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Seraphine Avatar

What Christine said. 🙂 Cool-toned neutral/taupe shades are my favorites.

For me, Colourpop’s Fame palette was a step in the right direction, but I think they can do a lot better. My perfect cool-toned neutral/taupe palette would have 12 shades, 8 of them matte (including a couple of really good transition shades), 4 of them shimmer. No glitter, no black, no white.

Mary Avatar

Agree with you and Christine 100%!! I would like to see some color in it too, not just browns. But not a rainbow palette either. Am I asking too much? ?

Agona Avatar

Monochromatic quads by bareMinerals; it’s my fav formula and I feel like every quad these days are neutrals with a pop or two of color instead.

A Avatar

Partly agree with the taupe palette, but I’d like to see a taupe palette that leaned darker than the taupe-ish palettes that were all the rage before ABH MR, as they tended to be 50% light colours that turned ashy on medium to dark skintones.
Also my dream is to have a 10+ pan green + plum themed palette, with mostly shimmers (but not glitter) and satins.

kjh Avatar

DIY from Sydney Grace. Check out C’s swatches and go to town! I think i already have 6 greens and four plums/purples. By C’s ratings, you can score exactly what you want, with virtually guaranteed performance.

Z Avatar

Yes!! There are three or four shades in that whole palette I actually want, but they’re pretty enough to make me consider getting the whole damn thing.

This year I want more singles as an option. Who DOESN’T have a ton of orangey browns from last year’s trend of “complete warm palettes?”

Anne Avatar

I’d love to see Viseart package their magnetized shade pans individually and offer differently sized empty palettes to put them in. I have heard them say they aren’t a ‘big’ enough company to do that yet. Sorry, I don’t believe them. Maybe they couldn’t offer all their shades, but how about some of them? I don’t wear blue eyeshadows. The next person might not wear purples and mauves. I want to buy my own singles and make my own Viseart palettes. When they do this, I will buy.

Kitty Avatar

Similar to Anne’s idea, I’d like to have a multi-sized palette system where individual shadows can be easily inserted and withdrawn, and the empty palettes are continually being sold as are the individual shadows. All of the individual shadows would be reasonably priced as would be the empty palettes. The empty palettes choices would include 4-shadow, 6-shadow, 8-shadow, etc. (Maybe the palette could somehow snap off some shadows similar to how a daily supplement holder does.) The shadow ingredients would be accurately detailed and, to the extent possible, limit the “may contain” or “+-” ingredients, which for me frequently include allergens that eliminate the entire shadow line from consideration (e.g., Coloured Raine individual shades, Tom Ford, Dior, Chanel). The system would be continually supported — updated, being accessible online and in stores like Sephora or Ulta or similar, having swatches, etc.– instead of being a temporary thing that is then dropped or completely overhauled later on to force new investments in empty palettes/shadows.

I realize there’s Z palette and whatnot, but I want something more professional looking (if that makes sense) and more portable and hardy. There are also some brand lines like UD that have/had this system too, but in UD’s case, the good empty palettes were discontinued and ones available now are cheap and ineffective, plus the individual shadows are pricy. MUFE ones have problematic “+-” ingredients and were overhauled too soon (IMO) too. I’d love if Pat McGrath would do this with her shadows, as I wouldn’t mind paying more to get some of those gems and she avoids using the allergen ingredients. But as it is, getting this system plus having it be quality shadows w/o transparent/detailed ingredient disclosure limits my options to just certain UD shadows in an older/better palette I found on eBay.

Mariella Avatar

I agree 100% about a cool neutral/taupe leaning palette but I’d like it to be from a company I like and trust and which I can access in a bricks and mortar location and also that is less pricey than Viseart or Natasha Denona (neither of which is “in store” at Sephora for the most part) – so Urban Decay, MAC, ABH or Bare Minerals (I so miss all their wonderful “Ready” duos, quads and palettes).

Bonnie Avatar

That’s pretty close to what I was going to say. I have all the Huda palettes and I love them all. I was okay with expanding Huda palettes to include more monochromatics but you raise a good point about the price point. While I do, and did pay the $27 each for Huda, I would rather pay $12 each for Colourpop.

CP did do Brown Sugar and Ooh La La (pink) which are amazing, and just today they released a purple one…but that one does have some other shades.

I’m good if they include 1 transition shade, but otherwise, I want to see the color that’s supposed to be there. And if they don’t put a transition shade in, that’s okay too because I have TONS of them elsewhere in my collection.

AJ Avatar

Yes, count me in for some high-quality cool taupey mattes.

I’d love to see Pat McGrath do a green 6 pan palette. She could maybe release it this spring so I could buy it for my birthday, that would be great.

And I’d like to see ColourPop be more adventurous with their palettes in general. Stop with the “warm neutrals with a pop of color” in endless variations. Give us something more along the lines of Huda’s obsession palettes. I’d buy a ColourPop palette that was all greens, or a green-blue-purple peacock theme.

Carrie Avatar

I second Christine’s want whole-heartedly. It drives me crazy hearing influencers calling neutral-at-best palettes cool toned, when they are really just less warm.

AB Avatar

Nothing major comes to mind — I’m warm toned so have been pretty spoiled. Maybe Viseart doing a pink-themed version of the Siren Theory palette, but Nuance is close though it’s all shimmers and I’d like some mattes.

Genevieve Avatar

I echo that sentiment Christine!
Although some of the new Sydney Grace neutrals you swatched for us yesterday were pretty cooled toned, so I guess you could make your own.
And now that Melt Cosmetics has produced the Smoke palette – I would love to see brands do more green and teal shades too. No glitters, just some shimmers and satins.

Z Avatar


Though, to be fair, I picked up the Chroma palette from Viseart during the post-holiday sale and it’s damn near everything I could ever want. Perhaps a super light whitish/shimmery champagne color for highlighting the inner corner and browbone. And maybe a gorgeous jeweled teal or deep green….and maybe a dusty army green….and….ok, so maybe I spoke too soon saying Chroma is my everything, but it’s certainly a fantastic base addition!!


I would like to see a blue/ green based palette with some shimmers or satins mixed with coordinating colors made by anyone who could do it WELLfor $75.00 or less

Josie Avatar

I’d like to see a cool toned palette as well. But I’d want it to be mostly shimmer with a few matte shades. I’d like to see a low end like from ColourPop and a high end one like from Natasha Denona.

On a side note, Dose of Colors came out with a cool toned taupe palette called Pretty Cool. I like it but I have similar shades from MAC.

Rachel R. Avatar

I would love to see an blue-toned violet and blurple palette with a deep blackened violet matte, a variety of rich shimmers, microglitters, and duochromes, some mid-toned mattes, a shade like NARS Lhasa, and a pale lavender shade and an icy white-blue-violet shifting shade for the brow bone/inner corner.

I honestly don’t care who would make it, as long as the quality were good, with no weak shades or patchy mattes. Affordability would be nice. Maybe ColourPop, Anastasia, or Urban Decay, if they did their best violets. Juvia’s Place or Coloured Raine could probably pull it off, too.

Bonnie Avatar

I know I’m the first person EVER to have anything constructive to say about Juvia’s, but here goes. As someone who has 7 of their palettes, and basically likes them, I find their mattes don’t last. At all. This became most glaringly obvious to me when I used Warrior II, which is all mattes. By lunchtime, they were long gone.

Sarah Avatar

Something similar to Modern Renaissance actually. I like the matte reds and neutrals in it, but I’d also like some pinks, some purples, and a basic matte black too.

Not too picky about the brand…maybe Colourpop for the sake of the pricetag. Though I would want it to be sold in Ulta, as I don’t like ordering online.

Stacy Avatar

I would love to see a whole line of quads by Colourpop! I’m kind of over the larger eyeshadow palettes and love the no-brainer nature of a quad. However typically they’re either very luxe and expensive or poor quality (or both, looking at you Givenchy) , so I’d love for Colourpop to make a high quality affordable option.

Tatyana Avatar

Spring releases!!!! I want to see a spring palette in mint, green, teal and brown eyeshadow palette from Colourpop! Kind of in the spirit of Natasha Denona green-brown palette, or the emerald/sapphire obessions palettes. I would love a copper, gold/yellow, and teal palette too! Or a dupe of the Violet Voss flamingo palette split into like a yellow/coral/red and blue/teal/pink.

I also would love to see a jewel and muted colorful smokey palettes from them.

A bit off topic… but I also wish Colourpop would improve their metallic foil formula for their pressed eyeshadows. It’s just so subtle, when I prefer an in your face type of glam look! And it would be nice for someone to publish a makeup color theory chart based on skin-tone (warm, neutral, cool and fair, medium, dark). When I’m in a hurry in the AM, I forget what cool and unique color combinations I could do! Today I’m wearing a navy/pink smokey look and I would love to just pick a creative combination based on what goes with my outfit without much thought!

Alison Avatar

Well, I’ve been begging for purple palettes for so long that now i no longer need any more purple because I’ve got it covered. And just as the Viseart Liaison purple palette comes out. But as someone else noted earlier in these comments, if I want a certain color, I would more appreciate a range of that color, rather than nearly half the palette taken up by browns and a black. Waiting too long for too little.

So what I am wanting now is that green palette with lots of goldy greens, grass green, a dark murky green, lime green, a few pale highlighter greens, some nice (non-orange) yellows, maybe an iridescent mustard. And forget the browns, oranges, blacks, and all the rest of it.

Silvia Avatar

I’d love to see a sparkly cool toned palette perhaps Colourpop with peaches, corals, purple, taupe, bronze, golds, rose golds, peacock greens, purples! I’d like included the highliter shade for under brows or near tear duct but only one shade and perhaps a dark brown to use as eyebrow filling or eyeliner un a rush as when in vacation. That would be gorgeous! I’d like them to sparkle since cool mattes don’t excite me at all so bring on the sparkles! Shine bright like a diamond. Lol!

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