What is the most you've spent (or would spend) on a blush or highlighter?

Anything over $100+ makes me question just how much is going to the packaging and how much to the product, and since I am more into functional packaging vs. luxury packaging, I’d be less likely to buy it. Cle de Peau’s highlighters can be purchased as pan-only products for $55, but if you want the compact, it’ll run you $95 total. I’ll part with the $55, but I’m not going to knowingly spend $40 for a compact. I’d rather keep it in its original plastic shell packaging or an empty palette! I know I’ve purchased at least one of Guerlain’s limited edition, pressed Meteorites, which go for $170+… and no, not ever worth it – total indulgence, total luxury, and never, ever necessary to me.

Please respect other members of this community who may spend more or less than you. It’s about discussing and thinking about own personal limits without judgment of others’ choices nor insulting someone who does or doesn’t want to spend more or less.

— Christine


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Erica Avatar

Probably around $40-$50. Over that and you’re paying for a name and packaging. Come on, it’s just powder and finely mica etc. Plus over that and I’m more likely not to use it bc it’s too pretty or it was so expensive so I cannot use. I’m not spending $100 for a compact to just sit there! My most expensive blush is Tom Ford but I bought those at a CCO for like $45 each (I have 2 ). I like it. I don’t find the Tom Ford packaging amazing or anything. I like it though. His original formula too.

My most expensive highlighter is probably Becca so in the $40ish range. Highlighter is not really something I’m willing to go too expensive for. I don’t use highlighter enough to spend $100. I don’t care for embossing, the LE scam and fancy packaging. Again, I won’t use it bc I spent so much on it and I’m not just going to sit and stare at powder products lol

Erica Avatar

I should clarify though and say I’m thinking of singular blush or highlights since that is mostly what I buy. I do have an ABH glow kit and a NARS blush palette but in general I don’t like blush or highlighter palettes. I guess $80 to $100 if you are getting a lot of colors you like. But I wouldn’t spend more than $50 for a singular item:)

Julia Avatar

Highlighters are my weakness, so there is where I’ll really spend. I not only have Estee Lauder Modern Mercury, but I bought a backup because I love it that much (not only is it my favorite highlight, it’s also one of my favorite eyeshadows!). It was $65 the first time around and $75 the second, though I did get the back-up during an EL Black Friday sale. I also have the Tom Ford Moodlight duo which was $82 and the Soleil Bloom powder which was $80, ugh. I shudder to think how far I’d stretch for a really pretty, highly reviewed highlighter from a luxury brand that I enjoy. It’s something that I love and wear daily, so I don’t feel that bad about investing.

kjh Avatar

You are so dead, when Pat does a HL palette! Or worse, multiples. You know you’ll have to have them all! I say, we like what we like. Go for those Pats, when they come out. You’ll be ecstatic.

Julia Avatar

I’m sure you’re right! I also saw a sneak peek (since deleted, I think) that she will be releasing some 6-pan eyeshadow palettes! The 10-pans are a little too rich – and bold toned- for my blood, but there was a pic of a tentative neutral shimmer 6er. I bet it’ll be around $75-80 and I bet I’ll buy it, ha!

Denise Avatar

Julia I thought I was the only one that LOVES highlighter. I too have the Tom Ford duo which yes it was $$$$ , but its like heaven on the skin. And the Soleil Bloom which came a little damaged so they sent me a new one. I love the look and silky texture they both have on my face. They are so worth it. I too wear them every day. I don’t feel bad either, especially since they give your face a natural glow!!!

Nelleshoegirl Avatar

Oh dang. I was thinking some LE Dior highlighters I probably picked up at around $60 but reading your response reminded me that I have both Modern Mercury (the $65 one, I can’t believe they raised the price to $75 on re-release!) AND the Tom Ford Moonlight. Ha. I have tried to slow my roll on highlighter though because there REALLY is not a lot of difference on the face.

Celesta Avatar

My most expensive highlighter is the Dior Nude Air Luminizer in 01 Nude; the color is pretty and the packaging is beautiful… that said, there are other highlighters that I like better! I prefer a glossy highlight, and find that Anastasia Gleam Glow kit, Laura Geller Baked Highlight Duo in French Vanilla and Portofino, Make Up For Ever Highlight in 01, and even Colourpop Flexitarian give me more of the look I like than the more expensive option.

Nessa Avatar

I’m right there with you. I think $45 is around the most that I’ll spend on a single product that’s not a palette. Lordy knows I drop that on a single Becca highlighter without blinking lol

Christina D. Avatar

Before NARS decided to sell their products in China and are therefore no longer cruelty-free, I had purchased the Unfiltered I Cheek palette for $59. I actually prefer by blushes are singles (whereas I prefer my eye shadows in palettes), so this palette is probably the max amount I would spend — although I have been considering the Natasha Denona Darya cheek palette…but I’ll probably pass since there are so many eye shadow palette releases coming up!

Olivia B Avatar

Unless it’s also helping a charity I really support, like in the case of Chantecaille’s new blushes, I’d maybe spend up to $35 on a Becca Blush or highlighter since I love the formula, but if I find myself not having a particular blush color in my collection already, I tend to look at drug store or indie brands first. With the Aromaleigh loose powder blushes, I find with a few basic colors I can mix to make just about anything I need. I never got supremely into highlighters, so I’d rather save my makeup budget for something I like more.

Ginny Avatar

I’ve spent $45 on the Bobbi Brown highlighters and that’s probably my limit. They’re up to $48 now and I don’t think I’ll ever buy another one. I probably own enough highlighter for a lifetime! Luckily my favorite blush formulas are rather affordable, Clinique and MAC, so I’m not inclined to spend more than $30 on a blush (although I have purchased Nars blushes in the past but they are no longer a favored formula for me).

Wednesday Avatar

An area where I used to buy and spend on high end product: Chanel joues contraste and TF original blush formula were my go to’s. Now, I prefer to spend less than $50 CAD. I particularly like systems where you can purchase multiple blush pans which click into compacts. Surratt is my favourite of this type of formula and I love the shade range. Individual pans at $35 CAD. Estee Lauder pure colour envy is a great blush formula at $40 CAD. Hourglass and Ciate as blush/highlight hybrids are also favourites.

Maxime Avatar

I recently purchased the Hourglass holiday highlighter palette ($62) and it is oh so worth it to me only because it is the best formula I’ve ever tested and has replaced all my other highlighters.
My latest purchase is Natasha Denona’s diamond and blush ($89) in Darya and DAMN is it good. So good it gives me palpitations every morning, I am sooo glad I splurged.
Anything else I wouldn’t spend that much.

Christina D. Avatar

I must correct my previous comment about NARS being my priciest blush purchase. I have all of the Viseart blush palettes (3) and the highlighter palette (1). I believe those were $80 each so — same as my most expensive eye shadow palette purchase — Viseart tops the list! I tend to make exceptions when it comes to Viseart.

Alice20c Avatar

I’ve spent too much on blushes/highlighters in the past (up to $50), and have collected decent versions of the basics. Of those, I feel most satisfied with the value of those under $25.

This year, I found my comfort zone at $10 or less. But that might be because I already have a selection and don’t use them heavily. I wanted a cream/liquid blush this winter, but couldn’t find one I liked under $25.

thirteenthirteen Avatar

I have one of the Hourglass ALPs and that is definitely the limit – and I waited til the Sephora VIB sale to purchase it. SUCH an indulgence, but one I enjoy and will last for a very, very long time. I would say that my typical limit would be in the $20-$30 range. I would love to get one of the Surratt blushes (which I plan to put in an empty palette), but again, I’ll wait for a sale to come around.

Rochelle Simon Avatar

Before the recent highlighter craze, I bought most of the Bobbi Brown bricks.. At the time they were splurges for me -about $45 each.

AB Avatar

To date, around $45. However, my current project is to find a perfect blush, and I can imagine I’d be willing to spend a little more.

The Cle de Peau model is a no go; I’ll pay for the product itself but not so much extra just for some packaging.

Vesper Avatar

The most pricy blush I have is Bobbi Brown duo (around $58), Nars and Becca, but those were bought with on sale with 30%-40% off. I like them but wouldn’t buy any of it without discount.

For highlighters, MAC’s LE Whisper of Gilt from last year takes the cake (it’s the one with snowflake embossing). I paid almost $80 because MAC is expensive where I live. Don’t regret it, it’s beautiful!

Now, the highlighter I’d gladly purchase at higher price point is Ofra ($35)… If they changed the packaging to something like Becca or Urban Decay. With really luxurious packaging like Givenchy or Dior, I’d be ready to pay $100. I just love it so much!

Andi Avatar

I buy surprisingly few high-end products here! I’ve bought a couple blush and highlight palettes in the $40-45 range, but probably would go up to about $60 for the number of shades, size, and quality.
For single blushes, I go up to around $30. For highlighters, I stick to drugstore brands or to minis and go up to about $10.

xamyx Avatar

In terms of individual products, I would have to say $50-60, which is what I paid for my Illamasqua Beyond Powder highlighters & Kevyn Aucoin highlighter in Ibiza… As for palettes, I would have to say $80 for the Lunatick Cosmetics Contour Book. Individual blush has set me back $30, as far as I can recall. If we’re counting filling a custom palette at one time, that would be about $75 for Inglot 4-pan (although MAC has set me back more, I still look at those as individual pans).

Since this is an area I am very picky about, not only in terms of color/ shade, but ingredients as well, I am willing to splurge more, without feeling I need to “justify” the cost. Fortunately, there are more “budget” brands that are really stepping up, even in terms of ingredients, so my requirements for “everyday” products are generally DS, and I don’t feel as bad if I use them up.

AJ Avatar

The most I’ve spent for a single is probably in the $35 range, and I can’t see myself ever spending that much again. I’ve got a really good selection of blushes and highlighters that work for me now so something would have to be absolutely amazingly unique and awesome to tempt me to buy any, let alone splurge. Especially when it comes to blush. Most of the time I just use one of the colors from my Lunatick contour palette!

Nessa Avatar

I have no problem dropping $38 on a Becca highlighter, and do frequently. But that’s about as expensive as I’m going. I bought the Charlotte Tillbury Flimstar Bronze & Glow a year or 2 ago, and don’t think I’d spend the money again on it. I don’t think I’d justify the cost of a Becca highlighter on a highlighter from another brand, though. I think while they’re definitely expensive for the average consumer, the cost is definitely reflected in the product and packaging.

Dominique Avatar

I ordered the Makeup Forever Lustrous Blush Palette which retailed for $150 at Sephora but I purchased it during the Rouge sale. I really like it because it has Highlighter shades matte and luminous, blushes, and contour shades.It is the most expensive blush type of palette I’ve ever purchased.

Deborah S. Avatar

I use highlighters but am not particularly in love with them but blush/highlighter combos are my favorites. I think the most I have spent is roughly $30.00. I am not saying I wouldn’t spend more if it was truly exceptional and a unique color but so far $30 is my comfort zone.

Priscilla Avatar

I own a few Hourglass blushes and 2 of the Holiday Edits by Hourglass. Beautiful blushes! So, I guess I’d be willing to pay up to $40+ on a single and $80 on a palette. I also have at least 4 or 5 of the Clinique Cheek Pops as well as Laura Gellar gelato blushes. (Rarely use) Very reasonable at $23 or so. I bought a Bobbi Brown empty 3 pan palette and 3 of her matte blushes, so that was pretty expensive, but I rarely reach for it. Boring. Mostly, I wear the Hourglass blushes. So pretty.

Highlighters? Laura Mercier Matte Radiance 01 and some mini Becca highlighters. $40?

Priscilla Avatar

Hold on. I forgot my foray into Kevin Aucoin Candlelight highlighter, thanks to Christine’s favorites! Those are spendy for the amount of product.

tina Avatar

My Mac highlighters are the most expensive I’ve ever bought. Where I live those are around 48 USD + shipping. Other than that, I have one Mac compact from last years Holiday Collection which was 60 USD, but it has a highlighter and a blush in it. I typically don’t buy either of those if they cost more than 30 USD, but Mac’s EDS are my personal favourites as is the brand, which is why I make an exeption for them.

I remember a couple of years ago I was in love with a LE Dior highlighter and every time I’d walk past it, I was super tempted. But it was aroud 75 USD, which kept me from buying it. I’m very happy that I didn’t get weak, even now, like 4 -5 years later I’m proud of myself for not buying it 😛

But in both of those categories I’ve reached my limit and rarely buy those products anymore. I have a small blush collection that consists of 8 blushes and those are enough for me. I used to buy a lot of them just to come to the realization that I only wear a certain colour in blush, which is bronze/nude. Same goes for highlighters, especially since most of them will look the same one applied on the skin.

Lisa Avatar

Haha. You’re not alone! I’m so proud of myself too when I don’t give into the temptation of buying a particular product. I later think to myself how much money I “saved” by not buying it.

kjh Avatar

Sucker for Nars blush palettes that don’t feature corals and warm pinks. Like Surratt, but get the cassettes…they’re pretty weird in a Z, though. Love Nars singles from the beginning, Lorac, MAC. No venture into UHE, only midroad HE. Not big on HL. Aurora and Banc de Sable palettes. A few singles. Like the offbeat colors.

Emily Avatar

I think my most expensive single cheek color was the Tom Ford Air Blush in Flesh & Fantasy at $42, but I bought it when I had a Sephora $20 off promo code. It’s a solid product and I’m glad I have it. I don’t think the formula does anything above and beyond what another quality powder blush can do, but it is so easy to apply, and always looks good. I don’t feel like I have to go out and buy one in every color. But if I ever used it up (so hard to imagine, at the rate I go through any product), I may repurchase.

Lea Avatar

The Cle de Peau highlights are a particular favorite of mine and of course, very pricey. I have a few colors – two with the cases – and then I rotate and refill from there. I was well aware of their use of the package/product system and was fine with doing the full combo twice given how much I travel. Keeping it in the refill packaging just was going to work for me personally. I also love my Tom Ford Moodlight and that is totally worth it to me. Blushes would again probably be Tom Ford (I have one powder and one cream duo) or the Cle de Peau cream blushes – which are a dream!

To me it comes down to whether you want a large number of options or whether you’re willing to pay a higher price point but have a smaller number of product choices. I fall into the latter on most things, save eyeshadows. I have fewer options for most face products, so have less of an issue paying for the specific ones I’m drawn to.

Al Avatar

I purchased the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish kit, which was the most i had spent on a highlighter – but I also did it during her end of the year sale, so it was 40% off, which made it like 44 dollars? I wouldn’t spend that much on a single, though – this I justified because of the four products and at that price they were 10 bucks or 11 each. So I guess actually, New Order by NARS was the most expensive, and that’s the highest I’d spend. Like other commenters, I find the more I spend on a product, the less I’m likely to reach for it and that’s a real shame.

Lisa Avatar

I think the most I’ve spent was about 40? It was the Becca poured highlighter. But I’m looking at Sephora and it’s not there anymore.. but sure it’s discontinued? I haven’t found a high end highlighter yet that I’d be willing to drop serious cash. But I’d be comfortable spending 60. But at that point I realize that it’s really about the name and packaging. I am a sucker for nice packaging. Although brands like color pop now make it so affordable for a great product, that I’m really happy to spend a lot less.

Genevieve Avatar

The most I have spent on a blush is the Clarins Prodige Illuminating blush in soft peach, which I am now using. It was $32 on sale through Buyinvite (an online retailer in Aus). Generally it retails in dept. stores for around $60 or so. I am not a blush hunter/gatherer, so I don’t spend a lot of money on them.
My favourite Natio blush/highlighter in Sunkissed can retail for as low as $13 on sale.
I prefer a mattish, slightly illuminating finish and find a lot of blush palettes too sparkly for me.

Cheryl Stanton Avatar

I don’t wear either of those two so After reading these comments and how pricy they are, I’m glad. I spend my money on palettes and single eyeshadows!

Deborah Avatar

I’m not sure how much I would pay for a blush – and I love blushes so very much! Having said that, I doubt I would pay more than $50 for a blush because I have many I love that didn’t cost near that much.

zeezee Avatar

my most expensive blush would be the burberry LE blushes that run about usd70 ish? they are about 50% more ex than their usual range but i just love the fancy embossing and burberry blushes are really good to start with.

Rachel R. Avatar

By far the most I’ve ever spent on a single item was just under $45 for NARS Dual-Intensity Blush duo in Fervor, as a special treat. I can’t see myself spending that much again, unless something is truly exceptional. I doubt I’d spent more than $50 for a single blush or HL. The most I’ve spent on a cheek palette was $60 for the Tarte Book of Blushes Vol. III.

Monica Avatar

I looooove blush. And fortunately for me (and my wallet) my favorites are from Nars, Clinique and MUFE which are all $30 or less. I don’t think I’d spend more than that for one single cheek product, but I’ve been intrigued by some of Bobbi Brown’s highlighter palettes, which are around $70.

WCLV Avatar

La Prairie Cellular Radiance Cream Blush for $70.00. It’s a beautiful cream blush that’s very long wearing and luminous. I personally wouldn’t repurchase for myself, but I bought one for my mother too, and she has repurchased.

Susan Nevling Avatar

In clarifying, many of my favorite blushes are Clinique, a couple NARS, and many deluxe samples in beauty boxes. I love Becca and Laura Mercier hilighters and bronzers but also have many sample sizes too.

Sylvia Avatar

I only wear very minimal highlighter in the corner of my eyes – a little dab will do ya! – a tiny touch at the apex of the brow arch and maybe a tiny dot in the center of the eyelid if I feel I need a bit of light or ‘lift’ there. i don’t even do that daily. It just depends on which look I’m wearing. I have exactly one highlighter – Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Highlighter 01 – that I paid $42 for a couple of years ago and I haven’t even really made a dent in it. It wasn’t as super shimmery or reflective as some of the other highlighters I’d seen, and that appealed to me. I’m an eye shadow kinda gal, so if I’m doing shimmery or color shifting, it’s probably my eyeshadow, not my very minimal highlighter.

As far as blush goes, around Christmas I bought the NARS Hot Sand/Orgasm mini duo on a whim for $24. Before that the most I’d ever spent on a blush was $8 or $10 for a Milani Rose Powder blush that caught my eye while I was waiting for a prescription at the drug store. I would usually buy a couple of the Jordana (grocery store) blushes for $3-$4 and blend/layer them to get the color I wanted or drop a dollar more for NYX (IIRC, it’s like $5). NYX “Pinched” was my favorite, but I’ve not seen it in a while. I’m sad/happy to report that Orgasm looks shockingly good on me (reminds me of a fancy version of NYX “pinched” lol!) and I’ll be forced to drop $30 for a full size soonish, because I’m getting close to hitting pan on my mini. I obviously have mixed feelings about that. But dang – it looks good on me! I am shocked every time I see it. lol :-p

I honestly don’t know how much I would spend max, because while I do wear blush daily, it’s not something I like to play with a lot. I just want it to add a bit of color to my very fair skin and look nice at the same time. I spend most of my beauty money on skin care and complexion products to manage and conceal my rosacea and eye shadows for the sheer joy of playing with them. I suppose if I buy a mini of something that looks just as good on me as Nars “Orgasm” or better, I’d drop maybe up to $50 or $60. I don’t like paying for packaging unless it’s just the coolest packaging I’ve ever seen in my life and I can repurpose it later to show it off, but blushes last me a very long time because of my very fair skin, so dropping $50 on a full size blush I absolutely adored and then used daily until it was gone would actually not be too expensive on a “$$$ per year” basis. Why yes, that is a justification. A GOOD one, too. 🙂

Helene Avatar

Actually I don’t think I’ll spend a lot on either. That said I do have a Chanel highlighter and some higher end blushers. But I got those quite some time ago.
Now I mostly buy quite inexpensive highlighters and blushers, with MAC being the most expensive, can’t remember how much they are. I also bought some Illamamsqua blushers when they were on sale.

I am often very tempted by more expensive brands, but I do my very best not to buy any as both products are ones I use quite little of. Most days I don’t bother with highlighter and just use a minimal amount of blush.

Logan Avatar

The most I’ve spent on a blush is $3 and I don’t think it’s necessary to spend more than that. The two $3 blushes I’ve bought are Wet n Wild Color Icon Blush in Pearlescent Pink and elf Studio Blush in Tickled Pink.

The most I’ve spent on a highlighter was $5 on Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals. Again, I don’t think it’s really necessary to spend more unless you want some crazy color. I use ones that are technically more expensive, but they were free gifts purchased with things I wanted anyway, and I don’t think they are worth the full price.

Aurore Avatar

The priciest I’ve ever bought is a limited edition of the Meteorties, just like you.

Compact meteorites in Wulong : as the product itself is something I use on a daily basis (and Wulong was an excellent limited edition) I was sure of the utility of my purchase.

But what made me fall is that the refilable compact is a piece of art with mother-of-pearl, very much like the original meteorites.

It was 125€ and I got it for 85€ on sale, but I know it’s something I’ll have for years if not decades <3

Silvia Avatar

I have spent up to $45 on Nars blushes many years ago while I did and liked it I rarely go HE unless something really tempts me for the color, packaging or cutesy design such as a TF heart blush I just purchased for my daughter for her birthday coming soon and near Valentines also she mentioned she needed to have a cutesy plump heart in her collection so I got the peach color I think it is suitable for many skin colors ( now I’m drooling for one firmyslef also ☺️) but I try to keep away from Sephora afraid of loosing my mind in there and worst my poor checking account. I find WetnWild Pearlescent Pink a gorgeous blush and it goes on so smoothly. Rose Champagne is another beautiful shade for keeping a natural cheek when doing more vivid eye or lip color. I was showing Pearlecent Pink to my daughter and she said it is a dupe for Nars Orgasm. Fantastic Plastic Pink does look shimmery on the case but when applied it is not as sparkly also a beautiful brighter pink. I have Milani blushes went crazy on those rose designs and purchased many and their rose highliters are beautiful too! I don’t think I’d want to spend more than $45.00 – $50.00 on a certain blush and if ever cross that line they better be the size of an amarillys flower pan so it’ll last me forever. But yes, I do get why is dangerous to enter Sephora the designs sure are gorgeous on a few. Love! Love makeup and have a pretty good stash of it. On me being pale they’ll last forever and I rotate pretty often love trying new things. Did I mentioned I’m like a Dorothy in those makeup isles I’ll totally forget in the excitement what I have at home sometimes. In the fashion side with dresses even worst.

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