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1. Highlighter (probably old hat by now/not really a trend and more of a staple, but I love the effect it gives)
2. Monochromatic makeup seems to be on trend again, so it’s been a lot easier for me to pick out eye looks. If the 90’s supermodel makeup is coming back, I’ll be in heaven!

Glossier and or metallic lips are baaaack! Don’t get me wrong; I still love me a good, velvety matte lip half the time. But having some moisture and shimmer added to a plush, sexy pout makes me feel just as glam in a different way!

And I also agree 110% with Christine about thicker brows. They frame ones eyes making them seem larger!

Personally I think although there is a lot more offered in beauty, it has become very cookie cutter and one note. Liquid liner, falsies, contour, highlight, liquid lip blah blah blah. I really wish there was more individuality and more unique looks but still wearable. My favorite trend is monochromatic makeup bc playing with a singular color can be challenging and fresh but also easy. I also love pops of color whether as a color on your lower lashline or a color worn through the crease to warm up a look. A color in the outer V can add lovely dimension to your look. PS I like a fuller brow but a nicely shaped brow. I hate the IG caterpillar sharpie brow. The brow should look softer and natural imo but cleaned up around the edges. Fill in sparse areas with a color that matches your brows not overly pomeade soaped up brows lol. I mean to each her own but the brow trends of the last few years have been quite scary and are making the brow trends of the 90s look more wearable in comparison!

Highlighters closely followed by glitter eye shadows. And I love the pink and orange eye shadow trend too. Natural hair styles are bomb

Highlighters. They work much better with pale skin than bronzing and lots of contouring. I also have fun with all the different color highlighters.

Everything UNICORN related! Space buns, glitter eyeshadow, rainbow highlighter — I can’t get enough of it!

I love the highlighting trend! I think it’s so pretty to have a shine on the cheeks and be able to layer with blush. And since the trend has exploded, that means everyone is cranking out options and there are tons to choose from 🙂

Less foundation! I don’t like wearing it and I’m glad that’s becoming more accepted outside of “natural makeup”. If I want to rock a bold eye or lip it shouldn’t be expected that I have to cover my whole face in foundation. But I definitely agree with you, Christine. It’s good to see a lot of different styles and preferences being mainstreamed rather than having one standard!

Same here with thicker brows, I have naturally thick brows so it’s nice.
It’s also nice to see that these days more makeup styles/looks are more acceptable so it’s alright if you’re “off-trend” or whatever.

Dewy skin, warm eyes, and fluffy brows. I love a moisturized looking skin and a ful brow and warm tones compliment my skin so much!

adding in more interesting colors and cool tones in palettes! (*cough* subculture *cough* – purchased it yesterday yay!) I also love the neutral eye with color on the bottom lash line. I love tremendous, fluffy lashes. I’m pretty flexible with what I like, I just don’t like warm tones or terracotta lipstick.

I’m not really a trend seeker or trend follower but I’ve always preferred a moist lip over a matte one so I’m glad that “they” say the matte lip is dead (or at least on life support). Highlighters and, more importantly, illuminating powders and liquids, are trends I really enjoy.

Can I answer beauty as a whole being a trend? So many options on the market, with tons of options for choosing for your skin type/tone/color/pricepoint in every aspect of your makeup. Demand is what drove that, so thanks, beauty being on trend!
Secondly, dewy finishes. 🙂

I have thick dark brows that are somewhat at odds with the rest of my features (I’m pretty fair) and as a kid I got grief for them. I agree with you, Christine, I love that they’re trendy now, ha!

The super warm eyeshadow trend is also flattering on me.

I am sooo happy about the brows, there was no way I could get anywhere near what the old brow trend was. I also love unicorn stuff, just because I love unicorns and have a friend I send unicorn stuff to. I have no many more options now vs. when I started sending her unicorn stuff 4 years ago.

Thick brows! Thank goodness, I don’t have time to pluck and wax, besides thin brows look super weird on me (I’ve tried). Also, lip gloss seems to be coming back, which I love because it’s super cute. I also think blush has been coming back in style the last few months or year! There were a few years when people seemed to be abandoning blush but it is BACK and I’m so excited about it.

Over the last few months I’ve seen more appropriate levels of foundation coverage but I’m hesitant to say it’ll stick around. When I say appropriate levels I mean people using as much coverage as they need and not more. I’m not going to bash full coverage foundation, some people need it to feel confident, but I would rather influencers set a precedent for using an appropriate amount of foundation based on their skin rather than just using full coverage no matter what. I hope this trend does stay!

I love the gelee or creamy-like-ish formulas in eyeshadows and face products. They sit so well on the skin, are easy to blend and don’t look dry, dusty, patchy or cakey. To me, it’s the newest, most wearable formula on the market — whether the texture is matte, satin or whatever. (Who couldn’t love a creamy, opaque matte eyeshadow???) The only down side is that they may be a bit more expensive to manufacture (I’m only guessing), but I love these formulas — they work (allergies? dunno, I’m not) on practically anyone of any age. Bring ’em on —

Bottom line: I love the new formulas that make application easier and prettier for all women. I think this is the future evolution of makeup. And, I think the general population will come to demand it.

This isn’t makeup related but I do think it is beauty related. I love that glasses are very much a fashion statement these days and I now have several pairs of glasses that I love.
I wear my glasses at a minimum 3 times a week where as before I would only wear my glasses minutes before bed and early in the morning. It does take me a bit longer to do my makeup with my glasses on and my technique has to be different so my eyes don’t dissapear under my frames but overall I actually love wearing them.

Me too, Nyxx – I wear my glasses all the time and have to ensure my eye makeup is quite bold otherwise my peepers would just ‘disappear’.

Girl, second that emotion. I’ve worn glasses since before the JFK assassination, and recently ‘graduated’ out of bifocals into just a distance script. I read w/o glasses, watch tv ( unless reading is required), and generally take them off when I come indoors. But I have a night job which requires close vision…and the fact that I cannot use my distance glasses drives me nuts. And not just because I have to up the eye m/u / concealer game, but because I feel naked. Exposed. Wrong. Not that anybody mentions it….just everybody. I will always be a confirmed RayBan girl, and think I need to get some up close glasses, whatever that means….when you’ve graduated..btw, I had Annie hall glasses (iconic) before the film and am usually well before the curve on anything glasses. Imagine not being able to use them….at a JOB! I relate!

I too am happy that glasses are important now. I frequently wear a pair of teal blue vintage frames and they make me so happy.

I agree, Nyxx. I was mortified when I had to wear glasses when I was in high school in the late ’80s. It just solidified my status as a ?. I couldn’t wait until I was allowed to get contacts. Now, I love my glasses and own several inexpensive pairs. ??‍♀️?

It seems like it’s just getting started, but shine is coming back. For a while there it seemed like everything was matte, so I’m happy to see shine and metallics making a recovery.

Not sure who else said this but moist and metalic or frosted lips being on trend agsin instead of just matte. I loved matte, when i was 25 (and we had to make our own matte until MAC came out! It ages aging skin and while i dont care about “trends” per se, it is nice that what i prefer is in style and therefore more available.

Funny, when lip glass (MAC) came out, i didnt want that either.

2nd i would like to say i love the trend of subscription boxes with bonus size trial products. So many things i might never get to try have been sent to me for the price of 2 coffees.

I don’t necessarily follow “trends”, so maybe highlighters? I like what I like. If I don’t like it I won’t wear it just because a bunch of people on you tube or IG are going gah-gah over it. I’ve done my brows the way I do for close to 30 years because I have a scar dividing my left brow in 2 places. I’d look really weird if I tried to attach them together to create a IG eyebrow. I’m not afraid to wear a color thats no longer a fad if it looks nice on me or if I just like it. I’ve been wearing shimmer shadows FOREVERRRR because I like them, needless to say many people would say I’m too old for shimmer. I also like a bit of shimmer in my lipstick.

Christine, maybe the next question can be “What beauty trend have you chosen to ignore?” lol.

Always thicker brows for me it is a constant I really don’t care about trends I think it looks so much better then brows that are plucked out and then drawn over to make a brow. Natural is always better unless you don’t have a choice and you have to draw them on.

1. Eye brows that suit your face
2. Metallic and glossier lipsticks, especially the brown ones. Not a fan of the matte nude lipstick look at all.
3. Variety in makeup styles and finishes

The natural brow has come back! Ok, today’s natural brow it is a bit more structured than what we wore in the 80’s but it is sooo much easier to wear that those gradient/drag queen things.

Love, love, love the metallic accents on eyes & lips! Warm rose gold, brilliant bronzes, fiery coppers, cool platinums- whatever I love it!

The no-makeup makeup. I just can’t… can’t… can’t with the whole highlighter/contour thing. I just find it crazy that you spend a loooot of money to clean and even out your skin so that you make it all sorts of colors with these techniques. Then, I arrived late in the makeup game. So, what do I know really? ?

I also forgot to say the matte trend. I am a matte kind of girl mainly because my makeup is for the day/office. Face, eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundation? All in the matte side.

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