder, a peachy blush, bareMinerals BB cream eyeshadow in Candlelit Peach, a good amount of concealer on my dark circles, a natural mascara (separating and lengthening, not volumizing) and a MLBB lipstick.
I’ve taken part in the recruiting process for a position recently and I have to say that I was very surprised by the cosmetic choices some of the candidates made. False lashes when applying for an admin position are not really appropriate IMO.

I’ve always done whatever I wanted, but it was always in a creative field & equity had me, so.. On hiatus I did quite a bit of work in the financial district. Data entry.. What not.. I merely dressed more conservative & let them tell me how they wanted me to look. I wanted to get the job based on my skills, not my makeup. So they’d let me know.. Yeah, I had to pull back. But it was fun! πŸ˜€ Everywhere else had no interviews, it was given word of mouth and by their own observations, so I could have been covered in feathers and glitter for all it mattered! πŸ˜€ I don’t like rules. πŸ˜›

I actually have an interview tomorrow in a conservative office environment!

Here’s what I’m planning:

Eyebrows filled in with MAC concrete

E/s base, Mac Naked Lunch on lid, Mystery to line and use on outer V, Malt in crease, Brule to blend and Highlight. Maybelline Full and Soft – black.

BB cream to even out complexion, spot conceal blemishes and under eye circles
Light layer of Mac MSFN, soft pop of Prism blush.

for lips, either Creme in Your Coffee, or Velvet Teddy/Mehr with Soar pencil. Not sure which yet.

Nails: OPI Tickle My France-y

Pretty much what everybody else said, with the possible exception that applying to a more industrial company means actively trying to look like I’m not wearing ANY makeup (even if I am). I’m pretty comfy being the only woman in the office at this point, but not looking “too girly to handle stuff” is something I actively consider.

So for me that means none of my beloved lipsticks at all, sunscreen (ALWAYS SUNSCREEN! ha), extremely well blended concealer (possibly light foundation if the match is just right), tinted lip balm, VERY natural dusting of powder on the shiniest areas of sunscreen, a tiny bit of natural looking peachy blush. Looking healthy and energetic yet not made up is key in the very man’s world of industrial positions!

Natural, yet polished. I’d start with the most minimal coverage foundation I could get by with, which in my case could be a BB Cream/TM, and a light dusting of powder. Brows filled in with powder, mascara, neutral matte/satin eyeshadows, and simple, thin liner on upper lashline. To add some “life” to my look, I’d use a bit of bronzer & a “natural” shade of blush (something like MAC Blushbaby or NARS Douceur), and a mauve/MLBB lipstick.

If possible, I’ll take a look at what other women already employed are wearing, particularly in higher positions, even if it means going into a similar place of business. Once I get the job, I still continue to take my cues from others. You never know who may be visiting from corporate, and you should always dress for the job you want, not the one you have (unless you don’t care about upward mobility! ).

I’d also skip the contour, and most likely, highlighter (unless my skin was particularly dry that day, or I need a fuller coverage foundation).

It probably depends on what I was interviewing for, but since I’m in the sciences I’d most likely be interviewing for a laboratory position, in which case I would do light or medium coverage foundation (however my skin is doing at the time), brows, mascara, maybe a bit of highlighter just on the inner corners of the eyes and define the crease with a bronzer, either natural blush or light bronzer, and MLBB lipstick. A natural, but still fairly “flawless” look. I want to look polished but not fussy, because you want to look professional, like you have your sh*t together, not like you just rolled out of bed! Making an effort to look polished in your appearance I feel like sends the message that you’re taking the interview seriously.

Also, I’m a lot more confident and outgoing when I have makeup on, and I definitely want to be confident at a job interview!

i agree. everyone talks about a ‘natural’ look, but i think what is more important is that one feels comfortable, positive, and self-confident. i know that i would not feel comfortable if my red, splotchy psoriasis was out there for everyone to see.

Agree. That’s why I’d still wear foundation, eyeliner, etc. I’d hate to be showing zits, or redness, for one. For another, I still want to look like me. I almost always have my eyes lined, so it stays that way. I just tone down the colors till I see what company policy is.

a clean beauty look (flawless base) or neutral eyes and a mlbb lipstick. nothing too loud (but as you said it can change depending on the place of work)

Foundation, brows filled in, neutral matte and/or satin eyeshadows, tightline upper lashline with a smugdeproof/waterproof pencil liner, curl lashes, mascara. Simple, muted peachy or rosey toned shades complimentary to and depth dependant for ones individual skintone and coloring on cheeks and lips. No brights, no glitter, no heavy liner on eyes! (Although a small kitten flick is fine!)

I would go for a more polished look and anything that makes me look awake and energetic – neutral eyes , natural- looking foundation mixed with highlighter, soft blush, and a medium lip color in a red-brown shade. Then after they hire me, I can bust out the purple lipstick! LOL

Depending on the post, as I am more in the sciences and academics, it would probably be NO makeup as there tends to be a tendency to look down on “feminine” women in the sciences. If I got a job I’d wear natural makeup when I wanted and none when I didn’t feel like putting it on or was in a lab or field situation.

i would probably wear a brown warm eye, neutral colors with neutral blush. very light on bronzer & contour and nude lips. Nothing bright or exaggerated. Even if its for a beauty related job i’d still go neutral for the everyday person.

I prefer to keep any makeup minimal and keep the focus on how beautiful I already am over what specific products I may have on. Tinted moisturizer or a foundation with a natural finish, brows on fleek ALL DAY EVERYDAY lol, blush and highlighter in one (think Nars Albatross), neutral eyes, and satin or cream lipstick in a mlbb color. Super simple and very effective for most kinds of work environments.

Basically I put on my work-friendly makeup: medium coverage foundation with through correcting and concealing, more defined eyebrows, brown-ish eyeshadow (hue varies depending on season, now it would be bronzy), black eyeliner and black mascara for long and voluminous lashes, subtle rosy/corally blush (again hue varies depending on season) and MLBB color on lips. Gives a more mature and professional image of myself, and when I am in a job I usually do not vary at all. πŸ™‚

Classy look – nothing harsh but definitely foundation and a bit of color on cheeks and lips! I let my skills and personality win my interviews – but that was long ago! Pearls, keep it classy.

I definitely agree. I would definitely go for a really subtle look for a more standard job interview. Foundation, concealer, powder (not too cakey), mascara… for the eyes, a two-toned matte look (a skintone one on the lid, a darker brown in the crease, blended), minimal liner, a rosy-mauve-y cheek and a my lips but better lipstick which is not too shimmery-glittery. Nude or natural toned nail polish.

Light and natural foundation, light defined eyebrows, nude but glittering eyeshadow. Tint lipstick or something that cant stain my teeth. ( I dont wont to be worried about my teeth in the midle of the appointment!!)

Interviews and similar occasions are some of the only times I find myself using Naked 2 palette lol. I’ll do a full face, but never a full coverage (just not my style), a pretty basic and simple eye look using Naked 2, mascara, a neutral or pinkish-neutral lipstick, less blush than I usually prefer to wear, and I’ll wear my contacts so there would be no glasses to hide all the makeup and make it seem pointless.

As for nails, I’d do a sponged-on French tip with some subtle glitter (like CG Fairy Dust), a nude colored glitter or jelly sandwich, or if I think I need to be really conservative, just some mannequin hands or a standard French.

I’d probably do my normal full makeup (foundation, lightly filled-in eyebrows, full eye makeup, Blushbaby blush, dusting of Dim Light, a rosy MLBB sort of lipstick or lipgloss probably), but using the Naked 2 palette instead of anything bright. However my normal “neutral” eyeshadow look involves Chopper, so there’s glitter involved even then!

That said, it depends a lot on the company. It pays for me to look young and creative (I’m a graphic designer) and right now part of my hair is hot pink, so I’d have to research the company culture before making a firm decision on what look to go with.

I’ve actually just started going on interviews and I like to look professional, using neutral shades. I do MUFE powder foundation, taupe and ivory eye shadows, mascara, MAC Cosmo lipstick with a touch of pink gloss and soft pink blush.

I would wear foundation, a light blush, do my eyebrows, mascara and a little light eye shadow – in pale grey. I would use a soft, peachy coloured lipstick like Ginger Kiss by Elizabeth Arden. Nothing too bold.
I would also ensure that my grooming was right too – pale nail polish, my shoes clean and my outfit spotless. No perfume.

I would wear a very neutral makeup. Smooth face, VERY slight highlighter, peach or rose blush, eyebrows lightly filled in, gray or taupe eyeshadow with buff color under the brow, slight eyeliner in black, brown or navy, mascara (no spider eyes or fake lashes) and a satin peachy or rose lipstick with just a touch of clear gloss. I think a woman wants to look well-groomed and put together but with a light and professional looking hand.
My husband is vice-president of a marketing and advertising firm, which allows for employees to be true individuals (within reason). However, whenever someone comes for an interview, he excpects them to look professional, not like they have tried too hard or ignored the basic tenets of interview dressing.

Absolutely agree with you, Christine – a polished, no makeup makeup look. So I can feel neat and pulled together, but not so much that anyone would be distracted by how I look. Nothing flashy, glittery or too brightly colored. Always filled in brows, subtly enhanced eyes w/ neutral shadow & mascara, MLBB colored lips, and no shiny skin. I usually stay away from blush when I’m going for the no makeup look.

I think either concealer and powder foundation or very light foundation and dusting of powder, matte light brown eyeshadow, like NARS Blondie, a little mascara, and a subtle blush like a light rose or nude color. I generally apply makeup with a light hand anyway. Interviews used to be one of the few occasions where I would wear makeup!

I wear what I plan on wearing to work if I ended up being hired. That way they get an impression of what I would be like every day. I also try to keep my nails more “traditional” colors (last week I accidentally painted my nails purple, then had to go back and re-do them orangey red the night before the interview!)

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