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the mac msf’s in smooth merge and triple fusion omg.
annnd i wish that urban decay would just keep their book of shadows around.
limited edition makes me mad sometimes cause i might not have money for the things i want at that point in time and once i save up money to get them, they’re all sold out and not coming back. 🙁

That’s exactly how I feel! I wanted the alice one and by the time my money was saved up it was gone.

YESSS.. ripe peach! The one I neglected. MAC should just relaunch entire collections. At least the really nice ones.. along with some new items too. It stinks that people post them on Ebay for x10 the price.. Recently, I’ve seen Ripe Peach going for around $60 on Ebay.. and I’ve seen lots of LE lipsticks for $100 or more! It’s so ridiculous especially when they’re originally only $14.

Those prices are ridiculous! No one should buy LE lipsticks for that price! So, so silly and such a rip off!

I hate to break it to you but I saw tons of Perfect Topping MSF at the Company Store right by my office here in SF.

where exactly in san francisco is this Company Store? I live/work here so I would love to check it out!

hey you know that the last time i went to the cco they had a perfect topping msf and a lot of them, and diffrent msf’s that are discontinued!

Well I know in the outlets nearby where I live they had mutiny going for like $12. I bought one there 🙂

MAC Skinsheen Leg Spray!!!!! It’s not coming back this summer and it’s my all time favorite product. It makes my glow in the dark white legs look perfectly golden, hides bruises & veins, doesn’t rub off on clothes or furniture & I can go swimming in it. WHY OH WHY isn’t it coming back this year????

Also the John Frieda Beach Waves Spray. Just the right amount of oil & salt water that didn’t make my hair greasy but made it look like I spent the day at the beach & smelled amazing. I’ve tried all the others & nothing comes close.

if you google shopping seach the john frieda beach waves spray you can find it but it cost an arm and a leg!

THIS!!! I loooooove the leg spray…. They have it on allcosmeticswholesale.com-I need to order some too!
The beach hair stuff was so fun too. =(

I SO agree on the Beach Waves Spray! I used to buy 2 at a time because I used it so much and was devastated when I couldn’t find it in stores anymore.

I still have half a bottle of that John Frieda stuff from like 7 years ago. It didn’t really do much for my hair since it’s already curly so it just sits here collecting dust. I’d give it to you if I could. I need the room but I never throw anything beauty related away if it’s still good.

It’s not that great! Have you tried it before? LOL…got it at a MAC warehouse sale for $5 so I’m not complaining.

Aveda used to make these multi-purpose duo pencils (fatty little pencils with two shades on each end) in MANY different colors. One of them had the PERFECT mid-tone grey on it, it was very close to Silver Ring by MAC but with a little more blue in it – VERY pretty! I would LOVE to have that again!

I’d also like to see MAC release their Volcanic ash exfoliator and masque as perminant products.

My favorite moisturizer is also a discontinued Aveda moisturizer (if I think about it, most of my favorite discontinued products are actually skincare ones).

MAC Daft Pink mineralize blush. I didn’t pick it up when I had the chance (for some reason), and now I mentally kick myself every time I think about it!

Comet Blue Dazzleglass mostly. And all of the old pretty colored Shadesticks, a few old Pigments, and a bunch of other stuff.

MAC Alta Moda plw, Wild ‘Bout You l/s, Isabella Blow l/s, Sun Dressing tanner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, that shit was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

way to love was my first MAC lipstick, and I bought it completely on a whim before I was into MAC or makeup, in general.

I used to wear it everyday but now it’s down to the last few bits, and I can’t bear to use it up!!

i just saw mac strada blush on their mac pro website. u can prob call their number and pay to get one sent to u .

MAC Lipglass in Perfectly Pink – So far, it’s the first and only lipglass I’ve used up to the end

oh, i have a ton. Chanel Jade (i wasnt just following the crowd there i really do love Chanel nail polish)lots of different beauty powders (which i also love) mac MSF in perfect topping, and the naked honey skin salve.

I have this one…the other day I was swatching pink lipsticks for my cousin to pick…and I broke it 🙁 I shed a tear

Estee Lauder Ideal Matte Refinishing MakeUp spf 8 in colour Ivory. It was the best foundation I have ever used.

I remember Fashionably Fuchsia. I had it but swapped it away because I didn’t really wear such bold colours.

I’ve really been lusting after Pop Iris liquidlast liner for some reason. Wish it wasn’t discontinued, such a pretty colour!

I think I have the most things from the past/LE collections.. But I wouldn’t mind paying a bit for a full jar of Softwash Grey pigment 😀

Well, I HAVE paid big bucks for Pleasureflush MSF and Stereo Rose MSF (the latter was cheaper as I found it on MUA, but eBay prices are crazy) already! 🙂 Wish they were repromoted though, so I could stock up. Also Metal Rock, because I really want it, but afraid to pay loads for it, since I don’t even know if it’ll work for me as I’m quite pale and it looks so dark.

I’m desperately trying to find Guerlain Meteorites Voyage Powder in Midnight Diamond, it came out about 5 years ago and I desperately want it. I’ve missed out on it 3 times on eBay already, and it hardly ever appears on there anyway. 🙁

MACs C-Shock shadows.. This collection came out the month was completely broke and didnt dare even look at MAC stuff; so I missed it..

In 2003 or 4 MAC launched a fall quad with a deep purple, a matte muted lilac, a frosty taupe, and a light yellow frost color….I LOVED that thing! I’ve been looking for dupes for the light yellow in it for a long time but nothing comes close. Also, the MSF in Smooth Merge.

Def Raquel welch? For mac amazon eyes palette…my friend has it and the color combinations she gets out of it are awesome! Hers is running out and I know she wants another one.. And also the spiced chocolate quad from the cult of cherry collection….it’s like perfect wedding palette!!

I’d like to see the MAC’s Cult of Cherry and Barbie collections come back. I missed out on them the first time.

Ohhhhhh and Rainforest by OPI return!

oh me too ! i want the cult of cherry e/s quad in spiced chocolate. and i want the stuff from barbie love mac. also maybe some fafi, heatherette, naughty nauticals and cool heat. i missed all those collections and they had some fun bright colors!
why doesnt mac come out with one of these collections that everybody wants stuff from and make a part 2 series. then they can add some old stuff and some new stuff from those collections! that would be killer cool! right?

if you have a freestanding store go ask them!! i just bought 2 hypnotizing from the PRO store in San Francisco!!! they said it wasnt a “popular” selller but i freaking LOVE IT!

Mac Firespot eyeshadow. Everytime I see a look with a really pretty orange color it always turns out to be firespot. I’d give my entire paycheck for just for one pan. I’d be soooo afraid to use it though!

i miss MAC Studiolights in Sand. it’s the only product that conceals my dark circles so perfectly and brightens my eye area.

i think i must have single-handedly bought all the tubes on ebay. sigh. now down to my last tube!

i heard the me brown 850 is supposed to be the new packaged version of this shade. Just ordered it the other day because couldn’t get my hands on that one!

BB’s Ruby Stain or Sheer and Agree shampoo with the original 80s-early 90s fragrance. Nothing smelled better than Agree. Oh, and Halsa, Maybelline’s Shine-Free line, PermaSoft (for scent only) and make the MAC Greasepaints permanent. I’m sure there are 1000 others too that I’m not thinking of, and realized I’ve totally dated myself by mentioning some of the above products.

Don’t forget, Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo and the original Clairol Herbal Essences Shampoo…the green one with the hippie chick on the front with flowers in her long blond hair! haha Ahhh…the seventies.

I actually never smelled the original Herbal Essences and wish I had! I did buy a bottle of Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific from the Vermont Country Store, but I never smelled the original of that either and don’t know if it was on the mark or not. It smelled kind of, well…plasticky.

Strawbaby lipstick should be permanent. And Kissing Koolers need to come back. Actually, can the 80s themselves just return?

MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach, sold out at my MAC store two days after the collection came out, 🙁
MAC Lavender Whip lipstick.

I’m not at all a MAC person, but I would pay good money for Queen’s Sin, Port Red and Check Please.

I totally missed the MAC Kitty collection. I would like to see it come back too. I was on vacation and when I got back it was gone!!!

“Also the John Frieda Beach Waves Spray. Just the right amount of oil & salt water that didn’t make my hair greasy but made it look like I spent the day at the beach & smelled amazing. I’ve tried all the others & nothing comes close.”

Seconding that! I have one bottle left and I don’t even know if it’s still good to use. Oh well. 🙁

MAC Lollipop Loving l/s! I had a backup, but it disappeared. I want more of the Sugarsweet release! it has the most amazing base color on me, and the green/gold sheen is really cool, too. I’ve been trying to find a perm equivalent for the base color, but no success so far. :/

yes, they definitely need to make that lipstick perm. stupid not to. i LOVE that color, but i only have one and barely use it because i cant get it anymore. =\

I just got lollipop loving at the CCO. Not sure if I like it yet but check there…saw some shadows too

I wish I had picked up MAC’s Peppermint Patti nail polish! Now it sells on eBay for up to 5 times as much! I’d also like the Chocolate Spice quad from MAC’s Cult of Cherry collection.

MAC’s Mothbrown from the Barbie collection. I have it, but I use it *SPARINGLY*

Chanel’s Jade nail polish. Oh how I covet thee. Le sigh.

i would love to have the warm pallette from the holiday collection year 2008 back.lost it when handbag got snatched.

Barbie Loves MAC Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder
MAC Rubia lipstick (I try not to use it… crazy, I know!)
Lancome Behnaz Red (Gone before I could get it…)

I would dye for the smoke signals quads and pigments to be back, the MINERAL Eye shadow from EMANUEL UNGARO, Ripe Peach Blush Ombre, MAC PAINT POT IN STRAY GREY, MAC BUFFER BRUSH in 180, and Finally the old pigment container it’s not fair in this economy to pay the same price for less product, or MAC should reduce the price. a lot of faithful MAC adicts are hurt by this new change.

MAC Peppermint Patti Nail Polish & MAC Volcanic Ash Exfoliator…I managed to get one Ebay but I agree that they should make all skincare products permanent.

I love mac lipstick utterly frivolous (lustre) from the fafi collection.I find it strange that I never hear that other people love the colour. Does somebody know a similar color from mac??

mac pharoah paint pot, peppermint patti nail polish, firespot eyeshadow, starflash eyeshadows, matte2 eyeshadows…THE LIST COULD GO ON!
Seriously, if mac bought some of these out in upcoming collections then surely after the excessive use and all the hype last time, sales would be through the roof! Maybe they lost the formula…. :S

Love the starflash eyeshadows…my fav finish besides VP. I like the matte2’s better than reg matte’s.

Lip Gelees! They are dying a slow death and I’m devastated! I will be stocking up at the CCO until they run out for good.

I would kill for the Shy Beauty beauty powder blush from Mac. I used up one, bought another from Ebay, and am halfway through that! Thankfully, there are still a few listed on Ebay, though they’re a bit overpriced. Hope they’re still there when I need one!

I’d pay serious money for Cult of Cherry lipglass,Tahitian Sand Beauty Powder and Utter Fun lipstick all buy Mac. I have all 3 of these, but I don’t want to think about when I will run out.

I don’t own this product but I would love to get my hands on MAC So Ceylon MSF! All the swatches that I see look so beautiful. *sigh*

I would pay a load for anything from the Kitty Kouture collection or the Barbie loves MAC collection!! I went to a warehouse sale and they didn’t have any of the Barbie stuff!!!

Pure Rose lipstick from mac’s Ungaro collection. My life revolves around finding a reasonable dupe.

Well it used to be MAC Lucky Green e/s but thank god they made it permanent 5 years later! otherwise it would probably be ripe peach…I don’t think I would pay BIG bucks for it though

Lancome Poudre Majeur pressed powder
Estee Lauder Vinyl lip gloss
Clinique lipstick in Apple Butter
L’oreal supreme lipstick in Warm Cedar
Revlon moisturestay lipsticks

3N lipstick, i found it at a CCO and didnt know the treasure i had stumbled upon until it was too late 🙁

Redhead MSF, perfect as a blush on me. . . im terrified to hit pan on it

I never got to try Ripe Peach Ombre blush and would have loved to 🙁

MAC GOLDBIT! It has been 5, FIVE!!!, years since they repromoted it. I have one tiny piece left and I’m clinging for dear life. Also, Moth Brown and Smoke and Diamonds. I was a poor college student when the Barbie collection came out and couldn’t afford anything. A backup for my Emanuel Ungaro Pure Rose l/s would be amazing too.

Cover Girl Pink Aura and Maybelline wet shine lipsticks. i used to have Pink Aura and I’m sorry I ever gave it away.

Milani single eyeshadows- the ones that came in those hard-to-open disk packaging. Gawd, they used to have amazing colors! They don’t have as many now. :/

Also, the eyeshadows from MAC’s C-Shock collection. Wish they’d relaunch some collections…

im on the hunt for a good price for the mac spiced chocolate e/s quad and all the other mac mineralized blushes that came out i think 2 years ago- ones that arent part of theperm line like- merrily, nuance,pleasantry.

Definitely MAC Bronze Sugar lipglass. It was the PERFECT bronze, and I’ve never found another one like it. I still have one tube left and I’m clinging to it for dear life!

I just really got into mac this year so i missed the whole Hello kitty collection! I am so sad 🙁 i would pay big bucks to have them do the collection all over again. I really want fashion mews, the packaging is soo cute! I heard Barry M though has a good dupe called palest lavender?

Lavender whip lipstick by mac I can’t wait until that repromote, and yes i would pay a little extra for it, not a arm and a leg though in reason.

MAC Icon Eyes from the Diana Ross LE collection from probably 6 yrs ago!!! I only got one pencil, and now I’m scared to finish it!! It’s the perfect navy/violet for my eyes!

Fire Spot e/s from M.A.C.

I have been seeing this shadow on the boards for a long time and it looks so beautiful. A color that I neeeeed in my life!

Lancome’s Le Khol Poudre eyeliner. BEST eyeliner I’ve ever used. It’s impossible to find black on ebay. 🙁

I think I’d pay big bucks for:
MAC Your Ladyship. I won’t even try ebay anymore for products, I got a fake Your Ladyship and wasn’t impressed when the seller tried telling me “they are made in different countries so the formula may be slightly different” BS, There weren’t even any gold flecks in it, just a frosty bore. Liar.

MAC New Vegas MSF, I didn’t have the mac bug then so I missed out on it, but I found a mineral company that made a “clone” and not having the real thing, I think this will do me just fine 🙂

MAC Lightscapade MSF just because of the rainbowy prettiness it is.

MAC Lavender Whip lipstick

MAC Springtime Skipper so I don’t have to baby the one I have left.

They’re really the only ones I can think of. MAC does so many limited editions, it’s hard to keep up.

Hi, FYI… Gone But Not Forgotten is an Estee Lauder Program who lets you order discontinued products… Including MAC!!! I ordered Petite Indulgence on 4/8 and it is in transit to me!!! It was shipped on 4/13 I am so excited!!! It was only $18 but the shipping is $5 so if there is more than one that you want order them all to cut down on shipping costs!!! It’s better than buying on EBAY atleast you know that it it authentic!!! I was almost scammed from a Thailand Seller!!!

Here is proof:

Item(s) in this order:

Brand: MAC
Item Sub-Total: $18.00

Total number of items: 1


Thank you for your purchase!

Gone But Not Forgotten


I love Mac Double shot very very much…I did not know it was a LE and I wish I could find someone who may have some in stock…I am in the UK…I tried mixing some lipsticks however it was a little dark but I like it anyway…Any ideas would be welcomed.

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