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60’s mod. Guerlain or Nars to do it. Twiggy, Peggy Moffit, Edie, Jean Shrimpton sets. Anyone feel me on this one?

I don’t know, I feel like that’s been extensively done or maybe I’m just being crazy. It would be nice if someone did it properly though. I could totally get behind that.

I feel you. I’d be down for some French New Wave cinema love as well. Picturing Anna Karina bangs and cat eyes. Le Metier de Beaute did a pretty solid Nouvelle Vague inspired Kaleidoscope that still haunts my dreams.

For the 90s, I feel like Laura Mercier or Bobbi Brown could do a sort of “healthy glow” Cindy Crawford look because I’ve just always pictured them as being more about classic looks focusing on skin and foundation more so than anything else. Lots of sunny, peachy colors (definitely a peach cream blush), sheer bronzing powders, light reflecting highlighters, dewy foundations/tinted moisturizers, brown cream or kohl eyeliners, and a brownish black thickening mascara with a bunch of sheer nail polishes.

I think Dior or Tom Ford could do a Kate Moss/heroin chic palette that just focused on pale skin, grayish blushers and lots of pearly cold-toned highlighters with a big emphasis on contouring cheekbones, gray/purple/blacks/strong brown matte or eyeshadows, a lengthening jet black mascara, and some form of matte, neutral lip stick or stain. The packaging would be all ~high fashion grungy and a Christmas holiday addition would include black, silver, and dark plum nail polish.

And MAC could do a tacky/golden glam 80s palette although I haven’t been liking them as much lately so I’d give the job to Urban Decay. They could definitely come up with the right color combos but I’d hope they’d steer away from their usual Alice in Wonderland/funky rocker aesthetic for the packaging.

I would love to see a collection inspired by late 19th century France, specifically the Impressionists. Pastels for Spring 2013! And the packaging could have Monet’s water lilies on the tops etc. Romantic and pretty :)I love this question!

Sounds nice! I think makeup companies need to do something like this, something bold and exciting. I’m SO tired of seeing the Marilyn Monroe, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and other talentless overrated women. I’d love something related to history and art. Educated women wear makeup!!!

Back to the 80’s ! Makeup artists from M.A.C would do something great with the new textures and pigments they didn’t have at that time.

Mughal India, I’d just want compacts and perfume bottles that are copies of things from that time (though made from cheaper materials than gold, lol). Another time would be Ancient Egypt, they’ve found a lot of cosmetic items from that era (like the girl holding a duck that held lipstick or something), once again I’d more or less want copies of those artefacts. I think luxury brands like Dior or Guerlain could pull it off without making it cheesy.

1920s Gatsby esque I think. I feel like the pinup look and the mod look are very available right now, but a flapper 20s look would be a stunning collection.

What a wonderful question! I agree with Christine, the Renaissance would be such an amazing theme. I would also go with the Louis XIV Reign, or the Early Middle Ages. I think it would be interesting to look back at the past centuries, since it seems to me that we have already devoured and dissected all the XXth decades over and over.

I’d love to see a Cleopatra collection by Givenchy. They’d be able to capture the sumptuous richness of that era, along with some beautiful golden packaging engraved with hieroglyphics.

Medieval, but not the whole era – the illuminated manuscripts.
They have beautiful jewel tones and amazing imagery.

Company… Hm, I guess an indie company would go for the weird animals ๐Ÿ˜€ .

Unicorn highlighter/shampoo/brushes/powder, basilisk green eyeshadow, millefleur tapestry packaging, Trรจs Riches Heures Duc de Berry sky blue eyeshadow, bookbinder’s gold eyeliner, scribe’s ink black eyeliner…

(I’m riding a bit on the high medieval/early Renaissance line, but Holbein carpet earth-toned whatever, too ๐Ÿ˜€ !)


The 30s , especially the cabaret looks. I love the over-the-top artifice of it all. They weren’t afraid to experiment with the grotesque. Which was a much more honest way of coping with the hubris and chaos left by WWI. No matter how glittery or colorful, the last decade has been really conservative in intentions. It’s either pretty-natural or pretty-natural-with-a-twist, no matter how many orange lipsticks they market. And after everything that’s happened in the last decade, “pretty” and “cute” are starting to feel hollow to me.

Thank you so much for selecting my question Christine! ๐Ÿ˜€ Personally, I would really like a collection with a Rococo, 18th Century theme. The opulence and ornamentation of that time could make a gorgeous collection if done correctly. I imagine very refined packaging with many beautiful adornments ๐Ÿ™‚ . The brand I would like to make this collection would be Ysl since they already have very luxurious packaging as a brand and could definitely deliver the greatness, excess and luxury that Rococo was. ๐Ÿ˜›

I’d love to see a 1920s/flapper-inspired collection! Those intense smoky eyes and heavy lashes, and dark dramatic lips… I love how they gloried in cosmetics because they were so new and exciting! I think Guerlain or Hourglass could do amazing things with the concept.

The American flapper era. All that smoky, feminine allure. ๐Ÿ™‚

It would also be very cool to see some of these big companies release geographically specific collections so they could explore non-Western period pieces. The promotional pieces would be gorgeous to look at!

I feel like we see too much of the 20s and 60s and they’re not exciting anymore. I’d love to see something more original, like the Victorian era. Vaguely gothic colours, but with a feminine bent.

I would love to see Rococo, Venetian medieval period-a Courtesan inspired line would be awesome, or even Greco-Roman, just because I’d love to see the color choices for the line.

I feel like I’ve seen a Marie Antoinette collection before, but I’m not sure. I can see MAC doing it, but I want to see really pretty packaging, and I wouldn’t expect them to do much with it–unless they really price it up. Maybe a higher-end brand like Guerlain could do it.

Actually I would love to see Illamasqua’s take on it. I don’t think they ever change up the packaging for their collections, but it would be exciting.

the 20’s Parisianne, flapper or the 30’s….the dark smokey, round blown out looks, Cabaret..someone mentioned it already and I love it! Ever since seeing Marion Cotillard in Midnight In Paris I’ve been wanting to wear her hair and makeup all the time. I never do, but it’s a silent love LOL

I would love to see a colors inspired by Russia’s Anna Karenina..majestic blues, smokey eye blacks and grays with some awesome foundation with pearl illumination….think I’ll try to create it today myself…thanks for the idea…

I think it would be nice to see makeup from the Joseon era in Korea. Very natural looking, perfect for everyday, but in beautiful ancient oriental packaging.

1960s La Nouvelle Vague. I love Anna Karina in all Godard’s films. I can definitely see NARS doing it, but other retail brands like Top Shop and H & M( not sure if they have a cosmetic line) might do well.

Something of the 50’s (Lucille Ball time) would be great! Or maybe the 60’s mod look would be fascinating. I could see MAC coming out with a Lucille Ball collection.

1920s specifically inspired by Art Nouveau swirling whimsical shaped packaging holding pastels and dramatic colors

Egyptian empire ancient china with lacquered wood packaging would be awesome maybe some kinda prehistory theme could be cool lots of greens and flower colors with a deep black thrown in for carbon/coal

Versailles. Not only did those people at Court wear make up as an art form, they spent a lot of time obsessing over color and it’s subtleties. You think you have make up? Ribbons were a downright vice, a form for not only collecting colors and textures but wearing them daily. Dressing was an art form, a proccess, it took hours and a staff of artisans.

A lot of color you think of as sophisticated is simply faded from age; The late 18th and also the early 19th centuries (The Regency in Britain) left us written documentation of this obsession with color and its most sophisticated uses. And we have paintings of astonishing color use…

Course there wasn’t much to do at Versaille but drink, gamble, politic, and think about clothes on ones boring required daily appearances at Court functions, so Fashion, and colour, consumed peoples time. Louis Cinquante would be the time period. Marie A. wouldn’t sell so well as people don’t know very much about her- despite her being a fashion revolutionary.

But it’s the artisans making ribbons and inventing new technologies who fed the color obssession. The Jaquard Loom made modern computing possible. And racheted up fashion warfare in the period, lol! ;-D

Oh my God! we have the same idea ๐Ÿ˜€ , this is also my dream collection, I so wish a high end prestigious brand did it! If done correctly it would be a dream come true!

I feel like cosmetic companies NEED to do something like this. I’m so tired of seeing collections inspired by useless and talentless celebrities like Nicki Minaj. Women who buy makeup are educated and personally, I would love to see a little history or art inspired makeup instead of the same old boring crap! I mean, how many Marilyn Monroe red lipsticks can you have?

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