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Nancy T Avatar

Recently, it’s been between two rather colorful palettes, which is quite the change for me! Both do, however, contain some neutral shades as well. UD Spectrum and the BH Foil Eyes palettes have allowed me to put my more fun, more colorful side back out there! Not that I wasn’t wearing color before, but both of these palettes have really great quality and rich pigmentation for such bright shades! Don’t get me wrong, I’m still showing love to all my MUFE, Lorac, UD & MAC palettes, too.

Connie Avatar

Hi Aiz! I own both of that palettes but sometimes I’m out of ideas of what colors should I mix together, etc.. Can you help me with a few of your favorite combos? I like mainly everyday looks. Thank you!!!

Erica Avatar

I take this to mean the eyeshadow with the biggest dent not necessarily the eyeshadow I am currently using the most. With that said, the eyeshadow I have used the most is Mac Shroom. Also Mac Vex, Soft Brown and Wedge have been given lots of love. What I wear with them changes daily since I put all my MAC shadows in one z palette. I just bought blanc type and it is getting a pretty good dent in it too. Also Stila’s kitten is my non-MAC that has well loved!

Rachel R. Avatar

Oddly enough, this question was easy for me. The original UD Naked Basics. It’s just so versatile and perfect for my skin color. I’ve said a few times in other posts that I can use it for everything except foundation, blush, mascara, and lips. I grab it whenever I’m in hurry, so I don’t have locate tons of products. I use it whenever I need to augment another palette. It’s small enough to easily handle if I have to do my makeup in the car. I always pack it when I travel.

Karen Avatar

The original Naked Basics is also my most used, I use it everyday in conjunction to whatever other palette or singles I’m using. It is also my go to palette for days when I’m in a rush to get out the door!

Jacqueline Avatar

Urban Decay’s orginal Naked palette is my most used palette but I haven’t really been reaching for it in the last couple of years. Since last year my most used has been a Z-palette filled with Makeup Geek and Anastasia eyeshadows. It’s primarily warm toned neutrals with a few pops of green and purple. I love that it has every shade I need to complete an eye look without having to crack open another palette.

Anne Avatar

Usually this is an easy question but lately it’s been harder. It used to be the Naked2 Basics as I was going for a really easy fast look if anything before heading to class/student groups/etc. Nowadays it varies, but the two I’ve been getting the most out of at the moment are the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette and the Zoeva En Taupe palette.

Liesbeth Avatar

Hey Connie!

On working days I like a quick eye-look and usually apply one of the matte colours all over the lid, sometimes I add a thin layer of Burnout or Buzz all over for some extra shimmer πŸ™‚
When I don’t have a time-limit for my makeup, I like adding one or two darker colours (Liar or Mugshot, but the other 3 dark colours will work too) on the outer side of my eyes.
Strange works really well as an inner corner highlight!

What I found really helpful was looking up tutorials online, either on blogs or YouTube. Have fun playing with the lovely Naked 3 πŸ™‚

Helena Avatar

I really love the quint Pure Color Envy by EstΓ©e Lauder in “Ivory Power”. The colours are cool leaning neutrals, very soft and pigmented, and the packaging is very compact, chic and ideal to carry in my handbag.

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

This is kinda where I’m at with it, too. I use it so often and the packaging, while incredibly beautiful, is difficult to work around. Was going to make a bible of color by depottingit it and all my Vice palettes.

Julia Avatar

All-time most used has to be Naked (original). It was my first h/e palette, and one of my first h/e purchases, period. I think it was my makeup obsession gateway drug! It’s an oldie but a goodie for sure – such a great collection of shades and great quality (well, except for Sidecar).

Julia Avatar

My fave daytime combo is to mix Sin + Naked (sin is a little frosty alone) for the base, Toasted in the outer corner, Buck in crease and highlight with Virgin. You can darken further with Hustle, too. For a bronzier night look, I like to use Half Baked with Smog and Darkhorse. Hope that helps!

Laura Avatar

I travel every week and I nearly always take my Laura Mercier Eye Art Artist’s Palette. Unfortunately, it will be mostly pan in the next month. I need to find a new palette to take with me.

Tracey E. Avatar

Bobbi Brown Nude and Nectar palette, also Bobbi Brown custom palette (my first BB product) with 3 matte browns and ivory) for a classic nude look.

Pearl Avatar

The most used overtime / one with the biggest dent in it: MAC Warm Neutrals x 15

The one that I am using the most, currently: Any of the MAC x 15 or x 9 palettes ? I rotate my stash on a regular basis, and I have the most of the MAC palettes so the other palettes don’t get as much love.

Gillian Avatar

It’s definitely my MAC 15 pan custom neutrals palette. I can’t remember them all and I don’t have the palette to hand but some of the shades are:

Naked Lunch
All That Glitters
Beauty Marked
Samoan Silk
Satin Taupe

I was on a roll there but I can’t remember the last one! Oh well. This palette has been great and I made it about seven years ago! I’ve been reaching for it more and more recently. ?

Deborah S. Avatar

Overall I would have to say that my Too Faced Natural Matte palette is my most used. I have the original cardboard package and have hit significant pan on multiple shades. I always get a ton of compliments whenever I use that palette. I am very fair and I think the light matte shades really compliment my coloring. I just recently purchased the Violet Voss Holy Grail palette which is like the opposite end of the spectrum from the Too Faced palette and I have been really enjoying using that palette. I have used it daily since I purchased it.

Nicole Avatar

My Viseart Matte Neutrals palette. I rarely do just a matte eye look, but I like to use this palette most days to get my base, crease and lower lash line definition going and then I’ll use whatever other palette I want over that to finish the look.

Kylie5 Avatar

Mac riri her Cocoa Palette
I have several backups, unfortunately the products I Love Most Are mostly Limited Editions, not only When it comes to eyeshadow
By saying that, I have Never looked if the colours in this Palette Are all limited, but the combination is so Perfect
I also Love my bare Minerals Palettes

Jenifer Avatar

For me is the Chocolate Semi Sweet. But at the moment I’m in love for the Chocolate Bon Bons so I’d say that I’m using both a lot.

bronzevernis Avatar

Anastasia Beverly Hills Self-Made palette. I use it every day. Its the only palette I’ve every owned that has been used daily. The colours are amazing, long wearing and just, well, different.

On the other hand my NARS Matte & Shimmer Narcissist palette has been barely used.

Laura Avatar

My most used eyeshadow palette is definitely MUA’s Undress Me Too, which is a dupe of Urban Decay’s Naked 2. It was my first foray into eyeshadows so I bought it to see if I’d actually use neutral eyeshadows. I’ve totally used up the shimmery highlighter shade, halfway through the pan of the dark brown shade and have started to hit the pan of the other shades. However, I am starting to get a bit tired of using neutral eyes all the time so I’ve bought some purple and red shades to change it up a bit. After I use this palette, I’ll treat myself to a high end neutral palette, since I have more than had my money’s worth out of this one!

Joyce Avatar

Of all time? Probably Wet n Wild Night Elf (just the pewter & burgundy/real shades) or UD Naked 1.

Lately? Probably Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons.

Quinctia Avatar

WnW Lust or UD Naked Basics, but the latter is often used as a base to mix with other shadows. In terms of bigger/more colorful palettes, I also use UD Naked 3 and Electric a ton.

Helen Avatar

My Lorac Unzipped is my most used pallet, second only to the UD Naked pallet. I plan on giving my Make Up Forever Artist Pallet some much need attention this week.

BonnieJ Avatar

I use Mary Kay eye shadows, not only because they’re great, but because I make my own palettes. I pop the shadows I want into a compact, and it’s my own combo. I use other brands for other makeup, but as far as shadows go, when I’ve tried other brands’ set palettes, the shadows may be good, but I find myself using only a few of the shades. The others go to waste so often.

Wednesday Avatar

I rotate my palettes a lot, but Too Faced chocolate bar, or Too Faced Bon Bons is perfect for travel and so easy to grab when I don’t have the luxury of time to play. It has everything light, medium, transition, and dark colours and multiple finishes. My favourite eyeshadow: Cherry Cordial. I wish that particular shade had better staying power though.

Margot Avatar

Interestingly enough, mine is the IT Cosmetics Naturally Pretty Matte Anti-Aging Shadow Palette. I say that because I’m surprised myself! ?

PRNoir Avatar

So, the first 2 palettes I’ve ever owned were the Coastal Scents Revealed 1&2. I didn’t like the original revealed palette as much as like the 2nd one. That had been my most used palette of all time. My most consistently used palette is the Lorac Pro palette (1) along side my KVD Mi Vida Loca palette.

I don’t really like the shimmer shades in the Lorac Pro palette which is a bummer, but I love, love, love the matte shades! I want the pro 2 palette so bad! I almost wish they would do a palette with the mattes from both 1&2!

Connie Avatar

I feel like I have lots of palettes and little imagination so I almost end using a couple of neutral Mac custom quads I have made, but I would really love some ideas to get more use of my four naked palettes, my two chocolate bar palettes, my lorac pro 1, or my tartelette matte palette to name a few. I live in a city where most women use very little to no makeup, and sometimes I feel a little intimidated to use more strong colors. I watch lots of YouTube tutorials and it seem like a lot of makeup to use on daily basis. My life is all about my kids and their activities, and it would be so great to find variety around simple but polished looks for everyday!


I am a novice re eyeshadow palettes. I only own 5 and have one on loan from my daughter who has many. I own Benefit Workds Greatest Neutrals (pink packaging), lLorac Pro matte (bought last time I was in the US), Smashbox Full Exposure (my first), The Balm Nudetude (bought on a whim on that trip), and Urban Decay Naked 1 (donated to me by my daughter). I have also been lent a Tarte holiday palette by her. Of these I use Naked and Lorac continually.

RJ Avatar

Tartelette in Bloom has totally dominated by eyeshadow life lately. I use the white shade as a base/browbone highlight even when I’m doing looks without the rest of them and because I have to open it up somehow other shades ALWAYS sneak back in there! It’s just perfect for my skintone, I can’t help myself. Before that it was the original Tartelette, so I guess I have a type lol…I’m also very partial to Naked 3, especially in the summer.

Arpita Avatar

Chanel Tisse Rivoli eyeshadow quad. Exactly the shades i need for everyday wear; lasts long even without a primer; does not create much fall out; and best of all; easy to carry around. Totally love it.

Charlotte Avatar

Mine is Tartelette Matte palette at the moment but my own Mac 15 pro-palette has had the most use. It has my fave greens/greys such as Plumage, humid, sumptuous olive, knight divine, scene and typographic. I confess I have around 50 palettes now so I really haven’t got close to hitting the pan on anything.

Holly Avatar

The original Naked Pallet and the Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye are my most used pallets . I use them together for most of my basic looks.

Flaky Avatar

Too Faced Natural Mattes – it’s what I call my “utility” palette. It has all the basics I need to make any other palette that’s just missing something work.

Diane Avatar

It used to be UD’s Naked 3, but once I discovered the Lancome ‘Rose Coquette’ palette, I fell in love and it’s been hard to go back to anything else. It’s perfect for my pale/cool complexion, and I’ve had a number of people compliment me on my eye looks. I’m on my second one; I tried to use up every molecule of the first one!

Erin Avatar

It’s a Tarte one for me I think treasures of the Amazon. It was LE but it has 6 shadows that work for everything. It’s like Naked Basics 1 and 2 with a sprinkling of LM Artist thrown in. It’s a great everyday basic that also works for night. I tend to use a lot of duo’s, trio’s, quads, and singles. I won’t buy a palette unless I’ll use the majority of the shades and the quality is perfect. I’ve been on the fence about some MUFE’s, Ciate, and UD choices but budget always wins.

RMW (Rose) Avatar

L.A Color’s called “The Little Black Book”. Awesome spring color collection that fits easily into my purse. Love, love, love these purples, blues, greens, pinks, whites, mauves, and two nude shades!! These colors really make my green eyes pop! I’m not into nude colors, I just don’t think that they really do much to enhance the color of my eyes or skin tone. πŸ™‚

Vashun Avatar

For me I find that I reach for palettes I recently purchased like the Tarte in bloom palette, ABH Self Made. My staple palette is the Lorac Pro 1 and UD Naked 3

Natasha Avatar

I reach for my customized Mac palette the most I would say, as I have build it to include all my crease, transition, lid and highlight shades. From my other collection of eyeshadow palettes, I would say right now I reach for the Tarte in the Bloom palette and my Too Faced Bon Bon’s palette. Both are perfect for spring!!!

Brittney Avatar

I have a lot of palettes so I tend to rotate them a lot. Generally if I’m traveling I end up taking one of the Naked palettes (I have them all) and one of the Vice palettes (I also have all of these) that way I have all my neutrals covered along with any color I would want. Day to day though I rarely use the same palette two days in a row and instead rotate through everything I own. Lately I’ve been working through my Urban Decay Spectrum palette, Too Faced Sweet Peach, and Too Faced Bon Bons. I also love the Makeup Forever Artist palette that was released this past Christmas or my MAC x 15 palettes. I have so much I’ll probably never hit pan on anything lol.

Marissa Avatar

it used to be ud’s naked 2 but right now is a ‘zpalette’ (i made it myself with magnetic adhesive but for understanding porpouses with my individuals (mac & mug pans)

Kekeli Avatar

I prefer single eyeshadows to palettes but I’ve loved and used the Cargo Cosmetics London quad. I’ve hit pan on every shadow and I still use it diligently. If the Kathleen Lights colourpop collab counts, the Where The Light Is quad is stunning. And my ‘large’ most used palette is my Too Faced OG chocolate bar which isn’t that used in all fairness :’)

Mo Merrell Avatar

OOh this is a hard one. I just became a palette girl since I bought all the lipstick I could lol. I used to use my Sigma Flare palette the most, like every day but now i really do rotate. The majority use would be of my too faced chocolate for the nice gold tones, next would be the UD Eletric and from there it’s smaller one shadows, and what not. I like to mix it up so they all get good usage.

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