What eyeshadow color have you always wanted but haven't been able to find?

I don’t think there’s a particular color that comes to mind that I feel like my collection is really lacking… but I would LOVE to see more satin and pearl finish eyeshadows. I feel like it’s metallic or matte but so hard to find a good variety of colors in true satin and pearl finishes!

— Christine
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Good, pastel opaque pale cool-toned pink and blues, like 60s-esque pastels. I know Sugarpill has Home Sweet Home, which I’ve got my eye on, but it is hard to find a nice pastel pink that isn’t terribly sheer. Might just have to buy a nice white and mix it myself. Good pastels in general can be very hard to find in my personal experience. If anyone has any brands I should look at, I’d love to hear em!

Check out the Creepy Cute palette launching soon from Strobe Cosmetics. Not sure if that’s pastel enough for you, but you might be able to blend it lightly over a white shadow to get a more washed-out look that still shows up.

I actually was just looking at that earlier, I’m considering it! Some of them are a little dark, but it looks really nice, and I think they’d be easy to mix.

I just saw a promo for the upcoming By Terry Game Lighter (weird name…) palette of pastels due for this spring. It’s probably hella expensive but there is a pastel pink in there as well.

K, check Inglot. Last summer I was desperately looking for some good pastels that are office appropriate and that can be worn for an evening look. I ordered online, from Inglot Canada, several singles from the Freedom of System Matte, Satin and Rainbow ranges. The Rainbow ones contain three tones of the same shade in one. If you have the possibility to check them in store, give them a try.

Intragoogle the Zoeva Sweet Glamour palette here. It’s swatches, no review. I got it on BF and have not tried it yet, so cannot say it’s ok. It’s fairly warm leaning. Pastels and lighter shades are fine for me, too. Think it’s because I have deep set eyes and skintone does not really wash them out/Vice-versa. Too bad you are too young to have had Yardley’s classic Glimmericks palette. I still have the tin, with singles glued in, but nothing like the original colors. Fresh had some decent lighter colors, when they did shadow. Boy, am I old! Will check out Creepy Cute, which sounds derivative of Pastel Goth, Abby. Good tip.

Haha I’ve been pinning pictures of old Yardley’s ads for inspo for when I finally find the right pastels! I was considering Zoeva, but I think I wouldn’t use the shimmers much, sadly.

I’m always looking for the perfect taupe. Shouldn’t be a weird color or hard color to find, but it feels like everything I try is a little too brown, a little too gray, a little too dark, a little too light….. I have this perfect hue in my head and nothing in real life is ever quite right. My quest goes on.

I’m also always on the hunt for perfect matte purples – so many of them look great in the pan but then turn patchy or muddy on my eyelid. Or they’ll look purple on everyone else, but look more pink or cranberry or brown once they hit my eyelid 🙁 I have a few wonderful shimmery purples, maybe someday I’ll find the mattes to match.

May sound strange, but what you might want to look for is a mauve. If you’re into cool colors, mauve transition shades (clear and muted) are often more flattering than any color of taupe or grey or brown. But fair warning, they’re aren’t a ton of them on the market, so it can take a search. Anyway, just wanted to drop the possibility as an outside-the-box solution.

Erica, transition colors are different on different skin tones, that’s for sure. Brown or taupe looks ‘dirty’ on me (even Satin Taupe). Mauve, however, looks natural. I guess it all depends on a person’s coloring. Mauve on you looks bruised. I took a wild guess that Carson might have cool undertones like me because she mentioned pinks and purples. If she does, then maybe finding a mauve tone instead of a taupe would work as a transition color for her.

I can relate. Finally found my perfect taupe in the Marc Jacobs Shoe Gazer Palette along with my perfect copper and a blue I can’t believe works for me. I’m also a purple perfectionist and still on the hunt.

A long time ago, Becca released a cream shadow called Ametrine. It was muted purple with bronze/gold beneath. It was gorgeous and had zero staying power. I still have it and still hope for a dupe someday, preferably in a cream shadow.

Quality, cool-color, transition-shade mattes (other than a cool taupe). Where are the cool colors? I’d love to see some blue-grays, true-grays, purple grays, lavender grays, rose grays, and muted berries, lavenders, blue-purples, red-purples, clear and muted purples and any other shade in the sky at dusk or when it’s cloudy or going to rain. I am tired of looking at palette after palette of warm shades in ANY formula. Enough already.

I am with you on this Anne. My dream shades are all the ones that you listed. It is so hard to find a really cool toned eye shadow and so easy to find an all warm toned palette. I don’t think us cool loving women are asking too much, LOL.

A really dark blackened green with a pearl finish. MAC has brought out several amazing very dark greens but they are always limited edition and sell out fast. I would make my amazing green permanent.

If it’s still available, the darker shade in the Nars Rue Allent duo might be the very thing you’re looking for. Christine reviewed it here so you can see some great photos of it.

Lookfantastic has it! They’re based out of the UK and have generally free/low-cost Worldwide shipping, I’ve ordered from there before and shipping took a little bit to get to me, but they’re a reliable site from my experience.

Mine would be an actual limited edition shade that is no longer offered vs a color that doesn’t exist. MAC Bagatelle was the perfect warm non brassy gold- bronze. I hit pan and am hoarding the little tiny spec I have left but so far nothing dupes like it!

I feel like there is shades that I see in nature and just make me stop that I am waiting for, more so waiting for in a cruelty free option. I am not sure I can describe the shade I am considering especially. But it’s a matte raspberry-ish shade, but brighter and pinker….ugh I can not really describe it…

Nell, have you looked at the Sephora It Palette in neutrals? I have this palette and I was over the moon about how many grey taupe shades there are in this palette. I think you would have to see it in person because looking at the palette online doesn’t show the taupe shades as clearly.
The finishes are a very slight shimmer, satin and matte.

Thanks Genevieve! I’ve just studied the Sephora website stateside and that Palette is no longer offered, so I missed it. The Urban Decay Naked Basics2 Palette has a matte color called Frisk, which is the closest I’ve found. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Viseart would do a Palette called “Satin Greige”?

Cool-to-neutral pinks mixed with gray are not easy to find in single form or in the drugstore. It’s the only type of color that I’ve been lemming for recently.

This is such a TBT for me! A pink gray with shimmer from a Dior mega in the 80s, I think! Such perfection, that it was panned within a month. Prob the most smitten ever! I’d be on a dupe so fast…even CP doesn’t do that one.

A very dark blue navy satin that doesn’t just look black when applied. Or a dark green…or purple lol. I’ve purchased and returned a few eyeshadows because of that. The perfect greige is elusive also.

You might check as well Giorgio Armani no. 2 – Armani Navy Eyes to kill solo eyeshadow. I admit it’s expensive (I purchased it during the last VIB sale) but for me it’s the perfect dark blue navy.

I mix for a ‘lavender’ lid shade: LM Caviar Stick in Orchid and LM African Violet packed on top of it. Don’t know if it’s pastel enough for you, but it’s pretty.

I look best wearing warm neutrals — so I’m set for the most part on color. Lately I have found certain shades I’d been looking for for awhile: a warm, matte pink (Liaison in Viseart Tryst is perfect; Cle de Peau’s was on point but too expensive to justify); warm pink purple satin (Tryst/Paramount and Viseart Nuance #6 are more shimmery than I’ve had in mind but I still can use a bit).

Yes on need for more satin/pearl options. Metallic and out-and-out shimmer are not good on me, and matte sometimes is too, well, matte.

I can’t believe I’m going to actually say this, but I think my eyeshadow stash is pretty much complete, in terms of individual shades… That said, I do wish MAC would bring back Uninterrupted, or Outre, and Urban Decay would release a nice mustardy brown.

I’d also love to see a few more cool-toned neutral palettes released. While I have more than enough singles, I really prefer a nice, cohesive palette I can get a full look from, just because of the way I have to store my makeup (space is tight, and if I’m in a hurry, digging out multiple products isn’t conducive). I know it’s not likely to happen, as they just don’t sell, but it would be ideal…

The perfect glossy shimmer between an ivory and peach color that I can pop on my lid for every day. Everything I’ve ever tried has been too metallic or the undertone is too pink or warm. Sigh.

Two! Only two that seem unattainable.

The first one is the unimaginably gorgeous cool white with gold duochrome shift eyeshadow that I bought multiples of from that mysteriously vanished company I worked for in the 80’s. Yep, here we go again: Jean Pierre Cosmetique based in Toronto Canada, but with large mall kiosks during the late half of the 80’s through early 90’s. I’ve seen a few that come somewhat close, but nothing as pigmented, smooth and with that cool of a base.

The 2nd up is Jealousy Wakes. No secret that this is the teal-green of my dreams! I know where it’s available, but I’m not 100% sure it’s not counterfeit. Here’s hoping that MAC will do a re-release of it! And they’d better make it with the same great quality, if they ever do.

It’s not a pressed powder, but the MUFE Starlit powder in shade #2 (Frozen Gold) might be similar to what you’re looking for, or might do it over a white base.

It is so tempting to just say a cool toned green but in reality I would like to have many shades in their cool toned iteration. So cool toned greens, pinks, greys, browns and so on. It is funny to me though that if I could only pick one color it would actually be a warmer tone! It would be a re-release of the Shiseido shade Green/Gold. It was the perfect green with a gold reflect. They also made a purple/gold in the same collection. This was 1978 and all the similar shades that are out there today just don’t come close.

I’m still hunting for the perfect olive green — something earthy, mysterious and a little bronzey but without being too dark or overly metallic. A few have come close.

Also, like others, a big, big yes to more cool or at least cool-leaning neutral palettes. I have a few from years past but it’s been a long time since there’s been a great one. Hey brand managers, there’s a hole in the market just waiting for someone!

Hi Ruby
I don’t know if you can still find it, but Dior’s 3 Couleurs Smokey Khaki has an olive green, an olive brown and a beautiful muted gold shimmer. The finishes for the olive shades is a satin. I’ve had mine for quite a few years now and nothing that has come out since matches those shades in terms of colour and quality.

You so nailed it Genevieve — I actually HAD that trio years ago and that is very much the kind of color I’m thinking of! Sadly, I hit pan and haven’t seen it around anymore. Loved that trio. For so long it was my favorite look. I wonder if there is something that dupes it … I would love that color with, say, Natasha Denona quality … (although that trio was reasonable quality for Dior I thought.)

I think Ruby you can still get this via Ebay UK, as I looked it up when I was writing my post to you. It is a perfect little trio. I haven’t seen any dupes for it -and the formula and finish is so gorgeous, In fact, I am wearing it today.

I’d love to find an absolute dead ringer dupe for MAC Grand Entrance e/s and Jardin Aires Pigment as well as Too Faced Glamazon and TheBalm Insane Jane shadows.

I totally agree. I never understood why they got rid of it (mind you, I feel the same about Matte2 and Mega Metals but at least they brought back the Extra Dimension shadows and kept some of them).

A super black foiled metallic. There are many foiled greys and graphite eyeshadows but no true black. Also, a hot red (think Sugarpill’s Love+) with red sparkles inspired by Dorothy’s ruby slippers. There are plenty of metallic reds but I’ve been trying to find something similar to Natasha Denona’s sparkling formula.

I agree! I am getting older, and don’t want to worry about glitter fallout from metallic shadows. I would love a satin version of Urban Decay Maui Wowie. It is such a beautiful color on me, but always leaves glitter on my face.

It’s not a shade I have always wanted, because I do have all of those in spades, but I am now searching for a dark plum shade that doesn’t lean pink or purplish. Preferably with a bit of a shimmer, but no glitter.
I would like to see a return to satin shades, as I think they are far more wearable than overly shimmery and metallic shades.
And yes, bring on some more cool toned palettes with not a red, pink or orange in sight.

Genevieve, the Viseart Palette, Bijoux Royal 09, has a nice shimmery plum in the bottom left hand corner. It doesn’t have an individual name, but stays true to plum without purple or pink.
And yes it’s time for Satin cool Palettes!

In my high school years (mid to late 70’s), I adored a spunsilver green shadow for my green eyes. It was gorgeous and I’ve not seen it since. It had a slight sheen, not pastel or light just a perfect green. That’s the best I can describe it.

Bonita, is the spunsilver green you are after, similar to a sage shade? If it is – have a look at the old Stila In the Garden palette, because there is a beautiful (to me spunsilver green) shade in the palette. I think I know what you mean.

Thank you so much. I ordered a slightly used one immediately after I looked at it from Mercari. You’re an angel for pointing that out to me. It’s not exact but it’s a beautiful color. I also watched the tutorial on application.

I find the rest of the shades pretty good too, except for the pink one. There’s a gorgeous taupe in there too. I just love that sage shade.
I am so glad that you found what you were looking for without paying an arm or a leg for it.

No particular color, I think (for the longest time I was desperate for a mustardy neutral but MAC came out with Outre, then several other brands came out with similar colors, including some indies, so I’m good there).

But I’m with several others here in that I crave satins — I’m so entirely sick of metallics and never wanted glitter. My current favorite shadows from ColourPop are satin and 50% of my like is for their finish.

I agree with you about satins and pearls, especially satins, as I prefer them to mattes. I want more duochromes, and multichromes in different combos, instead of just brown with teal, peach with pink, etc. A few years ago, I would have run off a list of brights, especially reds and purples, but brands have really stepped up their game. Plus, indies have been doing these shades well for years, and I’ve got a good variety of those.

I would like to find an permanent powder eyeshadow the shade of MAC Savant. It’s the biggest reason I bought the Bellgreens Palette, and I cannot find a dupe anywhere in the ballpark of being the same color, much less the same quality.

I would love for a brand to come out with a true holographic finish eyeshadow, not just a pan of rainbow stripes but something with a holographic finish like nail polishes have

I want mauves & rosy pinks. i do not know how to describe it but have not found it. ABH Buon Fresco is close, but I want something a little brighter or darker. I wanted the purple & pink shades in the KVD Pastel Goth palette, but sadly I missed out on it by one day! I was so sad! I do not see any close dupes for them.

Fyrinnae’s pressed version of “Parental Advisory” was a lovely purple shade (the loose version was too blue) and I still can’t find anything else that is such an exquisite violet purple shade like that. I have dozens of purple eyeshadows but they all lean too pink or blue (ALL OF THEM) and none are true violet purple the way this one is. 🙁

Hmmm, like you I can’t say I haven’t been able to find a certain eyeshadow, except perhaps a more purple violet version of Black Butterfly (from Colored Raine). I’m looking for rich, deep purple for brown eyes with that multi-colored pigmentation that Black Butterfly has.

However a color that I want and is the only reason I tried so hard to convince myself to by ABH’s Subculture is Urban Decay’s ‘Electric” (and I just can’t buy it because after I had a Sephora artist try it on my, it just doesn’t work for me.)

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