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Green Eyeshadow

I love green eyeshadow in all forms! Warm, cool, light, dark, matte, shimmer… Nothing to dislike… except there aren’t enough of them by mainstream brands!

— Christine


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Nancy T Avatar

As someone who has blue-green eyes, what is there NOT to love about green eyeshadows? Of course I love and wear most shades of green: emerald or teal to go matchy-matchy, forest, swampy lime like MAC Savant, army green for grungy, contrasting green that makes my eyes seem bluer, yellow-green to make the greenish gold flecks near my pupils stand out. Yeah, I love me some greens!

AJ Avatar

What I love about green eyeshadow: It is green and it is eyeshadow. Two of my favorite things, together! I also appreciate that several brands have released some great all-green or mostly-green palettes in a variety of price ranges, so any green lover can easily have a lot of options at their fingertips.

What I don’t like about green eyeshadow: When certain brands think you can put a few shades of green in an otherwise generic neutral palette and market it as a green palette. Not that I’m thinking of any specific brands or anything.

Wednesday Avatar

Sadly, one of my worst colours other than yellows and browns. There are a few shades I can wear, but I do not find they do anything special for my eyes despite having grey green eyes.. I can do a bit of deeper green khaki and weird green muted shades like Rhino from ND safari and also conversely a more blue undertone green, but my skin has a slight green cast and wearing green can make me look green so I look, but rarely buy because it is rare hit and mostly complete miss.

Mariella Avatar

I do love them but find that with the brighter ones (shades like MAC Steamy and ABH Venice), as much as I love them, I often shy away from wearing them as they are so “green” and I’m pretty conservative. But the darker, murkier, more olive toned shades (MAC Sumptuous Olive, for example) or just darker, smokier ones (MAC Plumage, Nars Old Church Street) are shades I love wearing.

Kate Avatar

It’s hard to find a GREEN that is bright, deep and not leaning too yellow or too blue. I’m obsessed with green and always searching for the PERFECT green.

Jo Avatar

Wait… You like green eyeshadow, Christine?! :p

I would never have imagined ever thinking about wearing green eyeshadow until I came across this site a year ago while trying to fine the right foundation shade. As I explored the site and read lots of blog entries here, Christine’s love of green eyeshadow made me want to try some. I love the color green, but for eyeshadow I choose more muted or dulled down greens, and use it mostly to pop a more neutral look.

Genevieve Avatar

I love, love and love green eyeshadows – but I am very fussy about the finishes – satins and soft shimmers only,
The kinds of green shades I like are: olive greens, olive browns, soft minty greens and darker greens like Damaged from UD Vice 2.
I think these kind of greens work well with either neutral shades or in summery eye looks as well.

What I don’t like is yellowy greens or neon shades, aquas and turquoise kind of greens.

brendacr1 Avatar

I looooove green! Did I say I love it?? My husband is starting to come around to darker army greens which is a start, so I can wear a little bit of green around him now. I would wear every shade and nuance of green whatever, whenever and however, it’s all good to me.

Pamela Avatar

I love how green shadow can complement yellow. I love to pair the two for an intense and coherent look. I enjoy a lime green or chartreuse with a rich sunshine yellow or a shimmery olive with molten yellow.

Helene Avatar

I love green eyeshadow. Wearing MAC Sumptuous Olive today, paired with a paler gold, also from MAC.
I wear a lot of greens. Sumptuous Olive is a favourite as is Lucky Green, ond of my first MAC purchases was a lovely green, Sprout, I still have it, but it’s not useable anymore, I just keep it as a nostalgic little remainder thing.
I like both cool and warm greens, but stay away from teal and turquoise shades.

Claire Renee Avatar

I love my Mac Humid eyeshadow for a real green. Also Steamy for more of a turquoise color. I’ve got an old Avon lime green shadow that I sometimes pull out in summer. And I love a dark teal eyeliner. My eyes are a light brown with yellowish/green flecks.

Ana Maria Avatar

I love a dark forest or jewel toned green. I’m not a fan of pastel or light toned greens.
Although many brands have green, I don’t see many doing beautiful deep toned greens… there are too many mossy greens, “money” greens, olives… I guess for me everything goes back to the fact that yellow undertones make my eyes look tired, and most greens are too yellow based.
Also, many greens are quite patchy, especially the more matte ones. It’s easy to find good green shimmers, but mattes are tricky.
And I hate that MAC discontinued all my favorite greens. 😅

Z Avatar

Love – “dirty” greens like Melt’s Gemini, Destiny from ABH Subculture. Rich shimmery greens like Melt Smoke Sessions, UD GoT The Sight, some rando indie shimmers…

Dislike – “cold” greens like light sages and silvery mints. Those are atrociously ugly on my skin.

Caroline Avatar

I absolutely love green eyeshadows!! Green makes my brown eyes pop, and for me it’s like the final piece of my makeup jigsaw puzzle (I’m currently wearing CT’s Green Lights quad). Forest green, olive green, you name it, I probably have it.
On the down side, I’m not keen on the tacky, puky neon green or aqua shades which I find always look very OTT and cheap. In my opinion they belong in a child’s paintbox rather than a makeup palette, but each to their own.

Samanatha Avatar

Like??? Try Obsessed. My collection of eyeshadows is always side eyeing me when I put a green eyeshadow single or palette in my cart. I love purples, I like blues, pinks tickle my fancy, oranges can be spicy, reds always bring that fire – BUT greens – Greens are my life! I feel that there are more different types of greens than there are any other color. I could well be wrong but the way I brighten up every time I see a green palette or some nice green single shadows come into view, you would think I had never seen greens before. I am bewitched tty green eyeshadows and my brown eyes love them so much. I don’t think that there is any green tone that I have said no to.

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