What do you think of BB creams?

What do you think of BB creams? Have you tried them?

I think the only one I’ve tried was MAC’s, which didn’t really work out for me since it made me look lighter/kind of ashy. I like the concept, though.

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I really like the versatility and the skincare-friendly concept, but unfortunately most American formulations are just glorified tinted moisturizers, and the Asian ones are too light in shade to match my NC37 skin.

I love the korean one I have Holika Holika Essential Petit BB cream in the orange packaging and lightest shade. Most of the American ones I’ve tried seemed more like a tinted moisturizer, and weren’t as multi-tasking as the the Korean ones. The other problem I’ve ran into is a lot of them are too dark for for me.

From everything I’ve read and the couple I’ve tried, US brands just don’t seem to be getting BBs yet, or maybe they’re not trying- it seems like they’re just rebranding tinted moisturizers.

Before I tried Asian BB creams, I fully expected them to be just that; over-hyped tinted moisturizer. I’m so glad I was proven wrong! My favorite BB, Missha Perfect Cover, has the coverage of a foundation (and a wider shade range than most BB’s- it’s the only one that’s truly fair enough for my NC/W 05 skin!) the feel of a moisturizing cream, the treatment benefits of a serum and a high SPF to boot. I’ve found nothing to beat it so far!

I haven’t even bothered with anything else–the first BB cream I tried was made in Korea, and the other two I’ve used are also produced there.  I tried Missha, and was happy with the coverage and pigmentation.  It seemed to be a wee bit light for my skintone, though I hadn’t gone with their lightest shade, but it made a good base for my foundation.
However, I bought some of Skin79 in the hot pink packaging and it’s basically replaced three products I used to use daily–primer, foundation, and concealer.  Now, I used the concealer for redness on my cheeks and, I have to say, with Skin79’s product, I feel confident enough to not just only wear the BB cream, but I also actually wear blush now when I’d almost never before. It’s definitely a holy grail type of product for me.
I wish the products they’re releasing in the US were being rated anywhere near the Korean ones, because the only downside to the Korean ones is the small spectrum of shades they’re available/working for, so I’d love to see some good BB creams that were usable shades for medium-dark skinned folks!

 @Quinctia Skin79 Hot Pink is my love. I like that it actually isn’t as colouring as foundation, if that makes any sense. Foundation almost always makes me feel self-conscious because it has too much colour pigment.

I’m in the Uk and from what I’ve seen Garnier seems to have a nice one, it smells beautiful too. I think I might get it. A friend got the L’oreal one but I thought it looked a little orange on her skin – might have been the wrong shade just.  All in all I think they are a nice idea if the weather is good at this time of year or you’re going on holiday, but I wouldn’t give up my full coverage for it!

@CiaraDonnelly I don’t know if the US and UK Garnier formula are the same, but I have tried the Garnier US version and despised it. I’m very fair (paler than MAC/MUFE pale) and the light shade of Garnier’s BB was dark and very orange on my neutral toned skin. It also gave almost no coverage- the beauty of a BB is that somehow, despite feeling lighter than foundation, many give a nice medium coverage. I highly suggest Missha Perfect Cover, I’ve tried about 10 different types from Skin 79, Hansen, Missha and US brands and it’s my favorite by far.

 @OutInAPout  @CiaraDonnelly I’ve tried the Garnier one here in Oz so don’t know which formula it was (they may be all the same) but it was horrible – I threw all my remaining samples of it out. Tacky texture, very light coverage and it gave me an very oily t-zone in about 15 minutes – which is sad, because I really wanted the garnier one to work as it’s a lot cheaper than the korean erborian one I use. The erborian bb cream on the other hand I love, it can tend to be a bit ashy but only when I unintentionally go heavy with the application. It gives me foundation style coverage, matte appearance and covers the dark circles under my eyes extremely well. It retails for $60 a pop over here though, and if it wasnt for the fact that I had a lot of beauty box points to redeem the both times I bought it I might have just bought a foundation somewhere else instead. That said, I still havent finished my first tube yet that I got back in Nov and use just about every day.

I’ve tried two different korean BB creams, Skinfood Aloe and Missha Perfect Cover. Missha seems to be better quality but Skinfood is not bad either. I like the idea that with these I can skip sunscreen, moisturiser and that they are lighter than a foundation but give more coverage (well some of them, like Missha Perfect Cover) than a tinted moisturiser.

I’ve been using Japanese brands of BB cream for a couple of years now. I started with Kate’s BB base. It didn’t really have any color in it, so I still had to use foundation over it. Then, I moved to Maybelline’s BB cream in 01, but it left me kind of ashy. I now use Kiss Me/Heroine Make. It’s really cheap here and works pretty well for me. It’s hard to find one that doesn’t run either to grey or too yellow. 

I have only tried one, Missha Signature Real Complete BB Cream, and I am somewhat satisfied with it. I absolute loathe regular foundations and tinted moisturizers (they look so unnatural, doesn’t cover the way I want and melt away/slides off within the first hour or two of wear), so my expectations of BB creams weren’t very high. I just thought it would be another liquid foundation with a different name. This one actually has nice coverage without looking too unnatural and I was able to find a shade that matches my skintone (most foundations are waaay too yellow-green-beige on me). It’s definitely not something I would wear every day, it feels too heavy on my skin for that, but for a night out it seems like a decent option.

Real (asian) BB creams are amazing, all the western ones (Dior, Estee Lauder, Smashbox and so on) in my opinion are just tinted moisturizers, they’re not BB creams, so they’re nothing new or special at all.

None of the ones I’ve tried yet have been impressive…mostly just glorified, re-branded tinted moisturizers.  I’ve looked at some of the Asian brands as well but all the colors seems to cool for my skin with lots of pink undertones.  It sounds like a great idea but I’m sticking with my traditional skincare and foundations.

I’ve tried a couple, one Korean one (Erborian) and the other is Dior Hydra Life. The Korean one is also too light for my skin tone, and the gray undertone is something I honestly do not want to deal with. Also, the texture was way too thick, and it neither moisturizes my cheeks nor control oil in my T-zone.
Dior Hydra Life, on the other hand, is something I’ve been using ever since I got it! It has replaced my foundation now. I like how it works as a lotion, sunscreen, and good base, all without feeling too heavy, and I can blend it very easily with my fingers. The color is also a great match for my skin tone. It’s a total winner in my book! 
I don’t know if I want to get more BB creams though. I’m not very adventurous when it comes to my base makeup. Unless I get a sample packet and am sure I’ll love it, I don’t think I’ll start buying more BB creams!

I’ve only tried one – from Marcelle, which is a Canadian company.  I actually like everything about it (coverage, how light it feels, etc.) EXCEPT the fact that it has no sun protection (it’s not very moisturizing, so I thought it would be good for summer and then I saw that it has no SPF).  I’ve contacted the company, asking how they can make their claims about offering protection from the aging effects of the environment and they were nice enough to get back to me to say they ARE releasing a version with SPF in the next months and they gave me a bunch of coupons to use.  I’m thinking of trying Estee Lauder’s BB cream since it does have SPF in it.  To be honest, I very much like the idea of these creams, if I can find one that has good colour, coverage, feel AND has SPF.

I’ve not tried one but now I’m really interested in trying them, if I can find one that works on my pale caucasian skin.

That they are only suitable for people with a much fairer skintone than me, i have yet to come across ones that are made for medium south asian skintone. But the ones that my friends have tried all seem to say its just the same as tinted moisturiser

I love the concept of them, but I’ve yet to find one light enough for my skin in the US. I tried out one by Dr. Jart at Sephora and it felt very nice but it made me orange.

I’ve never found any light enough here in the UK either. They’re all medium with a lot of yellow undertones and I’m really pale so it just makes me look orange! It’s a good idea (if they work) but I don’t think there is enough colour options to make it a reasonable choice for most women

I’ve only tried 3, from Korea, and I’ve loved them all: Skinfood Gingko, Etude House Magic (the white tube with the purple cap) and Missha’s BB cream (the one in the red tube; I forget its name). I don’t really believe in their anti-aging, scar fading claims but, I like how lightweight they all feel, how long lasting they are, the flexible coverage (with Skinfood and Missha, I don’t have to bother with concealer) and because they were supposed to be “tapped in”, application is super easy: fingertips works just as well as—if not better than—brushes. I’ve also noticed with Missha’s that it seems to dry out my acne. With Missha’s, I do have to be careful about not overdoing though, or it’ll get that ashy look.

I like BB cream a lot, esp asian BB Creams, like Missha, Etude, Holika Holika, Skin79 etc.
I’ve never been satisfied with non asian BB Creams, I don’t know why. But I’ve tried the one by maybelline, l’oreal, and MAC, and all of them feel weird.
In other hands, asian BB creams that I’ve tried , feel really light but give me enough coverage. I also like the fact that they have SPF , because people with oily skin like me, don’t get along really well with wearing sunscreen under foundation. So BB Cream is a good option. and the natural finish it provides, is really suitable for summer where people don’t want to wear heavy make up.

NC30 w/ combo skin. 
I currently use Missha #27 and i reach for this over my other high end liquid foundation. 
I haven’t tried other bb creams because of limited color shades.  I’m really interested in Etude house and I plan to buy other asian bb creams.  Western BB creams don’t appeal to me bc of poor reviews.
BB cream is just easier to blend with my fingers, doesn’t feel heavy, pea size amount covers my face, i use as concealer when i’m super lazy(ha!) and amazing staying power especially from the florida sun.

I have only used the BB cream by Too Faced and I personally love it. I probably don’t use it like some people do though. I wear it underneathe my foundation as my primer, for added coverage and I swear by it. It keeps my foundation in place all day at work, and provides more coverage for my stubborn freckles! I work at a dermatology office and people constantly compliment my skin, not knowing that I am wearing makeup lol.

I’ve never tried any of the Asian BB creams, but the UK/USA versions I’ve tired have been total rubbish. They’re just glorified tinted moisturisers that don’t do my oily skin any favours whatsoever, and they don’t live up to any of the ridiculous claims they make. 

I think they are too thick. I have never got a perfect one. The best one I’ve ever tried is from Missha, but it has a lot of fragment inside-I really can’t stand such thing near or on my nose.

I’ve been using one from Marcelle recently, which is my first experiment with them. The shade is too dark for my skin, but it sheers out pretty well and i usually top it with a lighter tinted moisturiser or translucent powder and it looks fine. I’m actually really impressed with this one, since it keeps the right amount of moisture in my skin, blends away imperfections and has some magic that makes my makeup last forever (well, until I take it off). 

I have Missha Matte (waaay too light) and Missha Perfect Cover No. 31 (toooo dark and yellowish!). Though neither matches my skin at all I love the way they make my skin feel  after wearing them–they are soothing, my skin stays matte while they are on, my pores shrink..I have more working with them to do. I can mix a bit of each together to get a more wearable shade, and contour with bronzer and it is more doable but still a bit too “warm-toned” AND ashy for my skin. I am not a face makeup wearer though–I have Almay Perfectshade Foundation in medium and it’s fantastic, but I have a twice-used Bobbi Brown foundation stick in Warm Honey which is slightly too dark and I can’t get a refund or exchange since I bought it at Barney’s :(–I want to play with blending these to get a good result since I love what Missha does for the skin, and honestly wish I could get an unpigmented version of the product–so soothing, sunscreen, mattifying, supposedly anti-aging too, and not department store-expensive! I will try more and maybe one day I will find one that just matches my skin perfectly like Almay Perfectshade! 

It’s a must for me. I use one from Skin79 and it beats all foundations I’ve used before including Revlon, Nars sheer glow, MUF HD or even Chanel. I’ve also tried BB cream from Smashbox and Clinique but they are not as good. I use Base and Primer from Korea brand also and they work perfectly. The only time that I would switch back to foundation would be when I run out of my BB and it takes time to order them from Korea.

I like the multitasking they do. I’ve tried more expensive ones and likedthem fine, but for the price I can’t beat the garnier one on my skin. Yes, really.

i also like dior hydra life. it works perfectly on my NC20 golden complexion. i also tried NARS and Too Faced. NARS seemed blotchy and cakey. TF had a nice formula, but not a good color match.

I would love to try one of the Asian/Korean ones. The problem is that I wouldn’t know where to start or how to get a good matching shade based on an online swatch. I’m generally a MUFE 127 but even that isn’t a perfect match for my pale olive/yellow tones. Plus, in summer, the brutal Texas sun turns me into a vague approximation of MUFE 155 (and that’s after wearing sunscreen!). With my colouring all over the place, what I hear about the super paleness of the Asian colours, unsureness about coverage, or the impact on my combo skin, I’m not sure I’d ever order one sight unseen.  Plus, I’m not keen on blending multiple products together to get something close to my skin shade. Just don’t have the time or energy.

 @Nicoco Chanel  Thank you! I’m so grateful for the heads-up and the guidance. It’s great that there are sample sizes available in case I end up getting something too pale. I really appreciate it!!!  Based on what others here have written, I guess it’s best to try Misscha first and then maybe Etude or Skin79? Let’s hope Google will help me find which shade is close to my colouring. Again, thank you!! 🙂

I love BB cream. By loreal in the cosmetic.isle.it totally smoothed out my imperfections.And.eraased.the lines.of a birthark over my right eye on my eyebrow area.i am 50 And it maid my face look a lil younger.soother.&.perfect.almost.flawless.it comes out white.i dont see.tint in it.but i do put my found as tion over
t.&.my face loiks wonderful.And the next day bwfire i washed my face..it,,still looked wonderful. A fan if american BB cream bt loreal !

American BB Creams are so different from Korean BB Creams!  The former is more reminiscent of tinted moisturizer.  I’ve tried one of each.  My first BB Cream was Dr. Jart Silver Label.  Dr. Jart’s BB Cream finish is very beautiful, covering exceptionally well (even better than most foundations!).  Nevertheless, it initially broke me out terribly, but, when I tried it again several weeks later due to love of the finish, I had no more breakouts.  Clinique BB Cream, on the other hand, does not cover quite as well and is definitely more tinted-moisturizer like.  I still have to wear the concealer with the Clinique BB Cream…but not with Dr. Jart. 

I tried the Missha BB Cream after many of my East Asian friends recommended it. I have sensitive, acne prone skin and it is apparently supposed to help with acne (BB standing for “Blemish Balm) but of course, that was too good to be true and my skin broke out terribly. My friends then joked that it didn’t work for me because I’m only half Asian 🙂 It’s a shame though because I liked the coverage and the high SPF, I have yet to try any of the American BB Creams but after my bad experience I don’t really want to.

IMO, the US versions are gimmicks; they really do seem to be just tinted moisturizers. I can’t speak from experience about Asian BBs, but from what I’ve heard they seem to be really neat/unique! That said, they could just be gimmicks too for all I know. The limited shade range is also disappointing.

I have the Garnier one and I like it quite a bit. I haven’t noticed many skin benefits from using it but I like the sunscreen, moisturization and light tint for every day, It is more moisturizing then a regular tinted moisturizer.  it can really subsitute as a daily moisturizer for me. i wish I could try the asian ones but that sounds like an impossible mission.  I know people think they are gimmicky and just rebranded tint. moist. but they should try them before they knock ’em!

I love Korean bb-creams, but I’ve heard all bb-creams released in the Western market are completely different, more like a tinted moisturizer, which is a pity because the original concept is so great. I’m extremely pale (NW5-10, ghost white with yellow undertones) and I’ve been using the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream in #1 for years. It was recently discontinued (the formula was renewed, and the fairest tone is now way too dark for me), so I’m now waiting for a tube of Skin79 Vital Orange which I’ve read is as pale as Missha M Perfect Cover in #13 (the palest shade) except with yellow undertones instead of greyish as the Missha one. The good part about bb-creams is that most tend to give medium to heavy coverage but don’t feel cakey on the face, they can be used as concealers for redness and undereye circles, they come with SPF, and they usually have bonuses such as whitening, brightening etc, although I’m not too sure about their effects… Nevertheless, they make one’s face look brighter and very natural, I have been told many, many times that I have “such perfect skin” when it’s just my bb-cream!

last summer i used Skin79 brand of BB cream and found it too greasy and hard to wear in the heat. now, i’m trying Racel K CC cream and it’s a lil dry — have to make sure i have on enough moisturizer. but, it doesn’t cover that well. think i’ll just stick with my Estee Lauder Doublewear. :)))

Currently in love with Dr. Jart Premium. Perfect with my pale complexion, has a high SFP, flawless finish… NEVER going back to regular foundation. Ever.

totally in love with BB creams. I prefer Asian creams, not totally crazy about the western versions. Skin79 rules.

Agreed! I think they are soooo overrated. They don’t give the coverage necessary and they break me out. Every. Single. One. AHHHHH

I have very tan and oily skin especially during summer time and BB cream seems to be for lighter and dryer skin guys/girls…
I tried a few testers from those major makeup brands just to feel them and can’t really tell the difference between BB cream and tinted moisturizers .
for Asian one, I have never tried myself but have seen few of my friends using them..
they look ashy on skin .. kind of make skin grey and paler in a way.. like waering a mask…

 @hwendy My skin is EXTREMELY oily and the Smashbox one is very good for oily skin.  I do add a touch of Light primer on top, but it really controls oil far better than any tinted moisturizer I’ve tried.  The main reason I like this BB is the fact that my skin condition has improved since using it.   It supposedly has anti-aging properties too.  

The only brand I’ve ever bought BB creams from is Skin79, though I’ve had samples from some others. I adore how most of them make my skin feel but haven’t yet found one that’s a keeper because I’m always having issues between texture and coverage. I like light-textured products but want more of a medium than light coverage 😛 I did get a sample of the Garnier BB cream last month and really liked it, I think it might be my next buy when I run out of the ones I’ve already got, but even if it’s not, I’m definetaly putting it on my wishlist 😛

@Kimberly BB stands for blemish balm (originally) or beauty balm. It’s basically tinted moisturizer with benefits. Foundation, concealer, sunblock, moisturizer & antiaging cream (depending on the variation) all in one! If I’m not mistaken, the trend originated in Asia by dermatologists & was given to patients post laser surgery as a topical cream to heal & conceal. Supposed to be popular for getting a natural “no makeup” look while nourishing & protecting the skin. 😉

I  have the Haskin one from Korea…I think that is the name….was given as a gift when the friend went to Korea…..tried it once…UGGGGH…..turn my skin tone to Ashen Grey….I have Asian skin tone……think I am going to return it back to her so it is not wasted.

I don’t like any of the Asian ones (I have very sensitive skin to oils and I also am medium toned) but I love the Smashbox BB cream.  It’s great for my skin and since I started using it, I stopped wearing foudnation.

I agree that I like the concept of BB creams, I haven’t had a chance to try out too many though. I’m not a fan of buying products online, so Asian BB creams are hard to come from, and the ones at Sephora are expensive. I did try the Garnier one, which actually lasted all day, but the coloring was too off. I also tried a sample of the Boscia one, which wore well and provided me with a good amount of coverage, but I wasn’t a fan of the shimmer in it. I do want to try some more though, because I like them more than liquid foundation.

I have tried a ton of BB creams at sephora and none of them really compare to the Korean BBs. Clinique’s is probably the best I’ve tried, but still not a true BB cream. My favorite Korean BBs are The Face Shops Aqua Face it and Power Perfection Face it,Skin79 Snail (gross but it works!), Skin79 VIP Gold, and BRTC Jasmine Water

I’m actually surprised how much this type of product works for me.  I think you do have to find one which matches your skin tone, because they have a more limited range than foundations.  The Dr. Brandt one was entirely too orange on me and made me look like I had an awful fake tan.  Much to my surprise (i almost NEVER use drugstore brand makeup!) the Garnier Fructis one is really nice- I use it in light/medium and it gives me a nice, dewy look, has a pleasant smell, and doesn’t make my combination skin look gross at the end of the day.  I think these are highly personal- you have to try a bunch to find the one that works because they all have different formulations and colors!

Well, my problem with western BB creams is that they’re basically tinted moisturizers but with a new name which is quite annoying an gives Asian Bb creams a bad rep.

I think American bb creams are crap compared to Asian BB creams. America has given bb creams a bad rep in the sense that they’re like a tinted moisturizer when asian bb creams are 100% amazing.

I think I’d be super into trying one if it didn’t have a lightening effect and was actually a BB cream sold here in the U.S., rather than a tinted moisturizer parading as a BB cream. I don’t think the companies putting out products in the U.S. (at least what I’ve seen) quite get what it’s supposed to involve yet, most of the ones I’ve heard about here don’t have all the benefits BB creams are supposed to have. Hopefully they will figure it out, it could be a great seller here if it was done right.

I’ve tried both Korean and American BB creams and I’ve come to the conclusion that the Korean BB cream rocks! My favorite brands are Skin79 and Skinfood since they provide good coverage. I’ve recently gotten compliments on how good my skin looks yet no one seems to realize that I have anything on ;D. American BB creams are too much like tinted moisturizers so I’d rather stick to the Korean stuff until the American brands get with the program.

I’ve tried several Asian and “Western” brands.

The Asian creams go on like a dream. They feel and look surreal. What people don’t understand, however, is that they’re full of bad-for-your-skin ingredients. People with non-sensitive skin might get away with wearing BB creams by Skin79, Missha, or Elisha Coy. But if you’re like me, you’re going to spend weeks trying to get your skin back to normal after it breaks out in cystic acne. There’s a reason why American BBs aren’t anything like the Asian ones…they can’t use the same crappy ingredients.

The American BB creams tend to be WAY too dark for my skin and yes, most of them go on like a tinted moisturizer but at least they won’t break you out (for the most part…read the ingredients).

The only “BB cream” I like is by Omorovicza. It’s the only silicone-free cream that I know of, it makes your skin look radiant, and it IS actually very good for your skin. The only downside is that it does go on like a tinted moisturizer…and it costs a whole lot.

I have been very pleased with Boscia BB Cream, but it takes a lot of rubbing to blend it in, which can aggravate oil production. Otherwise I’ve used Too Faced, which I’ve read is not a typical BB Cream. It’s nice, but not amazing. I tried Garnier, but it was a heavy nightmare on my face that broke me out like crazy. Garnier also has a lot of alcohol denat (you can smell it), which isn’t my first choice as an ingredient in a skin care product. I haven’t tried any of the iconic Asian brands because 1. they look ridiculously light for my olive skin, 2. some brands contain ingredients like pearl powder, (which can poison skin with mercury and/or lead), or snail slime, caviar, or other oils from living creatures. Also, I want skin lightening only on certain spots or areas. I don’t want to bleach my whole face.

I use Estee Lauder’s BB cream and it works amazing. I put it on after my moisturizer making it go on smooth as silk. It is super light weight. I don’t wear any other makeup. Absolutely love it. (I have not tried any Korean brands). Any recommendations on the best Korean CC creams as you cannot get CC cream in the US yet (Olay is coming out with one in October).

I LOVE BB Creams. I know some people have problems with BB creams and acne but I’ve never experienced it (I’m Asian) despite having sensitive skin. Some of the BBs are a bit too rich for me (I live in a HOT country so my skin looks oily if the BB is too heavy) but not more so than a normal foundation 🙂

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