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I don’t necessarily look at something as being HG the first time I try it, but there are certain products that I find myself going back to. If the item is pricy, I sometimes will forgo it and by the second best product if it is substantially cheaper. There have also been times where I’ve *thought* an item was HG, only to stumble upon something better. There are items that are HTF that are on my HG list, so they’re reserved for special occasions.

It depends on what that product is… If I found a HG foundation then I typically stop looking. If it’s a color cosmetic, like blush, then I keep looking even if I’ve found a staple/HG shade. I may have favorites, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop looking for other goodies! I love switching products up depending upon what look I’m going for.

I keep trying new products even when I find something really amazing ( like the M.A.C Liquid Powder ), now makeup is closely linked to science and high tech so there will be many holy grail products to come !

Holy, holier, holiest….nope, I never stop looking. If it’s something like foundation or concealer or a skin care product, no matter how great it is, there are always new developments, new formulations, ingredients, etc. so even if I absolutely love a product (Guerlain’s Lingerie de Peau foundation, for example), I’ll still try new ones, “just in case” but they have to measure up to/surpass my HG product!  With makeup items – blush, lipstick, eye shadow – I just love variety so even though I have 3 or 4 lipsticks that I use 90% of the time, I enjoy variety the other 10% of the time.  And just the other week, I thought I’d found my HG blush colour and formula (Tarte Amazonian Clay) and now, thanks to your review, I’m wanting Nars Dolce Vita!  I’m so fickle!

I’m not sure I’ve ever truly, truly found a “holy grail” product. I’ve found items that I LOVE and can’t live without…at the time–but like any true beauty addict, I am always in search of something bigger and better!

When I find a Holy Grail product, I generally stop looking! Especially if its something like skin care. If it comes in multiple shades, like lipstick, I might be tempted, but I wouldn’t look for something of the same shade! 

Whenever I find a HG product, I stick to it for a while. But I’m always looking for more or better, I just can’t help it. So my holy grails usually don’t last longer than a few months 😉 There have been many foundations that I thought would be my HG forever… until I stumbled across a new one.

First time I used MAC Jaunty from the Hey Sailor collection I knew the color was a keeper. The more I wear it the more I realize it’s the HG e/s for my particular skin tone. No other highlighting/eye-brightening e/s looked so natural and beautiful on me. I was naturally disappointed it was LE. A month later I scoured the internet for it and found it was all gone in different websites. Luckily Bloomingdale has some kind of bug on their website that made it an error to try to click and purchase the item. I called their customer service and it took like half an hour or so but she got it fixed for me and I got the last few of it. It was the only originally priced Jaunty left that wasn’t being bumped up by ebay second sellers.

I typically stay with my HG product but when it gets discontined, I am forced to stray and keep on looking.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across a product so good it completely keeps me from looking at what else is out there. 
I do have some close calls though and it usually means that I stop actively searching-via online swatches and reviews-for the best color/formula/whatever. 

First, I shout it from the mountain tops. Then I may buy one or two extras IF it’s a limited edition/I’m afraid it will go away. Then I usually enjoy it for a while and still look for something better. The curse of our modern lives, there’s always something newer and better and awesome-er around the corner and self-doubt creeps in 🙁

For a little while perhaps, but products improve as technology improves over time so after a year or two, there is usually something better out there.

I stop actively looking for awhile and enjoy my new HG product.  I am always interested in new products, though, because formulations change, trends change, I change 🙂  What is HG today, will undoubtedly be replaced by something better tomorrow.

One thing I always do is read reviews of the product after the fact…though I’m really meticulous before I buy something and do tons of research beforehand, I always like to be validated in my decision, I guess. I like seeing if my experience matches up with my favorite beauty bloggers (including you, Christine!), and if I do find negative information that I didn’t know about before…well, I keep it in mind as I move forward with the product. Then I try to decide if I should buy a backup, which I rarely do! 

Companies are evolving technology (and improving products) all the time. I never figure something is a lifetime “holy grail” product, only a “current favourite”. 🙂

I hoard…its the worst when they discontinue…breaks my heart…red earth v2 purple mascara :'(

I buy it in all variatiions *g* Seriously, the only HG product I’ve found is my Fresh lip balms, and I’ve been buying them up in all tints (I have all except Honey and that’s next). i haven’t found a HG anything else yet, except maybe the Milani liquif’eye eyeliners, and I bought three of those, too. So I guess I stock up. But I still keep looking for new options–like I’m not ruling out other eyeliners and such. I like variety.

If the product is something like skincare I’ll stop looking. Sometimes my skin changes and have new/different needs, and that’s when I’ll start looking again, but when it comes to taking care of my skin, I like to stick with the same products.
If the product is something like a foundation, concealer, or powder, I’ll use the product up, but I’ll keep an eye open for what else is out there. 
If the product is something like a lipstick, lipgloss, blush, or eyeshadow formula, I’ll buy it in multiple shades. For example, the Clinique Chubby Sticks are amazing so I have quite a few shades and I’ve gotten hooked on Benefit’s boxed powders. 

Closest I’ve ever come is L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara. If they discontinue, I would cry.

Never found it but, if I ever do, I think I’ll always think maybe there’s one even better! X) So , yeah, I keep one eye on the product and another on the others!

If I find a product that works well for me, I stop looking.  However, I will research & probably try (will attempt to try at sephora if available before I buy) another product if the reviews on here, temptalia, makeupalley or sephora are sterling.

I will buy multiples, and I won’t go out of my way to find anything new, but I’m always aware of new product releases and such, and I often feel compelled to try new things. 

I always buy multiples, and tell everyone I know! I like to share my good finds with people. I also keep a list of my HG items, but I do find that I am always re-evaluating it just in case something better comes out, I want to be open minded to it. I am always surprised at how HG items are so different from person to person.  My biggest one, that I have not found one better is Revlon Colorstay Brow Enhancer in Blonde.  It’s a tinted wax so it fills in sparse areas and shapes my brows at the same time. I have not found anything better. 
Times I’ve switched are with Mascara, Foundation & Eyeliner. For me those items change sometimes. It doesn’t mean I dont like my original HG item, it just means I found something better. for example: Makeup For Ever HD foundation was my HG, but now it’s Illamasqua Skin Base. I never tried the brand until it came to Sephora, now I love it! Benefit’s They’re Real still tops my list for mascara, but the brand new Clinique mascara holds a very close second spot, as does Fairy Drops Scandal Queen.  I also thought Stila’s liquid liner was the best I’d used because it’s a marker like form, but Eyeko skinny liner is great. I think as more brands come over from other countries and we are exposed to more, we may have to re-evalute our choices.  However, I do kind of stop actively looking for that perfect item.  
I love hearing other people’s HG items though.  What’s 1 beauty item you can’t live without?

I simply stop look for any other product of that type.  I also recommend the product to my friends and family members who are looking for a product of that nature.  If it works for me, I feel that it could work for others as well! =)

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