What kind of makeup do you wear if you don’t have work/school?

If I’m not wearing something for the blog, then I’ll either wear no makeup at all or I will reach for some of my favorites, either all-time favorites or things I really enjoyed testing recently and want to wear again.

— Christine
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At home and on weekends, I’m always testing new makeup– especially eye shadows to make sure they last on my oily lids before the return period expires. Or I test different eye looks. And different moisturizers, primers, and illuminizers with my foundation and bb creams. That way, if there’s any disaster ( eye makeup melts or foundation turns orange), only hubby and the toddler sees it LOL

TBH my look doesn’t change all that much because I work in a fairly casual office, and my go-to colors are typically neutrals anyway. Sometimes I will take the opportunity on the weekend to try out new colors, though, that I just wouldn’t feel as comfortable in at the office. And if I’m “going out” I always go heavier on the eye makeup and shimmer!

if i’m just chilling in my room on the weekend then i won’t wear anything (unless i’m trying it on) but in general my school looks and my weekend looks are the same. i have no problem wearing blue lipstick to class

I don’t wear makeup at all if I won’t be seeing people that day. If I’m heading out for a quick errand, I’ll brush on some SPF powder, lightly fill in my brows (not as meticulously as I would for a night out), and throw on one of my older lipsticks that I’m trying to use up. I’ll usually put on my SPF moisturizer in the morning if I have an inkling that I might be leaving the house during the day (I work from home, so there are a lot of days where this won’t happen).

If I’m only going for a walk, my most basic look is tinted sun protection set with powder (and maybe a hint of contour under my cheekbones), tinted brow gel, blinc mascara (‘cuz it washes off so easily), and some kind of lip color. Even if it’s just “chore day” and I’m just walking around the block and doing laundry in the basement of the building in my boyfriend jeans, that’s what I’ll wear!

If I’m doing anything more than that, I’ll at least also put on a thin layer of NARS Eye Paint in Porto Venere from lashline to brows, tightline my lashes, and do the quick & subtle contour/blush/highlight/blend that I can do a in couple of minutes. This is polished enough to wear to work or school if I’m in a hurry, too. There’s not a huge amount of difference for me between work and non-work days.

If I have some time I’ll want to play and do a complete eye look, or maybe fuss with lip liner and a super-bold lip color. It’s just fun for me!

I use weekends or special events to go all out. Brighter colors or dramatic smoky eyes, bolder lips, contouring/highlighting, maybe some extra glitter…

There are many steps I skip for the workplace due to the conservative nature of my job and my morning time constraints, so when I have a chance to really take my time and play with all of my products, I don’t waste it.

I’m loving Chantecaille Just Skin tinted moisturizer! I can put it on with fingers and it looks and feels so nice. Usually that and some some concealer and a bit of blush,maybe highlight because I love highlight and a gloss or balm. But, if I’m going nowhere, I go scary bare face sometimes!

I tend to make it a skincare day, so I mask, put my more light-sensitive serums on if I’m snowed in (like today!) and just let my skin get some love. Sometimes for kicks I’ll put on one of my more work-inappropriate lipsticks.

If I’m not leaving the house or only doing 1-2 quick errands (like the post office) I don’t wear makeup at all. I’ll rinse my face in the morning and put on moisturizer and that’s it.

If I have no plans to leave my home that day, I either wear nothing or *almost* nothing: BB cream brows, tightline, mascara, a little blush and a lipgloss or balmy lip color. But sometimes, I’ll go the complete opposite direction and put together much more adventurous looks that perhaps I either; may not feel as comfortable wearing in public, or experimenting with some new shade configuration to see if it works. In other words, a trial run.

I will usually go bare-faced but if I go out of the flat, I might wear a bit of makeup, usually just foundation, blusher and lippie or lipbalm. Today though I went to the local retail park with my little girl, just a quick trip to Argos, TKMaxx and Sainsburys – all in all, just under an hour and a half (she whinged most of the time, wanting out of her buggy!). I wore foundation, pale pink and light brown eyeshadow from Stila’s A Whole Lotta Love, the peach shimmer blush and NARS Rikugien lip pencil. So, a light makeup look.

I’ll wear regular makeup on the weekend if I’m going out shopping or for coffee, but on a relaxed Sunday I’ll just do my normal skincare and maybe some extra moisturizer.

I mask on weekend mornings and if I don’t have something social going on, I won’t put anything on for the rest of the day. If I do have something social going on, I’ll do a full face like I do during the week. I like to play with what I have (God forbid it’s new, though) so sometimes even if I’ve masked in the morning, I’ll still put a face and eyes on in the afternoon, only I won’t use eye primer or my regular foundation I use during the week, I’ll use a bb cream or mineral foundation as opposed to a heavier base.

Everything from nothing at all, except BB cream with SPF to full on everything, sometimes I even add to that 🙂
It all depends on what I feel like.

I also do that. Either I wear nothing but sun glasses and lip balm/gloss or I go for something favorite or more colorful. During my off time. I’ve always had to wear more neutral or “no makeup” looks for work.

It depends on what mood I’m in but since I have half a day of annual leave and I’m a little bored I’ll elaborate! Here’s an example of the kind of look I gravitate toward.

Mattifying primer. I have oily skin so it’s essential.
Medium to full coverage oil-free liquid foundation (usually mixed with a bit of a white foundation since my favourite foundations aren’t light enough ?).
Translucent powder to set or, if I need even more coverage, powder foundation.
Shimmery, warm pink powder blush with a powder highlighter on my cheekbones if I want even more shimmer! I love highlighter but these days I prefer a subtle look so I don’t go overboard like I use to!

Eyeshadow primer followed by a MAC Paint Pot or a Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour for extra staying power!
Shimmery taupe eyeshadow on lids and a matte, medium neutral brown in the crease, followed by a darker charcoal hued shadow to deepen the crease colour. A very pale cream with light shimmer is used on the brow bone and sometimes the inner corner.
Black liquid eyeliner on the upper lash line, winged slightly.
Coloured pencil eyeliner on the lower lash line, usually teal or purple although a neutral, shimmery colour such as a deep taupe/charcoal/dark brown is nice too.
I follow up with either a black or brown pencil eyeliner in the water line or I use the same colour that I used on my lower lash line if I want to emphasise it.
A mascara that gives plenty of volume and length, in black.
A mascara sealant to stop smudges and panda eyes!
Once the lashes are dry I use a good concealer in a peachy colour, one that sets, just on the dark circles under my eyes. Leave concealer to set almost fully then blend the edges lightly to retain coverage. The Bobbi Brown Tinted Eye Brightener in Porcelain Peach has been excellent for that since it does stay put. I have long lashes so a need a concealer that is completely non-tacky otherwise the mascara may transfer if I didn’t get an even coverage with the mascara sealant.
For brows I’ll use a skinny brow pencil in a deep charcoal shade since my hair is dyed black. I’ll fill them in lightly and generally just even them out and tidy them up.

Lip balm, lip balm and more lip balm. My lips are always as dry as a desert due to meds that I have to take so it’s an absolute must.
I’m not a lip gloss person but I am a lipstick fiend so lipstick it is! I switch the colours up all the time. For this kind of look though I’ll generally use a nice light-to-medium neutral pink. Sort of my lips but pinker.
Then I set everything with a setting spray. Out of the ones I’ve tried I like the Urban Decay All Nighter and De-slick sprays. I’ve found that, for me anyway, there’s little difference in performance. I have tried the Clarins Fix Makeup spray but I can’t say that it wowed me although I’ve not properly tested it.

If you actually read that you deserve a pat on the back! I was just REALLY bored. I’ve probably missed something out but there you go.

Take care everybody! ?

Usually no makeup unless I’m “feelin’ it” that day. I like to give my skin time to rest from makeup as it tends to look healthier that way.

One of my days off a week, I typically go out and run all my errands, so I may take a little more time than on a workday. So I won’t necessarily wear things I wouldn’t wear other days, but I might do slightly more complex eye looks, wear more products overall or actually remember to use one of my cream products on my face before I set my foundation.

The other day off, I don’t leave the house half the time, so I won’t put anything on unless I have a brand new product (generally a lip product) that I’m not 100% how it would look on me. Then I’ll just try it out, so I don’t pair it with anything too clashy. Since I tend to put on my lipstick last thing when I’m about to run out the door on a normal day. 🙂

Hello from Jaipur. Finally having some “down time” and thought I’d check in. Since I always, ALWAYS wear sunscreen, on a day at home, I’m likely to apply IT CC cream. That way, if I have to dash out, I’m covered (literally). I generally also wear concealer because I desperately need it. Same goes for a light dusting of blush. I’ll put Painterly or something similar on my lids just too look brighter. This way, if someone drops by, they won’t run away in fright and if a friend calls with a suggestion to meet for coffee, etc., I just need to swipe on some liner and lip gloss and I’m set.

If I’m staying in, I wear a serum usually and moisturizer always. If I have a little running around, I will powder, blush, eyebrows,mascara and lip balm. I get wind burn very easily and my brows and lashes are very light.

If i dont hav to go out, i dont wear makeup at all. If i get time, i do a nice face massage with some cleansing balm, tk some steam to open up the pores, use some scrub. And finally, ( if i have time or not), i always apply some transparent face mask like the sisley ones; and go on with my day with my mask on. Try to keep the mask on my face for as long as possible… Upto 8-10 hours too on some days.

I no longer have to work, but I still put makeup on pretty much everyday. I’m very into eyeshadows! I like to post my pictures on Instagram with makeup looks so that’s another reason I wear the makeup. I’m 48 yrs old but I still rock glitter liner. I buy all kinds of new makeup so I’m always trying new things!! My husband doesn’t understand why I need so much makeup. Does anyone else go through that too?

Bright shadows, shocking lipstick colors, and makeup combos I make up on the fly. Neutrals are so not my thing on a permanent basis so any chance I get to spice it up, I do. Give me bold or give me clean skin with nothing but bold brows. I can’t stand boring makeup.

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