What is the oldest product you still have in your stash (even if you don't use it)?

I think the oldest is a Benefit eyeshadow brush, or else it is MAC Antiqued/Coppering/Bronze. I’m pretty sure I still have my original MAC eyeshadows, even though I’ve replaced with updated versions in the last couple of years.

— Christine


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Nancy T Avatar

Well, somewhere in this place is a tube of 16 y.o. Sugared Maple lipstick from Lanc么me! Cannot find it anywhere, though.
Other than that, a nearly pristine L’Oreal eyeshadow quad that they put out around 13 years ago for ovarian cancer research funding called Hopeful Bouquet. This was a backup of the first one I had bought. Very on trend shades of burgundy, dusty rose, slightly rosy taupe and lt. pink satins. Perhaps a bit of 90% alcohol will make it safe?

Linda Avatar

GREAT question. I found my very first ever blush purchase – a light apricot shimmery blush from the Body Shop. I remember it was $2 and thought what the heck, but I never actually used it. It’s 5 years old at least. Decided to try it once before throwing it away just to test the color this summer, and actually ended up falling in love with it. I can NOT find a dupe for it – I do want to bin this one and use a newer product but it’s so unique. I’ve been looking, looking and looking for something similar, so hanging on to it for now… it doesn’t even have a name.

Carolannf Avatar

I’m with you RACHEL! Have so many old lipsticks that I don’t wear but can’t bring myself to throw them out because I like the shade! Crazy! ?

Mariella Avatar

Two things….an eyeshadow from Clinique called “Basic Eye Emphasizer” (it’s grey and can be used wet as a liner or dry as a shadow….a unique concept back in the 70’s or 80’s when I bought it) and a lipstick from Estee Lauder in the shade Datenut Red. I don’t use it but have tried to find an exact dupe for the colour for decades, which is why I’ve kept it. And I’ve come close to finding a dupe but never found an exact match. Oh – I’ve also got (I think – I’m sure it’s in a box somewhere) an old shadow from Estee Lauder which I bought back when I was in my last year of high school or first year of uni (so very late 70’s) in a beautiful deep plum! I forget the name but could probably find it.

Olivia Avatar

Now I don’t feel so badly. I have a few truly ancient special edition Lancome eye shadows from pre pallette days. Les Illusionists is my fa purity and I still use it occasionally. Don’t tell anyone.

Leigh Avatar

My Urban Decay Ammo palette was my first Ulta splurge maybe 10 years ago. Ithe was the first eyeshadow palette I ever bought. I also remember it was pretty pricey for me at the time. I don’t use it but I still have it.

Erica Avatar

I think it would be two Max Factor eyeshadows from when MF was still sold in drugstores. I believe they are from early 2000s. Not getting rid of them until they bring a full line back to the DS. I’m happy they brought mascara though:)

Erica Avatar

Yup Max Factor is only sold in Europe. And a few things online. It’s slowly being brought back to the US. I only wish I could just take a trip to Europe lol

KaseyKannuck Avatar

I have a frosty white Bonne Belle lipstick that’s over 30 years old! I also have a Cover Girl quad from the same era (high school). The eyeshadow still gets used from time to time but the lipstick…no way!! Oddly, it doesn’t smell funky and is still a bit creamy.

Andy Allen Avatar

Wow!! A girl after my own heart. Still looking for Revlon Foxy Brown – none of the new browns match it, and neither did the browns from the 90s.

kellly Avatar

Ok I don’t feel too bad. Somewhere in my stash I have saved an old YARDLEY LIPSTICK. I think it’s just a plain gloss in that pretty striped real metal bullet case. I have every intention of keeping it forever since it’s so pretty and was one of the first products I bought.

Julia Avatar

I have some real oldies for sure! I would say the oldEST are probably some Bonne Bell and N.Y. Color shimmer dusts. I have them all depotted into some stacking jars that used to house other eyeshadow pigments, I think from Claire’s? A throwback in a throwback! I actually still use them occasionally, I don’t think loose powder can go bad. I bought them in high school, so they are more than 10 years old, though less than 15 馃檪 Believe it or not, the Bonne Bell ones were scented and they still smell! I want to say one is cinnamon, one is latte, and one is “sugar”? I will never part with those.

I also have a few Caboodles bronzer pans floating around… Tahiti and Aruba 馃檪 those were great!

Alys Avatar

I have a nail polish that is seriously about 20 years old. It’s a sheer blue jelly with holo sparkles. I wore it a lot when I was in high school, I called it “frostbite” because it looked like I’d lost circulation in my fingers. Just reminds me of who I was back then!

Wednesday Avatar

I’ve reorganized, purged, and donated twice this year so most categories in stash are quite current. However, I have a small handful of pretty LE compacts, mostly highlighters, which I have never touched and never used and can’t bring myself to just give away. Also my blush stash is the only category not to receive a complete no holds barred overhaul. I’ve dumped the older cream blushes, but kept many powder blushes some of which would definitely be more than 5 years old and maybe even up to 10: Chanel Joues, Nars. I do not use them yet reluctant to part. Blush was my first product obsession when I became more interested and involved in makeup.

Donna Avatar

A pressed powder eyeshadow called Wall Street Greige by Merle Norman from I think 1981. I’d seen it in Glamour I think, and it was unusual at the time. They said how different it was and how versatile so I had to have it. It’s still good and I do wear it occasionally.

Ariel Avatar

I still have a WnW 666 lip liner that has to be at least 20 years old. I don’t use lip liner but maybe once a year but bought this because it was the ‘Next Best Thing’ waybackwhen!

Roxi Avatar

My Mac 217 brush… that I bought in 2010 when I first went to college and started doing makeup! I still use the brush every week now, it’s no longer white but the shape maintained pretty well.
I have also the Mac 129 blush brush from the same year, although I don’t use that one that often anymore – boy can that brush shed! It’s been losing hair for six years and still going strong…

Joyce Avatar

What an interesting question!

I think it’s my Aerie Quenchstick balmy lipsticks. I still lament the cancellation of Aerie’s makeup collection back in 2009!

Christina D. Avatar

Since I can wash it and keep it clean (and it works just fine), the oldest item I have by far is a MAC slant eyeliner brush. Honestly, it must be at least 30 years old! Otherwise, I don’t keep cosmetics for long because they do expire, and I hate clutter so I don’t let things pile up. I keep to the six month rule — if I haven’t used it in six months, it gets tossed, donated, sold or gifted.

Erica Avatar

Powder makeup doesn’t really expire. If you are storing properly it doesn’t” go bad”. Beauty companies want you to believe that so they get more money out of you. Charge you $30 plus for cosmetics bc they know in a yr you’ll toss it and buy more.

Ginny Avatar

A very old pan of eyeshadow that I got as a birthday party favor in seventh or eight grade, which makes it over 15 years old. It was the Body Shop actually… at that time they had a fuller line of makeup with a bunch of eyeshadow singles. The color was called Sycamore and it’s a rosy bronze. It’s really a fantastic shadow… I still use it. I wish the Body Shop still made that formula.

Amy Avatar

A Lanc么me eyeshadow duo sample that came with one of my mom’s skincare purchases. It’s kind of gross and I don’t use it but it was the only makeup I had for a LONG time and now I can’t throw it out because nostalgia.

Celia Avatar

Definitely a Betsey Johnson gold metallic lipstick I purchased with my own work money at 7. So it’s basically a bit under two decades old. Still smells fine amazingly but obviously I’m not attempting it on my lips haha.

Brittney Avatar

It would probably have to be my Urban Decay Book of Shadows volume 2 palette. That was one of my very first major makeup purchases. I’ve always liked makeup since I started wearing it in high school but before I got that palette I stuck to mostly neutrals from the drugstore or maybe the occasional Clinique duo but when I saw that palette I HAD to have it even though some of the colors scared me. That’s what really kickstarted my makeup obsession. I have quite a few more palettes now but do still use that one in my rotation. I’m never throwing the packaging way though.

Diana Avatar

I usually have one make-up product per category (except lipstick and different shades of eyeshadow, but I keep the number of shades minimal), so I don’t have that old products.
My oldest right new it’t the MAC Diva lipstick. It’s 1 year and 7 months old (I keep track of my products open and expiration dates). I love the shade, it’s the color that really represents me, but I rarely get to use it, as at work I use more neutral lip colors. Since it’s a mate, I get to use little product each time. It’s past expiration date, I will buy definitely another one. But it smells OK and looks great when I use it… once or twice a month. I wish burgundy was work/daily appropriate…

Deborah S. Avatar

I have quite a few items that come from the late 70’s and early 80’s. I have a blending brush which I still use everyday that does not have a name on it and I haven’t a clue when I got it but I know it was at least prior to 1980. I have a small bottle of Joy perfume that I use to only wear on special occasions. It was purchased in 1978. Lastly, I have a Clinique eye shadow/liner that came in a silver sliding tray that you could use either wet or dry. I can’t remember the name of the product but I know they still sell it. It was the basis of every eye look I did back in 1978-82 and then I just stopped using it. You could apply it wet or dry and I really liked it as eye liner because it seemed like I had a lot more control.

AB Avatar

A MAC navy eyeliner, maybe 8 years old and down to a tiny nub. I haven’t used it in ages though and it’s probably dried up completely; I need to toss it.
Second would be Clarins eyeshadow quad ‘Sun Light’ about 6 years old, and I use it since after rediscovering it last year in the back of a drawer.

kjh Avatar

This is all very age bracket related, what is considered old. I have stuff that is old and no doubt bad, that represent the classics of the era, e.g. Original revlon naked pink, circa ~1963, I think. And Biba Blue Roses, which epitomized swingin’ London, (yeah, they actually said that,) Old Chanel vamp blush (still good), a very trashed up Yardley Glimmericks palette, with extra stuff glued in. Much of the powder stuff didn’t use go-bad fillers, or was so preservative laden that it may say expired, but it is not. Old lips will go bad, but until the color massively turns (Dior Future Beige, that I wore when I thought I was too young for reds…tossed) I keep it for nostalgic reasons. I also like to keep stuff from companies that went OOB, for nostalgia, tracking trends, and just thinking how m/u has evolved. My original roach l/S is still good, surprisingly, and by the reissue, I guess it’s 20. How the years and trends fly by. To me, it’s almost yesterday.

viv Avatar

i am quite sure its my studio fix in c2. unfortunately i had to throw away some of my very old stuff, lancone eyeshadow palette eg. but i kept my old mac stuff. and i still have and use a very old clinique palette teddy.

Lacey Avatar

I’m not positive which is the oldest–I’d have to go into the archives–but I have Comet Blue Dazzleglass from MAC. I keep hoping they’ll re-release it or I can find a good dupe. I can’t bring myself to toss it, even though I don’t use it. Another oldie is MAC Lollipop Loving lipstick that I keep for the same reason.

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

I have a j.a.n.e cosmetics eye zing from ’96 or ’97. It was the very first eyeshadow I ever bought and it’s in a SUPER dark indigo blue. I never wear it, but I’m so happy I’ve kept it over the years. I actually just trashed an even older eyeshadow trio from Aziza – the first one I ever used from my mom’s old stash that was from the 70s or 80s. She was a big fan of the brand and had a lot of items from them. I took a picture for posterity: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JmarNQYf_RlpfrmL8WwELTq9rtlZUa9uWw/view?usp=sharing

Flaky Avatar

I loved Aziza. It was a very “edgy” type brand with bold colors – quite a departure from the other big brands at the drugstore. As I remember, the eye shadows were pretty decent quality. There wasn’t nearly as much to choose from in the drugstore or dept store in the 80’s (MAC wasn’t even around yet) so this was a lot of fun. I wonder what ever happened to the brand.

Thanks for posting the picture – brings me back.

HeavyMetalJess Avatar

My mom had so many of their trios! Both these larger, oval pans and the smaller, square pan trios. I really loved these because the center shadow was made of flakes of lots of colors and I could get so many different looks with them. Also, this purple one went from being barely used to hard pan from my middle school years use. 馃檪 Wish I had pictures of all her other colors. There were lots of blues, purples, and greens and those all really affected the looks I did later and even now.

Christine Avatar

Aziza is still on Amazon and i find locally at my 99 cent stores. It isn’t as good a quality as what i used in the 80’s though. The son sold the company to The Ponds Co. and retired to an island off Spain.

Karen Avatar

Well, that certainly brought back memories! I used an Aziza trio in a cream-tan-brown configuration in the early eighties. I no longer have it but I do remember buying the same one over and over because I would use up the shimmery tan shade. I think I just used it on my lids, the whole concept of a darker crease and transition shade were foreign to me. :/

Lea Avatar

My oldest items are probably my Bobbi Brown brushes which have to be around 20 years old, but it shows when you take care of good brushes they can last a really long time. For cosmetics, I can only think of one offhand and that’s my Stila Puck eyeshadow. No idea when I bought this one and I have no idea how long ago they discontinued it; that was the beginning of the end for me with Stila, but I love the color and do still use it. I put it in a Z palette and will wear it every once and awhile. I think I also have two of the Armani lip waxes from when the line first launched too; no idea when I last tried them out – now I may have to!

Flaky Avatar

I’ve got the nail polish & lipstick I wore on my wedding day! Won’t use it of course, but It’s a small keepsake that’s easy for me to find a place to store.

LaMaitresse Avatar

I have some old Guerlain eyeshadows, those expensive palettes that were stunning with little bees and ornate metal work on the front, just too pretty to throw out. I also have an old Guerlain powder, I think it was based on a very old formulation called poudre d’roi I believe, again it was a sentimental item, the packaging was very antique like, and the powder was truly beautiful.

Beata Avatar

I have a Chanel nail polish from 1997 called Cobra. I think it was one of the first black polishes on the market. So pretty, kind of metallic. Surprisingly it still works, even though it only last a day or two. Can’t get rid of it for some reason.

Bon Bon Avatar

I’m embarrassed to say an Est茅e Lauder shimmer blush I bought 10 years ago come January. I remember specifically because I drove from Alabama to El Paso Tx for my sons basic training graduation. I can’t bring myself to toss it as I use it for extra special occasions like family weddings and high school reunions (pictures). It’s just the best I’ve ever found for my skintone. I hit pan years ago so put it up for special times. That’s my oldest product.

Meghan Avatar

The oldest thing in my collection is a minty philosophy lip balm called “kiss me” that I bought on my first trip to Sephora, at the prudential center in Boston in 2004! I still have more than half of it left but I’ll never toss it!

Lea Avatar

I remember that balm. I had the original yellow version that smelled like lemon and came in a tub. That’s probably the one thing I purchased regularly from Philosophy, though I recall having some of their lipsticks at some point.

Donya Avatar

I have a black MAC makeup bag that I got when MAC very first came to the states. They only had one store in the entire city – at the [then] most upscale mall, Biltmore Fashion square. I actually pulled it out the other day due to a smaller purse I am using. As for makeup, I have a few of the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeshadow crayons from the holiday set several years ago. They are colors I did not use so they are full. I don’t use them, and I am sure they are dry but they are pretty.

Cheryl Mayers Avatar

The oldest product I had and I just had to throw it away last month was about 40 years old, I’m 56 and it was an Avon Kohl eyeliner pencil in gray. My absolute favorite eyeliner of all time, I used it as late as the 2nd week in October, the only reason I threw it away was because I couldn’t sharpen it anymore and it got stuck in my eyeliner sharper and couldn’t get it out.

Jackie Avatar

I have an old MAC Bisque eyeshadow when it was still in the large pot, as some neutral shades were & the color shades came in the smaller one.
It all got thrown out in one of my moves, NOT by me, but I used to have a shoebox with 70’s makeup by Mary Quant and Yardley that I treasured, but of course didn’t use as it was so old. I wish I’d have kept it safe because I’d use the MQ blusher packaging somehow now.

Deborah Avatar

I have some products (eye shadows and blush) by Gucci (I didn’t like any of it) that I have had for a couple of years – I think these are the oldest products I have as I gave away a bunch of things about a year ago.

Lisa Avatar

I’m somewhat of a packrat, but I’ve recently been changing my ways. I had gone through my rather large stash & gotten rid of products that never really worked for me. I won’t get rid of my collection of Too Faced Quickie Chronicles! It’s been over 5 years I’d estimate since I’ve worn anything from any of them. I believe Too Faced began releasing thrm in 2006. They’re just so awesome! I simply can’t part with them!
The other thing I won’t part with is my 3 tubes of Mary Kay Suede lipstick. This is the most awesome color on me ever! I don’t remember what year they stuck a knife in my heart. I have the little single use pods, which I consider usable as they have been sealed. I’m hoarding them. Anytime I have ever seen anybody claim to have to have a dup, I have been sorely disappointed. There’s a dimension to it, like a brownish pink with a rose undertone. I can’t explain it. Don’t you hate it when you’ve found the perfect color & they discontinue YOUR color but leave others alone?!

Lori Avatar

I can’t seem to throw out a tube of lipstick that must be around 10 years old. It’s by prescriptives and it’s a coppery red brown frost. It still smells okay but I’m afraid to use it.

Fay Avatar

I’m still using a Glemby lipstick from 1988 and it is still perfectly fine and is long lasting. I wouldn’t be too worried as long as the color is nice, it goes on and smells and looks okay. I refuse to throw away anything that looks perfectly good, despite the age. I also still am using some Lanc么me lipsticks from the early to mid 90s. Still good. I only had to throw one of my 90s lipsticks away recently, and it was a Lorea’l in the color Pink Cashmere. I loved the color but it started to smell funny, had a slight film on it, and was waxy.

Virginia Marquez Avatar

A lip gloss called Blue Roses by Stagelight Cosmetics which reminds me of high school. Does anyone remember Stagelight makeup before MAC was popular?

Shannon. N Avatar

The two things that come to mind, are my very first blush, which I got from one of my auntie’s in early 2008! Which thinking about it was almost 10 years ago. Wow. The other thing, was my mother’s blush brush! She bought it in 89(?) And I stole it when I was 10!! I just used it this morning to apply my blush too!! :D.

Genevieve Avatar

The oldest product I still have is my first eye shadow palette – Estee Lauder’s Sea and Sky. I remember seeing it at the Estee Lauder counter in David Jones and it was the most beautiful set of eye shadows I had seen in my life. Gorgeous shades of teals and blues. I snagged the very last one. The lovely MUA also gave me some sample bottles of perfume as it was my birthday.

Char Avatar

I still have my very first Mac purchase from at least ten years ago: Mac studio fix powder. I have hit pan on it. I think that I decided that I prefer their mineralized powders much better as I prefer a dewy look.

Christine Avatar

Embarrassed to admit this but I still have a Cover Girl eye shadow palette from my senior year in high school. I’m 53.

I am most embarrassed that i haven’t tossed it. The sponges on the applicator crumbled off years ago. omg, people are going to think i’m a hoarder. I’m not, i swear.

Christina Avatar

These items are stored away, but I have a MAC eye shadow single, Clinique liquid lipstick, and MAC lip liner that I bought to use for my wedding in December 2001. In Australia, so even more nostalgic

Donna E. Avatar

When Bare Escentuals (now Bare Minerals) first was on QVC 15 years ago I bought when they offered free full size products/brushes with purchase. I still have the brushes, Warmth & a few Radiances. Somewhere around that timeC I bought a bunch of Lanc么me ES singles called Colour Focus. I just swatched them and they appear fine and like new. I hardly used them.

Flaky Avatar

I have a giant tub of Warmth from Leslie’s first presentation on QVC. It looks like I’ve never used it, but I’d wear I have. It’s a lifetime supply – I swear!

Lisa Avatar

It doesn’t surprise me you still have your BE products from way back! When they first started & had no sifters, those jars could take forever to use up! I wonder if anyone has ever gone though a whole entire jar of Warmth! I belong to a few BE forums & about 10 years ago when it’s popularity was in full swing, people would buy kits & sell samples in mini jars. I haven’t even used up the Soft Focus Warmth sample jar I bought back then! They always said minerals never go bad!

Denise Avatar

Okay here goes………….. An old blush from Chanel. Used to wear it every day, till I realized it was fading on my face. A Coty Airspun face powder, that has finally lost its old lady perfume scent. Not that I ever would use it. And an old lipstick brush in a gold case. Very unique, but not convenient as my lip liners with the brush on the end. Thinking back as to how far we came along with all the new makeup choices we have. Just saying. LOL

Anne Avatar

The absolute oldest is a L’Occitane White Tea perfume that was my mom’s when I was a kid. She lived in another country for most of my life so when I missed her it reminded me of her.

Cosmetics-wise, it’s probably Benefit’s Georgia Peach and Dandelion Box O’ Powders. My sister got me both (along with some of their mineral powders I binned long ago) when I was in high school and she was trying to get me into makeup.

Zoe Avatar

I think these are the oldest- all around 10 years old at this point:
various Lancome eyeshadows
a discontinued color of a Lancome Artliner
Benefit Dandelion
Received most as gifts from an aunt who worked at a makeup counter- they still hold up!

Pearl Avatar

Some MAC brushes that I used for things other than makeup, and MAC Iron (silver) eyeshadow. Also Bisque and Carbon in the big pans from way back when – they came in black screw top containers. They are about 20 years old.

Roxie Avatar

Jane Megabites in Vanilla Bean from around 2007. I wish they’d remake it. I have but a sliver of it left. It was the one and only perfect pink for my pale skin and auburn hair . After that Urban Decay Book of Shadows 3 and Chanel Notorious.

Naomi Avatar

probably an eyeshadow that my mother gave me. no idea what brand or color it is or anything, it’s just in a plain old pan, but it’s th perfect browbone highlight! I still use it quite often.

Meredith Avatar

I have a beautiful gold heart shaped powder compact studded with different shades of blue stones of different sizes by YSL that I bought on my honeymoon in Las Vegas in 1984. That’s 32 years ago. It’s in perfect, unused condition, not a mark on it.

Yanti Avatar

The body shop powder brush & kabuki brush! It’s so soft and…I have it for almost 10years! I noticed no shedding during washing. Back then it’s my most expensive purchase but considering now I own it for 10years..so worth the money. I still use it for loose powder & meteorites

PerfumedGal Avatar

I have a Mac eyeshadow around 17-20yrs old. It’s a very vivid green, it is like Kelly but warmer and brighter, however the name has disappeared. I think it might have been called Pilot or something like that? It’s been crushed and fixed back with alcohol and I don’t use it but love it as it’s the first Mac product I ever bought.

Amalia Avatar

I think I still have a depotted trio eyeshadow from Lancaster from December 1980. I remember this because I bought it with my father as a teen, from department store Katrantzos after arson attack, attributed by the Greek authorities as terrorist acts. They sold what survived the destruction at a bazaar. P.S Just check them, they perform fine!

Elizabeth Avatar

The oldest product I have in my stash is a Stendhal Paris palette, the last vestiges of it anyway. It was my first high end purchase, and it was my first palette. There is just a small bit of it in the pans, I loved it so much I used it all the time in 1983-84. The palette itself is in really good shape and quite elegant. It has a large mirror as well as a few small tools. I put blotting papers where the powder used to be and a lip pencil fits in it. I put a new cake mascara in the well that housed the original block. I wish I could get a new one. It is one of the few palettes that I used every color, right down to the blush. The applicators, tho very small, are very good, probably the best I have ever received with a palette. I also have a few of the old Maybelline brushes for cake mascara as well as their old mascara in the tube that I keep in the palette for retouching. Those brushes were the best at separation and definition. I also have a tiny eyeliner brush in there. I can also use the cake mascara to line my eyes. It’s really more of a makeup bag that is very small with good small tools and a great mirror for touch ups.

Emilie Avatar

Benefit blush in Dandelion! I’ve had it for 7-8 years now (God, time flies…). I also have my first real eyeshadow palette which is the Two Faced Glamour To Go II (also 7-8 years old, I believe) that’s totally beat up and an unused backup that I don’t use but keep for sentimental reasons. 馃檪

SophieW Avatar

I have some old ass UD heavy metal glitter eyeliners. They’re at least 10years old! I have a green one, blue, purple and a multi one. I used to wear them whenever I would go out partying! Awkward! I’ve kept them for ‘dress up’ purposes lol!

Helene Avatar

I don’t think I have anyting older than 30 years. I have some YSL duo eyeshadows, one or two YSL blushes and also quite a few really old Dior eyeshadows. They are still useable, I try them on now and them, for fun. They are stored away, so I’d have to search for them to know what they were called. Now that I think of it, the white and blue duo is probably a lot older than 30. Time does pass quickly!

Susie Avatar

I have a brush that came free with a Max Factor eyeshadow that is, literally, 25 years old!!! I still use it everyday. It’s still as soft and dense as the day I bought it. I don’t baby it either, I clean it regularly with alcohol. I can’t recall it ever shedding. It’s actually quite amazing now that I think about it, lol.

kellly Avatar

The oldest cosmetic I have is a dark color powder blush that’s in an enameled Art Deco case. I got it at an antiques store and the blush is still usable altho it’s such a dark color I’ve never tried using it. But Art Deco as popular in the 30s and 40s so that’s definitely the oldest cosmetic item I own.

Cathy Avatar

That would have to be a Versace loose powder that I purchased in the ’90’s. I’m not sure what it’s called – Gentle Glow or something like that? – but it was all the rage at the time. It still sits in the bottom drawer of my stash cabinet; I can’t bring myself to toss it. The packaging is just too lovely! I should probably dump the powder and use it as a jewellery holder or something like that.

Amy Duke Avatar

I would have to say Lancome eye shadow in Erika F. I want to say it came out at least 8 years ago…not sure. It was such a unique color at the time, but now there are so many dupes. I hang on to it for nostalgic purposes and well, I’m a hoarder of makeup.

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