What is the most you've spent (or would spend) on a lipstick?

The Louboutin lipsticks are $90 a pop, and I have reviewed a few, but the price point is prohibitive enough for many that it’s not a formula I’ve ever felt compelled to buy all the shades of. It’s good for me to try, and I know some look to me to give an honest review of something. Other than that, I can’t see myself buying them personally as there was just nothing about the formula that exceeded my personal expectations/preferences that other, luxury-priced lipsticks in the $35-50 range already meet or exceed. It’s also really apparent that a good portion of that price is because of the packaging (which is certainly unique!), and I’m all about the actual product inside and just need functional packaging vs. luxurious packaging.

Please respect other members of this community who may spend more or less than you. It’s about discussing and thinking about own personal limits without judgment of others’ choices nor insulting someone who does or doesn’t want to spend more or less.

— Christine


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Ginny Avatar

I mean my favorite formulas are up to $37 now. Lipstick is where I’m most picky with formula. I don’t WANT to spend $40 but it is worth it for that “ahhhhhh” feeling when I put it on.

Kate Avatar

I’ve bought a couple of Tom Ford lipsticks, which are $70 here, but normallyGuerlain Rouge G is the highest I’ll go. (About $60 in Canada.) Even then, I’m lucky enough to have a points program at one of the retailers of the brand, so I’ve saved quite a bit on those. With something like the Bite Amuse Bouche formula being so much cheaper, a colour has to be really unique for me to invest much more.

Erica Avatar

$40 or $50 is the most I’ve spent bc I wanted to treat myself to a more expensive lipstick and I like what I’ve purchased but I don’t think any of them have quality better than those in the $20 range. Tom Ford, Armani, Bobbi Btown, Burberry are nice but nothing extraordinary. Lipstick is another thing that once you pass about $30, you are paying for packaging and a name. The quality is never super unique or better than their more affordable counterparts. It has to have a color I really love or be something truly unique to my collection for me to now exceed $30. Only higher higher end I want to try one day is Charlotte Tilbury and maybe a Gerlain lipstick but otherwise I’m okay with my mid range and drugstore. I even tried Hourglass Lip Stylos which are pricey and I wasn’t blown away with the formula or shade range. I never wear it. Too many brands have shades ranges that truly suck or are downright boring. I hate the shade selections of Bite, NARS Audacious, Estee Lauder’s new Color Envy or whatever it’s called and all of those UD Vice lipsticks. Yup 100 lipsticks and I’m like it’s a total snooze. I think Ulta even had them on sale for a bit and I had to pass bc I found the color choices a bore. You know you have too many lipsticks when a range with 100 shades doesn’t appeal lol

Zee Avatar

I think the cle de peau lipstick ($65) is the most expensive one I’ve bought. I bought it in bamboo and am willing to buy other colors in the future. It’s an awesome lipstick that is very hydrating and doesn’t show dry patches at all. But other than that I’ll probably stick to my YSL vinyl lip stain which is in the 30-40 dollar range.

Logan Avatar

The most I’ve spent is $10 on a clearance Urban Decay Sheer Revolution Lipstick. I bought two of them because of the birthday gift (last year I was able to get the eyeshadow during my birthday month and then the highlighter when they changed the system)… They are really nice! I have Liar and Streak.

I wouldn’t spend more than that on a lipstick, since I can barely wear them.

Stacey Avatar

I bought a Louboutin. Lipstick.
It’s ok. Was it worth it? No. Pat McGrath is just as good…and cheaper.
But even if McGrath was available when Louboutin came out, I still would had bought the latter.

As for counseling us not to judge and critique others, I think that is a brilliant idea.
That last paragraph should be put on every blog entry. I don’t like it when those who judge me for buying my fur brushes or my dislike for made in China products. We all have right to our opinion and choices. We should be kind to each other. And Christine is kind enough to give us our voices. Other bloggers, if they don’t what someone wrote, they don’t post it. That alone, is worth the price of admission.

Ashley Avatar

I have two BITE Amuse Bouche lipsticks, 26 USD a pop, and I think that’s the most I really need to spend. It’s hands down the best formula I have ever tried so I can’t imagine paying any more for anything that could possibly not perform as well.

Lisa Avatar

The most I spent was 40$ CAD. A Kevyn Aucoin matte lipstick. The formula is really nice, packaging very sleek and well designed. I don’t think I’ll ever spend more than that tbh. That was really a one off. Thankfully it was in a natural color I could wear everyday.

Alice20c Avatar

For lipstick, I’ve finally landed in a cheap-only place. $10 Colorpop or drugstore serves me fine. Eyes are more important to me, and rarely use more than tinted moisturizer on lips.

In the past, I’ve bought a Chanel or Guerlain lipstick. Don’t regret them, but it’s no longer a priority.

Alice Avatar

I bought the matte Rogue Louboutin lipstick (the classic Louboutin red in the black tube). It filled a gap in my red lipsticks and I was also willing to pay for the packaging, it’s displayed on my original Art Deco vanity with a few other vintage Art Deco pieces 🙂

Other than that I generally stay under $25, except for Illamasqua and Bite.

Robin Avatar

The price of Chanel lipsticks is my upper end – $38? That’s the general rule but I’ve broken it on occasion for two Tom Fords which I saw on TEMPTalia !

Nell Avatar

My lipstick purchases usually occur during sales at Sephora and Ulta. I used my VIB reward to purchase a Guerlain Rouge G which brought it down to US $28, which has been my top limit. I bought it for the packaging as it allows me to put my lipstick on in public with the attached mirror. My acceptable limit is $15-$20 for an absolute favorite. Now with your reviews of ColourPop lippies at $6, I’ve been making a list to order and may happily lower my spending threshold! Thank you Christine!

Jess Avatar

I bought the UD Junkie Vice lip palette which I believe was around $35 but I was only willing to spend that much because it has 12 shades (if I remember correctly) Otherwise, I only buy drugstore for lipstick because it wears away so quickly I can’t justify spending more then $10 on it. I have been tempted to try a MAC lipstick. I’ve been debating in for the past 2 years and still havent taken the plunge because of the $17 price lol.

Deborah S. Avatar

I would have to say the Louboutin lipstick is the most I have spent and even then it wasn’t for me but rather for my daughter. I would have purchased one for myself had there been a color I really loved but the one shade I liked was sold out and while the packaging makes a statement it isn’t practical. I guess that is part of the appeal. I think the most expensive formula’s I own are Lipstick Queen,
Pat McGrath, Guerlain and Tom Ford. Other than the Pat McGrath, I don’t think any of the others are worth the price point but I did want to try the various formulas. The Guerlain packaging isn’t very practical either since it won’t fit in any lipstick holder.
I recently finished a lipstick declutter so these days the lipstick has to be pretty spectacular for me to pay more than $30. As mentioned above, I think the PML are worth it to me. So far, all of the colors that I have purchased have been so comfortable to wear, long lasting, seem to smooth out my lip lines and don’t migrate. Some of the colors are more unique but overall they are fairly dupable in color but not formula so they are worth it to me. Better to have a few lipsticks I can wear comfortably than a bunch I can’t wear even though they are a unique color.
A lot of drugstore lipsticks have a smell/taste that just doesn’t work for me either. I am loving the L’Oréal Colour Riche Shines both the formula and the scent/taste and they are very affordable. They are very emollient yet do not migrate. I have purchased 5 so far and will probably pick up a couple more and they are around the $10-$15 range.

Alison Avatar

I’ve been pleased with the MAC lipsticks I’ve gotten @ $17. I got some of the Tom Ford Lips and Boys when they first came out. They go for $36 and having tried them, I can’t see any reason to get a full sized TF lipstick for over $50. It’s been two seasons since I’ve gotten any. Maybe once or twice a year, I will get a Chanel because I like the subtlety of the color. That’s around $36 or so (not sure right now.) I find I do wear that brand for lips a lot. I don’t wear lip glosses and I find their lipsticks last a long time. So with tight space, I am displacing something I already have if I get too many. A lot of higher brand lines (Dior, Estee Lauder) are heavily perfumed– so they are out. To me, a Louboutin is too high a price and also a storage problem so not interested.

Nancy T Avatar

Having purchased 1 Tom Ford regular size with the MSRP of $54, but with a Sephora coupon for $20 off. That coupon covered $10 of the price, because I also bought something else for nearly as much (Ole Henrikson Truth Serum). So, I guess $44?
Besides that, my beloved Seadragon; I also have purchased from Strangé Luxetrance Lipstick from Pat McGrath. I do intend to buy a few more of hers because they love my lips! BUT: only a few.
PMG Strangé and TF Seadragon are my rare special treat to myself, not my usual lipstick expenditure!

SusanG Avatar

My most expensive lipsticks are Guerlain Rouge Gs, around $60. Canadian. Somehow they transcend the “Lipstick” category and are more “Lipstick Art” to me. (At least, that’s how I justify the cost to myself!). Most of the rest of my collection are $30, give or take.

Alexis Avatar

The most expensive ones I’ve bought are Bite at $26 and YSL at $37 and even that was a big stretch, but I really love the packaging and the scent so I personally find it a better “deal” than Bite since I tend to gravitate to their unique shades which are less wearable for me. I do plan on buying a Pat McGrath ($38) since I fell in love with Venus in Furs and I really like Givenchy’s ($37) limited edition lipsticks so I might grab one eventually! I feel like when it comes to colors it is so easy to just get a cheap lipstick but if you want that luxury packaging I think its worth it to spend more as long as the formula is really great too! I love the feeling of fully a YSL lipstick out of my purse and the collectors aspect of it too!

Helen Avatar

I prefer to spend in the 5-15 USD range but will go slightly up for a quality formula. Anything between 25-30 is getting a little steep for my liking but I will spend if its a favorite formula. Mid-30s is probably my max. I would prefer less product for a lower price point because I wear a different lip shade almost everyday and enjoy a wide range of variety.

Pearl Avatar

$38 for Pat McGrath’s lipsticks. I’ve bought a few of Tom Ford Something Wild off of eBay when they discontinued for $43 apiece but I think that will be it for now. I got lucky with this color (I love the vibrancy) and I’ve been wearing it quite a bit. Sometimes I mix it with other colors, though. I don’t have a counter near me to test colors and if I’m ordering onine only, $53 is wasted if I’m just guessing.

I think $40 is my limit. My favorite formulas are Pat McGrath’s Luxetrance or MAC’s Liptensity formula and Liptensity is about 1/2 the price, ha. Both have excellent pigmentation, solid wear time, satin finish and feel creamy without feeling heavy.

Maggie Avatar

$65 for a cle de peau lipstick in camellia. I would probably buy a backup BC I really love the color/formula and looking into getting another. I’m allergic to a lot of lip formulas out there so lipstick is something I don’t mind spending more on. My usual go-tos are Shiseido rouge rouge and nars lipsticks. All other brands including drugstore, MAC, UD, Smashbox, Lorac, Estee Lauder, Lancome, Givenchy, Bite Beauty, etc give me trouble.

Priscilla Avatar

I bought a few Dior lipsticks over the last year. Very hydrating formula, but not very long lasting. Packaging is gorgeous. Worth it? $35 isn’t too bad. I’m really more of a lip gloss fan. Easy to reapply, great colors especially the NARS lip gloss. That is my favorite at $26.

cncx Avatar

Rouge G, which is about 60 USD where i live but i can go to about 45 with coupons. That is as much as i will pay because i feel thaf lipstick performs at my expectations for that price point. However i think chanel and dior do almost as good and are between ten and twenty cheaper here so i only buy rouge G if it is a shade i love (geneva!)

The louboutin packaging is pretty but so impractical to me. I like the mirror in the rouge g, too.

woodstock_schulz Avatar

The most I have spent on a lipstick is $40 Canadian for the Hourglass Lip Stylos (I have 4 shades, one which I got as a point perk from Sephora). I also own one Bobbi Brown Art Stick ($38 cad) and recently purchased a Burberry full kisses lipstick ($33 cad.) I typically buy my lipstick on sale or with a gift card if possible. I don’t mind paying a little more for a good product.

Mariella Avatar

I don’t remember the amount but I’m guessing the most expensive lipstick I have is Chanel Pirate. I’ve also got a few Guerlain lipsticks but the price of them was mitigated significantly by the fact that I was able to get them at SDM and used my Optimum points to bring the price down from the stratosphere! I don’t like spending a large amount on lipstick because, unlike other cosmetic products, it doesn’t matter the price – it doesn’t last. Comes off on my water bottle or coffee cup and I talk a lot in my job and that seems to shorten its time on my lips as well. So it galls me to spend $60 bucks or more on something that’s going to make me want to scrape it off the rim of my Starbucks cup with a finger nail and slap it back on my lips.

brittany Avatar

lipsticks are my weakness. My current favorite high end brands are Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks, Bite Beauty, and Buxom. Bite Beauty goes up $24 on glosses and lipsticks, and their limited editions lips go up to $37 I think. Buxom prices are about $20+.

Now, when I see high end luxury lines like Pat McGrath or Louboutin, Bite Beauty and Buxom don’t seem so bad anymore ? .

Prices are getting up there. It’s hard to fully finish a lipstick before they go bad.

Ruby Avatar

Pat McGrath is the one over $35 lipstick that I feel is actually worth it–the texture is unique, the colors are tempting and the lasting power has been impressive. I have some Guerlains and Chanels with colors I love but the lasting power is average at best. (Of course some of the best lasting lipsticks I own are Maybelline, just wish they had more unique colors and a better finish, but for the price, they are winners.)

I have an expensive Lipstick Queen (can’t remember now what I paid but it might have been near $50) that is OK. I like it but don’t find it substantially better than less expensive formulas.

I bought several TF Lips & Boys and was disappointed with all of them. Everyone has a different lip chemistry but for me personally, the formula was no great shakes and one of the lipsticks broke at the base without even being dropped. Maybe I just had bad luck. But I admit I also felt silly paying that much for what other companies give you free as a sample! I guess if it works for you, it could be worth it to have a less expensive option. Admittedly, I rarely finish a lipstick so size is a bit of an illusion.

Anime Avatar

The most expensive lipstick I have ever purchased was the Matte Lip Color from Kevyn Aucoin in Persistence. I remember looking up reviews on the formula and I saw that some makeup artist used the shade Persistence on some celebrity in a magazine photo shoot and I HAD TO HAVE IT. (so stupid) I was also kind of on a Kevyn Aucoin makeup kick so that probably contributed to the purchase. These days I’m less tempted by higher-price formulas despite the gorgeous packaging. (which is usually the only thing these higher-end brands have going for them IMO) The only luxury brand that I feel truly tempted to try anymore is Pat McGrath. The packaging is cute, yeah, whatever, but it looks very STURDY which I appreciate more. Moreover, has anyone seen Christine’s reviews on these lip formulas? Stunning!

Priscila Avatar

I really love my MAC lipsticks and Bite lipsticks the most. The Bite ones I have are usually from their holiday collection which have a better value or samples from Sephora points. I also have a few mini YSL, Chanel, Nars and Tom Ford minis that I got with points (can you tell what I use my points on?! ?).

Most I paid was for a Pat McGrath lipstick with my VIB discount. It’s a lovely formula, but I would not make it a regular purchase since it’s expensive.

I also really love my drugstore lipsticks, Revlon, NYX and Colourpop… From these, I like Colourpop the most for the variety of finishes and colors.

What makes a different for me is first, the shade, second, decent formula (nothing too drying), third, has to have decent packaging, nothing extraordinary, but I don’t want it opening in my purse!

AB Avatar

Most ever was Tom Ford Snowdon at $36/.07 oz, more than I’d spend now that I’m better informed about options. Now ~ $25 is my limit, though who am I kidding, I’d be willing to pay more if I found that really really perfect product at some point.

Iron Maiden Avatar

I have two Louboutin lipsticks. Both are Louboutin Red, one sheer and the other matte. They are, without a doubt, the best lipsticks I’ve ever used, and I’m a high-end snob. However, I don’t feel a need to buy more (I’m not a collector and have never felt the need to buy every shade of a product or every item of a collection, or to count the number of items I have in my stash). I’m happy to spend $38 on a Chantecaille Lip Chic because the quality is wonderful, the shades are gorgeous, and they’re the most comfortable lipstick on the market (IMO). However, I will not spend $54 on a Tom Ford lipstick because the shades are unimaginative, the formula mediocre, and the quality middling at best. Most of my lipsticks tend to be in the $20-$30 range from brands like Bite Beauty and Marc Jacobs. For me, it’s about quality, comfort, and shades available, in that order.

Lea Avatar

Same on the Louboutin lipsticks – I bought a few of them and while they’re nice, they aren’t worth the price point. Not to mention that I feel a bit of a tool pulling them out in public and they’re a PIA to travel with if you forget to pull them out going through airport security. Louboutin lip products aside, my max has been $65 lately for the new Cle de Peau lipsticks, which I do find worth the price. I love how they wear and reach for the shades I have frequently, so no regrets on that. So long as I get the wear out of them, I’m okay with the heartier price points.

Genevieve Avatar

Back in the day when we only had either the very poor DS lines or HE and nothing inbetween, I did spend $60 on an Estelle Lauder lipstick and I was so disappointed. It only lasted half an hour on my lips before melting away. The shade was lovely but the performance wasn’t. I learnt a good lesson there – expensive products are not indicative of quality. Now that I read this blog, I really do know that.

Generally I buy my lipsticks when they are on sale and mostly for under $16 – Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Milani and Maybelline. The only exception to that was the purchase of the Art Deco Indian Summer – that was $30 and it is good.

Nicole D Avatar

The highest I paid for lipsticks is between $30 -$45CAD. My most expensive and most loved lipsticks are: Guerlain KissKiss Matte in M307 Crazy Nude (a beautiful medium-rose but by no means nude), YSL Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain in 16 Nude Emblem, Dior Addict Lip Tattoo in Natural Nude and Natural Cherry, Lancôme Matte Shaker Liquid Lipstick in Beige Vintage and Magic Orange.

MacKenzie G. Avatar

$26 for Bite Beauty Kale, I love it and I need to wear it more often. But for the most part, I like to keep my purchases around or under $20 (UD, CP, and KVD are my favorites). The majority of luxury brands aren’t cruelty free, which keeps me from spending a ton on a lipstick.

Helene Avatar

I hardly ever remember exactly how much anything cost. I think Tom Ford Boys or what it was called may be the most expensive lipstick I’ve ever bought. Worth it? For me no, I don’t like how it feels on my lips and it doesn’t last all that long. The colour is nice, though.
Guerlaine is on the expensive side as well, so perhaps that is my limit. I got a LE in the pretty but a bit bulky packaging that unfolds when you open it and that’s the little mirror.
the last three or so months I’ve been a bit spendy having bought a Pat McGrath, 2 Charlotte Tilbury and an Hourglss lipstick, Girl range, Seeker.
I like the CT ones, love PMG, and it’s one of the matte ones, and I love, love the Hourglass one.
So, maybe I land at $40-50.
Mostly I buy MAC lipstics though.

lulu Avatar

Have to have my lipstick! Since turning 50 I feel washed out without it. Find Tom Ford, Chanel Rouge Allure, Lauder Pure Color Envy and YSL Rouge Pur Couture the brands I own the most. Also like my Mcgrath, but nothing she has yet is as hydrating as my regulars. And I’ll always have a couple of Tillbury’s Stoned Rose on hand; the most creamy, easy to apply nude that’s perfect on medium to light-dark coloring.

Seems odd, but lipstick is the only category where lower prices don’t work for me! Need the perfect combo of color and formula.

WildDove Avatar

Maybe in the high 30’s, but I’d watch for a sale from Sephora, Bobbi Brown, and/or Nars websites. I’d like to get the cost to me under $30. I like a lot of low-end lippies just as well. So I play the field when it comes to lipsticks.

Nicole Sewell Avatar

I’ve spent $51-54 on guerlain Rouge g’s. The packaging wS pretty but I would have never purchased id Christine wouldn’t have said theu were one of her fave formulas. Gracia, garconne,gaetane, and Granada all colors I can use regularly.

Rachel R. Avatar

The most I’ve ever paid is $26 for Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipsticks in Black Truffle, Kale, and Squid Ink. Usually I keep lipsticks at less than $20, but those three shades were such good quality and so unique that I was willing to pay a bit more. They were totally worth the money. I can’t see myself going higher than that, though, since there is such great stuff at much lower price points. Most of my lipstick collection is drug store.

kellly Avatar

For some reason when I clicked the links in the email, it threw me out of the email completely. I had to go to the blog to be able to see replies to this. Was it just me/my computer?

I’ve considered possibly getting one of those Pat McGrath Trance lipsticks but it would be a big budget stretch for me these days although in the past I’ve bought YSL and Armani glosses. These days my budget is even punier than it was back then, so my makeup budget is a lot smaller, too. 🙁
I’m glad to read some of the other comments here that anything costing more than $20 or $30 is not that much more superior to justify such a high price.

Dominique Avatar

The Tom Ford Winter Soleil Lip Foils are the most expensive lipsticks I have. I bought every shade. That white and gold packaging and the metallic shades were just calling my name. I love lipsticks if I can I buy them in vaults to save money I do because I love having every single shade. I waited when the Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes were released and bought the vault before Christmas 2016 and then I bought the whole Lip Strobe vault also when they released it in 2017. I also have the Kat Von D Studded Lipstick Vault and Tarte’s Color Splash Lipstick Vault. Pat McGrath released a vault of her Luxetrance lipsticks around holiday 2017 Lust:Curated Collection Of 17 originally $550 and it was 15% off the total $467.50 and I just couldn’t justify the purchase but I wanted it so bad?I have a bunch of makeup collection pictures on my Instagram @nika2799 if anyone wants to check it out.

Silvia Avatar

Este Lauder, Elizabeth Arden and Clinique but I honestly couldn’t say I have liked them any better in fact, they lasted lot less than my cheap but awesome WetnWild ones! I’m truly surprised at how great they are they always leave a stain while the others just fell off although they have or had the fancy sheen, frost, whatever. Oh! Also have many No. 7/Boots while I love the shades I got but they just don’t last and I don’t want to be reapplying often. WetnWild I have the mattes, also the lip balms which are great and the chubby balms I always wear chapstick underneath all kinds and do they remain put! If I want to make them glossy I apply some gloss but don’t like gloss much.

Monica Avatar

I love lipstick so much that I actually keep a spreadsheet with all of my lippies. With that said, the most I’ve spent on a lipstick was $37 for a YSL. Was it worth it? Formula isn’t my favorite, but I felt like old money using it, so yes.

I think I’d be willing to splurge and get something super special for stash. But I don’t think I’d spend more than $50 for lipstick.

Mags Avatar

$53 for Tom Ford lipstick is the most I’ve ever spent. Definitely money well spent. It’s my favorite lipstick of all time, mostly because of the shade and comfort of the matte. That being said, I don’t think I would’ve purchased it if I wasn’t in love with the color (Pussycat). Otherwise, I tend to buy in the $17-38 range.

Tammy Avatar

I spent $75 on the Smashbox Be Legendary Cream Lipstick Palette, but I got it through HSN and made three payments on it. I had wanted it forever and snapped it up the instant I saw it. I think there are two versions and if they ever have the other one I will try to get it on flexpay again (I would never pay that much outright for it). The Anastasia one was $45, I think. I don’t necessarily wear expensive lipstick. WNW has some beautiful 99 cent lipsticks that I wear too.

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