What eyeshadow palette would you buy a back up of?

Pat McGrath Decadence… probably. I don’t really think I’d need one since it takes forever to get through an eyeshadow, but it’s the one palette that I love and love and love that wasn’t around for long!

— Christine
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I’ve never thought about buying backups for eyeshadow because I already have too many palettes. But I did give it a moment’s thought when I saw that Colourpop is discontinuing the Fame palette, which is one of my all-time favorites. It was on sale on CP’s website, and I even saw it at an Ulta store. But I decided against it and now it’s gone. I seriously doubt I’ll ever buy backup of any eyeshadow palette.

Well, it’s an impossibility now and that’s probably WHY I’d buy a backup – the original UD Naked Palette! It seemed it would be permanent forever so a backup was never an issue….until it was no longer permanent. I also wouldn’t mind another of the ABH “Mario” palette – I really enjoy using that one and it’s so practical and versatile. In reality, though, nothing is truly “unique” and I’ve managed to survive without backups of anything since almost everything is “dupe-able”.

I bought a backup of the Mario palette. Then, something came along that I liked better. I ended up giving it to one of my stepdaughters as I started to favor something else. It is a good palette.

Naked though, I’m still upset with that one. I have used up up primary shades of that one and replaced it 3X in the past 10 years. It was the one that got me into differing eye shadows 10 yrs ago. I got it when it came with the the double eyeliner.

The only one i miss is the LORAC pro to go, now discontinued, which to me was the original all in one.
From those available now….I love my Sephora Sugar Wafer Palette, and i would by a back up, because it’s the most versatile i own

Eyeshadows just last too long so I can’t think of one palette I would buy a backup of. I did at one point think of buying another UD Naked palette and I’m so glad I didn’t as my taste have changed over the years and I’d rather try a different neutrals palette.

I’ve gone through UD Naked 2 palettes before and will buy another when I’m close to finished with this next one. I only have 5 shadows not panned. I know it isn’t everyone’s favorite, but it is an oldie and goodie for me and I do get compliments when I wear it. It is a staple that I can use on its own or in conjunction with more fun palettes. My fun palettes I don’t tend to go through as quick so I wouldn’t ever need backups of those, plus the fun ones constantly rotate to bring in more fun colors, finishes, and consistencies!

I don’t think I would ever buy a backup; eye shadow palettes are my weakness and I literally have dozens and dozens. But then I realized that I had purchased backups of Urban Decay’s Naked palettes when I bought the Naked Vault. I justified it because my original Naked, Naked 2 and Naked 3 were older (having purchased them when they were released) and I wanted to replace them. The Vault contains the original Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3, Smokey (which was newly released at the time), Naked Basics and Naked Basics 2.

Definitely Tom Ford Nude Dip, I swear if I hear any word of that one being discontinued I would probably buy like 4 backups LOL.

Nothing. I already have more than I’d like and there are always more palettes coming out that I have to talk myself out of buying (because I don’t want to own more stuff!). I do enjoy the palettes that I own but when/if I ever finish any of them I’ll look forward to trying something new.

At 60 y.o. and the owner of at least 35-40 palettes or more, I seriously doubt I’ll ever use one completely up in my lifetime. However, because I do love certain ones a great deal, I would buy a backup if they were being DC’d, Viseart Amethyst Theory, UD Naked 2 or Naked Honey are easy favorites for me that I hope never get the corporate axe, and I would get backups of if that were to happen. Another gem that I would never want to go without is Chanel Empriente du Desert quad! But that one was LE, so getting a backup would be impossible I’m afraid.

I’m in the boat with anyone saying “I wouldn’t buy a backup of any eyeshadows” because honestly there will be endless eyeshadow launches, so I’m sure I’ll find something better or comparable of whatever my favorite, finished palette is.
BUT for the sake of the question, if I had to have a backup of something, it would be Colourpop Good Sport or Huda Beauty Neon Green Obsessions. These are not necessities at all and that’s why I love them so much. They add pizzazz to a more basic collection and the colors of both are just exactly my speed/style. Love them!

I keep telling myself that I should buy another DoC Marvellous Mauves, but I haven’t yet. I probably will in a promotion sale soon, but I will definitely buy it (and in a heartbeat) should it be DC’d. I have paired this palette to death —
It’s like the little black dress never worn the same way twice.

Can i count a set ? Colourpop’s Double Rainbow which was six super shocks in really pretty shimmery colors almost had me buying a dupe but i have never finished the first AND super shocks dry out anyway.

Since I don’t use the same palette day after day, it is very rare that I hit pan on anything. By the time that happens, I’ve undoubtedly moved on as I find formulas, textures, finishes, etc. are always changing. Even my workhorse neutral palettes eventually get replaced by newer iterations.

I don’t see a need to by a backup of a palette unless it’s one of my all time favorites, is unique, AND it’s been discontinued or was LE. More because I fear breaking or losing them than I worry about using them up. And even then, I don’t unless until it’s gone on clearance sale. I’ve bought backups of UD Naked Basics, UD x Gwen Stefani, and UD Electric palettes.

There are palettes I’d repurchase if I used them up, but realistically I don’t see that happening. ABH Modern Renaissance, is the only one I can think of where that might happen.

The only backup I haven’t gotten yet is for the Metropolis and the only reason is that it’s paraben-free. That means the expiration date actually has meaning.
My paraben-full palates will last at least 1-2 decades and therefore I have backups of Mario x ABH (I think I have 3 left), all the PMG including her LE, all the ND 15-pans, 2 Star palettes (I’ve hit pan on almost all the shadows in my first so I know I’ll use them up over time), Kristen Leanne x UD (that yellow green is exceptional and not available as a single), and 2 Naked1 (bought when it was half off and being DCd). Also, a couple of very old school Shiseido palettes. The quality is superlative and on par with Suqqu blending. I snagged them just before they changed their packaging and formulas. Tiny shadow pans, incredible performance.
Admittedly, that is probably more eyeshadow than anyone needs in a lifetime and I’ll likely give them away or sell them off when I’ve fully accepted that reality. I recently sold one of my Decadence backups and considering selling the other because those pans are enormous and I probably won’t hit pan on even one.

Tagging onto Pearl’s comment – if you would like to connect with her, let me know, and I can connect you both (she has given me permission to provide her details to you!). xo

Eye Shadow palettes are the one thing that I don’t see a need to buy a backup. There are several LE e/s palettes that I didn’t purchase and that I would almost sell my only born child to have, but no backups. I was the silly girl who thought that spending more than $100 on an e/s palette was ridiculous so I didn’t pick up the Decadence palette from PMGL.
For the sake of the question I would say that I would most likely pick up Too Faced Natural Mattes palette. It is still a frequent go-to in my collection and has the perfect set of light, medium and deep shades for a daily e/s look.

I haven’t and I don’t think I would – if I ever did it would be a smaller, neutral palette for travel, like Ofra Radiant Eyes or CP Double Entendre…

But I’m so interested to see other peoples replies!!!

I seriously got over the wanting of Decadence with her latest 5 pan mini. I don’t get why she made it LE when so many people love it though. If she released it again, it would be a no for me now.

I had a backup of ABH Mario palette but gave it away. I will be hoarding my Pat McGrath Sublime Bronze Temptation palette. I absolutely will hit pan on that one.

I wish I had a backup of UD Shattered just for Nameless and Shakedown. If they had singles, I would be satisfied.

If I knew I’d be able to get a good amount of use out of them, I would get:

Tom Ford Nude Dip, Cocoa Mirage, Virgin Orchid, White Suede, Body Heat, Suspicion, Double Indemnity and Honeymoon

Pat McGrath Sublime, Bronze Ambition, Bronze Temptation, Platinum Bronze, Sublime MTHRSHP (don’t know the name but it’s the mini)

I’m spoiled for choice for the amount of palettes that I have already but these are favorites!

I really nearly didn’t buy it, but once I did I loved it completely – the Lorac Pro Metals palette. And just the other day I bought a back up as I have hit pan on my favourite shades.

I never comment, but I couldn’t resist this great topic! I have a backup of UD Naked Basics (origional) and Lorac Unzipped. They are the perfect neutral basics for my neutral medium skin tone and blue eyes. UD and Lorac tend to go on sale and the quality is amazing. If I can score a deal, it is worth it to me. I know I will use it eventually because these are staples for me. I never buy a backup of a trendy or wildly colorful palette. There will always be some new color to catch my eye, but quality neutrals are forever.

I can’t believe it’s not been mentioned yet but the Huda New Nude palette!! I never use the concealer but everything else is great. The mattes are perfect, for daytime and evening looks, and the shimmers/metallics are definitely better for a night out than for the office but I can just pair the mattes with a more toned down lid shade from one of my other palettes.

It’s not one of my favorites, but believe it or not an inexpensive little Sleek palette called Garden of Eden. I did a bride with this and another palette (she wanted a sort of Green Ivy look) and it really worked well and looked beautiful on her. It is a very cohesive green-mauve palette and for 12 or so dollars, you can’t beat that.

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