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Yeah, having Prescriptives around was a good idea overall because they custom blended foundations, and I think, powders for people from the very beginning. They also provided ready made foundation for larger variety of skin tones also. They custom blended lip glosses or something like that too for a while.

What’s gonna replace them regarding the custom blending?

Three Custom Color Specialists create all types of blended cosmetics to order…they’ll even replicate a lipstick,etc that has been discontinued.

Many Brands. Halston Cosmetics. Ralph Lauren Cosmetics. Ultima Cosmetics. I still have the containers to these brands that were notible in the 1980’s when I was in high school. Halston with the blusher container that looks like a heart Ralph Lauren Day and Night Cosmetics…smell so good and beautiful. Ultima lip pencils. Orlane Cosmetics not just face cream. Same goes for Payot Cosmetics also from France. And Stendhal mascara which is also a French brand. The list of French cosmetics goes on and on…………

Agreed! Well, mostly. I loved the smell of the perfume that you could lick. The problem was I wore it out once and random people actually licked me (my friend told them it tasted good and nest thing I knew, someone came up behind me and licked me :/ )

Rock & Republic! Oh, how I love their blushes…. I could never even buy from Hautelook because it’s always sold out whenever I got a chance to see it. *sigh*

I really liked the old Hard Candy line (that they used to sell in Sephora!), the Revlon Street Wear stuff (especially the nail polishes!) and Pout… Also, they’re not technically out of business, but Body & Soul used to be available through Sephora, and now I can’t seem to track down anywhere that sells them stateside, much less somewhere I could actually see them in real life 🙁 Waaaah this is making me sad and nostalgic…

the old hard candy & revlon street wear! yes I do miss those! street wear had this amazing blue nail polish that I loved and am yet to find a color similar to it.

I’ve been checking some of those things out, and while some of the things are pretty nice, it’s a completely different line… It really only shares a name and the plastic ring on the nail polish…

Oh! And I totally forgot about Calvin Klein’s short lived cosmetics brand… I really loved their felt-tip marker eye liner and their cream eye shadows.

Cargo is still around … they just arent sold at Sephora anymore. You can still go to Ulta or cargocosmetics.com to get the products

Cargo is still sold through their website and they have a lot of deals–they have some eyeshadows on sale right now 🙂 I got really into Cargo *just* as Sephora stopped selling them, blah!! They have my favorite packaging.

Pout for sure!! When I heard they were being discontinued, I bought a bunch of stuff from their UK website, only to loose it all in a taxi! Agnes B. used to be readily available in the US – great quality, and low prices! Calvin Klein’s most recent line was so sleek. So many great brands…

Revlon Streetwear was such a fun line! Every now and then I see their nail polishes on eBay, but I worry that they’d be so old they would just be unusable. 🙁

Nail polish never goes “bad”. If it gets goopy, just add some nail polish thinner (NOT remover) and voila, nearly new nail polish. 🙂 My oldest polishes date back to mid-1990s and they’re still great. I also happen to have a pretty big Street Wear polish collection and I wear those fairly regularly with no problem. 🙂

I miss the old Hard Candy too. Their eye shadows were fantastic, and the cosmetic colors all worked brilliantly on olive complexion.

Prescriptives. I loved their super precise color matching. They went beyond warm and cool, further dividing their color schemes into: red orange, yellow orange, blue red and…I forgot the other one. But this innovative approach to color matching and a huge array of foundation colors allowed for perfection. Shame.

Oh my goodness, Jane! I completely forgot all about it — it was the first makeup I ever used. I remember their displays in K-Mart used to have free leaflets that taught you how to apply makeup and gave ideas for looks, with a cutesy little “remember, you’re beautiful on the inside, too!”-type message on the back. I LOVED those and collected all of them. Oh man, now I’m all nostalgic.

Tony & Tina, older Hard Candy line, Revlon Street Wear (they had some awesome stuff, not just nail polish), Urban Decay nail polish

hell ya! i only have 2 of them now but i used to have almost the whole line. eye-safe glitters are awesome, and the amount they put in those little jars… RIP Tony and Tina 🙁

Gosh, Ultima II is such a blast from the past – when I was a teen, they seemed the height of luxe. But I also loved some of their products, including a dark brown shade of eye shadow. I also miss Prescriptives – when they first launched, I used a TON of their stuff. In Canada, they became harder and harder to find in the few years before their final demise.

I really miss Pout. Their lipglosses were amazing and I don’t even think that MAC’s come close to them for shine (and I love MAC!).

YES!! I found a few on Amazon recently. The 3D Maxwear in Dominatrix Red easily rivals MAC’s cream red longwear. Still love it. They were one of the first to sell pro-style brushes in the drugstore too. Epic brand!

I remember having a few Ultima II lipsticks in my early 20’s (I’m almost 37). I always wondered what happened to that brand.

I remember Coty… and Charles of the Ritz! They were the first ones, as I recall, to put out super-matte, longwearing lipsticks.

Pout. My absolute favorite blush and superbalm. That was a HUGE letdown. I stocked up as much as I could, but it wasn’t enough. RIP Pout!!!

OMG, a blast from the past! I was totally nuts about the Stagelight eyeshadows when I was in high school. Such gorgeous colors!

I think it’s a brand that only existed here in Brazil, it was called Marinage. They made amazing shampoos that had this dark blue color because the idea was they were inspired by/made of marine waters (not sure this is the proper name, but I mean those plants that live in the ocean). They smelled great and worked perfectly. 🙂

Tony and Tina, they have a fabulous lipgloss called Goddess, which is a shimmery champagne nude and a dark violet mascara. I loved their violet mascara because it does not come out lavender like most of the purple mascaras today. I also liked Pout Cosmetics and the original Hard Candy line from the late 90’s. I also love Dessert’s flavoured glosses.

Oh Revlon Streetwear, how I miss thee. I loved their lip crayons. I also miss the original Hard Candy nail polishes. I hate the new ones – my experience they’ve performed terribly.

Revlon StreetWear was awesome! I’m still hoarding some stuff – especially those chunky double ended lip pencils.

UltimaII was my first prestige makeup in high school – my grandmother used to get me those HUGE palette sets every year at Christmas and one had this amazing matte true red lipstick that I wore like every day!

Prescriptives was my first matched foundation and the last time I think I had one that actually did match!

Sally Hansen Cornsilk Translucent Loose Powder. I have never been able to find anything to fight the shine like this stuff did!!!

I miss Calvin Klein’s cosmetic line…I remember getting my very first ‘high end’ lipstick from CK the first time I went to sephora when I was thirteen. Think I still have it somewhere, a lovely matte dusty rose. Nice packaging, creamy texture.

The more comments I read, the more lines I remember… I loved CK’s second makeup line, with the great minimalist clear-acrylic packaging. And Diane von Furstenberg’s line from the 80s — the shadows and lipsticks were insane.

Revlon Streetwear, not just the nail polish but the whole thing! Also Liquid Euphoria nail polish, which you can sometimes find on eBay for $50 and up. And I miss the old Urban Decay from the 90s, when their slogan was “Does pink make you puke?”

I don’t think I miss anything other than Rock & Republic. They’re pulled from all retailer shelves and their own website just has a few products that I call leftovers. I’m very thankful to have snagged Lawsuit and Carat eyeshadows (among other things) from HauteLook’s last sale. I’ll never be able to have the blushes 🙁

I miss Prescriptives and Ultima II. There was a drugstore brand back in the ’80’s called Clairion which I loved, too! I miss Physique and Vidal Sassoon haircare, too!

Not that I miss them, but they haven’t been mentioned yet: Biotherm. They still do foundation, but they had nice lipgloss and nail laquer as well… (The eye make up was even worse than 2euro brans LOL)

CK Cosmetics – i stocked up in the final sales. Some of their items were (Are!) very good: loose powder, oil free foundation, i adore the lipsticks, the lipliners…. it was good quality at decent price & it’s d/c now. unfair!!

Does anyone remember a brand called “M Professionals?” They had this really cool edgy (for the time) packaging and they had this one lipstick shade I loved. To this day, I still have that shade in my brain and am constantly on the hunt for a similar one. Looks like “Coquette” by Limecrime may be a contender!

Yes! I was wondering if someone was going to mention ‘M Professional Makeup’. I used to buy it at Shoppers in back in the 90s. They did a really cool dual-ended lipliner/gloss item that I was obsessed with back at the time. As they were getting discontinued (which I believe was in 1999) I remember driving around to all the Shoppers Drug Marts in my city to stock up on them. I still miss that product because both the liner and the gloss were great shades that I’ve never been able to find perfect dupes for. And the quality was really good for the price.

Wow, as a matter of fact, I just “re-found” a long lost Delux lip gloss, during an APB for my husband’s keys. He was less than amused when I gasped in surprise and it wasn’t over the aforementioned keys.

I miss the Healing Garden. I know they’re kinda still around at some Rite Aids/discount stores but I miss how extensive their line used to be. I especially loved their mandarin line and scrubs when I was in high school. I also miss how they used to have their own website with all the scent descriptions and nice zen music playing. 🙁

Wow, I think I remember this line… did they do shampoo and conditioner, too? It was all I would use when I was a kid. All the scents were great! I was very sad when it disappeared.

I don’t recall them having a hair line, lol. But yes, the scents were really great. One of the Rite Aids near me carries some… leftovers but the selection isn’t what it used to be. Makes me very sad. Lol

Another vote for Presciptives which could perfectly match my incredibly fair skin. I stocked up on foundation but don’t know what I’ll do when I run out.

Also, Max Factor and my HG mascara, 2000 Calorie in Auburn. I haven’t found another good auburn mascara.

I miss the old Hard Candy stuff so much. I gave their new (Walmart exclusive?) nail polish a chance, and it’s just junk now. Their tinted moisturizer was absolutely perfect for my super sensitive skin in the summer. 🙁

I remember using a brand called Clarion, loved that lipstick! That was in 8th grade…needless to say…that was a while back 😉

Diane Von Furstenburg had a really avant guard cosmetics line in the late 70’s/early 80’s. I’ve got fond memories of it, plus the perfume Volcan d’Amour was my all-time favorite.

Like other people are saying, I miss Tony & Tina too. There was an iridescent, hot pink mascara from them that was so cool, among other things.

Definitely echo the other ladies who Tony and Tina. I love glitter, and there’s is better than some of the MAC Glitter textures (like Fuschia glitter). It was also significantly cheaper and lasts for years!

Skinmarket (I still have some nail polishes of theirs somewhere, and I also had this amazing lip gloss palette)
I also miss the Urban Decay Skincare line. I think it was around about a decade ago.

Revlon Street Wear – I LOVED their eye pencils, back in the day.

You can still get Max Factor here in Oz. I will send someone some Max Factor if they send me some Urban Decay (especially the naked palette!)

So many things I miss.
Armani by Giorgio Armani. The best perfume ever!

Ultima.. I like many here, used to get the big kits every Christmas.

Borghese perfume, the first one, and their makeup. Also used to get the big makeup kits for Christmas.

Adrian Arpel makeup and skin care. The department line, not the stuff on HSN.

Ultima perfumes.

I am always excited to see a new makeup line launched, but always very sad when one goes away. It’s like a little peice of history and our lives disapears.

Calvin Klein.. the previous one to the last one. They had this cream blush called Radiant(pinky deep lilac gorgeousness) which i can’t find dupe for.

I miss Anna Sui cosmetics being readily available in the US (and at Sephora). Jessica Simpson’s Dessert Beauty, both the original and the Treats line you could get at drugstores. (Because the world needs edible bath & body products, haha.) Revlon Streetwear and Revlon Skinlights (especially the shimmery body lotion and perfume…smelled so good!) Olay Cosmetics, their lipsticks were great.

I miss Manifesto, a make-up brand founded by Isabella Rossellini after she left Lancome. That brand had the most amazing colors lipstick, blush and eyeshadows, from natural to bolder colors. I still have a few of her items.

I also miss popular drugstore brands from the ’80’s, like Invite, Gemey, Theatre, Cutex and Ellen Betrix.

Other brands that I miss are Avon, Ponds, Timotei (and Shu Uemura). They are still around, but not for sale in the Netherlands anymore.

Old Hard Candy for sure. Their eyeshadow palettes were my first non-drugstore makeup. 10+ years later and I’m still looking for dupes of some of the colors.

Aziza individual eyeshadows. I’m not sure when they were discontinued but I remember buying them in the early 80’s. They had a purple one called “Grapes of Wrath” I think.

I so miss Sugar Cosmetics. The packaging was cute and the colors appplied well. I asl miss the color so bad from Mac called Haku’. It was so mid 90’s but it was a blue green lipstick that changed colors with ur mood! I so loved it!

Skinmarket. Oh, how I loved that store. Also, like many, I really miss the old-school Hard Candy. I have vivid memories of going to Nordstrom and trying to decide which nail polish to buy.

Anyone Remember Tony & Tina? The glitters and face dew were awesome!! I use to be a counter manager for them, Too Faced, Ubran Decay, Old Hard Candy, Cargo, Pop beauty, all the funky little lines those were the days.

Prada Beauty. The entire line – makeup and skin care – was phenomenal. I think the failure was in distribution and not the product line itself. My local counter was always out of what I needed and the SAs said that Prada corporate was difficult to reach and unresponsive. It’s a shame though, because I still have yet to find suitable replacements for most of what I used, especially their lip balm and pressed powder.

Compact Dew by Makeunder. Im crazy emailing my friends fr Canada browsing online where to buy this highlighter. I used to order these usually 4 compact for 6 months use in Ms Groovy online shopping UK but to my sadness this compact dew was discontinued over a yr ago. I tried looking for replacements and believe me I have tried 11 highlighters of different high end brands that i bought online fr UK, Australia and US but nothing mbeats d perfect effect of Makeunder Compact dew. If u could help me beg to the manufacturer of this makeup wonder I would order 20 compacts right away and this woyuld make me the happiest.

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