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I find another use for it if I can. Like say its a blush that doesnt work for me, maybe I can use it as an eyeshadow. Or A lipstick that I dont like on my lips but will look good as a blush.

I never keep my receipts, so they end up getting showed in a plastic shoe box from Target until I take them and unload them on my mom and younger sisters. I also have a bunch of guy friends with younger sisters who are starting to have quite the collection.

usually forget to return them soo they all end up in a drawer in my collection of never used products that i dont know what to do with lol

I used to never return products; I worked retail for a long time and always felt guilty for potentially ruining someone’s sales plan for the day! If it was an item that just wasn’t for me, I’d either keep it for my kit or pass it on to someone that could use it.

If it was just plain bad, it would sit in my closet taking up space. I couldn’t bare the thought of wasting money by pitching it, but didn’t want to wish it on someone else! After filling up my entire linen closet (and 5 Pampers boxes)full of rarely used products, I’ve come around to realizing that if something doesn’t live up to it’s promises, it’s going back to the store!

I always forget to return them before the return period is up! I end up giving them away to friends if they mention that they like it or something.

I usually keep it, then try it again later to see if it was just my error that was making it not work, then I either give it away or try and return it.

I TRY not to return but when it absolutely will not work/I remember to return it -I do. Saves me space! Usually, I put the products aside though in a “to give away” bag and every 12-3 months, I pass on the bag to one of my cousins or a friend. Someone always get mad at me though when they don’t get the bag! It’s insane how much unused or just “swatched” makeup I can accumulate in a matter of a few weeks.

most of the stuff i buy is MAC. i read on specktra that MAC just tosses returned products. because of that, i just keep them in case i may like it later or a friend likes it!

I’ve returned some things, but I’ll also give stuff away if it’s too late to return it and I think it’ll work for someone I know.

I usually keep it, if it isn’t too much money… It ends up in my junk make up pile incase one day it magically works lol.

Christine, I see MAC is discontinuing Plink! Lipstick. Weird.

I’m a big fan of the return… I suppose I shouldn’t be. I SHOULD just give it away (because it just gets thrown away anyway). But I usually don’t have the money to just toss away if I’m not going to keep something :/

depends what it is. If it is a nail polish or a lip product I can mix it with other polishes or lip products and can usually make it usable. if i can’t make it usable I give it to someone else (if the color is just wrong for me) or dump it (if the product is just crappy).

Return it if I could. But if I end up forgetting to, I sometimes like to leave them in public bathrooms (an eyeshadow in the wrong color, a lip gloss that’s too sparky) and hope that someone likes it enough to take it home. Or maybe maintenance throws it out. Either way, its gone

I swap them on Makeupalley.com! it’s a great way to get good things you can use for something that didn’t work & also a great way to try out new things I wouldn’t think of buying myself.

Well, here in Italy you can’t return it, once you have tried it, so no way to bring it back to the shop. Usually, either I leave it in one of my beauty case, or (in case of too dark foundation) I give it to mum 😛

If it is makeup, I make the products work. I have never really had a problem with makeup and I don’t mind putting a little extra time and effort into my application to get the desired result. Products that are harder to work with definitely do not make it into my professional kit though.

Do they have to accept returned merchandise that has been used, or does it depend on what it is? What if it’s something you’ve used and now your skin is reacting badly to it, can you return that? And makeup where you’ve used it once even, it’s still not sellable to another person, will that be accepted back?

Maybe you could do a post just about returning things, sometimes it’s intimidating trying to return something that you’ve used, and not knowing exactly how to go about it.

it depends where you bought it . Sephora and Ulta have amazing return policies . You can take the product home , and as long as you have the receipt and original packaging you could get your money back

They tend to hang around in my drawer or cupboard forever. Here we can’t return products just because they don’t work for us or don’t suit us – only if they are faulty

Give them to my Mom. She always leaves my house with a “goodi bag” as she calls them, and takes them to share with her friends.

I either let my 4 yr old aspiring makeup artist have it, give it away, or toss it in with everything else to use on clients.

Since we can’t return used beauty products where I live, I don’t do that 😉
I usually end up making the product work for me SOMEHOW but if I can’t, I’ll usually just give the product away 🙂
I don’t usually swap much since I rarely have things that I can’t get to work for me 🙂

If it wasn’t very expensive, I’ll just throw it out. Otherwise, I will try and play with it a little to make it work for me or I will find someone who would like and be able to use it.

I usually will try to make it work somehow or i pass it to my BF’s mom or my sister. But more than likely i keep them and just try to make them work.

If it has an absolutely horrible formula — I take it back. If it’s just a shade I’m not crazy about, it usually falls into my “never used” pile.

I usually sell them on websites like specktra.net. It’s a great community, and people are really reliable. Otherwise, the stuff will go unloved in my traincase–and we can’t have that, now, can we?

I always return something that does not work for me. With Lipglosses and lipsticks, eye shadows etc. costing $14 ++ its pricey and a waste of money for it to sit in a drawer. More times then not I end up exchanging for another color or something.

I spend big $$$ on makeup (mainly lip products), so if it doesn’t work, I’m shameless about returning it or exchanging. Obviously, this is easier if I bought it online than if I have to go face the scary makeup ladies at Neiman Marcus in person. They always have attitude, lol. Sephora is always gracious about returns, as is Nordstrom.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with mine now… Like foundation that doesn’t match me… I don’t want to throw it away but I don’t know anyone that can use that shade.

I try to test my stuff asap, so if it’s a bust, I can return it. ESPECIALLY the expensive stuff. But I also pass it along to other ladies who I think could use the colors.

I return it and get something else. My problem is I do the research on the makeup/skin products I want but when I’m in the store I can be easily convinced to buy other stuff that I haven’t researched. I go home and do the research look at swatches (usually without touching anything or opening it) and decide it wasn’t worth the money and I was a big fool for buying it so I return it and get something I want.

I don’t return skin care. I’ve learned enough to make decent choices, and am good at staying away from products that cause irritation and break outs. I also ask for samples of skin care. If I pick the wrong color of a cosmetic, I throw it out or give it away, unless I feel the company charged for packaging alone. That rarely happens.

i felt bad but i had to return MAC lipstick in Photo. this is a really hard color to wear and i’m usually up for anything! (NW25)

I hardly ever buy products I dont KNOW will work for me. I’ve always used samples first(for skin care) or swatched it at the store(for colors). If i discover somethings not working as well as I thought it would, Iusually run down a number of different techniques to see if maybe the problem is my application(like using a sticky primer, or patting on instead of rubbing, or brushing over a too-pigmented product with a fluffy bare brush to diffuse the color a touch). If none of that works, I’ll probably try to return it, but a lot of the time thats just too much hassle, and I’ll either give it to someone, or just say “meh” and save it, using it where(and how) i can.

If it’s a high end product, I return it if I can. If it’s a drugstore product, I am usually too lazy to return it so I give it to my sis.

If it was expensive (or hell, anything over 5 bucks!) then I’ll return/exchange it. I only have like.. one friend that I can think of who likes makeup and beauty as much as I do, but her style is completely different than mine, so I doubt she’d want some of the stuff I use! If I can’t return it (ahem, L’Occitane stores have horrible policies: You can only exchange UNUSED products???) or I’ve taken too long to go return it, then I’ll use it up in another way. Like my LORAC Neutralizer stuff, doesn’t work on my face but it’s pretty good on my lips when I want to wear a bright lip.

I usually just let it sit in the stash which is bad but I never want to return things. Some things I pass on to my friends or my mom she always likes getting new stuff!

I always return them. If the shade is off, sometimes I consider it my fault for picking a bad shade and I deal with it and toss it in the back of my makeup drawer. My friends don`t wear much makeup and my mother is a much darker skin tone than I am, so I don`t have much of a choice rather than to return it. However, I do feel bad returning things.

I try to get samples as much as possible so I don’t have to return, but if a product just doesn’t work for me, then I will definitely return in. There are some products that you just have to try out at home to figure out or can’t try in-store (skincare, for a week or two at least, or mascara/potted balms, etc that are kind of gross to try out in-store). I usually end up exchanging though, for something else I had my eye on or whatever was next on my list of that specific item to try.

Thanks so much for this post! I’ve been wondering whether it’s okay to return makeup. I bought a lot of makeup at the Bobbi Brown counter at Nordstrom, and when I got home and tried it again I didn’t like it. I just didn’t know if they will even accept returns, but it sounds like most people don’t have trouble returning things…?

Hmmm….normally I take it back and swap it out for something else…or I’ll keep for a while to try and like it and if I still don’t I give it away.

I rarely return used make-up, only if it’s really terrible, never just because I didn’t like it. Some things I keep and go back to later, in case I change my mind (this is rare). Once in a while I give something to my mom, but mostly if it’s something I love that I think she would also like. Mostly, I put them up for swap on MUA.

I did not like Boscia’s cleansing gel. Way too dry. I added it to my handsoap in the bathroom and added Kimberly Sawyer mositurizer that I did not like from Whole Foods. If the product breaks me out I just throw it away. With makeup, I let my goddaughter play in it.

I either return it or keep it for ages and eventually throw it out. Ever since I started buying higher-end brands like MAC, UD, and Benefit, I usually return it because I’m a college student so I definitely feel the burn in my pocket. LOL.

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