What makes a luxury or high end product worth the money to you?

What makes a luxury or high end product worth the money to you? Share!

It’s usually texture or comfort for me, paired with easy application and good wear! A unique color would also be “worth it” to me.

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starr Avatar

I think high end eyeshadows are always worth the money for me. I don’t own any drugstore eyeshadows because I’ve never been able to find highly pigmented and blendable matte eyeshadows at the drugstore and as that’s all I wear I am definitely willing to pay more for that. But except for eyeshadows a lot of drugstore items are definitely there with quality so it might be the packaging that would draw me to a high end product haha.

Nancy T Avatar

For skin care, it definitely has to be something that I’ve already tried a sample of and determined that it’s not irritating or allergenic, that it performs up to expectations, has a really nice feel to it, and is neither perfumed or stinky!
Now as to makeup; it needs to be exceptional quality and review well, something that I can see myself using quite often, long-wearing, a complex or unique shade helps to ka-ching it, and it has to feel and apply great, too! And anything other than my lipstick needs to be fragrance free!
Most importantly of all, I have to really, REALLY love it.

LC Avatar

me. i’m worth it. and i must show love for myself.

I really want the Lancome 24h Teint Idole foundation in 230w Buff, but I am definitely having a hard time justifying it especially since I make no money while in graduate school. But I love how it felt, I loved the bottle, the fact that I was wearing something French on my face. But knowing that there are probably better quality foundations for oily skin for lower price… the reasonable side of me prevents me from acting on my wishes

Janeen A Avatar

I would check out Estee Lauder Double Wear, it’s only $35/38 a bottle I believe. I have pretty oily skin and it has worked out very well for me and it’s definitely not as pricey as other high end foundations. Just a suggestion 🙂

Kimberly Avatar

Packaging, ease of use and frequency of use. If I buy, say a NARS Audacious lipstick, I want it to have really fancy and classy packaging (magnetic closure, heavy weight, plastic but easy to clean case – check!), a long-wearing and creamy lip application (check!) and colours that I can wear on a day-to-day basis (check!).

Katherine T. Avatar

It makes me look gorgeous, and it’s a unique in color and performance. The Armani Eye Tints are painfully expensive at $ 38 each, but I have 4 of them. They look great on their own, but for my oily lids, they are a godsend. When I need my powder shadows to last +15 hrs, I use these as a base, and they also add a nice shimmer/depth to run-of-the mill powder shadows. I wish they would come out with some matte shades.

Grace Avatar

-a completely unique color that I can’t dupe
-something of exceptional quality that I would get a lot of wear out of (like a mlbb color)
-mascara I’m not allergic to
-foundation that actually matches my light skin tone AND doesn’t make me break out

Janeen Avatar

It is worth it to me if I always wear it and love it. I splurged and bought 3 of the Dior Mono Eyeshadows that sparkle like glitter falling in front of the sun and on trips I just take those three and my looks are always complete. I even swam in one and my cousin was like “WHY IS YOUR MAKE UP STILL PERFECT!” “Dior baby!” So even if they are $30 a pop for one color they’re still worth it compared to the multiple $50 12 eyeshadow palettes that I hardly touch (because I have not found a primer that can make my eyeshadow last 14 hours…so don’t wear eyeshadow to work, curse of oily skin). Plus every time I put them on I’m like “MAKE UP ON FLEEK” 🙂

Katherine T. Avatar

I have 2 of the Dior Mono Fusion shadows and love them, too! Sparkle heavan 🙂 Have you tried putting powder shadows on top of the Armani Eye Tints? I have oily lids (one is hooded too), and I can get my powder shadows to last +15 hrs, my record was +17. A godsend when I have to work long hours. I have tried Shadow, Green Iron, Onyx, and Cold Copper

Janeen Avatar

I have not checked out the Armani eye tints but now I might have to. I’ve so far have tried everything and nothing can last a whole night at work. UD primers under highly rated cream eyeshadows under great powder eyeshadows and still by the end of my shift it’s all creased up. So many gorgeous palettes that I don’t use just because I know it will be a mess later on 🙁

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh, I know the pain! I wasn’t wearing shadows for many years because everything creased, even with primer. I probably tried 10 different primers. The other one that works for me is Wet N Wild Fergie Take On the Day primer, it goes on clear. And the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks are pretty good too. But the most consistent are the Armani Eye Tints. Hope you find something that works!

Marieke Avatar

Definitely that perfect or unique color (mainly talking lipstick and eyeshadow) in combination with excellent quality.
The other high-end product I keep buying is Chanel le Volume mascara because nothing compares. Nothing comes close. And my lashes are very important to me.

Mariella Avatar

It simply has to perform at what it’s intended for. Foundation – needs to feel light as air on the skin, cover imperfections well while looking like I’m not actually wearing foundation, needs to last through the day without getting cakey or “breaking down”, needs to apply and blend so it looks invisible while doing all the things listed. Eyeshadow – has to apply smoothly, be reasonably pigmented and/or buildable, fallout-free, blendable and long wearing. Lipsticks – long lasting, smooth, not dry my lips out, fade away evenly…. on and on it goes but the bottom line is that it really differs from product to product.

KaseyCannuck Avatar

High quality first and foremost! There’s no excuse for sub par crap *cough Dior palettes cough* when drug store brands can put out excellent quality products.
Second is something unique and hard to dupe. I WILL buy the cheaper version of something. No one sees the packaging or brand name other than me.
Third is packaging. If I’m shelling out a small fortune on something I want it to look like something special with packaging that will last, because in my case, if I’m spending a lot on something, which I can’t do often, I’m going to use it until it’s finished so the packaging has to last.

MissJae1908 Avatar

The product would have to be of great quality, unique and probably limited edition. Example…Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow Highlighter from last year’s collection.

Pearl Avatar

Great question – I was wondering the same when I was looking at Ebay for a few discontinued things. I will pull out the money if it is “worth” it, in terms of wear/longevity and if the product does what it says it does. Guerlain’s Meteorites is/are pricey, but I’m still on a tub I bought last year and I use it about 5x/week, so it is a great value and definitely worth it. When something is that great, I don’t worry about how much I pay for it. Other products that come to mind are Tom Ford Eye Creams, Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk Foundation, Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer – worth every penny.

Elise Avatar

Quality, amount, and packaging. If I can’t find a cheaper substitute of the high end product, then it’s worth it like Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer. It improved my face, a lot and I can’t find anything better!

Kitty Avatar

It has to pretty much exceed how it performs compared to lesser brands, as well as be a unique color. It must be easy to apply and last as long as at least average for similar products of other brands. And even if the quality is excellent in all regards, it has to look flattering on me.

Deidre Avatar

The quality, longevity/performance, ease of application, uniqueness of color(s) and ability to acquire the product (this is important to me as I live in Canada and the USD/CAD isn’t very good right now, also certain US online retailers won’t ship certain lines to Canada like Tom Ford).

Kuávsui Avatar

My criteria are the same across the board: formulas and textures that work on me without having to take extra steps to make them work, especially with base products. Blendability and longevity are important to me since my face is so oily and unevenly toned; minimal fading; a good finish that doesn’t change too much with wear. Also a chance to get a refill (where sensible, like powder/blush/eyeshadow compacts) so I don’t have to toss all the packaging is nice!

Lisa Avatar

For me, if I can’t find a product that meets my needs at drugstore prices, I will bite the bullet and pay more. Because I have a hard time finding a super pale foundation with olive undertones and a dark brow pencil that isn’t warm-toned, I am willing to pay more for products that meet these criteria. For products that need to be portable, such as a pressed powder, packaging really matters (the compact needs to have a good mirror, be sturdy and convenient to use, etc.). Otherwise, I feel like I’m wasting money on things that don’t really matter – especially since I’m a single mother with a lot of other expenses. When I see YouTube videos of young teenagers showing their extensive collections or lavish “hauls,” I find it depressing and want to tell them to invest that money in something that’ll still matter in a few years. But to each her own, right?

Yvette Avatar

For me it’s quality, longevity and uniqueness combined with elegant packaging. I just purchased 2 Tom Ford Lips and Boys lipsticks in Blake and Gustavo because the dupes weren’t close enough to the originals. Hopefully they’re worth it, if not I’ll send them back.

Yvette Avatar

I forgot to add that it’s totally worth it if a product make me admire myself in the mirror and 2 products that do that are Becca SSP pressed in Rose Gold combined with Estee Lauder Brazen Bronze blush. I can’t pass a mirror without admiring my cheeks! lol

Tova J Avatar

Quality, performance and packaging. One of the products that have been worth it, are the NARS Audacious Lipsticks for example – amazing formula, wears nicely, pigmented and heavy, sturdy and luxurious packaging! And this feeling of buying something expensive with a fancy packaging and brand name… It’s something special. Just having it sit on your vanity to adore is amazing. Especially when you’re actually a broke student 😀

Rachel R. Avatar

It would have to be an truly exceptional color and/or product for me, and not too horribly expensive. Even if it’s an amazing product and the most unique color in the universe, I’m not going to spend $50 or more on a lipstick, or $200 on a jar of face cream (unless it makes me look like Angelina Jolie). Really, most of the luxury stuff I’ve seen and experienced didn’t seem worth the money they were asking.

I’m mostly a drug store and mid-range (Too Faced, Tarte, Urban Decay, etc.) buyer.

Kristina Avatar

This answer will sound very superficial after everyone’s thoughtful responses, but if the product makes me look pretty and it is in a pretty package, I’m sold.

Laura_Lou Avatar

its got to have the best quality. If it’s 5 times the price of a highstreet product then I think it should be 5 times better. I find it hard to justify really expensive makeup purchases, but when they’ve got a really good formula, a great quality, have superior wear time and beautiful packaging, it makes it easier to give them my money

Glenda Avatar

For me, high end skincare is worth the price. Not all of it, but what works for me, at this stage of life and what my skin demands are, yeah it’s worth it. Other stuff I can negotiate around, but for me the skincare is fundamental and so important that I’m willing to pay a higher price.

Laurie Avatar

For me, it’s usually the formulation and uniqueness of a product that does it for me. Take Charlotte Tillbury’s powder, for instance; the ingredients, the formula’s extremely fine-milled texture, and the way this combo wears on the skin made it worth the plunge for me. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting line is another perfect example; plus, the ambients are just a really great, different idea and they actually do what they claim to do. Color uniqueness will often also get me when it comes to higher-end stuff, but I tend to be more of a formula nerd 🙂

Zainab Avatar

Obviously if I’m paying more it needs to perform well (pigmented, doesn’t melt/bleed/crease etc), but I’d also pay more for unusual colours, a colour I think I’ll wear a lot, better ingredients, packaging or if it’s limited edition. Sometimes I just the the idea of treating myself (usually with cheaper product types like lipstick or mascara).

I haven’t found a drugstore foundation that lasts well on my skin and doesn’t break me out. The only one that really wears well is from Hourglass so I stick with that (I occasionally try other things but so far no success). The most expensive individual products I’ve bought so far were probably finishing powders (Houglass and Guerlain) and I don’t regret paying so much because they are things I use often and I felt they were unique.

If rather splurge once and get the exact thing I want (up to a certain price point) rather than end up with a lot of near dupes that aren’t exactly what I wanted.

Genevieve Avatar

First of all, it would be colours that I would wear – especially blues, greens, olives or greys.
Secondly, it would be supremely pigmented, easy to blend and of an overall excellent quality.
A unique colour in one of my favourite shades above would probably clinch the deal.
For example – the blue colour in Guerlain’s Les Gris and the teal in Dior’s Jardin.

Cat Avatar

Quality is the number one thing I look for when it comes to high-end products. All of the pretty packaging in the world won’t make something worth it if the product performs less than stellar.

charlotte Avatar

For me it has to be either:
Perform better than any similar product
Be gorgeous and fulfill that “treat” aspect.. packaging definitely counts

Anne Avatar

Quality is of course the first major aspect for me. Ease of use- for example: I’m not going to buy a high end foundation without a pump or something, with the exception being Esteé Lauder Double Wear as I have a MAC pump that fits it and I can get it for half price at a nearby CCO. Style is another aspect, as if I’m going to buy a high end lip product or something, I want it to look good. I think the same point goes for packaging (I refuse to buy the Naked1 Palette until they redo the cheap cardboard packaging). For some items, there’s also an emotional component to it. There is one perfume I have that my mom used to wear when I was little, so when I miss her having it around is a comfort. I also have Chanel’s Rouge Coco lipstick as aside from looking good, it also has a connection with me and my sister, as well as being my middle name (and Coco Chanel’s actual first name!).

SMITA Avatar

If it’s high quality and better than drugstore version I will splurge. Also if it’s high end I like the packaging to be nice since I’m spending $$$ anyways.

Examples would be perfume or foundation/powders,highlighter and unique colors but I buy with deals like free shipping and sales and ebates!!!

Maggie Avatar

Luxury or high end products are worth it when I can’t find an alternative/dupe in the lower price spectrum with the same sort of quality or specifications that I desire. And most especially if the product is something I’ll often use or a game-changer (i.e. like a bold lipstick or a foundation with JUST the right finish and longevity).

doroffee Avatar

I have to say I cannot afford high end brands most of the time (I am living in a country where products are more expensive and wages are less). If I buy a high-end product, it’s something that’s going to last a long time, I don’t have to replace it every 3-6 months… and a classic, wearable item of good quality (I do thorough research) – like a classic red or nude lipstick, a rosy nail polish, wearable eyeshadows…

fuji Avatar

formula and performance, and comfort of wearing.

For example, Giorgio Armani’s foundation and face powder don’t oxidize. They hold up so well that I don’t have to worry about it becoming darkened in the late afternoon. That’s a high claim and they deliver it! It wins my loyalty ever since so I’m willing to save up for their semi-annual sale every time.

Lorrie Avatar

I saw a Guerlain compact used in an old episode of Showtime’s Homeland and it was so pretty it made me want to get it. I didn’t though, but I found a translucent Etude House compact that is much more affordably priced and is at least cute when I take it out of my purse.

Lindsay Avatar

A few things most importantly the fact that it is cruelty free, the second is that it works great with my skin and my sensitive eyes. And three that it is a product that will last and is not limited edition

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