What is your current makeup removal routine?

Right now, I’m using belif’s cleansing oil to get the bulk of, and then I use a cotton swab or pad with Shiseido’s Eye Makeup Remover to get the last bits off (usually eyeliner, mascara, etc.).

— Christine
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I get most of my makeup with a makeup eraser cloth, then micellar water on a cotton swab or pad for the rest if there’s any left. That usually does it!

Depends on the kind of makeup I am wearing.
If its a really simple, daily makeup, I use bi-phase micelar or normal bi-phase first, then clean up with micelar water, then wash the face.
If it is a more elaborate one, cleansing oil or bi-phase waterproof make up remover, then wash.
In the eyes I tend to use more the bi-phase waterproof remover, even if I am not wearing anything waterproof.
I really love cleansing oils, and I wish I could use them always for everything, but most of them tend to irritate my eyes (my eyes fault, they dont like anything), and currently I can´t afford the only one that does not (Shu Uemura´s ) so I avoid using them to clean the eye area.

I use my Clarisonic and Clinique Mild Liquid Facial Soap. If I have something more stubborn, I first use whatever freebie makeup remover I have on hand. I have a whole drawer of these mini giveaways from Clinique and Estée Lauder.

I do a double cleanse to get my makeup off. I use the Hadalabo cleansing oil and the Cerave creamy cleanser. I have found that the Hadalabo cleansing oil does a great job of breaking down all of my makeup and sunscreen. If I am wearing a full face of full coverage I use an extra pump and really massage the oil in. For extra heavy eyemakeup I will take a little extra and kind of gently press my fingers over and around my lids

Four are used as needed, depending on what’s on, how late it is/tired I am, etc. usually use Garnier blue top micellar, if any eye m/u first, and Skinfood wipes if no eyes on. Then, depending on residue, visible color etc, either Cosrx low ph 1stcleanse milk gel or Nooni deep cleanse snowflake jelly cleansing oil. These products are pretty idiot-proof as to when needed. Then second cleanse, usually Cosrx low ph good am gel….gee, I really dislike long names on products.

I use MAC wipes. I really love them. After wiping down my face I wash with the Philosophy cleanser, which I’ve been using for over 10 years.

I begin with Clinique Take the Day Off as an eye makeup remover on a Shiseido cotton. Then I use Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2 on a cotton several times on my face. Yes it contains alcohol because I am extremely oily. I also use an over the counter product recommended by my Ophthalmologist called OccuSoft Lid Scrub. It removes every last trace of eye makeup. Follow that with Cerave cleansing lotion and my Clarisonic and I will have a very clean face.

I use Garnier Micellar Water to take off eye makeup. I use a cleansing balm if my makeup is more heavy duty but I’ve been keeping makeup pretty light this summer so the micellar has been fine. The cleansing balm is from Pixi and it works great but I want to try the Clinique one next. I cleanse with Cera Ve foaming face wash for normal to oily skin and I use a toner from Estee Lauder as a last step.

First wash, face: Neutrogena wipes or if particularly oily (like during this hot summer here) Clarins milk cleanser with genitian (apply thin film and tissue off). Then eye makeup — trying out Body Shop’s chamomile eye makeup remover, and so far so good. Then all over face wash with Cerave Renewing SA Cleanser.

Clarins still makes that gentian cleansing product? Wow, that has stood the test of time…up to, maybe ~30-40 years. Better google the ingredients. It’s like EA 8 hours. Forever. A miracle, actually, when you consider the life span of products these days. Gotta redo that eyeshadow or lipstick; the formula has been around almost a year!

Good advice, so on the Clarin’s product, on cosda nothing looks bad; denatured alcohol as a solvent is a 4, everything else 1-2’s. I’ll keep researching, thanks.

I always remove eye makeup and then face makeup.

For eyes, I use a mixture of Almay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover and jojoba oil. (My eyes are too sensitive to any other oil other than jojoba oil.)

For face, I use Tatcha cleansing oil.

Then I use one of various cleansers.

So much depends on what I’m wearing but if it’s a full face (rare), I’ll precleanse with an oil remover (MAC, Shu, Tatcha or The Body Shop) and then wash with a foaming type cleanser (Boscia is a favourite as is Shiseido, and I like Avene’s cold cream bar). If I’m wearing stubborn mascara, I’ll use a bi-phase eye makeup remover (Clarins, Clinque or Elizabeth Arden are the 3 I’m currently rotating through). I’ve never tried the Shiseido eye makeup remover, Christine – hadn’t noticed that they had one, though it only makes sense. Do you really like it? Maybe I’ll pick up a bottle as I love Shiseido products.

Good old Pond’s Cold Cream everywhere, including eyes and brows, removed with a warm wet washcloth. After drying my face, I go over it again with a cotton pad saturated with Bioderma micellar water, just in case.

Been meaning to try Ponds Cold Cream again which kind do you recommend? I used it many years ago and not sure which to try these days. I have dry/combo/sort of sensitive skin. I do remember it cleanses well and didn’t dry which is great! I stare at it at Target and not sure which to choose.
I been using Cera Vé for a while and like it. Also testing Soap & Glory facial wash it has a faint smell of real peaches so far I like it it cleanses deeper than the Cera Vé I think is also a bit thicker too. I use a warm small towel to really remove everything I find so relaxing also. If I have mascara left on eyes I clean the raccoon eyes with a Q-tip with a bit of Vaseline, also apply on lips each night.

Hi there! Our skins sound very similar! I use the aqua jar called Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser. (It says “Moisturizing Deep Cleanser and Makeup Remover” below.) I think it’s the original formula with a new name. It’s inexpensive, doesn’t irritate my skin and lasts forever.

Thanks for your reply. Just yesterday was standing and checking them again while at Target. I’ll get this one for sure next time! They been having buy four and get one $5.00 cards but to me is too much and probably they’ll go bad before I get to finish them. Maybe two would be best.

Garnier Micellar water followed by Clinique Take the Day off Balm. If I’m wearing heavy duty eyeliner I will use Clinique Take the Day off Makeup remover too.
I have been using the balm for about a year. It leaves my skin soft and clean. I haven’t even been bothering with moisturizer this summer.

I tried the Clinique Balm at Ulta this week and it’s very nice. I will totally consider the Clinique Balm after I finish up my Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser.

Lancome Bi Facil to remove eye and lip makeup, Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser (the pink one) to remove face makeup, and Shu Uemura cleansing oil as second cleanse.

My first cleanse is with Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil. I use this all over my face and also eyes. It removes my waterproof mascara without any difficulty. I love this cleanser as my first step as most of the other cleanser oils and balms leave a film and some actually distort my vision for a bit after using. It is like an oily layer is applied over my eyeball, LOL.
I then remove the makeup and oil with a warm washcloth. For my second cleanse I use Drunk Elephant’s PeeKee bar which rarely has anything to remove but I just like the way it works. I remove that with the same warm washcloth.
Some nights I will also use Nuxe Reve de Miel Honey Face Cleanser sort of like a mask. I put it on and then leave it for a minute or two and then rinse off with the washcloth. The Nuxe is very hydrating and since I use a lot of acids on my face I also like to use different types of moisturizers.

I still use Walmart brand aloe & vitamin infused baby oil to remove my eye makeup, as I wear very waterproof liners and mascara, nothing else has ever worked without a lot of unnecessary tugging at the delicate eye area.
Next step is to remove the rest of my makeup with Simple Exfoliating Face Wipes, which have become nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find. Very perturbed, because those work so incredibly well that they made double cleansing something I could skip if too tired!
Then I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, like the one by FAB or Rodial Stem Cell Cleansing Cream. I really don’t like double cleansing when my eczema is acting up, though.

I use a bit of oil (whatever I have on hand) to loosen up my eye makeup, then wet a Sephora Black Magic Makeup Remover Cloth with very warm water and wipe everything off.

Oh and then I wash my face with Philosophy’s Purity Made Simple and my Foreo or Nip Fab Glycolic Face Wash, or a charcoal cleanser using my hands. it just depends on the day.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil for face & lips, Johnson’s Baby Shampoo for eye makeup (recommended by my opthamologist), then Drink Elephant Pekee bar.

I use a cleansing oil made by Bare Minerals, which gets off all my eye makeup as well as foundation. I follow with a water based cleanser. Currently I am using a Japanese powder cleanser, Sekkisei White Powder Cleanser from Kose. I use these on my face and neck. If there is anything on my chest, I just use a wet wash cloth followed by micellar water (currently Yes to Cotton) on a cotton pad.

I nearly always have my shower at night time, so i wet my face and am currently using Essano’s Rose Hip cleanser, with a clean face washer (every day I use a clean one) and wipe my makeup off.

Clinique Take the Day off Balm, cotton pads and water. Done. Miss my MAC Whipes, maybe will even splurge on them when done with Clinique.

I’ve been using micellar water and eye makeup remover. Then I was with La Roche Posey cream cleanser for dry skin. Toleraine, I believe.
After that, it’s toning, treatment and moisturizer.

Pond’s Cucumber cleansing cream removes foundation and face makeup, maybe eye makeup if it’s not a waterproof formula. Neutrogena’s eye makeup remover for the eyes usually. Simple’s micellar water removes light eye makeup and most lipstick if I’m too lazy to wash my face but until I get more reusable cloths I’m just going to use the previous two. I also use Holika Holika’s Aloe Facial Cleansing Foam sometimes but it’s too drying for me.

I remove eye makeup first and then face makeup. I use Muji Moisturising Milk (the Moisture one) for both as cleansing milk. It’s efficient and doesn’t irritate my eyes. Then CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser.

I have very sensitive skin, so I just use Bioderma fragrance free (in the typical pink top). I find it acts as both a cleanser, a makeup remover, and a toner. It’s amazing!! It’s very popular for a good reason!

I start with coconut oil to remove eye makeup, get it loose then use Bioderma or Garnier MIcellar water to remove and clean the area. I follow up with coconut oil on my face and use a make-up remover wipe to remove that portion. I follow up with a couple of fully saturated rounds of mIcellar water.
Finally I’m ready to cleanse I start with Clinique Take the Day Off, or Hemish Cleansing Balm to remove any trace of makeup. My final cleanse is with Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm.
Note: Coconut oil is a wonderful product but can cause breakouts and clog pores in some skin types so I take great care to remove everything from my face…thus the double cleanse. Since starting this routine over a year ago, my skin texture and feel have improved greatly. But my breakout days are largely behind me and with the extra steps built in, I can avoid even tiny breakouts.

I’ll use a wipe or remover to start breaking it down. Then I use an oil cleanser, currently Fresh Seaberry. Then I use a powder wash (like tatcha) or a gel wash like Glossier Milky Jelly to get the rest. I know that sounds a little excessive but makeup is full of silicones which can give me a major break out or rash if left on my skin too long.

I use Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel, Up&Up Oil-Free Makeup Remover for my eye makeup, and Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Toner for getting any leftover makeup off my face.

I am kind of shocked to see how many people are using multiple steps to get their makeup off. I was certain I would read the comments and see alot of repeats of what I use(or at least a similar version). For the last 7 years or so, I only have to use the Purity cleanser by Philosophy to remove all my makeup and I use tons of waterproof makeup and I’ve never had to use anything else. To put into perspective how well it works, I bought the Wunder brow product hoping to get more than a day out of filling in my brows and that was a joke cause the Purity took it right off.

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