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Something I’ve been appreciating from the brand lately is they actually have quiet, smaller seasonal releases, though perhaps the fact that very few are talking about them suggests that’s not the most successful way to go about releasing products! I think the brand has improved their offerings from when it first debuted, so it’s nice to see that.

— Christine


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Seraphine Avatar

I love the Highliners! So far, I haven’t had a problem with them drying out, and I’ve had some of them for a couple of years. (I always swivel them back down and put the cap on very tightly.) I like that this brand isn’t putting out a ridiculous ton of products, concentrating more on quality than quantity. On the negative side, the products are a bit pricey.

lisas1970 Avatar

The only Marc Jacobs product I have is pencil eyeliner, which I love!! Beautiful colors that don’t smudge. I’m still debating on whether to buy the new Jet Girl or Chanel’s metal peach . Oh I have the dew drops in gold but not super impressed. I am going to give them another shot. I definitely recommend his eye pencils, I have oily eyelids so I’m always apprehensive about pencils.

Lauren Avatar

I had a lip creme by Marc Jacobs that was part of a points purchase. I liked it, but didn’t love it. I also got the gel liner as a points redemption and it didn’t work for me. Everyone seems to love it though so I’m blaming my eyes! I don’t have a positive or negative opinion about Marc Jacobs… just nothing that wows me enough to want to branch out. It also doesn’t help that Marc Jacobs products aren’t sold in store near me so I haven’t had the chance to swatch anything in person.

Ana Maria Avatar

All I know about Marc Jacobs is that my mom doesn’t really wear make-up, but she’ll use the Highliner in Blacquer every day. It’s the only think she asks as a present (I don’t think I’m allowed to visit her without one 😆 ). And she wants the full size, she is very opinionated on the fact that the minis are more dry.
I mean… I know a product it’s good when people who aren’t into make-up like it.

Otherwise… the brand seems very low key to me. But I do agree with Christine and I like that the brand is more quiet, sticks to it’s core old and true products, with some well curated seasonal releases.
I also like that they always had good minis (including sets) for liners, mascaras, lip products, primer; for a pricier item, it’s good to try out first a smaller size.
I do like how they have fun names for products (Under(cover), Shameless, Re(Marc)able, Youthquake), without being tacky.

But I personally haven’t tried many items from the brand. The foundations and concealers either have alcohol or fragrance (or both), which I avoid. I like Velvet Noir mascara, but not to the status of holly grail.

I really like the color selection for the eye-conic eyeshadow palette… but that long shape is really not that practical from my point of view. But it looked great on Tati’s display. 😆 I don’t know… maybe keep them long, but less round (???); and made them such that they can be either stacked or snapped together (???)

Nancy T Avatar

Love: Honestly, I don’t own enough of MJ’s products to state all, but I do love the Blacquer Hi-Liner eye pencil, my lone lipgloss of his called Atomic, and I’d love to finally buy Night Fever & Hot Stuff(?) blush. Very interested in seeing how the holiday Elect-trick palette fared, too?

Hate/dislike: Inconsistent product performance across the brand, even across the same type of product. Definitely a brand I won’t buy from without reviews to give me a heads up as to whether it’s a winner or a flop! I will say this; I am NOT happy about him using PET glitter in the See-quins eyeshadows. Very dangerous and irresponsible. I did have a piece of glitter get stuck and cause terrible irritation and redness. Dislodged it using a sterile saline solution and artificial tears, but I was actually pretty scared that I’d have to go to my opthalmologist for it and dreaded that. I will now remove See-quins using UPWARDS, away from the eye movements, and do so in front of my lighted mirror to insure getting every single piece off before removal of mascara and everything else!

Christina D. Avatar

First and foremost, I heart MJB because they are cruelty-free. Next, I love the quality and diversity of the eyeshadows (both palettes and singles — I rarely buy singles but for MJB); MJB makes perhaps my favorite eyeliners; and, for the longest time, the Air Blushes have been my absolute favorite blushes (they still are, although Cover FX blushes are now tied with MJB in that category). That said, my only rant would be: more Air Blushes please!

Debra Avatar

My favorite product from Marc Jacobs is the Highliner Gel eyeliners. I currently have about 7 of them. They are long wearing and they are very easy to apply. I love the color selections that he has. I also like his lip glosses. I am considering purchasing his Holiday Eye-Conic eyeshadow palette.

Deborah S. Avatar

Never met a See-Quinn’s that I didn’t love. I have been very selective in purchasing Marc Jacobs products and have either been lucky or just better informed but other than the mascara I have loved everything that I have purchased from the brand and I don’t have anything to complain about.

Wednesday Avatar

Very hit and miss for me; mostly miss.

Used to love the coloured gel liners, but hate how quickly they dry out.. I’ve moved on.

Everyone seems to love MJ blush formula, I do not. Cannot put my exact finger on it, but think they look chalky on me. I find application temperamental. I have other blushes in my stash easier and effortless.

I have 3 e/s of palettes, 2 are wins with the third being gorgeous, but lousy pigmentation. I do tend to like the overall aesthetic of his palettes.

Never tried a complexion product because I find the shade names and descriptions to be confusing. Haven’t really tried that hard tbh.

Oh, and win for mascara ?

Mariella Avatar

I had the same experience with the liner drying out. I only have one – BrownOut – and loved it at first and then was dismayed when it became unusable. I “solved” the problem by dripping in a few drops of Inglot Duraline and then capping it tightly and storing it “tip side up” for a few days. It made it usable again but I doubt I’ll repurchase.

I do love their skinny liners. I’ve got 3 of them (black and 2 different shades of blue) that I use to tightline my upper lash line and it makes all the difference in how “bright” I look and those liners really stay put. I tried one of his mascaras and wasn’t thrilled and also returned the only e/s palette I got from MJ. OTOH, I love his shimmery single shadows (I’ve not tried the mattes) though I’d be happier with a smaller pan and smaller price.

c.m.berkers Avatar

LIKE: Gilty highlighter (tempted by Jet Girl but currently on the fence), the gel lipsticks are a nice formula. I liked the formula of the Re(marc)able full cover foundation but struggled to get a proper colour match online.

DISLIKE: Hated the coconut primer, disliked the Blaquer liner (too stiff, dried out fast) mostly ambivalent about the Velvet Noir mascara.

Jane Avatar

Easy answer here:
Really like his lip glosses and concealer (if that concealer was large, it would be my go-to for a summer stick foundation, as I already use the concealer as such.)
Like less: no small palette and the inconsistency in the slender, elongated palettes. I only have one and though it’s nice, for the price it should be the bomb.

Katy Avatar

Like everyone else, I love MJ’s Highliner. But the thing I adore about MJ is their traditional bullet lipstick (speaking of the full sized, not the mini.) MJ has THE absolute best colors and the most creamy, long lasting formula. And it’s one of the few brands where the nude colors actually show up on my lips and the color lasts!

Mary Avatar

I love Marc Jacobs Air Blush ! I have 2 and it’s pretty much all I wear .
Plus I love some of the EyeConic shadow palettes like Scandalust .
I couldn’t wear one of his High-liner pencils due to the shimmer , it just made my eyes tear up , unfortunately , however it was beautiful.

Genevieve Avatar

I don’t own any MJ products so it is difficult for me to comment. I think their foundations, eye pencils and eyeshadows are pretty good, although a tad expensive.
I like the way the brand releases a few items at a time, not over the top and accompanied by huge fanfare…like some other brands we know.

Susan Nevling Avatar

I’ve only ever used the hi-liners and I love them. Don’t know why I haven’t tried other products but have no opinion due to lack of experience with them.

xamyx Avatar

While I do love absolutely everything about the one item I own, a highlighter, nothing else has even made think about looking into… I did swatch the foundation once, but found the formula too matte & dry to even consider trying on my face, and the undertones in the shades closest to me ran far too yellow. When I’m in Sephora, I don’t even bother looking at the display.

Also, while I don’t personally like the idea of actively boycotting a brand based on personal/political views, the fact he has supported some things I find morally reprehensible, it makes it alot easier to dismiss the brand altogether…

Helene Avatar

I have so far not tried a MJB product I didn’t like.
However the Highliners I have are very dry, but they are probably around three years, I do have very similar products from Chanel, you all know the ones, and they are just as old if not older and they are in perfect working order. The brand is on the pricier side, if it was a bit less costly I’d probably have more of their slender eye shadow palettes.

MackinacFleurs Avatar

I own many Marc Jacobs beauty products and I am done with the brand! the inconsistency of the products is not worth my hard earned money; besides I really dislike their marketing campaigns. Nowadays there are so many beauty brands with much better products out there.

Shelby Avatar

I’m so with you on the smaller, quieter releases, Christine. With such oversaturation in the market, it actually gets me excited about products.
I really enjoy that I actually haven’t had any misses form Marc Jacobs either! I have 10 or so products varying from lipsticks to liner to bronzers and would rank them all at least 8/10.

kjh Avatar

Being that one in a thousand for whom the high liners do not work…gone in 15-30 seconds, no better with primer…i was so totally bummed that I have avoided the brand. Colored liners are a big weakness, so that was a major disappointment. I got the first big eye palette though, and find it easy, useable, and well worth gifting. I remain tempted by Steeletto. As with CT, the Colorways are often just wrong.

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