What makeup do you wear when you travel by plane?

What makeup do you wear when you travel by plane? Share!

I’ll avoid wearing makeup if I can, but if I need to have something on when I land (e.g. not much time to apply anything), then I’ll go for a tinted moisturizer, cream blush, and a little mascara/cream eyeshadow. I’ll apply lipstick and/or lipgloss after I arrive since that is very quick!

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xamyx Avatar

I don’t. Keeping my skin moisturized & hydrated is by far the most Important thing. I also want to be able to reapply sunscreen immediately upon landing.

Ryou Avatar

None whatsoever! It doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 hour flight or a 16 hour flight, flying is uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing enough as-is. For me, adding make-up to the equation just makes things worse. Then again, my experience mainly revolves around how dry and watery my eyes are, and flying definitely exacerbates the problem.

I’d rather not worry about how my make-up look when I’m already worrying about my luggage and carry-in, immigration procedure, my skin freaking out afterwards, etc. And of course, the last time I took a plane (and this is true for about half my air travel experience), I was severely depressed because I had just said goodbye to the spouse, whom I hadn’t seen in two years and didn’t know when I’d see again.

So yeah. None for me.

Katherine T. Avatar

On a plane, I wear minimal makeup. Instead, I slather on the SPF sunscreen, moisturizers, and lip balm to keep my face hydrated. I usually wear an SPF BB cream/tinted moisturizer, cream blush, creamy lipstick, and do my brows. But I skip the eye makeup, because I usually nap on planes, and don’t want to wake up to panda eyes.

Lulle Avatar

If it’s a short flight, I’ll just wear the same type of makeup as usual.
If it’s a longer flight, 3+ hours, I usually won’t wear any makeup at all, because I need to re-apply moisturizer in flight to avoid severe dehydration (that’s especially true for very long flights, 10+ hours and I turn into a prune). I also need to use eye drops and any makeup around my eyes would make the dryness and discomfort even worse.
Last year I took the longest commercial flight in existence, LA to Dubai in 16 hours, and I was amazed to see women in tight jeans, stilettos, and a full face of makeup. I just don’t know how they do it. For me such a long flight was a major challenge!

Nancy T Avatar

It has been 11 years since I flew, and back then, with 2 kids in tow: I kept it simple, but made sure everything could withstand a 5 hour flight, check-in, getting bags and drive time! So, Revlon Colorstay foundation, waterproof mascara and usually only 3 eyeshadows with one serving as eyeliner, blush, lipstick, a little brown e/s in my brows ( I was dying my hair burgundy-red back then). Now though? I’m not sure!

ChicTips Avatar

I always do my eyebrows, add some foundation and blush. No need to exagerate with makeup in the plane, if you ask me. 🙂


HeavyMetalJess Avatar

I’m not gonna lie. If I’m on a plane, it’s probably because I’m going to see someone who I don’t often see and I want to look my best. I usually wear my standard full goth makeup (shadow, liquid liner, lipstick). I get weird looks by people in the airport but at 30 I’m beyond caring about what the TSA thinks about me. Plus I feel like being friendly while looking weird does lots of good for the subculture community.

morguemonster Avatar

<3 It's been a while since I flew, and I didn't wear foundation at the time but flying now I would have the look you described. For similar reasons too.

Raeanne Avatar

I travel a lot for work, and usually with coworkers and higher-ups from the agencies we partner with. So even though it’s not the best for my skin, I do travel in makeup just to cover up my acne/hyperpigmentation. That primarily consists of BB cream/tinted moisturizer, a nice long-lasting powder blush like Clinique Cheek Pop or Becca, eyebrows done with pencil, and a nude gloss or balm for my lips. My skin is oily so I’m not particularly concerned about it drying out, however I will wash my face immediately when I get to the destination, and drink as much water as I can as well.

Kat Avatar

I’ve only flown once since I started wearing makeup, and that was yesterday! I wore tinted moisturizer, concealer, and ABH dipbrow (since its waterproof and I wanted to jump in the beach ASAP after arrival!). We also had a layover so I really didn’t want to have anything fussy on.

I think if it were a very short flight I’d do my regular makeup, but if it was longer than an hour I’d do tinted moisturizer, concealer, bronzer, lip balm, and brows only. Easy, comfortable, and hydrating.

Codename Duchess Avatar

I don’t vary my makeup routine at all when I fly. My skin is oily but not at all sensitive or acne prone, and I’ve never noticed it getting bent out of shape after flying. If I wear less makeup than usual, it’s probably because I was running late and did the bare minimum to save time. I probably would forgo wearing eyeliner and eyeshadow if I was flying internationally, but only out of concern that it would be a creasing, smudgy mess by the time I reached my destination.

pePear Avatar

I’m used a strong moisturizer in that morning and re-apply it again on the plane on my bare face and used a lip blam too before landing time I’ll used a tinted moisturizer or a moisturizer foundation then do my brows,eyeliner,blush,lipstick and I’m good as new! I can’t live without my eyeliner and lipstick!

Emma Avatar

I’m one of those weirdos who loves doing beauty treatments in-flight. Under-eye masks, sheet masks, intense hand cream, you name it!

When I visit my boyfriend, I tend to dab on a little concealer and mascara on toward the end of the flight, but that’s about all I can tolerate wearing in that dry, germy air.

lin Avatar

Oh yes I am that person in the sheet mask too! My boyfriend joins me now that he realises how much better it makes one feel. When flying in Asia, no one bats an eyelid to the masks.

Marta Avatar

No makeup for me during travels! I also dont’t wear contact lenses on the plane, which I usually do when I’m not travelling. I try to be as comfortable as I can!

Janeen Avatar

I actually just flew this past weekend for a family reunion. Both times I just used the It cosmetics tinted moisturizer that has very nice coverage, blush, and sheer color on the lips. Nothing on eyes or maybe just eyeliner. Being very oily drying out is not a problem for me at all so it is not something I worry about. I’d rather be more comfortable than worry about make up getting everywhere but with acne spots I do like some coverage.

Rachel Avatar

My most recent flights have been for business, so I like to look pulled together when traveling.
-Tinted moisturizer/setting powder
-Brow gel
-Mascara and eyeliner
-Lipgloss ( Mac creme sheen glass or YSL Tint in oil)

Liz Avatar

I generally wear things that fade gracefully, are easily reapplied, and ideally doesn’t feel like I’m wearing them at all! I would do my eyebrows with a browpen because you pretty much can’t feel the browpen ink on your skin at all, and apply Laneige’s BB Cushion, which is my absolute favorite base to use for flights. Great buildable coverage in case the terrible plane air causes a spot to appear, and if it starts feeling heavy on the skin (since mine is oily), I can just wipe it off, apply any skincare if required, and reapply at the end of the flight without leaving my seat since its in a compact! These 2 products are my essentials, so I can do without any else.

Anne Avatar

I don’t think I’ve ever worn makeup on a plane. I do tend to bring a good lip balm (like Jack Black) and a small bit of moisturizer for my face and for my body (Kiehl’s Rose Arctica cream and a mini Body Shop Shea Body Butter respectively), I also try to pack a calming mask like The Body Shop’s Aloe Vera Protective Restoring mask that I use overnight after I land, as well as “resetting” one as I call them, like Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme mask, which I try to use the next morning.

Genevieve Avatar

I generally wear my usual makeup and if it is a long flight I will wipe it off – using moistened makeup remover towelette and keep moisturizing my skin. Then I reapply with foundation, blush, a bit of eye shadow, eye brow pencil and lipstick.

Nuraini Avatar

I travel a lot for work, but these are usually short 2-3 hour flights. If I’m traveling in the day time and I have to go straight to work when I land, I will put on makeup like I usually do – foundation, eyeliner, brows, blush, lipstick. If I’m landing at night, I will just have on a swap the foundation for a tinted moisturiser. If it’s for a holiday/ long-haul/ red-eye flight, no makeup! I am looking for a good hydrating product for those night flights – any suggestions?

Brittany Avatar

I haven’t flown in almost two years, but I just about never wear makeup if I’m going to be on a plane. I think I’d be likely to apply some fast and simple makeup (that wouldn’t require a bunch of brushes) during the flight if I had to be somewhere just after landing, but I don’t really ever have anywhere in particular to be if I’m flying, so I just skip it.

El Avatar

I fly at least annually, a long haul flight to visit family back in Canada. Due to the vagaries of getting transportation to Heathrow, I end up having extra time to hang about the airport at not particularly sociable times of day, and I’ve discovered that the SAs who work the counters in the duty free shop are usually bored and very happy to do someone’s makeup even if they don’t actually buy anything. So now, I usually show up to the airport in just well-moisturised skin but get on the plane with light makeup, sans mascara. I enjoy having my makeup done so it turns what could be an onerous wait into something more pleasant.

Then I rely on Clinique Moisture Surge Spray, eye spray*, lip balm, and hand cream during the flight, and I’ll pat some sunscreen on and refresh my base before landing. My skin is finicky so I’ve learned it’s best to save the masks and treatments until afterwards.

* this is, sadly, something that doesn’t seem to have made it across the pond yet. In the UK, we have these wee bottles which are basically eye drops in a spray format. They dispense a measured dose, and you just close your eyes and spray once or twice per eye. They are fine to apply over top of set makeup and they help keep your eyeballs moisturised in the same manner as drops. I love them!

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