What item did you have to have but never use?

What item did you have to have but never use? Share!

I don’t really use a lot of things more than a handful of times by the nature of testing things all the time, so it is hard for me to say, LOL.

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My issues with Naked 2 & Naked 3 are that I only like 2-4 colors in each palette, but I like every single color in the first palette (Naked 1?). You can buy individual colors online. I have YDK and Verve that I purchased when I emptied Naked 2 because I didn’t like the other colors enough to get the entire collection again.

This question is so timely, LOL! I just had to have several WnW palettes a few years back, and I realized I haven’t used them since I moved-3 years ago! I pulled all of them out of their drawer, 5 8-pans, 4 trios, a few singles, and some really old quads that were apparently never even opened… I’ve decided for the next month or so, I will *only* be using these, which is going to be even harder, as I just bought the Kat von D Shade & Light Eye & UD Naked Smoky palettes…

The NARS Andy Warhol/Debbie Harry palette. It’s so pretty but so AWFUL. I think I’ve used it once but I can’t make myself get rid of it.

MAC x Philip Treacy high-light powder. I’ll never use it, I bought it for the pattern and I don’t want to ruin it haha!

Make Up For Ever Holodiam Powder in the shade 302. It was limited edition from the 2012 holiday season and I just found it today in my drawer, unopened.

Umm, probably more things than can readily come to mind! There are things that I use, but far more rarely than I would have ever anticipated, that’s for sure. One thing that comes to mind are the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains that I collected just about every shade of when they first released, used them a lot for around the first 6 months I had them, and now they lie dormant in my makeup graveyard….so sad. It was all those CVS coupons that Summer! The only shade I still wear is Honey. Also a truckload of Nyx Eyeshadow Singles (the pillow-top ones).

I think powder highlighters! Especially one from Chanel and another Wulong from Guerlain.. spent so much on both and hardly ever use!

I don’t sell makeup. I donate what I can, and items that are too old or can’t be sanitized, I give to family or recycle.

The ysl Touche Eclat. I can’t use it on its own and it manages to displace my concelaer because it’s always been too dry to blend on anything but bare skin.

Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner – It’s HARD to do winged eyeliner on hooded eyes. I think I’ll start using for less ambitious purposes, like lining my eyes the good ol’ way.

Too Faced’s The Return of Sexy – first palette in my collection. I’m obsessed with finding a way to make it work on me.

Lime Crime’s Cashmere and Rave – I reach for them when I want to look dead or crazy, or both.

MAC’s Carbon eyeshadow – I have Sugarpill’s Bulletproof now, so what’s the point?

MAC glitter – if it’s not eye safe, what is it for??

Benefit lip tint – WHY

There’s some stuff I don’t use because I forget I have it. I wish I could remember what they are.

OMG I have the “The Return of Sexy” palette and every weekend for the past at least 10 weeks, I have been determined to TRY to make it work. NOPE. I hate it everytime. The only color that works for me is Icon, the rest are so AWFUL on me. The pain is real, girl!

Right? What’s wrong with it? The shades look incredibly shimmery in the pans, you think “oh no, this is waaaay too much”. So you try to combine the colors with mattes to tone it down, but then, when your makeup is done, you realize the shimmery shadows look incredibly meh on the lids… the whole look is boring. I think the trick is to anticipate the meh-ness of this palette and combine it with more exciting products.

I’ve got a Boots No. 7 eyeshadow that comes in a tube w/ a doe foot applicator that I never use b/c I don’t like applying the applicator directly on my eyelid and I don’t like using my hands to apply products. For the same reason I have a Maybelline Bouncy Blush that just sits unused. Nothing wrong with the colors, or how it looks on me, I just hate the application process!

self-tanning/fake tanning products! I have four or five of them and all of them, I don’t even bother to open it yet! I don’t fake tan and I have no idea what I’m thinking when I buy this things LOL

Oh geeze, so many! Off the top of my head I’d say the Naked I and II palettes. Those were definitely “fell for the hype” purchases because I don’t wear eyeshadow enough to justify having not one, but two palettes! I also just don’t care for them.

Then there’s the plethora of loose powders and illuminators (Armani Sheer Fluid in No. 4 springs to mind). Loose powder always makes me looks chalky/ashy but I keep trying anyhow.

Various MAC Limited Edition eyeshadow quads released over the last several years. I end up using a few times … until something new turns my head.

Same! I bought an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder which I actually love and adore but I never really use it because I glow naturally or think it’s not worth it. But the times I’ve worn it I have loved the look so maybe I should brave it โ€” it’s subtle enough to boost my natural glow rather than make me look like a disco ball ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to get more comfortable with highlighters!

I purchased Guerlain KissKiss Shaping Lipstick in Red Passion in my search for my perfect red. I tried it when i received it in the mail and it is a great red for me. Problem is, I never wear red lipstick! I think I got sucked in by the notion that every woman should own the perfect red lipstick. So, unlike other products I bought and never used (or used very rarely), it’s the only item that has lasted through each and every makeup purge to date. Who knows, maybe one day!

I’m sure it’s sacrilege, but brow products. Honestly, I rarely do anything to my brows. As for “specifics”, it would be MAC Studio Careblend powder. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it; it’s just that when I reach for a powder, I generally end up choosing something else!

My Limecrime velvetine in Suedeberry. Wore it once to try for an hour and it was SO drying. Plus, I was not ready for that neon-ish coral colour. Sigh – a waste of money.

Tom Ford Blushed Nude. It was obviously a very spendy gift that I was really excited to get. I have only worn it once, though. I actually need to start wearing it more often.

Errrrrr, lemme think…

I can’t really think of anything at the moment, actually. I guess that’s good then! Haha ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s different with clothing though… I often buy stuff that I think I need and will constantly wear, only to have it end up in the back of my closer, never to be worn…

It may still be too “out there” for you, but I love wearing something super neutral like Walk of Shame on my eyelid and using a bright from the Electric palette in my outer V. It’s a lot more wearable than doing a whole eye look just with Electric (though I’ve done that several times).

I’m a palette hoarder. To name a few: Too Faced Semi-Sweet, Naked 3, Tom Ford Pink Glow. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve even swatched all of the colours on Naked 3! Maybe I can open a palette museum one day.

Also, the Nars Dual Intensity blushes, which I never reach for over the regular Nars blushes but they’re too pretty to part with.

A palette museum! What a great idea! There should totally be a makeup museum, it would be FASCINATING.

Count me in on the palette (makeup) museum! Recently I started collecting special edition packaging and promo items (seriously I know I’m not the only one that buys the stuff for the packaging!) It would be amazing to have a museum for everything.

I bought one of those *years* ago, but it didn’t even heat up. Worse still, I don’t even use a “regular” eyelash curler, so I really don’t know what I was thinking, LOL!

I have a lot of things I should use more than I do. But, liquid lipsticks that I bought when they started to become popular last year from KVD,Limecrime, and a few Anastasia are probably my biggest offenders. I set them out a few weeks ago so I would use them and to test myself before buying more of Kat’s new formula. I just can’t stand the way they feel on my lips! They are so pretty though!

Hmmm….I have so many things that I use on occasion only. I use mostly everything at one time or another. The products that get used the least would be my Chanel Eldorado highlighter which I tend to use during the Holidays and my Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder which is a bit too warm for me. I should have returned it. Although when I have a tan it does look better so I keep it. Also older Clinique Eyeshadows are not used at all. I find them too chalky. The newest one bought recently I do use as there seems to have been a reformulation. L’oreal Infallible 24 HR Eye Shadows never get used. I have five. Something in them makes my eyes bloodshot. I need to give them away.

MAC’s Alluring Aquatics lipstick in Goddess of the sea! It’s so gorgeous, packaging and colour wise. But I’ve only used it twice maybe? Purple lipsticks make my teeth look too yellow (imo), so I might have to bleach my teeth so I can get some use out of them!

Chanel Joues Contraste in Star Dust. While I love it in theory and it’s so beautiful in the pan, it’s really too sparkly for me to wear during the day. Even at night, it’s a little over the top, but I dare to sparkle every now and then. The pale pink shade is so gorgeous that I wish Chanel made a Star Dust sans sparkle.

So, so many! I do not stay in US. So brands like UD, Becca, Hourglass, NARS are not available in my country. So I have to depend on me, hubby or friends travelling abroad to procure the product for me. I think, the thrill lies in the chase!

To name a few:

UD Naked Palette
Guerlain Meteorites – Perles and Mythic Powder – both
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
Becca Shimmering skin perfecter liquid – Opal
Edward Bess Sculpting powder
NARS Multiple – Copacabana
NARS Blush – Torrid

I seriously need to visit a shrink!

LOL! Yes, this sure is group therapy! I am such a regular on Temptalia coz the community makes you feel so comfortable. And you keep telling yourself – “Oh! so I’m not the only one! Thank God!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

the Too Faced A la mode eye shadow palette from last year… I really really loved it when I bought it, but I just never reach for it.

and also a handful of the pinkier shades of the Nyx Soft Matte Lip Creams. I love the smell and formula but I want colors more exciting than those.

I bought 5-10 of those dang NYX matte lip creams and I don’t even think I’ve tried all of them yet!!! I didn’t realize they weren’t long-wearing. Totally could have lived the rest of my life without them.

yeah unfortunately they don’t last as long as actual liquid lipsticks…. and the darker colors that I really love, like Copenhagen and Transylvania apply very patchy =(

MAC’s Kelly Osbourne Collection Cheeky Buggar blush. I like it okay, but it’s not as pigmented as I wanted it to be when I purchased it.

That’s just the first thing that comes to mind, but I bet there are MANY more.

I don’t think there are too many things that I never use, although there are some lipsticks that I’ve probably only worn a few times because they’re difficult to pull off in many situations: Illamasqua Shoot, for instance. For that matter, Mac Creme d’Nude, which is the lipstick that made me discover that true nudes are HORRIFYING on me.

Creme D’Nude works well to tone down other warm shades. You might want to try a blend with a darker shade to create something more wearable for you. I’ve used it with a UD lipstick and a Marc Jacobs gloss…it plays well with others.

The Narsacist Duel Intensity palette. I wanted it for basics, but it’s almost too boring. I’ve been reaching for my Colour Pop summer eyeshadows more lately, but I’m sure one fall wedding season his I’ll be back to Nars.

Naked 3, Hourglass diffused light, meteorites, and a Hakuhodo powder brush (can’t even remember the number anymore)

I use naked 1 and 2 a lot. 3 just isn’t colors that I gravitate towards. At least I was able to be more sensible about naked smoky. I didn’t buy it just because it was a naked pallet.

Diffused light is a yellow powder. Honestly I don’t think it’s really good for anything. I use the heck out of the powders in the pallet, but I can see their effects unlike this particular one.

Metiorites, I just don’t get it.

The Hakuhodo brush is too floppy to be useful. It’s squirrel hair. I haven’t found a good use for it. It was $80 too.

KVD liquid lipstick…the texture is HORRIBLE. wayyyyy too dry..
Hourglass Luminous Light..there really isn’t much “glowy”-ness, and since I’m so fair, there is a slight beige color that shows up and looks kinda strange on the skin.
MAC Soft and Gentle…this leaves glitters on my face, and throughout the day, the glitter ends up all over my face.
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams…the texture is not nearly matte enough to stay on and it’s a bit gritty as well.
The Balm Bahama Mama…this is SO dark! I can maybe use this as an eyeshadow, but honestly, I’ve only ever swatched it.

I am with you on the KVD liquid lipsticks. I hated the texture; they last long alright but they looks crackly on my lips. Also they fade so uneven and it’s like a very gummy texture on my lips. I like the Sephora lip cream formula so much better. I thought I was the only soul in this universe to hate these lipsticks. And the colors look way too neon on my tan skin

Yeah the Luminous Light is not an ideal finishing powder at all. I use mine as a subtle highlighter instead..

Stila’s in the garden and in the moment palettes..I used in the moment only once and never used in the garden. And I almost never use Urban Decay’s Vice ltd palette.

I seriously jumped through hoops to get UD Vice LTD, and I think I may have used it 3-4 times… It’s not that I don’t like it, but I definitely need other shadows to use with it, but I sometimes get too lazy (I don’t like the process of putting things back, but I can’t put it off till later…). Also, I tend to “play” with a new palette/product until I get something new, and the timing was just really bad, with all the Holiday stuff around the same time.

Where do I begin!?!? I had to have LaSplash lip lustres cause I thought the names were so cute. Didn’t like the formula, never wear them. Colourpop bronzer. Love the brand can’t get any color from the stupid bronzers so I never wear them. Lit glitters. Love them! Just realized after I bought them that I’m not much of a glitter wearer. Kat Von D studded lipsticks. Way to dramatic for my every day look but i just had to have some! All these just sit in a little basket on the side of my vanity being sad and making me sad when I look at them.

There’s a bunch of stuff. Some cream blushes form MAC – I never feel like foolng with cream blush, power is much easier. I also have a couple of the OCC Lip Tars that I was excited to get (I actually went to their storefront when I was in NYC to find them!) but I never use as they’re so unforgiving of mistakes. And other than the Nakeds, I almost never use my Urban Decay palettes – I have a bunch but I just don’t do brights on my eyes much anymore.

Melt Blow. HAD to have it. As soon as it came back in stock I ordered it along with 6six6, and have literally never worn either out of the house. But I don’t regret buying it, I treasure it, lol.

Melt Dark Room. The pictures I saw in reviews and promo pics looked so beautifulm and it was always sold out so quickly. I believed the hype that it was great. It’s horrible. The formula is so dry and horrible. It’s not the same color as their promo pics. I get mad whenever I think about it, so I don’t try to make it work. Maybe I will some day. I don’t know why I never returned it, my life must have been crazy at the time or something. Normally, I would have returned it and written a complaint letter.

MUG eyeshadows. I bought some in two different batches, and I don’t like them at all. I also tried a foiled recently. The color is gorgeous (Charmed), but the formula is horrible and it broke as soon as I got it. I did write a complaint to MUG and got my money back for that one. Customer service was excellent, I’m happy to say. (And I do like their blush.)

The one item I went to great length to get because I HAD to have it is theBalm Cast Your Shadow Muppets palette from a few years back. Those palettes were numbered and a very limited edition, and I had to stalk theBalm’s Facebook account day and night for a while to make sure I’d get one. I think I used it twice. Since 2011 :/

Maybelline color tattoos. They sound so good in theory, but I very rarely wear one-and-done shadows and I tend to be fairly careul about my powder shadow purchases and thus do not need colored bases.
I also never use my two felt-tip liners because they dried out so quickly ๐Ÿ™

Me too! I only bought two Maybelline Color Tattoo’s, but I ended up using them each only once.. At least I know I don’t like the formula now…

This was what I was coming on to say! I got obsessed with collecting them all, used one colour for about a month, then they all dried out. I should throw them all out. Rubbish.

NARS eye primer. I love it but I rarely wear shadows all day anymore! I’m glad I have it but it doesn’t get used much!

Benefit’s they’re real! push-up eyeliner in black. It isn’t creamy like the “gel liner” it claims to be. I always feel like I’m drawing with a crayon. I typically give up, remove it, and use liquid eyeliner.

UD Naked palette 1
Hourglass ambient lighting palette
Benefit high beam
Maybelline color tattoos (three of them)
Wet and Wild Lust palette
Two very large Coastal Scents palettes
About 50 loose power eyeshadows from Fyrinnae and Darling Girl – just too much of a hassle

Ugh, the IT contour palette and Benefit High Beam.
I bought the IT cosmetics one, used it a few times and thought ‘meh’ then once I bought the Anastasia palette… The IT palette was history.
High Beam: I bought it one day on a whim because liquid highlighters were all the rage there for a minute and it literally did nothing for Me! I was so disappointed. And when I bought it I was like “this is something I will use every day and never let go of!!” Nah.

i had to have a ysl rouge volupte, bc im a packaging hoarder… emm sometimes the formula feels too buttery and it bleeds a looot, i fixed it getting a lip liner, for the price those things shouldnt happen you know? but the shade is really pretty (i got rose culte #11)… a dior addict pink mascara, i wear it if i feel risky but sometimes i feel that it is too much so i get shy and well, and last but not least mac russian red, i feel intimidated by reds. and mac chatterbox because pinks dont suit me really well but i needed at least one shade so here we are.

I don’t want to talk about it.

Haha, seriously though, an embarrassing number of things, and far too many to recall them all right now. (This problem also extends to hair and clothing, by the way.) But, as far as makeup, I can say for sure that I have some Wet N Wild Vanity palettes that I bought because of YouTube hype. I also have MUFE’s HD Foundation (the old formula), which I never use, Charlotte Tilbury’s foundation and Sunday Riley’s Liquid Light foundation, which I also never reach for.

And, as someone who doesn’t wear eye shadow all that much, you would never know it by all the mid to high end palettes that I have. I have the green Simpsons X MAC palette (literally untouched, but I’m justifying it as a collector’s item), the UD Black Palette, the UD Roller Girl Palette, UD Vice Palette, UD Vice 3, UD Vice Ltd Edition, Laura Mercier Artist’s Palette (finally used this once, about a week ago), etc. I also have tons of random powders and things that I just *had* to have…so that they can sit around in a drawer…

I’ve finally started to learn my lesson, and am passing on the UD Smoky. I’m not even slightly tempted!

The Urban Decay 25th Anniversary palette and the Tarte for True Blood palette. So pretty and I never reach for them.

I was so positive that I NEEDED Vice 2 (prob due to my insane love of UD at the time + their scandalous marketing techniques), yet I NEVER use it! I’ve swatched them, & basically only like/use the two neutral transition shades (Rewind & Habit), the highlight (Dope), and I do like Derailed simply because I go gaga for taupes.
Also Too Faced’s Boudoir Eyes..
I basically stopped buying premade palettes & started focusing on singles that can be put into a Z-palette (still need to depot my favorite palette shades tho) because I’ve nvr had a palette that I actually loved & used all of the shades in…

Rihanna Viva Glam II lipstick. It’s really pretty but I can’t wear it to work and by the time I get home at the end of the day all I want to do is wash everything off and get some rest. On the weekends I wear bolder shades so this one barely gets any use. I still love it but it’s more of a statement lipstick, not a hanging out on a lazy day color.

1. “Riot House” lipstick from the Mac x Kelly Osbourne collection – it’s unwearable!

2. Lorac Pro Palette. Didn’t like the pigmentation and there were a lot of similar colours within the palette. Plus I’ve got 101 similar (but better) palettes!

3. Nars Albatross. It looks yellowish/green when the sun light hits it on my face.

4. Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation. Zero coverage and absolutely no staying power. And it was quite expensive…

Off the top of my head, UD lipstick in Oil Slick. As they discontinued their last lipstick line, I just snatched up tubes here and there at a deep discount. So it was more for a collectability thing than just to wear. I don’t think I’ve found an occasion to wear Oil Slick, though I have swatched it.

I also bought a bottle of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls because it’s a very highly regarded almost white shade. I haven’t had a desire to do a nail look with a white base, yet, so it’s still sitting in wait for me to get an idea I need it for!

Nyx Intense Butter Glosses, soft matte lip creams (I do like London but still don’t wear it much), Wicked Lippies (I like Power, but also rarely wear and Immortal is way too emollient, nearly greasy).

MAC lipglass. Another product I do enjoy when I actually wear it (I only have 3 but I love the 3 that I have), but I just wear gloss so seldom in general.

Maybelline Color Tattoos. I keep them around “just in case,” but have only used them a few times ever. I don’t think I’ve even used the silver one on my eyelids yet.

A handful of nail polishes that I keep around for holidays or occasions and wear once a year, if that.

The Two Faced Loves Sephora palette. I think I’ve dipped into it less than five times. Also, the UD Pulp Fiction eye palette and nail polish. I’ve used the polish once and the palette twice. I picked them up during a sale so I don’t feel too bad about not using them right now. I’m sure they will eventually make it into my rotation.

The products that I do regret buying are an eye liner and an eyeshadow palette from Dolce & Gabbana, both of which perform horribly.

I forgot about the Sigma Paris palette, probably because it’s buried in the bottom of the drawer. I had to have it because… Paris! I also had to had the Too Faced Cat Eyes palette but I really never intended to use it much. I bought it more as a collectable piece.

Guerlain Wulong. So expensive and so unused…so embarrassing.

Naked 3 palette – I want to love it; when I see photos of it, I love it; I constantly think, I need to get that thing out and use it…but I never do.

These are the first to come to mind. I’m sure there are many others. I tend to get caught up in hype.

Tarina Tarantino’s Emerald Pretty Palette. I saw really cheaply on Haute, but for some reason, Tarina’s products aren’t allowed to be shipped to Australia. I was so annoyed that I purchased it from Ebay. Apparently I could do that. However I haven’t really used it. I was a tad upset that there wasn’t a straight out emerald colour and that there was an awful brown (matte) – my least favourite colour – included instead. There are lots of great colours there, but for some reason I haven’t used it.

Generally it’s highlighters, I’m just too oily for them nur they’re sooo pretty!
And the MACxSimpsons lipgloss, I HAD to have it but I’m never wearing it… It’s yellow…
Also Naked 2, the 1. Is fantastic, the highly pigmented/soft ones in the third I also wear a lot but the second just stays in the drawer. ?

The MAC Gravitas palette from the Brooke Shields collection. As soon as I saw the spoiler pics I knew I had to have it. Stalked the website on release day till it was online and snatched one up before they sold out. It was my first MAC shadow purchase and think I’ve used it 10x since I got it..it’s beautiful and lovely I just never reach for it. I’m probably going to destash it soon though so someone else can give it the love it deserves!

MAC pigments! I went crazy for these when I first started in make-up. Nowadays I’m in a rush in the mornings, so I don’t usually use them. Also glitters, I only reserve these for special occasions. The last time I used a glitter was in April haha

MUFE shine on compact 5, it swatches BEAUTIFULLY on my hand, kind of like a rose gold color, but does not appear at all on my face. I tried using the sponge that came with the compact, a brush, MAC makeup sponge and my fingers..nothing worked. I was so excited about it:(

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette. I hate it and NEVER EVER use it. I’ve only kept it because it was a gift from my younger sister who saved up to buy it for me. Other than the sentimental value, it means nothing to me…

The NARS Contour duo. The highlight is the exact color of my skintone (pale girl probs) and the contour is far too warm to create a shadowy effect

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