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Natural, glowy, feminine. Neutral, soft pink & peach. I love your “light pink-coral lip, a soft peach blush, and a mixture of matte and pearl golden brown shadows on the eyes”

i totally agree…and that’s what i did for my own wedding…dark eyes and bold (up the amp) lips…it went with the dress, and it went with me, so why not? so much for neutral/natural…

Miss Kitty! You are totally right! Did a wedding makeup this past weekend and the bride wanted to incorporate green in her eye make up with the classic smokey… I was hesitant at first but she was sure about it and in the end the result was beautiful and totally her!

Light pink coral cheeks, neutral-brown eyes, pink lips, and feathery lashes!!!!! 🙂 I ADORE bridal looks!!!!! 🙂

Christine, your answer for this sounds perfect! That’s exactly what I would say.

And not overdone looking hair!! I can’t stand that hair that LOOKS like its got a can of hairspray in holding the god-damn curls up!

But thats just my personal taste!

I’m thinking the same as you, Christine, subtle but fresh, so a nice pinkish blush and lipgloss, and muted browns and taupes on the eyes. I’m getting married in July so I’m currently on the lookout for products! 🙂

I feel that any makeup could be bridal makeup! I don’t like the stereotype image of the bride always having to look like a fresh, milky white virgin with blonde hair and rose bud colored lips and cheeks.
But then again, I love bold looks!

I agree. A bridal look should be a more perfected and polished version of the bride’s style. Not everyone has to wear the cookie cutter stereotypical bridal look. If the bride likes wearing bright red lipstick then that’s fine, it’s who she is! If the bride is a natural hippie person then she could do without any makeup! Everyone’s style is different so a bridal look should express who the bride is and not someone else.

Makeup that enhances the bride’s natural beauty. For most brides these are soft colors that are noticable but not so much at the same time. For others it’s bolder makeup, maybe the classical red lipstick. It all depends on their personality.
Oh, and anything to make the makeup more longlasting, waterproof mascara, e/s primers and the such.

I done a few brides – mostly they want a soft, natural look. I’ve used Chanel eyeshadow quad in Spices several times, usually with a soft pink cheek and satin finish lip colours, nothing too bold.
Though I did a smoky gold eye on my sister in law with a deep tawny lip (Estee Laude Pure Color in Hot Kiss I think) and more dramatic sparkly silver eye makeup on my best friend when she got married.

i don’t think of a specific look.
sometimes i want to wear light and soft makeup and sometimes im thinking of sexy and smoky cat eyes.

we will see, i found the right man, but I’m not even engaged now.

Wedding makeup has to be timeless. You will have to look at the photos for many years. My wedding makeup was very subtle, and suitable for my dress. MAC yoghurt e/s with MAC scene e/s in crease. On the lips I had a discontinued lipproduct from MAC – Rainbow I believe it was called.

Unfortunately I’n now divorced. But if ever I had to get married again, I’d still wear some very discrete makeup

generally,colors that flatters the bride & make her glow.

specifically, i would say lightly define the crease with brown eyeshadow,beige color all over the lid that mimics her skin but better,waterproof mascara. for cheeks,a glowy pink-peach blush & neutral pink or rosy lipstick.

Christine, I’ve noticed you use Korres & Kiehls tinted moisterizer. Which one do you prefer or recommend? Also is Kiehls TM liquidy/runny like the Korres TM? Thanks! 🙂

I want something that would make me look naturally flawless and photographs well. I wouldn’t do anything trendy, only neutrals! I saw a bride once that looked like she had a butterfly on the back of her eye, and her fake lashes had diamonds on it!! It did not photography well at all.

REALLY soft neutral shades or sometimes a little purple or green. Also, really well blended. more on the matte side. Dark brown lash line. Soft looking skin with a nice pink or peach blush and a soft lip shade that just defines or enhances your natural lip color.

of course though there are so many different ways to wear bridal makeup and so many different traditions within cultures.

I think that your wedding makeup should complement your face shape and colouring. You should try for a more romantic look, with less sharp edges and a slightly softer palette, but don’t go for a too soft look if you require strong, high contrast colors.

Having been a bride 3 and a half weeks ago myself, I can tell you what my makeup artist used on me.

First off… Mattifier, followed by primer, concealer, custom blended foundation and powder. For eyes she used MAC shadows in Haux, Mulch, and Shroom. Black eyeliner, false lashes, curled them of course! WATERPROOF MASCARA.

Blush by MAC in Mocha. Lipstick and Lipglass in Viva Glam VI.

Overall, rosey neutrals with well defined eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Something soft but yet stands out. I like shimmery cool neutrals best. Or matte but a good base to make it stand out. And soft shimmery lips like a champagne color.

I consider bridal makeup to be something soft, pretty, and most of all innocent; hence the white dress. When I was a MUA at Chanel I did a consult with a young bride. We decided on a lovely look using neutrals and golds (it was a traditional Chinese wedding and she planned on changing her dress several times during the ceremony). On the day of the actual wedding I did her makeup as she had asked me to previously. Then she wanted me to add lavender so I did. Then she asked me for dark purple smoky eyes and dark brown lips. I told her to do it herself and she did. Still got paid for the makeover, though 🙂

I am getting marry soon and I am actually thinking of doing darker smokey eyes since it’s an evening reception. Thinking gray and purple. Pinkish coral blush to warm up my complexion a bit and nude lips.

ooh I wore cinema secrets foundation, bobbi brown bridal palette, and a hint of shimmer in the brow bone and corner of the eye! My lips were bobbi brown lipstick in rum raisin (i think it was called). It was very natural! Oh how I loved my wedding day!! It was 75 degrees in October!

Soft neutral eyes. Rosy/peach cheeks with a glow & a soft pink or peach lip. Can you do a bridal makeup look? I am getting married in Sept. & would like to get some ideas. Thanks : )

I hit up the bobbi brown counter for a bridal look – rose-ish lipstick with a rosy gloss, I think the rose shimmer brick and bone/brown e/s with black gel liner, black mascara. I think I had a rose toned blush as well but can’t remember which one (yes I have a thing for rosy colors). I have to say the whole look came out great in the photographs!

When I got married I did a soft rosy/mauve look. It was awhile ago so I can’t remember the exact colors but the look was pretty. I also did a light body shimmer went great with my tan and I did not have any problems with my body shimmer getting on my dress. I wore my hair natural and had it in it’s natural color. I’ve known several brides that went with a different look for there hair and ended up regretting the look. Those bridal pictures are there forever!!

Bridal makeup depends on the bride. It shouldn’t be a radical departure from your normal makeup. The most important thing is to make sure it’s photo friendly. Basic bridal makeup should include flawless foundation & concealer, blush and bronzer to contour the face & counteract the pale factor that comes from wearing white & flash photography. Brows, liner & lashes are the most important eye elements that the camera picks up so they have to be defined. Lips are the one place that you can really play but the color needs to be more than your lip not paler so your mouth doesn’t disappear on film.

I had my regular MAC MA do my wedding makeup. We went with a defined black eyelined upper lid. Neutral shadows – nothing outrageous. RED lips and she made me glow and not in a frosty way. It was very pretty.

Anything the bride feels most comfortable in/wants to wear :]
I know I’m gonna be rocking purple eye shadow if I ever get married…

And make sure that the make-up will look as good with flash photography as it does in natural and artificial light. We’ve all seen pictures of celebs whose make-up probably looked good while sitting in the MA’s chair, but looked flawed when hit by a flash.

A light bronzed pink lip color, sandy pink blush, light grey eyeshadow, smokey eyeliner and a highlighter would be my ideal bridal look.

I my MA used black as the contour color and this pretty bluish silver all over the lid and crease. Sounds outrageous but was very pretty. She used a natural shade like MAC’s Vanilla as a brow highlight. I have blonde hair and blue eyes, but had an evening wedding in the fall so it totally worked. Lips were very natural, I wore Lustrebloom Pro long wear also from MAC. Foundation was some kind of super duper professionals stuff and it worked. My makeup looked fresh for 12 hours!

I’m thinking a soft champagne color all over the lid – maybe MAC’s Rice Paper or Shroom, a winged eye with gel liner, fabulous lashes, definitely a highlighter – I like Dior’s Amber Diamond, a soft pinky blush, maybe MAC’s Mocha, and a nude-pink lustre lipstick.
Aw I wanna get married now! lol

I would image my makeup being similar to yours on my day…and sometimes wish more brides would agree to the more natural look. I have done several weddings where im cringing while applying their makeup (puple eyes pink lips/red lips dramatic eyes)on women who rarely wear makeup! However they have all loved it so shows how every bride imagines their day quite differently 🙂

I’d say it depends on the bride. In my head, when I get married my makeup will be just enough foundation to be flawless, and a neutral,contoured eye. my lipstick will either be light like love nectar or a really beautiful red.

But in general when I think of brides, I think sun kissed, healthy face gentle neutral colors, lots of lashes and a peach lip.

I think the traditional bridal look is constantly evolving and is totally dependent on the bride to be. I remember when I was a little girl, I’d watch as one of the older aunties or sisters would apply makeup to the bride on her wedding day in the traditional pink, peach and red hues. Red lipstick and pink blush is not for everyone! I always thought that I would never let anyone determine my makeup when the time came…and I didn’t. A bride should look like herself on her wedding day with maybe a bit more emphasis on certain features. Maybe adding false lashes or just a different color scheme than what they would normally wear? A bride is most beautiful when she is happy and comfortable with what she is wearing and looks like.

just be who you are, make-ups and other things may compliment you but only you could make things perfect smile can never be replaced.add up the accent of what we call a girl’s best friend a sparkle of diamond,click the link above to put yourself in the right fashion.

I trusted my makeup artist and went with a subtle emerald green smokey eye and it looked amazing. I felt it made my hazel eyes look green in every portrait. I also got married in a formal evening setting, so more makeup was suitable for the pictures. I initially thought about amped up neutrals, but I was lucky enough to find a makeup artist talented enough to pick the best colors to make my features stand out.

I want glowy, natural skin, skulpted cheeks with coral blush, and a heavy winged liner and red lips. Yup. Retro for my wedding (if only I could get that ring now…)

Bridal makeup is really different regionally, which is what makes looking at wedding makeup photos so much fun! I’m Indian, so to me bridal makeup is quite intense; classic but still bold. For a church wedding, I always think of classic red lips, glowing skin and slightly winged liner. Makeup for the wedding reception just depends on the colour of the bride’s outfit. I’ve seen green smoky eyes, blue shimmery shadow, red lips, peachy-pink tones, it all comes down to what makes you beautiful on your special day. I do tend to think that red lipstick photographs better than a more natural look, but that’s just been my experience.

when i got married 5 years ago my friend who wprks at MAC did my makeup it was so natural looking that my mom said, “you look so pretty are you sure you want your makeup done” :D.

Even to this day people say they like how i’m not wearing any makeup.

NAtural worked well for me

Since I have probably done 100 weddings over the last few years as an artist, I would say, “you, but better” is always a safe way to go. Most brides look sooooo much better with false lashes. That’s my “go to trick”. It’s special and makes your eyes pop. Otherwise, no crazy makeup, no red or brown lips. They don’t look good in photos or against all that white.

i would agree. i hate doing lashes for everyday but they would be perfect for a wedding. i have a pair of dior lashes i am saving just for that.

to me had to be natural but makes you pop and shine… nothing too artificial nor pasty… I wore some kinda plum/dark pink and dark brown on my eyes, dark pink/plum (not neon) on my lips… loved it!!!

Christine–I’d love to see you do a bridal look for us. Did you happen to see GIrls Next Door’s Kendra Wilkinson’s bridal makeup? It was similar to what you said you like and it was absolutely beautiful ! And her hair was worn down in fat springy ringlets. It was beautiful too. Whoever did her bridal hair/makeup was top notch, IMO.

Bridal makeup really varies depending on the bride imo… If she wears little to no makeup normally, than a light, neutral look to play up her features a bit and help them show in photos may be enough. But the bride that wears a full face of makeup everyday including bold red lips and black liner, may need a more glamorous perfected version of herself. No matter who she is, she needs to feel beautiful, comfortable, and like the best version of herself that she can be! As well as be able to look back at her pics in 20 years and think: “beautiful!” not: “what was I thinking?” My only real wedding day makeup ‘rule’ is NO body glitter (or glitter hair spray)! It’s a nightmare in b&w pics!

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