What influencer would you like to see create a beauty brand?

Though I know she is working with Lancome, I could really see a line by Lisa Eldridge being beautifully done, interesting, and perhaps the next Bobbi Brown–a softer, more neutral/timeless look but with a few quirks on a seasonal basis.

— Christine
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I second Christine’s choice of Lisa Eldridge. I think she is one of the few well known makeup artists who could successfully create a makeup line. Whether she wants to or not is another thing. I would also love to see a line from Karima McKimmie. She is an Australian makeup artist and is very similar to Lisa Eldridge in her taste level and style. She is professional and well educated. I think she would do an amazing job. Other than those two I don’t know who else I would pick. I really love a lot of the movement to include good skin care in makeup and most of that is coming out of South Korea. I don’t know anyone by name that I would say could do it besides those that already are. I think it is an interesting time for makeup and skin care and I am anxious to see what the next several years bring.

I’m thinking there’s plenty of room in the market for a line (especially DS) from Singapore, S Korea or Japan, but I have no idea who the ‘influencer’ would be. A designer maybe? Give CG, Almay, Revlon, Loreal, Maybelline, etc., some competition!

Oh, and I think it would make sense to see a diverse, inclusive brand for PoC by Jackie Aina! I’m already so glad to see she’s collaborating with Too Faced to expand their Born This Way line.

I think of Lisa Eldridge as a makeup artist rather than a “beauty influencer” but then what the heck do I know? From what I’ve seen, her launches with Lancome have been less than elating….I guess I expected better from her. What I’d love to see is for MAC to re-release Jealousy Wakes (I never did get a chance to get it), make it more widely available and perhaps do a collection with Christine! Not quite the same as launching a beauty brand but I’d love to see Christine, with her dedication to excellence and her understanding of what makes good products, doing a collection (only, please, include a pink blush among the peaches and corals! 😉 )

None. The market is already saturated with influencer collaborations etc. Plus if all they can bring forth is simple, natural makeup..zzzzzzzz!!!! Come on, we have Hourglass, Becca, Clinique, Almay, Neutrogena, Laura Geller, Lancome, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobbi Brown to name a few. All producing the same shade of beige. More boring red lips. It’s so boring at this point. Most influencers are incredibly ignorant about skincare, ingredients and various skintones. In fact, many viewers know more than they do. Writing a blog and doing a video is not expertise. Even Eldridge and Goss are lacking knowledge, though I think they provide good makeup application tips. Rather brands that already exist concentrate on improving their lines and stop passing off the same products or bottles of snakes oil meant to improve nothing. Market is too crowded! But hey better for me, the more that comes out the faster, the more it turns me off and the less I buy!

I have a similar mindset as you. The more “influencers” work/collaborate with beauty brands, the less trusting I become. A large following on social media does not necessarily correlate with a strong skill-set and knowledge-base in the cosmetics industry.

To go off on a somewhat related tangent, I am often times disgusted at the lavish PR packages influencers receive and promotional events they attend because these things inevitably happen at the cost of the consumer. Additionally, reading Temptalia reviews can often times feel like a breath of fresh air as we are bombarded with an increasing amount of influencers who will do anything to avoid giving a product review that isn’t glowing, all under the guise of “wanting to only spread positivity/not wanting to be negative” (e.g.: TrendMood1 on Instagram, who, with all due respect to her and her work, only ever gives positive feedback on products, brands, etc). And heaven forbid you have the audacity to genuinely dislike or want to provide criticism on an influencer’s product collaboration or brand! Said influencer will often simply delete those comments, dismissing them as “hate,” but not before members of their fanbase spew out nasty, vitriolic retorts, all because you dared to not absolutely rave about the product/person in question.

I miss seeing a devotion to the artistry of makeup. I miss not feeling like I’m having to keep up with the Joneses by purchasing the seemingly endless amount of new products we simply “must have,” according to a large number of influencers. The beauty community became a place of comfort and solace for me after I lost my mother in late 2011. It genuinely hurts me to watch what gave me somewhere that I could escape to and learn from transform into blatant corruption and greed.

Nail on the head Jo, nail on the head! They are flying these Beauty Influencers to fancy locations….it’s like unreal how they treat them, they get better treatment than some REAL celebs have seen so that is frustrating.

Tbh I have yet to see any “influencer” know a dang thing about skincare which is important to even with cosmetics. They read off PR claims but have no understanding of ingredients to know whether that product can do what it claims so many reviews are meaningless, no offense to anyone, to me. And the research and information is available. Not hippy dippy blogs raving about lemon juice on pimples (uggh no,no,no!!) but actual scientific research. I have seen Goss, Bobbi Brown and Lisa Eldridge, tbh, give terrible advice about oily, acne prone skin. There are products they use in a tutorial or recommend and I’m like no, no,no I cannot put all of that I’m my skin, my oil will be out of control or I’ll break out. And yeah, considering there are sooooo many indie brands, so many niche brands, so many mainstream brands all producing product after product, I just do not want to see more. I’m all for awesome ladies having their own companies btw. But I cannot say I will be open to any more. I’m exhausted and trying to curb spending habits as is. I mean Kimberly Clark’s Anti Haul is popular for a good reason!!

Erica and Jo I completely agree. I’m tired of the constant regurgitation of color schemes and products. Put out quality products once or twice a year. Having to constantly produce a new collection seems to have the majority of brands releasing mediocre products and stop with the constant limited editions, enough already.

I refuse to watch the ridiculously extravagant trips the brands are taking the influencers on. Personally it turns me off of the influencer & brand. The influencer becomes unrelatable and just becomes another victim of society…i.e. Will do anything to be famous.

Well said! Totally agree. Tired of gimmicky products with bells and whistles and would like more clarification for example honest expected wear time, whether shadows and blushes contain primer in them or not, etc. I feel that if I pay top dollar for a shadow or blush, I shouldn’t HAVE to buy the primers etc that they market.

Couldn’t agree more Erica! I feel the same so bombarded with way too of the same colors, products, quality. I would like to see one educated in skin care and overall knowledgeable in the field. I like Stephanie Nicole she is straight honest and knows plenty.

Personally I would love to see you do a collab. The main reason I got into makeup! Oh how I’ve expanded since the MAC days.

Question.. are you reviewing those colourpop highlights/bronzers?!

I love Lisa Eldridge! I would also get behind anything Pixiwoo-related. And because I would love to see more diversity: Jennie Jenkins, Irishchel or Zara from Mouldyfruit

Well, it’s look like Christine/Temptalia is the overwhelming pick for a collaboration. I think it would be so fantastic, particularly since Christine is so sane and calm and down to earth, unlike quite a few in the youtube community whom I can barely stand to watch anymore with all their over the top gestures and voice inflections and “Oh my GAWWWWD, you GUUUYZZZZZ” every 45 seconds!

LOL!!! and “but SERIOUSLY” (2 or 3 times a minute, accompanied by flapping hands and fingers). I sometimes watch Christine’s old youtube videos (reviews and also tutorials) and they are so calm, so informative and so focused on the products rather than on some sort of emotional overdrive/meltdown about a lipstick!

Ikr, Mariella?!? Those were some of the very first YT beauty videos I ever watched. Nothing crazy or loud, just factual, clear and concise. Same for Christine’s tutorials, which helped to push me back into experimenting with bright color again.

Other than you, because clearly you have a sense of what’s good and what isn’t, I don’t support influencers doing beauty lines. In general, i feel they aren’t competent in that area. I also disagree with Lisa Eldridge because clearly she did nothing for Lancome. The Lancome quality with her there has been garbage; sorry not impressed. The ability to put on makeup and then highly edit your selfie does not translate to being able to create quality products. I prefer that the pros handle the creation.

I agree wholeheartedly about your comment about Lisa Eldridge. I thought she would bring a renewal of the color cosmetics but it has been completely disappointing. I don’t think of Lancome for makeup anymore though will stroll past it. I have a cream blush from eons ago that I consider superior to many high end brands and it’s from Lancome!

I didn’t know what had happened o Lancome, but the last few years their color cosmetics have gotten horrible. If that a result of Me. Ethridge then I’m with you. I used to buy a lot from them. Now its only my Amande Sucree lipstick.

Christine’s knowledge of the wearability of makeup is unsurpassed. She would be a great creative director, a job where she could be paid tons of money to say what she’d like to see formulated, then critique the products before they’re mass-produced. The job would require, say, a few days 3-4 times a yr. Dream job, no?

As for Lisa Eldridge, she drives me nuts! Am I the only one who feels that way? Seems very absorbed with herself and jet-setting around w/ celebrities who all have “gorgeous skin and are so nice to work with.” Yeah, right.

There is definitely someone who I do believe could and WOULD do a phenomenal job of owning and operating a successful, well thought out cosmetics company that would produce wonderful products; but that would be at the cost of no longer having as my go-to beauty blogger who’s opinion and integrity I trust. You! So while I know that you would be the one person out here in the beauty blogging/ vlogging community who would succeed, we would lose the most professional, and most importantly, HONEST, blogger out here. Such a conundrum, really!

Hallelujah Nancy. I think you have struck GOLD!!!!! You must have been reading my mind. Christine is my fav!!! She is just so honest,open and down right genuine. I wouldn’t want to lose her. But I do see her starting her own line of makeup. Knowing what we want from the makeup and what we expect to get out of using it.

Other than you, Christine, I can’t think of many – if any – people. I think most other people lack industry experience (either as a working artist or someone like you, Christine, who’s been in the field a long time) and a real, working knowledge of what the market needs. Now that being said, I believe Mariah Leonard is intending to launch a brand sometime in the near future, which I will support, and I think Jess from Jkissa would make a really creative collection (she also used to be a working artist). Overall though, I think the market is already over-saturated with beauty “gurus” who think they know what they’re doing and pump out the same nude lips, bronze/warm smokey eyes, and overly chiseled and highlighted features, all the while screeching how OBSESSED they are with XYZ product this week. I want competence, I want creativity, I want someone down to earth, and until there are more people like that I can’t see myself supporting many/any influencer brands in the near future.

While I watch Beauty Influencers (I HATE that term by the way, LOL, they are Youtubers to me) I don’t follow them enough to know their names…I don’t know who Lisa Eldridge is but you guys love her so I’m for it! LOL Maybelline just did a collab with MakeupShayla and although I think her personality can be a bit stuck up, I feel she has always been a genuine person and I actually supported the line and purchased it but other than that…I don’t really care to see them with their own lines. The industry is so oversaturated it’s disgusting! I like coming to Temptalia because it’s consistent REAL reviews, no bias, no nasty commenters, no negative energy just women (and men) who loves GOOD makeup! I have stopped buying new makeup lately and now I just buy more of my favs!!

**THOSE NEW NARS MATTE LIQUID LIPS ARE EVERYTHING CHRISTINE!! I am on my 3rd color! I have never purchased so much NARS but they are the most layerable, light weight, opaque, long lasting lippies thus far!

Christine of course 😉 And the aforementioned Lisa Eldridge.

I think Dustin Hunter would put out some fun stuff, actually. He jokes about making a lipstick called Mom Jeans and I could see a collection by him being really cheeky and retro-revival!

I vote for Christine of Temptalia! I trust that she would develop quality products and I would definitely support her brand. Thorough, honest evaluation of makeup products have saved me a ton of money staying away from gimmicky products!

Honestly, at some point I’d like to see all beauty influencers have some type of cosmetic line on the market. I think reading these comments I’ve noticed a pattern, where people are not giving beauty influencers their due credits. All these influencers at one point had nothing, they had no platform, no money, and no jobs for some. I will always give them their props for overcoming a lot of challenges. Now are they all talented? Nah, not really, but they all have worked hard. Yes, some aren’t as talented as you’d like, and may even be mediocre, but for a lot of us the reason why we have any skills or knowledge of makeup at all, is because of YouTube & its beauty community. I think that this is a journey for all of them, and they can only grow from there. Even though a lot of collaborations don’t excite me as much as others, I’m still proud for them all, and thankful toward specific beauty influencers creating products that work for me. A lot of you say that they don’t deserve the trips and the accolades that they receive online, and that’s a personal opinion, but I’m just happy for all of them, even those that I do not like. In this life when you’re giving opportunities you take them.

I don’t begrudge their opportunities. Heck they are doing what they love and grabbing those opportunities. Heck I would too. However there is a difference from applying makeup and having knowledge, experience and understanding about about skincare, skintones, problem skin, hooded eyes. How many have also complained here about companies not offering products that span enough skintones, undertones? Most influencers know how to wear makeup that compliments them. In fact they will pan a product but that said product was not meant for them. If you don’t have that understanding, you’ll never make any changes to the market. They are just easy and cheap advertising for a big company. Heck there is a reason Kylie Cosmetics only has lipsticks and eyeshadows. Takes time, money and know how to create things like foundation and skincare. I’d be more excited about influencer collabs, brands if they were making something new. Filling a gap. So far, NONE have.

Yeah, you’re right about a lot…I won’t disagree. All I can say is, the “beauty influencers” part of the makeup community will grow and will be challenged, I think we will see new things improve. Heck I’m Black, a dark skin Black at that lol, and there is only a selective few that review products accurately and truthfully that I’m able to truly rely on, but still, I respect the hustle I guess lol

I’m not sure I can picture anyone that I would be super excited to see do a line, just because I don’t think knowing how to apply a good look necessarily translates into a successful knowledge of the market. Given that the middling to poor quality of Kylie cosmetics (who is a glorified “influencer” herself), Em Cosmetics has hit a lot of bumps in the road and while back, is very scaled back. The Persona palette might be fine for quality but is it really bringing something new or filling a gap in the market? I’m just not sure I can envision anyone currently that make me think ‘ohhh, what can they do with formulation’ versus ‘what can they do with application.’

Not exactly an influencer, but a cosmetic chemist and skincare expert. Stephen Alain Ko. (Kind of Stephen.). At least it’d be formidably good quality. Lancôme in the Eldridge era has not impressed me, so why her? Stephanie Nicole has a knowledge base in mfg, so does appear to have a more comprehensive knowledge base than most. Christine has the business, legal, and creative background to succeed. She clearly has 50 or more iq points on Marlena, who is livin’ the dream. But really, would the beauty community not suffer, without her right where she is, the acknowledged expert, beholden to no one? Integrity comes to mind. Even if you are a company founder, you answer to a lot of people. You have to do a lot of uncomfortable things. Stay, Christine. Sit, stay. (Everything is dog school.)Photo, write. Database. Analyze. You are tops. In the world. I’d buy it, but don’t do it!

I’m not sure! I think you’d do a good job at making some fun colors. I’d also like to see LE do something not shackled by shareholders or brand identity. I’d rather see a line from skincare people like Caroline Hirons and Renee from Gothamista.

Viola of Killer Colours (Sweden) and Sarah Feingold of No Basic Girls Allowed (Germany). IDK of she’s an influencer exactly, but makeup artist Bedpartymakeover (instagram, tumblr, Canada) would make a hell of a makeup line too. For my fellow Americans…. um, I can’t come up with anyone better than Christine either. Seriously, literally, who cares more about quality, performance, and unique color offerings?

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