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NARS Orgasm, Giorgio Armani lipstick or Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. If we’re talking a single item. But my two full self made double sized eyeshadow palettes is the most expensive items as a whole over all. Luckily I never dropped a lot of cash at once for it. The eyeshadows were either the $6 pans or I depotted eyeshadows I bought from the CCO over the years. Still pricey if I add it all up.

Hmmm I think it has to be the Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham palette that I just bought! It was about $100 with taxes, and I can’t think of any other makeup product in my stash that cost me over $100.

If including tools it would be my Zoeva eye brush set ($138 Sephora Australia). If only including makeup products I’m pretty sure it would be my Makeup Geek shadows set in an XL Makeup Forever palette, which would have costed me well over $300.

You might want to check Zoeva’s site. Even with $conversion…and a $16 flat rate shipping fee, I suspect it is cheaper than ordering Zoeva through Sephora. Z just had a small price increment on palettes, unsure about brushes. I like them, too & will def get en taupe eye set, plus some singles at some point. S (and Ulta here) esp for K beauty brands bring them to you at a substantial premium. I suspect you’d do better to order from Zoeva direct. No tax, just shipping. To east coast US, took ~3 weeks.

Thanks 🙂 I am already aware that it’s cheaper go to through Zoevas website and Beauty Bay as Sephora (AUS) has a massive markup, although when I did purchase I was impatient and wanted it in my hands that week. Since purchasing my first set though I’ve bought mine through Beauty Bay which is significantly cheaper (palettes and all brush sets included) and I just deal with the long shipping time.

Probably Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic & Retinol Eye Serum? I say this because I use it religiously every single night before bedtime. It actually works! Thank you to fellow reader, Wendy, for turning me on to this great product!

Would have been my Marc Jacobs foundation brush, I believe it was $90 CDN but it’s shed to pieces now…so what I’m currently using has to be Hourglass’ Diffused Light. Well worth the money, I use it every day under my eyes as a brightener and sometimes as a highlighter and barely made a dent in it in almost 2 years. I own 3 other Ambient powders but don’t use them nearly as often.

I spare no expense on foundation. I have no problem spending extra $$ on a foundation that I do not need to use sponges/brushes/primers to apply, that lasts at least 8 hrs, that is not damaging to my skin, that makes my skin look & photograph perfectly.
Cle de Peau’s Silky Cream foundation in O10 does it all! (for $120 a tube it darned well better!)

Hi SummerFabulous,
Yes! I am 51 and have dry, mature skin. Cle de Peau’s Silky Cream foundation does not settle into fine lines or pores nor dry out my skin.

I have switched from Cle de peau’s concealer to the IT Bye Bye concealer though. CDP’s concealer is fabulous but I’ve found it too drying for my under eye area.

If you’re looking for a cheaper foundation that’s really great for mature, dry skin I’d try IT’s Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer. It’s a little expensive too at $65 a tube but I like it as well as my CDP foundation. The only problem with IT’s Bye Bye Foundation Full Coverage Moisturizer is the limited shades- none of the shades quite match my fair but very warm skin.

For a non-consumable product that would be the new Dyson hairdryer. I love it!!! I used a bunch of my saved up Best Buy Rewards certificates to get it for only $80 out of pocket. Regular $400.

For a consumable product, it would be this year’s and last year’s Marc Jacobs 20 pan eyeshadow palettes at $99 each.

No – hang on, stop the train. I think ounce for ounce (or probably gram for gram would be more accurate) it is the skinny Marc Jacobs Blacquer liner (the really fine one). I think it’s about $30 Canadian (hardly in the “break the bank” category that way) but you get SO little product that it’s probably a whole lot pricier than Meteorites or any other single item I own but I love it.

Same as you, Christine! I love my Chikuhodo MK-2 and Z-Series brushes and they always make the experience of putting my makeup on that more enjoyable. Still getting acquainted with my Suqqu cheek brush but so far, I’m very pleased.

I think some people have the tendency to ‘save’ nice things for special occasions (my mother would be a great example) and, while I understand that, I figure we only live once and so we might as well use the things we treasure often!

Yes to this! Absolutely! It does make the price tag sting a little bit less, for sure. I try to use my Chanel Empriente du Desert quad and my 3 pricier lipsticks as often as is feasible, but not so much that they lose their wow factor for me. I still want to experience the specialness. Although I DO use my Chanel Rouge Vie and Guerlain Air Kiss quite a bit now that autumn is here!

Ditto, Christine. Nothing I use on a daily basis is more expensive than my brushes. But, that’s what makes them a great investment. A $100 brush used daily for 10 years costs about $.03 per day. Who’s going to use an expensive palette or two every day for 10 years to get that same kind of value?

Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink – I use this more often than other eyeliners and it’s one of the 3 products I use regularly.

Tom Ford Love Lust blush. First time I’ve spend that much on a blush. I don’t use it everyday but its most expensive item I have aside from palates.

My answer is also Love Lust! And it’s such a large blush (I believe 10 grams) so I don’t particularly feel I need to “save” it for special occasions, despite the price tag!

My brushes are the most expensive thing I use regularly too! I have the Wayne Goss eye set and I adore it, it makes doing my eyes a lot easier. Definitely worth the investment.

My new Dyson blow-dryer. I was able to wear my hair down through a day of shopping, back and forth on the train, *and* even sleep with it loose, while getting only a few, easy-to-detangle, tangles! I normally can’t even do that when it’s bra-strap-length — I would never have even tried it before at tailbone length! A day with jacket and scarf on-and-off is usually enough to result in some seriously nasty snarls!

I think the Living Proof no-frizz products and the Shu Umera Wonder Worker that I use also help, but I don’t get results this tangle-free even when my hair stylist blow-dries it. I wasn’t expecting the dryer to solve my stubborn tangling problem, and I’m thrilled!

Hi Fran!

Know what else is FANTASTIC with the LP Frizz shampoo and conditioner? Their Satin Serum. I was long unimpressed with LP products until a consultant steered me to that combo. Great results!

Have you tried spraying the finished style with the no-frizz Humidity Shield? I just started using it recently and it seriously helps keep my hair smooth and silky after blow-drying.

I love the Satin Serum, but it can make my root look greasy, so I use it from mid-length to the ends, and the no-frizz nourishing oil on roots to mid-length. Sometimes I use other shampoos/conditioners, but I always use LP styling products (plus some Shu Umera Wonder Worker mid-length to ends). My favorites that I use every single time I wash my hair are the LP Split End Mender, no-frizz Nourishing Oil, and the no-frizz spray Humidity Shield. Plush the Flex Shaping hair spray. I somehow discovered the Humidity Shield only recently and it’s seriously good at keeping my hair smooth and silky (even though my hair is only slightly wavy, it likes to try to turn itself into a giant puffball). The Dry Volume Blast even manages to give my roots a little volume as long as I put it in a style that keeps the weight off the roots. Other products of theirs that I like are the no-frizz leave-in conditioner, the Restore Instant Repair, and the PHD Overnight Cap (one at a time, not all at once; the Weightless Styling Spray or Cream (the best for me), or the PHD styling treatment or Prime Style Extender (I collect LP samples, lol); and the Instant Texture Mist, which I use if I’m air-drying and trying to go for a beachy waves look (only marginally successful, since I don’t have much in the way of waves to work with). Not all of their products work for me — most of the volumizing ones don’t, but that’s probably partly because my hair is so long/heavy; but I really love the brand, it lets me do so much more with my hair! For some reason silicones act like dust magnets on my hair; with LP I can wash it just twice a week, which keeps the split ends down.

Hi Fran!

That is outstanding info. Thanks so much! Yeah, you can’t put the Satin Serum on the roots or it’s grease ball city. 🙂 But as you say, used correctly, it’s great. I am getting the humidity shield today. I have not tried it, but from what you say, I’m in. That is something I need and have been looking for.

Probably also brushes – I actually use my Chikuhodo cheek brush more than my Suqqu but one of those. For makeup, probably my tom ford bronzer.

Guerlain meteorites pearls, Urban Decay Vice series eye palettes, FRESH rose face mask, Sephora + Hakuho-do Kusabi powder brush.

I also own a Louboutin lipstick but I wouldn’t say I use it ~regularly.

The most expensive product in my stash right now is the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette. They are the only eye shadows I own (minimalist in terms of make-up), so I use it everyday. I tend to buy more expensive make-up since I mostly buy one product and wait to finish it to use another, but I stay within the $40-50 range usually.
But it’s quite a good pay. I estimate that by the expiration date (2 years from opening) I won’t use up neither shadow. Because yes, since I use it everyday, I will throw it away when is set to expire.

I’m assuming this doesn’t include skincare so I would have to go with my Suqqu Cheek Brush. However, other than that it would be some of my Tom Ford items such as lipsticks, blushes, eyeshadow quads and the Soleil Contouring Compact. There might be something I’ve forgotten but for now that’s all I can think of.

Foundation. I wear La Mer ($110) or Clé de Peau ($125). A little goes a long way and so I’m OK with being extravagant when it comes to something that gives my complexion the proverbial flawless look.

For regular use, i think it is my Lovelust blush by Tom Ford, I carefully compared the different colors on Temptalia when I decided to treat myself a Tom Ford blush (thank god I have the same skin tone as Christine, makes life much easier). I also just acquired Wayne Goss holiday collection brushes so there is that, although for individual prices my Nars Ita and Bobbi Brown blush brush are more expensive (don’t use Ita that often – don’t think it’s very good, Bobbi Brown blush brush is awesome).

I use my Marc Jacobs re(Marc)able Full Coverage Foundation Concentrate every day, it’s $55 a bottle, and I have 2 shades, one for summer and one for winter. It’s a tricky formula to use and hard to find a match in, but it really helps hide a multitude of skin flaws (hyper pigmentation, dark spots, sallowness). I look SO much better with this on. I’ll skimp and save on other stuff ( mascara, eye primer, lipsticks, blushes, etc), but without a good foundation, the rest of your makeup won’t look as good.

I use the original Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette regularly if I” travelling or doing my makeup in work (ssshhhh!) it’s so handy and has lots of things I need to finish my face

My Dior foundation for $50 and I got it on sale
I don’t spend more than $36 for any makeup item ever and never thought I’d wear an expensive foundation but it’s perfect enough that my repurchase of it soon may be at full price.

my Chikuhodo Z series brushes, Hakuhodo S111 brush, I have been using S111 everyday since I bought it in January. I just got the Chikuhodo Z series recently from my sisters trip to Japan.

marc jacobs palette + tax + shipping to europe 🙂
i like the palette, i still don’t know if it was really worth 130 euros, but the colours are so mine, that i had to have it. and i use it often. it is easy to use, but i think somes colours fade to easy and then look too normal. can’t describe better..

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. I absolutely lovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it! It makes me look radiant, flawless, smooth…..I can go on and on. I absolutely love this foundation. I’m not even bad about the 48.00 price tag. LOL. I absolutely love it.

Does the new Dyson blowdryer count that thing cost a fortune… didn’t actually get it yet in on its way but I’ve seen the reviews and I am going to love it!!! Other than that yes a makeup brush Oval 8! Love it!

For me it’s skincare. Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm but for me and my skin issues, it just works. I love it and unless it turns on me, it’s a keeper.

My Jane Iredale Glow Time BB Cream ($48) and my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette ($62) are definitely the most expensive. I got both at good sale prices, though! This is my second tube of the BB Cream. I don’t use either product every day because I rotate within my stash of highlighters and foundations, but I’d say I use them regularly for sure.

It would have to be my my brushes if we aren’t talking about skin care. My Lancer serum would be the most expensive item, but I swear by it and that whole line has been a godsend.

My daily products are actually pretty inexpensive, as are most of my brushes. I use my various Urban Decay palettes regularly, and they average about $55 US. Other than that, most of my foundations run in the $25-50 range.

Tom Ford blush brush. Use it every day. Sadly, some of the most expensive products I’ve purchased I ended up using the least. Probably most expensive was Guerlain eye shadow palette. (I say “was” b/c I pitched iit last weekend) the packaging was gorgeous – heavy silver tone metal with design cut out on the top, Didn’t use it – Colors looked muddy. ?

My $80 By Terry Sun Designer palette is my most used item and the priciest that I use on the daily. It’s so beautiful and I can contour, bronze, highlight, with a very natural yet glowing look. It was so worth it.

Tool-wise, my Suqqu Face brush followed by my Tom Ford Bronzing Brush. But product-wise, my Sisleya Le Teint Foundation or the Cle de Peau Foundation… oh gosh. Or the Sisley Ecological Compound, Pore Refining Primer…. nvm. Sisley All Day All Year… I need to lock up my wallet… HELP! 🙁

My Estée Lauder wrinkle filler, 1.5 ounce at $98 plus tax and shipping. I do love it though. Next would be my Becca products. I love my brushes but will give a go to Christine’s favorites when they start to deteriorate, should that ever happen.

The most expensive thing in my stash is my ambient lighting edit 2015 palette by hourglass. I use the all the finishing powders at once. Still not halfway through!

As far as makeup goes, probably my Nars Virtual Domination face palette and my Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad in Fallen Angel. I think I paid about $65 for each.

As far as skincare goes, my Clarisonic is definitely the highest, followed by the Sunday Riley Luna oil and Good Genes treatment.

1. Latisse. It’s prescription and not covered by insurance. But I had such skimpy lashes before, and I never want to live without it.

2. High end mascaras. I alternate between Giorgio Armani, Dior, and Lancôme… about $30 each.

3. Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able Gel Foundation Concentrate. Spendy but so damn good and lasts all day.

But honestly… I spend a lot of my disposable income on makeup, so everything is worth trying once. It’s how I treat myself since I used to eat my emotions.

I really don’t have many single products that break the $40 mark. Becca Pearl liquid, I guess, but it’s so huge that in spite of the price I can use it very liberally and still feel confident in the knowledge that it will go rancid long before I use the whole bottle, even with daily use. I really think it should be at least 1/4 or even 1/3 smaller, it’s a monster of a bottle that pumps out about twice as much highlighter as I usually want.

My Dior Jardin was $100 here at David Jones. It was the cheapest place I could find it. My son gave to me for my birthday and we didn’t have time to get it shipped in from overseas – and anyway, the shipping rates are astronomical. Just as well I love the palette.

Probably By Terry Densiliss Primer. It’s $118.00. It definitely doesn’t mattify, or moisturize. It seems to smooth and refine a bit. I just love the way my makeup applies over it. I don’t think it necessarily wears longer though. I am on my fourth bottle. I have plenty of other expensive items, but this one just seems like something I should be able to do without.

Probably the becca ever matte primer as I use that daily. I don’t own any luxury products like YSL, tom ford, guereilian, etc. I wish though! I just can’t justify spending that much on makeup.

Hmm..lately it would be the Estée Lauder Victora Beckham highlighter – painfully it’s way too dark for me so to try and validate my excessive spending I have been using it daily as a blush/outer edge colour giver!
I use my MarcJacobs ReMarcable foundation just about everyday as a concealer (over old acne pigment marks, too dry for under eyes). Whilst it is pricey, using it as a concealer kinda makes it pretty cost effective, you hardly have to use any to get true full coverage.
My moisturiser pains me, it’s like £45 and I need another one roughly every 3 months. Estée Lauder Clear Difference – it’s almost a price I’m willing to pay not to get broken out trying out other moisturisers. :/

My Cle de Peau luminious foundation. Crazy expensive, but completely worthwhile for me. In terms of overall cost though, my skincare far outweighs the cost of my beauty items. I think the most expensive currently in my routine, mostly in drier weather, is my La Mer The Concentrate. It’s heavenly, super hydrating and feels like velvet on the skin. You should feel it the next time you’re at a La Mer counter – its got the most fantastic texture.

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette! Had to hit my inhaler before I hit that “Order Confirmation” button, but I love them,best quality I have ever used in my personal or professional life as a 25 yr working MUA.

My Wayne Goss brushes: Anniversary Set, Holiday/00 brush and last year’s finishing brush. The most expensive makeup item is Tom Ford’s Afternooner palette.

Illamasqua Powder Foundation which I use a darker shade as my contour powder of choice since the undertone is just perfect for mimicking real shadow. It’s now £28 but I think it used to be higher when I purchased.

hmm… I don’t know about an ounce for ounce price comparison, but overall I guess my Clé de Peau delicate pink highlighter thing has an edge over my other single item purchases… and I still can’t decide if I regret buying it or not! (the compact was just so damn pretty!)
Oh, and the other priciest category would be skin care, for sure. I try to keep it under $100 unless I’m buying a value size, though!

I started using Sun Glow By Terry after Tom Pechaux, a French makeup artist said he uses it with any foundation to add a great glow. It’s $120 for a fairly small bottle but I love putting a little on top of foundation for a soft, glowing bronzy look that is also skin-perfecting.

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. I wait for the VIB Rouge sale at Sephora and buy enough to last me through the year. Same with my Dior Air Flash foundation.

Makeup brushes and as many Milani baked powder blushes that suit my skin. I got all the colors except brown and really love them! Next I’m trying to collect the the rest of the rose design blushes just for it’s beauty.
I think make up brushes turn makeup into magic. Also have the Bobbi Brown big blush brush. Nice one!

Definitely Latisse. It isn’t covered by my insurance but it’s worth every penny. As far as makeup stash goes, probably my Naked pallettes at $54 each, amd my Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Brushes at $65..

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