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What is your current brow care routine?

I maintain the general shape with tweezers and brow scissors (which I just had to buy, because I have spent the last two months looking for mine and cannot find them!). I fill in with either MAC Brun/Espresso eyeshadows or Anastasia Dipbrow using an angled brush. I’ve been better at remembering to use a brow gel to keep the hairs more in place.

— Christine


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Nancy T Avatar

All I do is tweeze the strays, trim with a pair of safety scissors that I bought for $1 , thats the hair growth control end. As for defining and filling in my somewhat density deprived brows, I use L’Oreal Infallible Continuous Cocoa eyeshadow with a firm angled brush to fill them in adequately. I have yet to try a brow gel, but that would certainly take away the flat matte look my brows have by my just using an eyeshadow.
On a side note, I have had that eyeshadow ever since L’Oreal released them, just using it for brows, and that thing still has a LOT left! LOL

Ana Avatar

I usually fill them in with the Anastasia Dipbrow in taupe, but the ideal color for me is the Maybelline Color Tattoo in the color Tough As Taupe. I could never find a product that looks as cool toned and natural as this one, too bad it the product dries down in the pot so quickly :/

Katelyn Avatar

Hi Ana! Have you tried using Inglot duraline (or some similar product) to revive your color tattoos? I’ve used it to save some dry ones, and I found it worked pretty well for me!

Anne Avatar

My brows are quite full so other than the every 3-4 weeks threading appointment I don’t have to do much. I have the Anastasia Brow Wiz for if I’m doing a look that calls for a stronger brow, but mostly they’re good to go!

Sofia Avatar

I use tweezers to shape my brows, brush them with a spooley brush. Then use my She Uemura 60B with Makeup Forever aqua brow to fill them in. And if I’m in a hurry I use L’oreal Brow Artist Plumper.

Wednesday Avatar

This is one area where I spend a lot of time overall. I have brow hair loss issues and I will rarely leave my house without at least doing something with my brows. I have over the last couple of years at least managed to stop screwing with the shape of my brows and learned to take advantage of their natural shape.

I tweeze only stray hairs under natural brow line.

I do not trim my brow hairz since I need all the help I can get. I have some crazy Einstein like brows in the comma area which are ridiculously long, but I tame those errant suckers into place with Anastasia brow gel in the gold container and because of their crazy length, they help to fill in spaces where my brows are ridiculously sparse: the tails. They are super sparse..a common issue for folks with autoimmune issues apparently.

Then I flesh in the overall shape of my brows following the natural curve in short backwards strokes (does anyone else do this? I find I am better at creating feathery strokes when I run my pencil in reverse direction of brow growth (a lefty thang??) with either Anastasia Brow Wiz or Surratt mechanical pencil, brush through, brush through again, then fill in the bad patchy spots with a softer eyeshadow like pencil (Perfect Brow Pencil) also by Anastasia. Brush through. Then I take a very small brush and super soften the beginning part of brow in frown area (what is that area called???)

Sometimes I use Bobbi Brown coloured setting gel depending on whether or not I want a bolder brow. I like GA brow maestro as well, but again, only when I want a bolder brow. I’m usually aiming for a more natural less perfectly sculpted look and so usually only go for gels for more formal makeup looks for special occasions.

Apologies for long-winded description. It’s an area where I have spent a lot of energy to try and get it right and proportionately speaking seem to spend a lot of time futzing in my routine. I think it is worth it. Last time I was at the dentist, my hygienist complemented me and said I have beautiful brows. I don’t. I’ve just learned after lots of trial and error to fake it well.

E Avatar

Wendy… our brows are sisters from a different mother!
Chemo left mine sparse and like you, I have tried everything in the last two years.
Just last week, I discovered the “opposite direction” application. This works so much better than going with the direction! No more “drawn on” eyebrow tails.
I, too, will be trying the DipBrow due to your experience.
Because I am so picky about my brows and take forever to do them, my friends laugh with me because I my catch phrase is that I do things “if they are eyebrow worthy”!
Thanks for all the info!

E Avatar

Wendy, I have recently begun experimenting with using eyeliners to fill in my brows, backwards of course.
More color choices and seem to last longer.
We’ll see, LOL!

Gillian Avatar

Good tweezers are essential! Small scissors to trim them are important too. I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Ebony to fill them in and I use either Clarins Double Fix’ Mascara or the L’Oréal Paris Perfection Brow Artist Plumper in Medium to Dark to keep them in check.
It works well for me but on the odd occasion it’s nice to have my brows threaded to make them look perfect. ?

pePear Avatar

for my thick eyebrows only waxing can tame them down but lately I find Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush duo can work great for me too and I can do it at home without irritate my skin like waxing do. I used Nyx Micro Brow Pencil or Anastasia Brow Powder Duo depend on my mood on that day and end the game with Loreal Brow Plumper Gel

Kat Avatar

Like you, I maintain the shape with tweezers and scissors. Sometimes I have to do a little waxing to get up peach fuzz or baby hairs that I just can’t get up with my tweezers. I usually fill them in with ABH Brow Powder Duo in Auburn, but the past few weeks I finally got my brows the exact shape I want them with no gaps or bald spots, so I’ve only needed tinted brow gel to get them the same color as my hair. I’ll still use the powder (or Dipbrow which I also own) but only if I want a bolder look.

Kate Avatar

I don’t do much to them, as they’re pretty full already, and I just finally got them looking exactly how I want (a few months back I went a little tweezer happy lol) I just pluck out any strays and trim them whenever necessary.
I fill them in with either the ABH brow wiz or a brow powder and fix them in place with ABH clear brow gel.

sharon Avatar

Ok so brows – I have a problem here because my brows are so fair they look non existent. Currently I use the Dior Natural Brow Styler its good but I wonder if there is anything else I could do / use . Suggestions Please and Thank You

E Avatar

In the past, I used the brow kit from ELF. Until I lost even more brow, this kit worked great!
Use wax first, so the powder will adhere well.
Use powder. Try the Taupe. I did have to order this. Unable to find in stores.
Brush through.
I then use the ELF setting powder for undereye (white, GREAT stuff) lightly over to set.
NYX also does a great brow kit.
These products performed better for me than higher end ones.
Tinting is always a great option if you aren’t sparse.

elektrak Avatar

I get this irresistible urge to tweeze my brows almost every other day, to get rid of even the tiniest hair. To fill them I used for a very long time the ABH brow powder duo in “ash brown” but needed a change and these days I love using Mac Coquette for a very very soft natural look (and sometimes a little bit of Brun on the outer parts). To finish them I use the ABH clear gel. (I’m really happy with Coquette and Brun, I found out recently that they were released in a duo a few years ago as part of a brow collection and decided to get them and give them a try. They seem to work perfect for me!)

Victoria Avatar

The shape of my brows is easy to maintain, but they’re weirdly short and straight–my whole family is similarly “blessed.” I usually use a combo of ABH Dipbrow in Taupe and MAC Paintpot in Camel Coat and a combo Wayne Goss brow brush and his no 8 small small brush to add some natural looking hairs towards the centre and on the tail. This gives quite a good and natural result.

Jip Avatar

I get them professionally groomed every other month, and cover the gray hairs with a Smashbox product.

Luckily, I did not overpluck them, and they are still pretty full.

mish-mash Avatar

I’m using ELF Brow Cream in Dark Blond with an angled brush and my brows are black, this fills them in and looks natural.
I’ve used other way more expensive products but this is great…

Amara Avatar

pluck strays, i use ABH dip brow in auburn and the brow powder in either taupe or medium brown to neutralize the auburn a bit and UD’s clear brow gel to finish. i’m trying to use my auburn as long as i can while i slowly change hair colors because i still have so much product left even though i’ve had mine forever!

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I keep them cleaned up with tweezers and scissors. My brows are a bit thin from over plucking during a period of insanity so I treat the tails with Latisse to help them grow back. I sketch them in with brow pencil and the mascara like product for brows. Oh, I brush then between those two steps.

Aeri Avatar

I am using BrowFood serum – this really helped the middles and tails of my brows grow in, even though there are patches there and the heads are completely gone. I’m hoping another round of it will help. I occasionally use Castor Oil as well. I only tweeze the hairs that are way out of line, but my natural brows before they fell out were very thick, long and have a lot of curling hairs as well as cowlicks in the left brow. I was all set to get them hairstroke tattooed, but was told I was not a candidate due to my skin tone, so I’m hoping maybe another round of serum does the trick.

Shaping them is a bit of a butt, and every professional I’ve been to has been at kind of a loss. I dye the hairs black to match the darkest of my hairs since my brows are multicolored (some are black, some white, some blonde, some reddish and some …brown) and I fill by drawing in individual hairs with a thin, firm angled brush and also a tiny art brush for painting miniatures. If my hair’s white or silver or pastel with no roots, I generally use ABH dipbrow in Granite, sometimes with Taupe or Ash Brown mixed in. I use Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep over that for thickness/texture, but nothing holds the hairs in place – not even hair spray.

If my hair has roots showing that are quite long, I might use a combo of It Build a Brow in Gray, and MUFE Aqua Brow 05. And occasionally I use Tarte Volumizing powder in Gray for some added dimension.

Cat Avatar

I just recently started using the Anastasia Dipbrow and I love it! I was so intimidated by it until I watched Tara’s (tarababyz) video regarding her favorite brushes. She uses the MUFE #274 dual-ended brush and she said it made using the Dipbrow amazingly easy. So… I bought the brush and the Dipbrow and I’m now on the bandwagon!

If, by some wondrous magick, there is an eyebrow has miraculously grown in that needs to be plucked, I throw handfuls of purple confetti in the air, pop open a bottle of campaign, crank up some party tunes and celebrate… or, maybe I just pluck it out and smile a little. =)

RM Avatar

Dye monthly to a darker medium brown, tweeze and trim a few times a week. Fill in daily with NYX bare my soul shadow. Occasionally use a touch of maybelline brow stylist on the arch.

Dua Avatar

I only pluc far away stray hairs and when its gets messy, I cut the long ones. Best product is Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz & The Balm Gimme Brow in Dark.

Elizabeth Avatar

Don’t laugh, but I put a number 1 guide on my Wahl Peanut clippers and trim them to a perfect 1/4 inch. I am Italian, and if I didn’t do this I would look like Stalin. I color them about once a month with Roux or Pilian brow color because they are grey. I tweeze the strays under and wax off the unibrow. I am really lucky they are shaped nicely. When I wear makeup, I do use a brow powder and brush it through and that’s about it.

ouineque Avatar

My brows are super full (like Frida Kahlo full) so I need to tweeze them every day. It’s only recently that I found out how different my brows are from one another… So I need to fill in the right one quite a bit. I’ve been using a Rimmel brow pencil in the colour black brown, but it doesn’t seem very long lasting. Does anyone has experience with the pencils from Mac? I’m considering buying one of those.
Further I just brush them through with… an old and soft tooth brush. 🙂

Candice Avatar

I just finished my IT Cosmetics twistable brow pencil so I’m a bit unsure where to go from here lol
I didn’t love it like crazy so I’m not going to re-purchase but what to do, what to do!!

Lindsay Avatar

I keep my eyebrows nice and neat by trimming them up and plucking away the strays… I never try to change the shape of them too much because I like the shape of my eyebrows! They fit my face shape perfectly and then when I’m wearing make up I either use a slanted eyeliner brush with my Mililani brow fix kit or I will use a wet and wild waxy pencil and then just spooly them through

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