What is your current eye brow routine?

What is your current eye brow routine? Share!

I alternate between Anastasia Dip Brown, MAC Brow Gel Creme, and MAC Espresso/Brun for filling them in, and then I use brow scissors and tweezers to keep the shape/length.

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Tweeze stray hairs, fill in with Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, set with brown eye shadow. This will last me +16 hours ( 7AM – 11 PM bedtime)

Daily: Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ebony & Taupe
Sometimes I use Anastasia Brow Powder in the shades Taupe, Medium Brown and/or Ebony
I set them with either ABH clear brow gel or ABH tinted brow gel (granite)
I just purchased the MUFE aqua brow and am loving it so far. I use it in conjunction with the ABH Brow Wiz.

I fill in a little bit with MAC’s Stud pencil then set everything with Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Clear Brow Gel

Mine is painfully simple ( pun intended! ): tweeze to maintain their shape and remove any stray grays, using safety scissors carefully trim length of hairs that are too long, fill them in with L’Oreal Infallible Continuous Cocoa eyeshadow using a firm, angled brush because mine are not full at all. Thats it!

I’m lucky to have a pretty thick, dark brows, so I don’t generally do much on them. I use a teeny-tiny razor/shaver about once a week to maintain the shape.

Make-up-wise, I sometimes use a taupe/light brown pencil to fill in the gaps, then use a warm blond eyebrow gel to lighten the hairs. I find that this makes my brows match my hair color a bit better.

Back when I used to bleach my hair blonde, I would bleach/dye my brows as well.

Yes! I dyed my hair red for years and years and would also dye my brows to match. It was the key to people’s astonishment that it was not my natural hair color.

My hair is naturally black, and I personally dislike the stark contrast between the bleach-blonde hair and the very dark brows on me. So dyeing my brows tied them together nicely, I think.

I alternate from NYX tinted brow gel, Smartbrow gel line brush to fill in..or i outline my brows first with a pencil and fill in with my Smartbrow gel line brush…Pencil i use is Sorme in black/brown

I use the medium brown brow duo and the med/dark Gimmie Brow, how funny! I really like this combo a lot. It’s great for a wide range of brow looks. My only regret is that it’s difficult to get the degree of precision some people are able to get with Dipbrow for individual hair strokes with a powder, but it’s much more user friendly first thing in the morning, and I know I complain about this a lot but Dipbrow slid right off my skin no matter what I did. I’m tempted to try it again because an SA was so surprised she thought I might have gotten a defective one.

Not sure it can be called “routine”, cause it’s too simple. MAC Brow Set in Beguile. Done!
Sometimes, quite rarely, when I want a really defined shape, I add MAC Eye Brows pencil in Lingering to fill in any gaps that might be left.

I just switched from powder + gel to pencil + gel but to be honest, I don’t know if I like it yet… Pencil is definitely quicker and easier as there’s no fall-out, but I liked the definition I was getting from powder and gel more…

Currently I get them waxed just to get the stragglers outside the brow shape, about every 6 weeks. I pluck in-between waxings. I brush them with a spoolie, fill in with powder (or occasionally a pencil), and brush again with a spoolie. I vary the color I fill in with. Usually I go with a warm medium-brown powder, but it depends on the eye look and how I have my hair. I occasionally don’t fill in at all, or I might go with a darker brown shadow or pencil for more drama, or I might use a soft, berry-wine eyeshadow to work with my current bright magenta-red hair color.

I used Brow Shaping Scissors&Brush duo for trimming and used NYX Micro Brow Pencil and then finished it with MAC Brow Set Waterproof!

Tweeze strays, smoothe into place with fingertip if required.

(I lucked out on the eyebrows! They’re naturally dark, dense, and confined to where I want them to be. Would happily trade them in for less fussy skin, though. )

I get my brows waxed every couple weeks. On a daily basis, I brush my brows, prime my brows with the same primer that I prime my eyes with, and fill them in with my NYX Micro Brow pencil. After filling them in, brush them thru again, apply a brow gel for hold, then “clean up” or sculpt my brows with concealer from the Balm. This process takes forever because I’m very particular about my brows.

I try to only pluck strays from underneath, because I’ve spent years over doing it and I’m trying to get them back. I use MAC Brow Fluidline or UD Secret Service shadow to fill them in. And I brush them upward like crazy. Sometimes if I’m going to be doing something outside that doesn’t require makeup like hiking I’ll use a maybelline brow gel for a natural look that keeps them in place.

I typically tweeze and trim after showers, at night, so that my open pores minimizes the pain. For filling in my brows, I use NYX Micro Brow pencil in Espresso to define the shape and draw in some hair-like strokes. This color is a great match for my black hair. Then, I use ELF Brow Kit in medium (the wax, then the powder), to fill in the rest of my brows. I finish with Milani’s brow gel, which has a tiny wand that I love, for my thinner eyebrows.

ABH Brow Wiz in Soft Brown and set with ABH clear brow gel..this combo can last me all day into the next day without any touchups, looks completely natural and is comfortable. I’m so in love with this combo, I haven’t even bothered trying out any other brow products!

I have pretty full brows, so all I do is tweeze strays in between my threadings and fill in emptying spaces with Sephora Retractable Waterproof Pencil, and comb through them with the attached comb. I’ll probably add in a clear gel to tame them. That’s really all I need!

I recently switched form pencil and pomade to powders. I am using ABH in Chocoloate. I was finding the pomade to be a little harsh and with the pencil, I would occasionally lose a hair or two. I also use Tarte’s cc color gel in Black/brown (I think- the darkesk that it comes it). I comb that thru first then I fill in with the dark powder mid to tail and where there are sparse areas. Then I use the light and dark mixed in the front and use ABH clear gel to hold it all. I also really like Tom Ford’s pencil in Chestnut for a quick and easy day. it’s too expensive for a daily though for me.

Once a week I tidy up my brow shape with tweezers–nothing drastic as I’m happy with their natural shape. For daily wear, I use a bit of Anastasia brow powder in granite to fill in where needed. It gives a soft and natural look. For evening, I prefer Anastasia Brow Wiz in granite to create a more defined brow.

Threading, or tweezing when I don’ t have the time, then Benefit Gimme Brow for daily looks and Anastasia brow powder + transparent gel when I want fuller brows.

I alternate between the ABH Brow Powder and the Dipbrow Pomade, both in Auburn, set with the ABH Clear Brow Gel. I also have the Tinted Brow Gel, but I use it only occasionally, when i want a *really* natural look, just color and no filling in. As far as grooming goes, I’ll tweeze strays above and below the brow and wax in between the brows, and occasionally wax along top if I can’t tweeze away all the baby hairs. Lately I’ve been growing them out so I’ve only been waxing in between and ignoring everything else. It’s so hard! I have total Sasquatch brows.

Just a powder right now, I need to up my game for fall. I keep putting it off because I keep thinking of going blonde so I don’t want to go too dark on the product. My brows are at the perfect tipping point of blonde/brunette where I can color them a smidge lighter to a whole hell of a lot darker and still look natural.

ok, this is going to sound really strange, but after filling in with mac’s brow gel i set it with a spoolie and a lip chapstick —-which i feel works just as well as a clear setting gel, and doesn’t cost anything, since my dentist loads me up after every appt.
anyone else do this? don’t let me feel so weird!

Everyday’s quick fix: Soap and glory’s archery in chocolate.
Finish with; Clear brow gel ( cheap one)

When I have extra time I experiment with some of the powders I have accumulated ( benefit, elf, a couple from past beauty boxes…)

In my wish list: some of the Anastasia arsenal of brow products that most people rave about.

MAC Fling automatic brow pencil and the new Bare Minerals brow palette. I love using both. I also use Rubis Tweezers Classic Gold Slant and scissors to trim.

Oh gosh!! The downfall of my DAILY LIFE!! I over-tweezed as a youth and I have HARDLY any hair so I HAVE TO ‘do eyebrows’ daily. On top of that, I have EXTREMELY oily skin…do you see where I’m going with this?? I have yet to find a product that is ‘oil proof’ and TRUST ME – I’ve tried them ALL!!! They are waterproof, yes – but as soon as my face turns into an oil slick halfway through the day, I’m always afraid of an eyebrow emergency.

I’ve tried ABH dipbrow, MAC pencils, MAC fluid line for brows and the brown eyeliner one, NYX brow pomade & the gel, MUFE aqua brow….and my LATEST daily is NYX micro pencil set w/ a MAC eyeshadow powder. This is working pretty good except for the oily thing halfway through the day. I’ve tried setting them all with brow powders, eye shadows, regular face setting powder, etc. NOTHING WORKS!!

H.E.L.P. – Does ANYONE have this EXACT SAME PROBLEM??? I would love to try something that WORKS forever…& I don’t have to worry about ‘no eyebrow’ disasters daily. Especially in this heat. My eyebrows just melt off and I cannot go without…..

Wow, you’ve tried a lot of stuff! I don’t know if you have enough hairs to tint them? And I don’t know how extreme you want to go, but I’ve also heard of people tattooing in brows and even injecting botox to stop sweat on forehead and brows.

OOH…now the Botox thing might work. I don’t have enough hairs to tint them and I’ve tried tattooing. It didn’t last long and faded pretty quickly and now, with nothing at all, my ‘eyebrows’ (or lack thereof) look pink and sick.

Thank You Katherine

Ugh. I have oily skin, and I have a hard time finding something good for filling in my full brows a little bit. I have yet to the perfect one. This sounds downright nightmarish. The only thing I can think is maybe try a mattefying primer in the area before drawing in your brows, and using just a powder to draw them in. Then use a setting spray. These help my brow products stay on (and all my other makekup). Good luck!

Thank you so much for your suggestions. I use MAC’s paintpot as a ‘primer’ because as I stated just above, my ‘eyebrow’ skin is pink where it was once tattooed but faded. I’ll try the setting spray, I haven’t tried that yet. But we are literally talking SKIN here…no hair. LOL

Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

Sorry, the tattoo info wasn’t posted when I wrote that. I hope you’ll find some solution. Just oily skin is hard enough, without the tattoo scarring, too.

I tweeze strays and trim hairs that are too long using cuticle scissors. I use tart Amazonian clay brow mousse in taupe and set with Maybelline clear mascara.

I use Sephora’s waxy colored pencil in the med brown (more like a taupe) to fill in the spaces, and a colorless clear gel to keep the shape I like….I only tweeze the strays

I generally use anastasia dipbrow in taupe + tarte brow powder in gray as my base where there IS sparse hair, and then draw in all the missing hairs in ash brown or granite, sometimes a mixture of both. occasionally i add in mufe aqua brow in 05 depending on how much of my roots are showing. (my roots are neutraly ash but my hair is either steel grey, pink or mint green.) i use a few different brushes to draw in the hairs at the heads, because those are 100% gone and i need to make them look as real as possible. occasionally i’ll mix the tarte tint in gray with benefit gimme brow in medium/deep. it is SUCH a buttpain, but i am working on getting hairstroke tattoo brows this summer.

I like to keep my brow hair pretty natural, so I don’t do much trimming (although I tweeze strays). On one side they grow up, and on the other side they grow down so I line the bottom of my brow with a Rimmel pencil to even them out. I prefer Anastasia’s Brow Wiz pencils, but I needed a pencil super fast. After I line the bottom of my brow, I fill it in with the light side of Anastasia’s brow powder duo, use the dark part for emphasis, then I blend it with clear brow gel from the same brand.

I’m lucky to have basically black eyebrows that are fairly thick. I have been using Benefit’s Brow Zings for the last…geez, 2 years and I’m still not even halfway through the gel or powder. I use both gel and powder daily, I love the natural look it gives me.

When I hit the pan in the gel side, I’m going to try Dip Brow pomade, but I’m quite loyal to my Brow Zings!

i swear by mufe aqua brow and mac espresso to fill in my eyebrow. my eyebrows are pretty full and dark also tame so i don’t always use clear gel but sometimes i do use them. but the star is most definitely mufe aqua brow.

I’ve been using the same eyebrow pencil since 97. Just my style has changed. I tweeze bout every other day to retain shape, sometimes with a razor. Comb out my eyebrows after I’ve used primer, pencil them in and sharpen the detail with concealer underneath, I rarely conceal above the brow, and blend my life away

I go to a beauty salon to get my eyebrows into shape. I couldn’t do it myself -what with pale eyebrows and glasses. I have them lightly tinted – which helps. I then use a brow pencil to do the rest. Nothing fancy.

Just abh dipbrow in chocolate and I’m set. Lol it literally sets itself and no matter what the weather brings it doesn’t budge. I kid you not this stuff has stayed one through rain, snow storms, and the 95+ heat of the summer. I love it so much I’m also getting her brow wiz and clear gel for my lazy days when I want the same result without using a brush.

I use ABH Dipbrow in Taupe and in Medium Brown but the real key for me is my use of the Wayne Goss Number 7 brush–it’s just so fine, and has just right amount of rigidity vs flexibility and does just such a good job, and is very satisfying to use.

Tweeze strays and to keep the shape (about once a month is all I have to do now), same time frame I trim the front parts that tend to get too long and grow straight up with nail scissors. I try to keep length in the hairs through the “body” of the brow to keep it fuller looking.
I fill in the bottom parts of the brows that are sparse or bare with Dior Brow Styler in Universal Brown and/or Yaby Bark eyeshadow. I don’t really have to touch the tops of them now.
Lately I have been carving them out with a white or very light eyeshadow, just to clean up the bottom and define the lines that are filled in a bit better. My brows are still recovering here and there from the 90’s overplucking in high school ๐Ÿ™

I always do anastasia dip brow in soft brown (with the #12 brush it truly makes a difference) and then l’oreal brow stylist plumper in medium to dark.

Tweeze a few strays once a week and usually I just fill them in with a Prestige eyebrow pencil in blonde. Sometimes I’ll set with Nyx waterproof eyebrow in blonde.

I started using Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade and I use ABH Brow Wiz to do final touch ups. Sometimes, I use NYX brow powder duo, too.

I’m lucky, my brows are naturally arched and I didn’t overpluck in the 90s so they’re still full. I am a redhead so they’re lighter than I’d like and I fill them in with MAC brow shader in Auburn (I think it’s discontiuned but it’s a hard matte powder that I’m using up very slowly, it will probably last until my hair is white). I tweeze occasional random hairs and will thread twice a year or so to get rid of all the invisible baby hairs and neaten up the lower edge a little. I also trim the arches with scissor as those hairs get a little long sometimes.

My eyebrows are the bane of my existence. I never even touched them with tweezers until a few years ago, when I started plucking just the really obviously out-of-place hairs, but they’re still incredibly sparse, plus super blonde, so w/o any makeup it looks like I don’t have brows, period. I ALWAYS, always use the ABH Brow Wiz (Taupe, Medium Ash, or a combo of both), no matter how much of a hurry I’m in…and then if I have time I may also use some of the ABH Dip Brow in Taupe, ABH clear brow gel, Omega eyeshadow from MAC, and/or the Benefit Gimme Brow in Light/Medium. I also have oily skin so even the Dip Brow won’t stay put all day…so I always carry the Brow Wiz for touch-ups.
YEESH! So much work for such a small part of your face >:-0

i keep my brow hairs trimmed pretty short so I have the option to do skinny brows if I want, and I shave off the tails because I’m not a fan of the natural shape (I keep the hairs just where they arch so I have a guideline). I use one of those little brow razors to keep the unibrow away and to get all the stray hairs around the tails.

As for products, I switch between using the KVD Tattoo Brow in blonde or Nyx blonde tame and frame topped with Nyx blonde gel or Anastasia Dipbrow in Granite, a little black shadow on the tails, and Nyx black brow gel. OR sometimes I’ll just do unnaturally colored brows like purple or blue with eyeshadows.

SUPER lazy. I fill in with a Rimmel brow pencil or brush through with IsaDora’s tinted eyebrow gel if I feel like doing my brows at all, and I tweeze once every fortnight or so. My brows are naturally full-ish and I only tweeze to keep the shape.

Almost nothing most of the time, a comb though with a spoolie most days. I have pretty large brows anyway, they’re not really sparse or anything. Sometimes (once in a blue moon) I’ll run the Marc Jacobs brow gel through them if they’re a bit unruly. If I’m going out for a special occasion, I’ll fill them in with a bit of MAC brun, and then the Marc Jacobs brow gel. Otherwise I tweeze stray hairs, but I really want to find a threader!

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