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These days, I tend to use beautyblenders if I reach for a sponge, but I still reach and use brushes in most instances. I like using a beautyblender for final touches or to tamp down a bit of powderiness if I don’t want to use a setting spray/mist over everything. They’re such a pain to clean–I just feel like it takes so much water to do so–compared to brushes for me.

— Christine

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I love that they can apply foundation super quick and not aggravate tiny dry areas of the face like a brush would. They’re really gentle and feels so nice on the skin upon application.

Downside is they need to be replaced, and my laziness means they’re not washed as often as they should. I’ve devoted the last year to stop using sponges in an effort to be more environmentally conscious about using sponges. I do miss using them from time to time.

Beautyblender actually claims that the sponges are recyclable and sustainable (you use only 4 a year): https://beautyblender.com/blogs/beauty-101/sustainable-makeup-recycle-your-beautyblender

Still, I don’t think most municipalities will actually recycle through curbside, the workers might just toss sponges if they see them in the load. But even so, the colored ones (especially the black) might be harder to process and it assumes that the sponges is very clean (no make-up residue).

The best option I see is retailers like Sephora or Ulta partnering up with Beautyblender and Terracycle to allow sponge drop-off for recycling (once all stores are open). I understand that recycling all make-up packaging will need tons of resources from teh retailers, but sponges have a smaller footprint, a simple Terracycle bin would suffice.

While I do agree brands should make more progress in helping recycling (or re-using or upcycling), Sephora and Ulta can’t become the dumpsters of costumers. Just imagine the space and personal required 10-20 customers bringing a bag of empties each day. That’s why I only mentioned sponges, since they have a smaller footprint. I still hope someone comes up with a large scale solution that makes it easier for the regular consumers who aren’t so knowledgeable in recycling policies.

They are OK, but in the last 1-2 years I rarely used one, I much prefer using my fingers to apply foundation and concealer. I have the black one from Sephora but I haven’t touched it in months so I’m even debating throwing it away.

While I do somewhat like a dense buffing foundation brush like MAC 170 (I never managed to work with those paddle flat brushes or the duo-fiber stippling ones), if I’m to use a tool, it’s a beauty sponge. I like the finish and the ease of application better. It takes me longer than using my fingers, but it takes less than buffing with a brush to get a perfected base.

I agree they are a pain to clean, especially for someone like me who needs to wash it well after each use (sincerely, I simply can’t imagine myself using twice an unwashed sponge or foundation brush… I’m grossed out by the mere idea 😆 ). Well… when I used them, the nice part of washing them after each use is that next day I would have a damp sponge without wetting it.

I also didn’t liked that I had to always close the door of my bathroom while letting it dry (or remembering to put it in those sponge cases with air flow holes. If my cat finds it… it’s sponge massacre. To be truth, in the past I used sponge she only left a couple of teeth marks in (after a good wash), but she completely destroyed 2 or 3.

I have one of the teardrop wonder blenders from Shop Miss A. I really like it for applying my BB cream. I think it gives a less streaky appearance on my face and I use less product than I would with a brush. I only ever use sponges dry, so I don’t feel like they are more difficult to clean than a brush. I also use the wedge shaped sponges to apply primer that is in a pot, for concealer, or to clean up eyeshadow edges.

Because I have large pores in places, plus some fine lines under my eyes, I do like how beauty sponges give me a more airbrushed finish to my foundation and concealer.
However… there’s the cleaning. They are such a pain to get thoroughly clean! You are right, Christine; a LOT of water.

I wonder how many people tried the hacks with putting them in the dishwasher or washing machine to get them really clean. Would be less water… 😆 And I don’t mean putting them with dishes, some people run cycles with toys or the disinfectant other things as well.

I love the baby sponges for blending concealer around my eyes and they also work well for applying undereye setting powder. If I want a lighter application of foundation (on a good skin day), I get the best result with the Beauty Blender. It’s also the best way to apply foundation if my skin is at all flaky because a brush seems to stir up the flakes. As for cleaning, foundation brushes have the advantage of not staining. It takes a few sudsings (more than a few for my Artis brush) to get the foundation out but I don’t need to cleanse them first with oil, which I need to do to get foundation stains out of my sponge. On the other hand, sponges are easier to rinse clean and you don’t have to wait for them to dry. If I have been using my Artis brush, the drying time well over 24 hours. I have started buying the Beauty Blender over other brands because it is made in the USA.

LIKE: They’re easy and quick to use, and using them for application keep fuller coverage foundations from creasing in my forehead lines.

DISLIKE: They stain easily and they’re a pain to wash.

I’ve tried them in the past, but I find them kind of icky, so I don’t use them anymore. I just don’t feel like I could ever get them clean enough.

I tried one and just can’t – I feel like it soaked up all my product and I had to use double the amount. I didn’t like that it stains the sponge or that it was gross looking after just 2 uses. I’ve always just used my fingers/hands.

I may be in the minority here but I love using a blending sponge and find it takes no time at all to clean. But… and here’s the caveat, I wear minimal base, tend to apply with my fingers and use the sponge sparingly for this and my cream products. I also clean it after every use so less chance of staining or soaking in too deep. When I wore foundations with more coverage I still preferred a sponge application over a brush though. I find brushes showed every stroke on my skin and accentuated dry flakes.

I think sponges are better for liquid foundation if you want a natural look and don’t want to stir up your moisturizer/SPF. When I use brushes I notice there’s a chance kicks up dead skin, or if your base primer didn’t set in perfectly, or if your skin isn’t in the best condition.
Cons ofc is it absorbs your foundation more. I think it’s worth it to look more natural

I absolutely love the finish that they give on my dry skin! But the cleaning is a pain! Last winter, I was rotating between three sponges because in my cold, humid winter, it takes a full day to dry out. Washing just got to be too much of a hassle and used up too much water, so I don’t use sponges daily, just for if I was (hypotheticaly) going to go out and do a full face.

I haven’t used a sponge in like 3 year. I don’t think they do a good job of blending or evenly distributing makeup. I’ve tried Beauty Blender, Real Techniques and many others. I think your bouncing the product on your face but never really blending it out or not the best you could. I prefer either a foundation brush or a stippling brush. Also there is the sanitary factor. You can wash a brush better than a sponge.

I guess a sponge can be more convenient but the more I used them, the more inconvenient I found them to be. Even getting into small crevices like around your nose, it’s easier using a brush imo

I never use beauty blenders or sponges at all. I think I tried them once and found that too much of the product ended up on the sponge and not on my face.
Secondly, I think they are a bacterial magnet. I find it is much safer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly to use my fingers..

Nothing. I don’t see why i would use something so unhygenic, i mean i get that they leave a beautiful finish, but i’d rather use a brush. I find them more hygenic.

I love them for blending liquid foundation and concealer, decreasing too much powder, and finishing my foundation.
I too hate to clean them and they are disgusting if not cleaned. I frequently put a fingernail through the surface when washing them.

I’ve found that they wash very easily with BeautyBlender’s own cleaning liquid. Every time I try another method (Dr Bronner, Sephora, elf, shampoo, microwave) it takes ages and/or ruins the texture. I stray but then I always come back.

I’ve used a brush and a sponge but even when I use a brush, I tend to press it all in with the sponge.
I now wash mine every two uses and I use the Super Sponge. They are $$ but they are coated in silicone and absorb far less product and are much easier to clean (less water/time/soap).
I can usually use one for close to six months but the washing process does eventually break them down.

Minimal experience with beauty blenders, as did not like them much. Too high maintenance and they never got fully clean, even washing after every use. The question is, why have I used konjac sponges for ~5 years and never had an issue?

I honestly don’t find them any harder to clean than a brush and I love the application I get with a sponge. I do use Beauty Blenders but prefer Real Technique sponges. Much softer and squishier.

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