What do you do if you can't get an eyeshadow to blend out perfectly?

What do you do if you can’t get an eyeshadow to blend out perfectly? Do you start over? Have a last ditch effort/trick? Just go with it?

If it’s MY fault, then I’ll keep trying and eventually try to use another, slightly lighter color to diffuse it more or try fingertips or a sponge applicator. If it’s more likely because the eyeshadow is dry or thin, I’ll blend and try to make it work with tools (but no added eyeshadows) and then leave it as-is, which works since I also want to show its shortcomings for reviews. In real life, it’s unlikely someone is going to notice a little unblended color on your eye if it’s not 100% perfect.

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A lot of times, I know from reviews and swatches that I see posted, especially here, which eyeshadows will probably be uneven and patchy, so then I’ll do my lighter colors first, so that I can more easily apply say, MAC Sketch and Shadowy Lady or a few from UD Vice 3. And like you, if it’s me, I do the lighter shade trick and no one else can tell.

I have this problem all the time. My lids are oily, so I have to use a bunch of products that makes it matte but slightly tacky so that shadow will stick to it. But the shadow can stick so well (like glue) that it won’t blend out, and I can get harsh lines. I’ve learned to use a lighter hand when applying shadows, so that lines aren’t so obvious. Also light-colored shadows are easier to work with, as the lines aren’t as harsh as with darker shadows. I’ll also apply a transition shade to try to soften the lines. And IT makes a really nice double-ended fluffy eye shadow brush that I use to diffuse harsh lines. If all else fails, go with it. At least I know my shadow won’t slide off !

If I’m having trouble blending colors together, I usually dip my brush in both shades I’m trying to blend, to create custom transition shade of sorts. If I’m having issues blending colors out, I’d try to diffuse it with a matte eyeshadow that matches my skintone.

I do that as well. I find mixing a bit of both colors creates a good “bridge” between the two shades and makes for a smooth transition.

This usually happens when if I’ve gone a bit overboard on eye primer and it has dried up my crease area.. I hate when I do it. I typically take a q-tip to try to minimize the application and then layer a lighter shadow on top, preferably something with a bit of shimmer to diffuse and deflect… but I know it’s there..

I have this problem more now that I’m using an eyeshadow primer. I’ve tried two and they both can be a little hard to work with. I’m sure it just takes a little practice. If and when it happens, I do the same and use a slightly lighter color in the same manner.

Blend more. Get frustrated. Blend more. Think about wiping it off. Not want to give up after so much work. Blend more. Get frustrated more. Blend more. Eventually either fix it or wipe it off and storm away.

I blend it with what I’m pretty sure is supposed to be a face brush haha. Just curious, what is the purple palette in the picture you posted on the twitter update for this post? It looks beautiful, but is it hard to blend?

I have this problem when I try to use the wrong brush (which I do a lot because I’m lazy). If it bothers me enough, I’ll get a better brush and a white or flesh colored shadow and try to diffuse it. Eventually I just leave it as long as both eyes are even enough.

Put another color over it and hope for the best. I usually use a lighter shades on the edges that will compliment it and blend that one.

My super thin, fairly oily lids had me avoiding eyeshadow til now so I’m always concerned that I’ve done a terrible job on it. I hardly know what good blending looks like! But in my fearful attempts to learn “how to eyeshadow” buying only the products you’ve rated A or A+ has really helped. If I’m extra unsure I stick to two colors that are already very similar and just take a super soft brush and buff buff buff… worst thing that happens is I buff it until there’s nothing left and I get a free pass to start over again.

First, I’ll try using a different brush. Sometimes, I fluffier brush or even a different shape works better. If that doesn’t work, I’ll try a transition shade, or I’ll try a sheer or lighter color that I know blends well to help diffuse it. Pearly or shimmery colors really help, especially over patchy mattes. If those don’t work, I’ll take it off and start over. I find if I try to fix things too much, it just gets worse and worse instead.

I can’t recall the last time this happened, as I do my best to avoid any issues in the first place. Because I always start with a primer/base, I apply a transition shade first, then add deeper shades. I find once I have a layer of powder product already laid down, adding a deeper matte shade tends to blend out much easier. Since I rarely use a matte shadow on the mobile lid, that’s also never an issue, as I layer it on over a shimmer/satin base. I’m also a huge fan of the Real Techniques Shading Brush; after much experimentation, I’ve found a brush that works on *everything*-even MAC Carbon!

I normally prime my eyes, then add a light shadow on top of it so that it is easy to blend everything out. Every since I started to do that, I haven’t had any problems.

Chanel Illusion d’Ombre or ELF Long Lasting Lustous eyeshadows are my quick fix when blending goes wrong & I don’t have any more time to fool with it. I’ll just smudge a little ontop & everything is better.

I try all the above, incl fingers, and if that doesn’t work, I take it off n only wear a single color n get the heck going, because I’m super late by then although I add a little mor mascara n do a bold lip (lips are last) and I’m outta there!!

i usually take a color close to it or a skin toned shadow & blend – blend – blend! usually it happens because i put on my shadow too soon after applying my primer so it sets a dark line. sometimes shadow formulas are just plain stubborn so i land up going darker than i intended in order to cover up the patchiness

I run the ELF eye makeup remover pen over the offending spot. Those things are magical! I have one at home, one at work and one with me at all times. Sephora used to make these, but ELF is cheaper and works just as well.

Generally I just keep blending it, but I don’t really have that problem because all my eye shadow palettes are of really good quality, thanks to the reviews I read here.
And, as you said Christine, in real life no one is going to notice.

“In real life, itโ€™s unlikely someone is going to notice a little unblended color on your eye if itโ€™s not 100% perfect.” Mostly true, unless it’s like 75% perfect–then other makeup lovers will notice. I notice on others when it’s not blended well but it’s still not a big deal.

For me, sometimes I start over or if I don’t have time, but need a finished look I’ll just go with a cat-eye. If I don’t have time and need EYESHADOW, sometimes I’ll go darker and smoke everything out.

My answer is pretty similar to yours. I’ll either just go with it, or try to diffuse it with a lighter color. Melt Cosmetics has a great color called Blurr…..and it does just that. If you overcompensate with your color, perhaps too dark, Blurr works great to correct the problem.

If I have time, I’ll wash my face and start over. If I don’t have time, I’ll grab a neutral or similar shade and blend over it.

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